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Garry's Mod

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Wasteland Weaponry
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Dec 25, 2017 @ 4:23pm
Feb 27 @ 4:40pm
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Wasteland Weaponry

Wasteland Weaponry

Are you a fan of games like RUST, Fallout 4 and Metro 2033?

Do you like crappy handmade guns?

This addon could be for you then! I don't know.

This is a revamp of my first ever addon, named the exact same thing.
It is a collection of handmade weapons, grenades, and more themed after games like Fallout 4, RUST, and Metro 2033. Great for apocalypse/wasteland roleplays and the such.

- Handmade weapons like an assault rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher, pistol, and more

- Dirty and Mil-Spec Ammo (Dirty ammo duds and is more inaccurate than Mil-Spec ammo)

- Firemode switching (On certain weapons)

- Makeshift grenades that are unpredictable

- A bomb launcher that launches devastating homemade bombs

- Airdrops that contain loot

- Military-grade weapons that only can be found in the Airdrop

- Junk

- Settings that can edit things like dirty ammo dudding, ammo switching, and more

- A hidden boss for a unique weapon (it worked well in psionic powers)

Known bugs:

- Dirty ammo dudding still shows the bullet in Multiplayer

- For some reason, nailgun ammo and mil-spec 9mm ammo are not working (Experimental fix coming soon)

- Shotguns shoot in a straight line in mulitplayer

Upcoming features:

- More explosives

- More crude weaponry

-More Mil-Spec weaponry


- HoobSug for the original base (Which I edited) (And yes, I've been using the same base for all my addons, even Melee Arts)

- SWEP Construction Kit for having a simple way for me to make gun models

- rp_oldworld for being a good showcase map

If you like my addons and want to support me, click here to trade me something and help me out. You can also rate the addon to support me aswell!
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Artyom Nov 2 @ 7:38am 
the bomb launcher is really silly.
gordon freakman Oct 27 @ 11:48am 
cubbage you need ammo from the enites section
Jerry Oct 22 @ 2:57am 
Why can't i reload?

Blancedwaifu Oct 21 @ 11:02am 
I'm unable to reload all of the guns for some reason...
danguyen  [author] Oct 9 @ 4:10pm 
Not working on this anymore. I would remake it though if there were better weapon models and animations to use as a base. I would consider using CSS reanimations but they dont have c_hands.
reloading isnt working for me???