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Challenge Modes
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Descriptions of the unique challenge modes in Dungeonland!
Challenge Modes
2/5/2013: A second "Steroid" challenge discovered.

2/7/2013: Dungeonland Update v1.0.6060 has fixed Cursed Grounds to work as displayed.
This update has also added challenge mode information to the pause menu.
I. Intro

Challenge modes are additional difficulty modifications to your private, local, or online multi-player games to increase the frustration of your team!

II. Basics

During the setup of the match, you have the option to set the difficulty between hard, harder, or impossible and also up to three additional challenges. A challenge is shown as a blood seal stamped with a skull. These are random effects added to your enemies or restrictions to gameplay. You may choose between one to three of these effects during game creation.

After your game starts and the splash screen is shown, up to three challenges with a blood seal will be displayed. Challenge mode information can also be viewed in the pause screen.

Challenges are currently chosen randomly from a list of thirteen or more effects. You can restart a level to receive different challenges.

III. Challenge List and Description

1. Wrath of the Sheep God - Killing a sheep equals one life lost.
- Notes: Any sheep will cause you to lose a life heart. This can quickly end your game if you have no life hearts left.

2. No Mercy
Life Tickets can not be used.

3. Cursed Grounds - Reviving takes 3 times longer.

4. Spawn-o-rama - Spawners are nightmarish.
- Notes: Double to triple the spawn speed from Spawners.

5. Thirst - No potion drops.

6. Heavy Burden - You get tired after evading once.
-Notes: One evade will cause you to slow to 50% speed for 3 seconds.

7. Hunger - No health drops.
-Notes: This is all food, burgers, chicken and the sort. If you see this challenge and chicken appears it will be a DM trap, leading to a slight advantage to this mode.

8. X-Factor - Enemies have life regeneration.
-Notes: Enemies heal at about 10% of their total health per second.

9. High Stakes - Heros and monsters do triple damage.
-Notes: On higher difficulties this is effectively being one shot except if you have an armor perk.

10. Chosen One - If the chosen one falls the heros lose.
-Notes: Game picks one player at random. If he dies the game is over and the DM wins.

11. Steriods - Monsters have triple life.
11b. Steriods - Monsters have double hitpoints.
-Notes: There appear to be two Steriod challenges, one with double hitpoints, and one states triple life.

12. Loyalty - Stay near the chosen or lose health rapidly
-Notes: Circular wave pattern appears around chosen one. You need to stay inside this aura at all times or lose about 10% health per second.

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