STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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Star Wars Alliance Rebellion by Nomada_Firefox
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Dec 24, 2017 @ 2:43am
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Star Wars Alliance Rebellion by Nomada_Firefox


    Star Wars Alliance Rebellion

    It is the last version from the Star Wars Alliance Rebellion, a mod released more of ten years ago where you can play from the Clone Wars to the Legacy era passing by the two Galactic Civil Wars.

    You can play Galactic Conquest or skirmiss with the CIS, Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Black Sun, Chiss, Corporate Factions, Hapan, Hutts, Fel Empire/Galactic Alliance, Krayt Empire, First Order*, Resistance*, Galactic Alliance*, Confederation*.

    This mod adds more of different 1000 units from all factions from space and ground, heroes, all customized units, ships with adding turrets with movement, HD textures, different features, models, particles to any other mod making the playing experience very different to other mod.

    Galactic Conquest under developmente with the First Order, Resistance, Galactic Alliance, Confederation factions.

    You can play all these Galactic Conquest, watch the video:

    The mod is translated into Spanish, English and German.

    It supports multiplayer mode.

    How run the mod:

    • -Suscribe first to the FOC Alliance Rebellion at
    • -Enter in the game properties clicking in the library with right mouse button.
    • -Add this launch parameters STEAMMOD=1241979729
    • -Now when you launch the game and you select the Forces of Corruption, it will launch the FOC Alliance Rebellion.

    Alternatively, you can launch the normaly game and select the mod inside the game options, mods section.

    Remember to play the original skirmiss maps in multiplayer and the customized SP at single player.

    Read the recomendations thread if you have any problem.

    Before you play, if you have not played before this mod, perhaps you must watch these videos or read the playing guide.

    Introduction to the Galactic Conquest

    Basics Playing Galactic Mode

    Playing Guide

    Follow my mods and new incoming versions at

    Watch all my videos and follow the updates at

    Bugs and troubleshooting please only at:

    Suggestions please only at:

    For your information, Steam does not publish the correct size. Really, It is 16.5GB of new content.
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Wolvi666 17 hours ago 
What to choose in Conquest to play Legends scenario?
archangel Sep 17 @ 8:01am 
can you do a version without limit ? and more unit with the hunting thing ?
KaronPLS Sep 16 @ 1:30am 
my game crash with "petroglyph"
dWaller61669 Sep 15 @ 8:24am 
How do you unlock Snoke? Do you just buy the supermacy and then you get him or do have to conquer a certain planet? Love your mod keep it up
Lehon03_PL Sep 15 @ 7:47am 
Yeah, same problem. New save and everything; crashes every time someone gets planet Ession.
KaronPLS Sep 15 @ 12:53am 
in game i crash many times
KaronPLS Sep 15 @ 12:52am 
anyone know how to fix crash pls ?
guardian1368 Sep 14 @ 9:37pm 
the mod launch is
Azihar Sep 14 @ 6:30pm 
Not when two anti air turrets get defeated by a single rebel bombers and barely getting scratched. It's too OP and no longer any fun when the rebel destroy all other factions. It the one reason I no longer play your mod, there is no balance anymore.
Nomada_Firefox  [author] Sep 14 @ 4:18pm 
Air units is the main power from Rebels.