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Population Notification Minimal
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Dec 28, 2017 @ 10:40am
Apr 3 @ 9:59pm
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Population Notification Minimal

Shows notification in Notification Panel on population change event.
Additional plug-ins available!

Lightweight, fast and reliable.
No bells and whistles - just pure functionality. No impact on performance.

Just to remind everybody base functionality:
Left click shows location on map (if applicable);
Right click dismisses notification.
Right click on small circled number closes all the stack.

This mod requires Antarctic official update and is fully compatible with Gathering Storm expansion.

This mod is FREE to use.
Your donations PayPal.Me/FearSunn or on are appreciated!
As a BONUS Supporters for $5 and more will be added to my Friends list here on Steam.

Another my mod Population Notification Extended is a Private mod and is available for my Friends only. It enables additional plug-ins:

Religion Notification plug-in:
Deal Expired Notification plug-in:
Borders Notification plug-in:
Barbarians Notification plug-in:

Plus options to turn off Sean Bean and Boosts popups.

Extended version and plug-ins are Hotseat and Multiplayer compatible.

My Friends also have access to:
  • Unit Flags Extended
  • Visibility Matters Extended
  • Reincarnation Extended
  • Deity Difficulty Light
  • Gold From Tourism
    and more.
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Aug 16, 2018 @ 5:35am
Manually disabling or customizing population notifications
< >
FearSunn  [author] Apr 3 @ 10:00pm 
Updated (Antarctic patch). Extended version also updated.
rlong9000 Mar 11 @ 1:48am 
@FearSunn - All art relies on patronage of some sort or another. Just keep doing what you are doing if that's what you need to do. Thank you for all you add to the game!

FearSunn  [author] Mar 10 @ 5:31am 
Update uploaded. Hotseat code edited.
Kesh Mar 8 @ 5:28pm 
So, you're saying all those plugins made for the Population Notifications mod still work w/o paying up? No, they don't. Says right here in the description. You go right ahead and report me. I don't think they'll care. They don't seem to care about you using Steam as a storefront, either.
FearSunn  [author] Mar 7 @ 9:50pm 
This is a WORKING mod. It does what is stated: reliably shows notification on POPULATION change event. And it is FREE.
@Keshi your comments are misleading. Stop trolling here. Or you will be submitted to Steam admins.
Kesh Mar 7 @ 4:08pm 
Looks like he's deleting any negative comments that he can, at least. I described what he had done, but he's deleted it. Gutted the good version, made it the 'free' one, and put the working mod that actually allows the plugins behind a paywall. Five bucks to get the good least till there's another game update, and he decides he needs another 5 bucks to get the updated version. It's like blackmail...they just keep hitting you again as long as you'll pay. Have a nice day.
FearSunn  [author] Feb 19 @ 1:53am 
Some users on numerous occasions expressed their willingness to donate for free mods.
Well now you have this opportunity.
This mod (population Notification Minimal) is a FREE mod and your donations are most welcome (see description for details).
FearSunn  [author] Feb 18 @ 11:06pm 
Some of my mods are PRIVATE MODS. For my personal backup and for my Friends to use. You are NOT entitled to them. I am not obliged to share my mods with anyone.

Whining from a small number of naive users who believe everything should be gifted them for free will not be taken into consideration here.
Winn Feb 18 @ 3:09pm 
please do make your own version @hahadead7777
hahadead7777 Feb 18 @ 1:21pm 
well this explains why one mod isnt working. You took the current version, downgraded it, then locked the full version behind a paywall. Yes modders should earn money but that's through donations typically. I think there should be incentive from the devs imo. The current DLC cost of Civ 6 is $107 so probably most of the people who used your mod just like me will not be adding any more to that cost for a feature that is a simple notification. Hell I'm half tempted to make my own version just to do it. Justify it however you want but there's a reason that forcing people to pay for mods in the past has failed horribly