STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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FOC Alliance 8.0 by Nomada_Firefox
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Dec 24, 2017 @ 2:43am
Jun 20 @ 2:08pm
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FOC Alliance 8.0 by Nomada_Firefox

Thanks by download the FOC Alliance 8.0. This mod is the fruit from my work for more of 10 years and it is not only a mod where I had copied and pasted everything, it includes thousands of changes and customizations with many new features.

Although I have made by myself, I use many models and textures made by others. Without them the mod certainly would not be as it is.

However I would like to emphasize that the vast majority of materials added to the mod were not originally made for this game and they had a high conversion work on my part. Possibly this is the mod of EAW / FOC with less materials used from the EAW / FOC community.

Other good points are how it is probably the mod with more new code, new features, new units, specially ground units, even walkers and more. By this reason all comparation has not sense y by this reason, the mod runs very different to other mod made for EAW/FOC.

FOC Alliance 8.0 main changes log:
*Legacy factions added in Galactic Conquest.
*Chiss, Corporate Sector, Hapan and Hutts are again as in the old versions the FreeSide. The game has limitations and it does not accept all these amount of factions.
*New ground units added.
-TIE Reaper.
-TIE Striker.
-TX-225 GAVw Tank.
-Death trooper.
-A5-RX battle tank.
-T10-B Tank.
*Some minor improves/changes.

The mod is translated into Spanish, English and German.

It supports multiplayer.

The special installation for the AI should not be neccesary any more with the last update.

If you do not want launch the mod always from the mods options inside the game. Enter the game properties and add this line in the launch properties. STEAMMOD=1241979729

Remember to play the original skirmiss maps in multiplayer and the customized SP at single player.

Before you play, if you have not played before this mod, perhaps you must read the playing guide. Check it here

Follow my mods and new incoming versions at
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Hachi-chin 2 hours ago 
well Nomada, found my answer in your website
Nomada_Firefox  [author] 5 hours ago 
@Úlfhéðnar. With exception from a lack of resources, it should not happen with the EAW Steam. I have recorded a lot of videos using this ability. Perhaps one different configuration in your computer or some like that.
Úlfhéðnar 5 hours ago 
Let me sum it up currently fleets arent usable in conquest or conquest in general is broken whatever I do when a battle ends and I used ships over the fleet call in game crashes
Hachi-chin 12 hours ago 
forgot to say, but yes, I am at level 5, actually, I started the scenario at this level
Hachi-chin 12 hours ago 
Hey Nomada, long time since been here, mod is looking as great as ever.
could you answer one question of mine? I am playing the Conquest "Empire at War - 0 ABY/4 ABY - 221 " (many planets) as the Empire, and I recently got 600.000 money's, triggering the third scientific event, supposed to unlock the research station level 3, but it didn't, isn't it avaible for this scenario or I am missing something?
found nothing in the guide or the topics about that, btw.
KKW Jul 14 @ 11:19pm 
@Dirty Harry. Are you talking to @Nomada_Firefox. Or me @KKW.
Nomada_Firefox  [author] Jul 14 @ 10:50am 
All them.
Dirty Harry Jul 14 @ 10:29am 
What other sci-fis do you like?
KKW Jul 14 @ 4:24am 
oh thx
Nomada_Firefox  [author] Jul 14 @ 2:54am 
@Eragon. The AI does not work as you think. I can not tell to it build nothing special. It is a weights system, nothing more. If you play against all them, always there will be some factions above the others.
@KKW. There is not other mod. It is the unique mod in the world from Star Wars, in all the games where you can build all the Superweapons.

And I read all the comments. You told very clearly, "if that was another mod. If so please correct me.". Because there is not other mod, I did not see because I should correct you.;)