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Assassin Grade War Paints
This is a collection of War Paints (not by me) that would fit the Assassin grade well.
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Abstract Assassin
Created by S3pirion

Abstract Skin for all classes

1024x1024 Texture

Dishonorable Discharge - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
Rooted in ancient chinese feng shui, we took whatever's dripping from that mysterious void on the bathroom ceiling and put it to good use!...
Engine Failure - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then this is a rock hurtling towards them at mach speed.

The Living Weapon
Created by Vipes
You'll be screaming "Oh the humanity!" once you find out its price!

Want to get into making your own Warpaints? Follow this nifty guide by CoBalt:

Need something to get a head start on prom...
The Big Cheese - Weapon Skin
Created by Zoey
Captain Dan's own "I can't believe I ate this cheese" Round milk Swiss natural-ish cheese!
Oh La La - Weapon skin
Created by Metaru
"Lady Luck is now on your side."

-Designed to work on all avaliable guns...
Fruity Tooty
Created by Rip
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, if that's true, doctors will avoid me like the plague."

Koi Killer [VER. 1.1.1]
Created by I'm Blind
A mutli class skin sporting splashing koi fish and a water lily!

-Added Red variant!
-Increased pattern scale!
-Brush strokes!
-Added Large and XL versions of pattern
-update to screenshots

-1024x1024 patterns for bas...
All That Glitters is not Gravel (Weapon Skin)
Created by Poxni
Worthless geodes? In MY gravel? Get that stuff out of here....
Oh Tannenboom!
Created by Jay
Get your holiday spirits up with this pine-scented weapon skin!

EDIT: Updated the grass-looking pine texture to a more satin-like look.

EDIT 2: Added BLU variant of the pinstripes...
The Blizzard Blend-In
Created by Jay
A winter camo coating to stay fashionable in the coldest season....
Shotgun | Planned Destruction
Created by FUTURE10S
Y'all ain't just some mother hubbard that don't know how life is, y'all're an engineer, and as one, you darn well know how to solve problems. See, you don't need fancy technology to solve them, and you don't even have as much time to plan everything out as...
Arctic Mobster
Created by ceno0
Malibu ~ Sunset
Created by Vipes

Want to get into making your own Warpaints? Follow this nifty guide by CoBalt:

Need something to get a head start on promos for your warpaint? I got you covere...
Obsidian Weapon Skin
Created by [senpai] Kevans
Obsidian skin for decorated weapons. Example shown is a Factory New Smalltown Bringdown....
Pickup Champ - War Paint
Created by erynn
Pickup Champ - War Paint!

There is a Champ in all of us.......
Big Top Horror - War Paint
Created by boomsta
special thanks 2 my dude donhonk for the easy to make thumbnail setup...
War Paint // Bubblegum Camo
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
Originally a pattern I made for CS:GO, I feel like it fits the Scattergun too!

Also, testing out the War Paint workshop too. Hi!

Screenshot details: Replaces Night Terror skin.
Mercenary Mosaic - War Paint
Created by PipAntarctic
Give your weapon a fresh new coat of bathroom art....
Frozen Dessert - War Paint
Created by Mephist
Available in four flavours....
Breadboard Bypassed - War Paint
Created by Master Chef
There's nothing like the sweet scent of lead-based solder in the morning. And now you too can experience that miasma with this new lead-based war paint! Your enemies will probably think your painted weapons are bombs, but jokes on them: they only SHOOT b...
Souls War Paint
Created by dC^
Capture thier Souls!

I know halloween is gone but who said we cant make spooky skins.

I hope you like it.
[url={LINK REMOVED}....
Dead Heat
Created by Yikes

Materials by Yikes/ForbiddenFruit
Promo stuff by Donhonk...
Spectral Shimmered - War Paint!
Something a little weird on your weapons there? Hope you're not afraid of no ghosts. They've found a new home with you!

This war paint comes with some friendly (and not so friendly!) specters adorned with top hats (if you're lucky), while some are still a...
Land Freeze - ❄War Paint❄
Created by Earl de Darkwood
Winter is finally here.

Comes in two versions:

And a special light reflection !...
Love Gun
Created by Totenkreuz
Hearts Unusuals +60%...
Flowery Filete ( War Paint )
Created by DisableBore
Straight from Buenos Aires, ready to kill them all.

Red and Blu variants....
Created by MultiH
A simple two-tone warpaint with orange highlights made to resemble desert camouflage, perfect for blending in in the badlands! Well, if not for the red and blu outfits....dang.

See ALL of my War Paints here:
Bottle Rocket - War Paint
Created by FLUDDGrotto
Bubble bubble toil and trouble.
My first war paint creation!...
Snake Plisskinned - War Paint
Created by Master Chef
Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with the sinister scaliness of snakeskin! One bite from one of these bad boys will make them keel over in seconds, since the bite of these bad boys contains bullets, not venom. Well, they *may* keel over in sec...
Berry Blast - War Paint
Created by Steeb
A berry good skin...
Bread Monster - War Paint
Created by ToxicWeasel
Bread War Paint for all weapons...
Doughnutty - War Paint
Created by Steeb
Available in two flavors...
Eternal Atom
“Behold the atom, from this all life was created. But did you know, when you split an atom it creates a powerful radioactive energy, pretty neat huh. The radioactive residue is used on this very warpaint to celebrate the existence of atoms, and us of co...
Cut Throat Composition (War Paint)
Created by Phantomazing
Modern art appreciation is serious business. We mean SERIOUS business. You can't just call yourself a "modern art enthusiast", because NOBODY will believe you. You have to PROVE you love modern art. And nothing shows your appreciation of modern art like ow...
Fruitcake - War Paint
Created by omg_axe
Celebrate with the most delicous cake in this side of the room, thank goodess its only served on chirstmas!

So delicious, you can eat it!

(warning - gun may taste like gunpowder and metal)...
Class Warfare - War Paint
Created by SirFozzy ✪
Hello everyone)))
I created another skin, but I think it turned out so-so.
But I hope you like it....
[war paint] Artisan
Created by PEAR
The Truth Is Out There!
Created by poptop89
We all know that there are claims EVERYWHERE of these alleged "Flying Saucers", but your word is about as credible as my fanny is pretty. I mean, remember last week? A wizard, with a skull hat? how do you expect us to believe you after that? Pft. As if.

Created by Hitze
Mmmmph mmmmph mmmmph mmmph
(Now you can spread the joy with everyone!)...
Created by MultiH
Professionals have standards. And gold trims on their weapons.


An idea for this war paint came up while working on a different war paint, so I thought I'd spend 20min to see what I can come up with. Probably the simplest war paint I'll...
Citrus Party
Sad about missing those summer days? Apples and pears not doing it for you? Scruvy got you down? Solve all of your problems in one package! Get juiced with this new paint inspired by those wonderful citrus fruits!...
Watermelon War paint
Created by The Avian Agenda

My first War Paint.

update 1 (11/28/17) - added blue variant...
Hot Rodded - War Paint
Created by Square
Flames make your gun shoot faster....
Smoke Clouds
Created by Totenkreuz
Created by Totenkreuz
That one unusual effect would look really cool here.

Update 12/4/17: Updated a Texture....
Tea Bagged
Created by IJCT
lets go get some nandos...
Molten - War Paint!
Created by epic man
im ready to unleash my molten core

war paint that gets hotter w/ more wear

glows in dark

*weps shown in the pics use coffin nail wears

skin - drew
promos - metabolic
canvas - donhonk...
The iron crosshair
Created by IJCT
The iron crosshair...
Created by MultiH
Frosty the Snowman's back for revenge.


After seeing how I can manipulate how wear appeared with my Mann Prix War Paint, I wanted to do some sort of winter-themed war paint because winter is coming. I replaced banana_exterior_bruise...
Old-timey Opal Warpaint
Created by Pixel
A custom skin based on the Nail Coffin Series featuring an oxidized copper handle and a boudler opal!

The opal shows up when the weapon wears off!...
Shining Stargazer
star skin.

Patterns by TheSpyCrap
Promos by DeadNexus_
Renders by Rytu...
Sunset Fade v2
Created by Totenkreuz
Cubic TF - War Paint
Created by Nakkeri
Main pattern is made of blocky TF2 logos and contains a rare mini logo.

Secondary pattern is striped with "rare" orange stripes....
Tribal Tension
Created by DeadNexus_
Prisma Pride
Created by DeadNexus_
Radical Retro - War Paint
Created by Mister B
A pattern based on stuff I used to see around arcades and on old commercials as a kid....
Professional's Paintover | War Paint
Created by Halcyon
This is a revision of my previous Vertex war paint, reworked to better fit the tf2 universe. The new version features a team-coloured design, better textures and an overall improved look

Created by K_Factor
Experience another set of acid flashbacks from your youth with this hippy-dippy inspired weapon skin.

Hardwired - War Paint
Created by Square
21st Century Digital Warfare

Circuit Board themed War Paint....
Lady Luck v2 - War Paint
Created by Square
New version of the Lady Luck War Paint....
The End - War Paint
Created by boomsta
Emulsion | War Paint
Created by Ryan
Equip Emulsion, equip victory! Coming straight out of the Caribbean comes this unique, tribal, hand painted pattern bringing you a new edge over your enemies by killing them in (and with) style!

Emulsion will make you a beacon of color, hope, and spirit...
Mariachi Madness - War Paint
Created by Psyke
Don't go Loco down In Acapulco

[ Team Colors ]
[ Dia de los Muertos Inspired War Paint ]...
Hex Lizard // All Class War Paint
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
"Appreciate the little things"

Hexagonal design, with a lizard-esque filter and brightness oriented layers.

Team coloured....
Tidal - War Paint
Created by Square
Water, water, everywhere,
Even on your Gun.

Now with a Blue Variant....
War paint: Scratched
Created by Fliby
"It's abstract. You're not supposed to understand it."

This paint is a reskin of "Woodsy widowmaker", and is comprised of two patterns: Stratched pattern, and Scratched gradient.

It is coated with scratched pastel artwork, totally not drawn by a kinderg...
Tumor Toasted - War Paint!
You've done nothing but unbox war paints for three days! How monsterous!

Prepare your gaze, this war paint is a feast for the eyes, and possibly your stomach!*

(*Actual consumption not recommended.)...
Brazy ( War Paint )
Created by Nonhuman
BAPE inspired war paint....
Air Force War Paint
Created by Gimi
The inspiration came from F86 Sabre fighter jet used by the US during the Korean War.Proving how much the aircraft was good,it was in service until 1994.
Neon Candy
Created by Zweek
Here's a War Paint I made

You can download it here if you want to test it ingame yourself:
as a replacement of the Civil Servant MK II War paint...
Battleships War Paint
Created by boomsta
Cheese Toast | War Paint!
Created by DryDoctorEgg
Includes an extra cheesy variant!

Toast your enemies in style!...
Mann's Melon | War Paint!
Created by DryDoctorEgg
This War Paint uses two seamless patterns to create a melon theme.

Launch some melons at your fellow Mann's melon....
Starlight Shaked | War Paint
Created by ❤SodaHunter❤
Surfing on the waves can be a difficult task, and in the slim chance you are wearing a pair of Pyroland Goggles, can also become a lethal sport. Starlight Shaked blends a shimmering milkshake pattern with a wide array of bright colors and sparkles to grant...
Aurora Borealis - War Paint!
Created by OverPovered
Northern Lights, on these weapons?

This war paint uses albedo tint to make the lights and the stars glow in the dark....
Well-Marbled War Paint
Created by Fireshock
The best works of art are marbled. Michelangelo's David. Venus de Milo. A good steak. Now you too can pretend your weapon was sculpted out of fine marble into a work of art.

Contains a .vmt version that makes the gold shiny (tested on Corsair Scattergun)...
Marble Madness - War Paint
Created by ODSP
Molon Labe

This skin was created using the Yeti Coated War Paint.

Map used in the screenshots: - Eros by bakscratch...
War paint: Elemental
Created by Fliby
There are people who hate both summer and winter. Now they can spread that hatred by killing everyone with a icy or firey weapon.

War paint: Elemental! Come with three patterns, and has two different team varients! Reskin of Civil servant mkII.

If yo...
Love Gun v2
Created by Totenkreuz
Several Enchancements including improved and new textures. Use responsibly. Auto Include in any loadout with a hearts unusual....
Disco Safari
A more subtle attempt of my original Painbow War Paint...
Molecule :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Lab tested.

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)

(updated all textures - v 1,01)...
Rosebud War Paint
Created by boomsta
Obsidian Obliterator
Shiny Obsidian War Paint

Concept: Lance
Patterns, Renders and Promos: Rytu...
Familiar Feeling | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Real human bean....
And a real hero.......
Retro Funk (Warpaint)
Created by Pie_Savvy
Bringing the 70's back from a groovy future with this funkadelic war paint.

Blue version update! Now you get all those funky flavours....
Galactic Phantasy - War Paint
Created by smile_slime
Staring into space, with the midnight stars shining down to your face....
War Paint • Bite Sized
Created by ็egg
Take Lieutenant Bites with you everywhere you go, in spirit!...
Urban Strike War Paint
Created by MultiH
An urban-themed war paint for the urban warrior, complete with orange highlights!

Urban Strike - Paintable War Paint
Created by FailBucket
The second Installment in the Paintable War Paint Collection.

The Big Idea
It's a simple concept, painting something once just isn't enough! We are pleased to introduce the second paintable war paint in the collection! Making use of all...
Itchy :: War Paint
Created by PJ
It tickles.

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)...
Night Lights | Warpaint
Created by Muhai
You know, if the time you spend staring up at the night sky was being spent playing the objective this stalemate would have ended ages ago!

"Well now you can do both!"

Special thanks to SodaHunter for passing this project onto me!...
Poison Dart War Paint // v2
Created by connn3
Do not be afraid to hold this weapon,It won't kill you, it will kill others.

Randomized-Seamless unique pattern inspired by Poison Dart Frog.
Not all weapons are displayed in showcase.

Thanks for Watching!...
Wolvega : War Paint
Created by PJ
Inspired by Piet Mondriaan.

(I changed the color from #e6e6e6 to #afafaf ;more gray; so it looks better ingame)...
Radioactive War Paint
Created by DeZ
Even a superhero would dive back in for this!...
Sweet Surprise | War Paint
Created by Quzga
Got the general idea of this one day when I was hungry and really in the mood for some waffles. Got the picture in my head of how funny it would look with a waffle paint in TF2. Then I remembered "Land of chocolate" from Simpsons and the old Simpsons video...
Terra War Paint
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless pattern.
Not all weapons are displayed in showcase.

Thanks for Watching!...
Created by Sir Limesalot
"bring your kid to work day" will be fun they said.

"They won't ruin your weapons" they said..

A crayon warpaint inspired by the yoshi island background doodles on certain levels.

Renders, Promos and pattern by Sir Limesalot...
Terra War Paint // v2
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless pattern.
Please open picture to see best quality preview
Not all weapons are displayed in showcase.
Self-made from scratch.

Thanks for Watching!...
Hand Made | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Something something hip-hop...
Butter Pop | Warpaint
Created by Muhai
"Eh- Um... I dont even know anymore."

Like honestly, how do you manage to not only mix up the gun metal with popcorn boxes, but also actual popcorn?! You're on your own, use your best judgement on this one.

"credit to
Irresistibly Iridescent
Created by r2d2upgrade
Shimmering. Shiny and chrome. Glistening with its rainbow sheen. This warpaint with its multicoloured metal plating contrasted with the dark rubber grip will be sure to impress your friends!

Here's a mod that replaces the Plaid Potshotter with the Irresis...
Tribal Ivory War Paint
Created by Xarcks
A warpaint made by Xarcks. Inspired by tribal tattoos. White/Ivory Version....
Tribal Charcoal War Paint
Created by Xarcks
A warpaint made by Xarcks. Inspired by tribal tattoos. Black/Charcoal Version....
Created by Xarcks
A war paint made by Xarcks. Has different wear than other skins. Comes with sickers on some* weapons. Sticker choices are up for debate.
Alternate names:
- Radiometric
- Reactor
- Containment Breach
- Waste Leak
- Power Plant
- Plutonium Plated
- S...
Reptilian - War Paint
Created by Square
Dinosaurs and Guns, two species separated by sixty-five million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix, to create this war paint....
Edo Komon War Paint
Created by hexeth
This was collab between Mara_der and Hexeth. War Paint was inspired by japanese patterns. We used Macabre Web Mk.II Well-Worn to test it ingame on Grenade Launcher and Factory New in War Paint viewer.
We hope you like it and thanks for watching!...
Embossed Tribe // All Class War Paint
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
A tribal-esque pattern, hand drawn, embossed onto metal with a secondary wood material. Alpha channel on the embossed pattern too, to simulate a more accurate lighting effect

I hope you like :)...
Piñata Punched - War Paint
Created by void~
Be the life of the party wherever you go....
Fear and Loathing
Created by Pie_Savvy
We can't stop here, this is warpaint country!...
The Eye Watcher War Paint
Someone is watching you. Is this person if it even is a person good or evil?

Creator : Fishy Uber Muffin

Inspiration For The War Paint : the-space-case
Plasma :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Experiment #1

I have been experimenting past weeks trying to make some ''interesting'' war paints as you can see this war paint is inspired by plasma!.

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)
TF-VAC | War Paint
Created by RatX
presenting the Totally Functional Vacuum cleaner (TF-VAC).

"In an ordinary server-clearer, you can work and work away and there's still enemies on your capture point. To remove them, here's the TF-Vac, which gets out the pesky Scouts and Spies that othe...
Water Warfare
War paint made as a 'tutorial' on my Stream.

It is based of those yellow water pistols....
Digitized Dimension
Created by awpdog
Wrap your guns in a pixel style portal-esque design with this lilac colored war paint!

Skin editing and promos done by me.

This skin was made over the Plaid Potshotter for design and testing....
Wukong Finish
Wukong-inpired war paint!

Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest....
Fragmented Fate
Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest....
South Aussie Splatter
Created by Pie_Savvy
It's an abbreviation joke.

Features custom wood wear, so no more metal showing through wood....
Sunrise :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Specifically designed for the “Journey to the East” contest!...
Era :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Specifically designed for the “Journey to the East” contest! 2/2 entries....
Night Guests
Created by hexeth
The War Paint about your scariest scary dream!
About night butterfly on your face.
Especially if it is bullet!
Road To Tuefort War Paint
The Team has been traveling all around the world from Germany to Scottland to Russia to Australia to New Zealand and now it time to head back to Teufort, New Mexico USA.

Creator : FishyUberMuffin

Texture Used : 2fort_map...
Royal Pig | WarPaint
Created by ComradeRayGun
Have you ever wanted to show off your wealth with a royalty item in a decade old online shooter? Well now you can! Now it has Phong Masks for those beautiful reflections!...
Toad Floater
Created by EmperorFaiz.wav

When floating is the best way to catch those flies that fly slightly higher than usual. Inspired by a certain movie about a certai...
Explosively Eccentric - War Paint
Created by AsG_Alligator
I'm gonna ask you one question, and one question only...

Skin created using Park Pigmented as a template. Reuses tram_red pattern for certain pieces. Uses 4 patterns (including tram_red) and 2 stickers....
Koi Cloaked
Created by ShaliKyuu
In Japan, Koi are symbols of love and passion, and what better way is there to show your love other than through the muzzle of a gun?

My War Paint submission to the journey to the East contest and my first item on the workshop.

EDIT: don't mind the p...
Peacock feathers war paint
Created by Mr. Anchois
War paint created for the "Journey to the east" community contest.

This is my first workshop submission. It was really hard to create this pattern, but I'm quite satisfied.
I'm really happy to take part in this event, it made me want to create more thi...
Radioactive fish | War paint
Created by dave
Now thats a rare catch! You should keep it as a trophy!


Mady by IDHAU/Dave...
Maniac War Paint
Created by dC^
Inspired by Dazzle pattern and Ken Blocks 2017 Ford Focus. Goal of war paint was to give you feel of illusion. I would use name Hoonigan but I guess thats copyrighted. I added red texture in zip file just in case this needs to be team war paint. I hope you...
Marble rush | War paint
Created by dave
Team colored and shiny

Follow my workshop! <3
Made by IDHAU/Dave...
Koi Kited War Paint
Created by Gigazelle
A war paint patterned after koi fish kites.

Part of the Journey to the East[] community event!

Gigazelle: War Paint
Roller: SFM
Freyesh: Video...
Imperial Jade | War Paint
Created by RatX
Made for the Journey to the East Community Contest

Inspired by the ancient "imperial jade" discs

"Due to budget cuts to Mann Co.'s working force (which was found literally cut...
War Paint - Insult Stained!
Created by Jamais Vu
NOW! With Jarate™ stains and torn paper wear!

Fight against your urges to give up with this....
War Paint - Andromedan Travel! (V2)
Created by Jamais Vu
Hurry boy, Space's waiting there for you....
Gears of gravel war | War Paint
Created by Tobbby™
Find out what really grinds your gears....
Tribal War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
Aborigine War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
Created by golden rocket man
A deep blue/purple war paint for all war-paintable weapons. Would probably fit well between Mercenary and Commando grade.

Thanks to TGA for fixing some symmetry errors and adding a phong mask <3...
Royale War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I made some significant changes in this remake to submit it for the Journey to the East contest.

I hope you enjoy it :)
Disco Domination
Created by Snowy
Ever wanted to go back to the 80's?

Here I have made a disco theamed warpaint and its team colored!

Red starts with a hot pink and ends with red.
Blu starts with a deep purple and ends with blue.

Hope you guys like it and vote for it!...
Satellite Sampled Mk. 2 War Paint
Created by Pixel
Yes,solar panels existed in 1960 edition.

Survive in space thanks to these self-alimented weapons!

Estimated charge time: 1 year.

Remake of the Satellite Sampled War paint.
Artist's Arsenal War Paint
Created by Pixel
Take your brushes and Splat your opponents with this painting equipment!
Includes bristles,canvas,custom wear patterns and paint splatters!
The weapon gets paints splotches as wear goes up!...
Cyan love
Created by Frozen Glow ❤
pretty colors...
Shogun Gunshow - War Paint
Created by void~
Once again, you are free to smite the world as you've done in days long past....
Trip camo | War paint
Created by dave

Follow my workshop!...
The Elemental Maniac
Created by Sir Limesalot
Oh boy! After you farmed that pesky level 72 Skin case boss, you finally get it! A legendary shock element rocket launcher! The Norfort!

Renders and artwork by Rytugamer
Pattern and Skin by Sir Limesalot...
Misty Fortune
Patterns and Promos by Rytu
Concept art by Saint Lombax Akatsuki Na'vi...
Prehistoric Terror
Wrap your weapons in T-rex skin without ever needing to skin one!

Patterns and Promos by Rytu
Concept art by Saint Lombax Akatsuki Na'vi...
Gun in the Sun
Created by Dan Greene
This War Paint is inspired by sitting by the pool at Mann manor and enjoying a bottle of scrumpy.
This was made for the Summer 72hr Jam community event.
Original concept and texture editing by: Dan Greene
Textures provided by: Ummuranium
Grateful Design
Created by Krystal Disc
Contains 4 different styles. Check out the screenshots for all of them.

Let me know which style you like the best....
Street Fever
Neon lights, blinding bright, just another day in this blight....
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