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DS Ale House
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Dec 23, 2017 @ 2:52am
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DS Ale House

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v 3.0 - major update 07Jan2019, not save-game compatible with v2.0 or earlier.

This mod adds an Ale House to brew and serve Ale, Strong Ale & Local Brew. Also adds a water source, for all recipes in ale house now require water.

DS Ale House

v3.0 not save-game compatible with v2.0 or 1.0
added in v3.0: Stream Water Collector, 1-2 workers collect water, required
for Ale House recipes. adds 10 variants of the Strong Ale barrel storage
stock piles (was only 4 in v2.0), adds 4 variants of Local Brew storage
stock piles.
in v2.0, we removed Honey, Wild Honey and Mead resources, the Ale House now only brews Ales (you can find mead in the
new mod DS Mead Brewing).

the Ale House sits on a small angle to the game tiles, with only the front left 2 tiles 'road-tiles'. it sits on 4x5.

work at the Ale House:
work required = 8
work time = 5.4

9-13 Local Brew [15 Apple + 15 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [30 Blueberry + 30 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [15 Cherry + 15 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [50 Corn + 50 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [15 Peach + 15 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [15 Pear + 15 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [15 Plum + 15 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [50 Potato + 50 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [30 Pumpkin + 30 Water]
9-13 Local Brew [50 Wheat + 50 Water]
7-10 Ale [20 Apple + 10 Water]
7-10 Ale [40 Blueberry + 20 Water]
7-10 Ale [30 Cherry + 15 Water]
7-10 Ale [65 Corn + 35 Water]
7-10 Ale [20 Peach + 10 Water]
7-10 Ale [20 Pear + 10 Water]
7-10 Ale [20 Plum + 10 Water]
7-10 Ale [65 Potato + 35 Water]
7-10 Ale [40 Pumpkin + 20 Water]
7-10 Ale [65 Wheat + 35 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [30 Apple + 10 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [60 Blueberry + 20 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [30 Cherry + 10 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [100 Corn + 35 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [30 Peach + 10 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [30 Pear + 10 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [30 Plum + 10 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [100 Potato + 35 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [60 Pumpkin + 20 Water]
7-10 Strong Ale [100 Wheat + 35 Water]

Change Log:
v3.0 - major update .. 06Jan2019
- added Stream Water Collector and Water resource.
- added Local Brew alcohol resource and recipes in Ale House.
- added 6 more variants of Strong Ale storage piles (total of 10).
- added new Ale House select area decal.
- added 4 variants of Local Brew storage piles.
- altered recipes in Ale House.
- altered RawMaterial file of Strong Ale.
- altered the Ale House footprint decal.
- changes to stringtables and texts.
- changes to sprites and icons.
- changes to file structure and DSDialog and DSToolbar files.

v2.0 - major update .. 23Dec2017
- removed Honey, Wild Honey, Lentils & Mead resources.
- added Strong Ale resource.
- Ale House model updates.
- texture changes, footprints.
- AO changes.
- Ale House production list changed, build costs.
- added Strong Ale Alcohol storage barrels.
- added Deco Strong Ale barrels.

v1 - initial release .. 8March2017
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Alex_Alonso Jan 9 @ 4:03pm 
Nice! Thank you!
discrepancy  [author] Jan 8 @ 11:25pm 
Hello, sorry about that. you can download the previous version from nexusmods:
Alex_Alonso Jan 8 @ 2:47pm 
I had a save file with the previous version and now it's not working anymore... =/
Can I have the old version to so that I can run it again?
Lucius Verenus Aug 9, 2018 @ 6:18am 
some great mods DS. Just a thought if you are still into it, a Greenhouse ? to grow tomatoes etc can plant earlier and harvest later maybe?
The Grim Melvin Jul 21, 2018 @ 1:45pm 
Hello. I've downloaded the majority of your mods and I have only compliments for you. They're all amazing and beautiful.

I have a small question about this mod, though. How does the Ale distribution work? The normal vanilla Brewery has a bug where pretty much anyone who idles near it automatically consumes 1 Ale, even though they have max happiness. This is horrible, since people (and especially children) deplete your Ale in a matter of seconds. Children basically go from idle to play to idle and repeat, and whenever they enter idle, they consume 1 Ale. There is no way to stop it other than putting Ale into the trader building.

So basically I'm looking for a fix to this. Maybe I can build your tavern instead of the vanilla Brewery? Or will it have the same problem as that one?
Thank you!
aubergine18 Jun 20, 2018 @ 8:07am 
Can you add apple cider?

Traditionally (eg. Scrumpy cider) apples are pressed to squeeze out the juice and then filtered through hay then fermented to cider.

Would also be cool if I could create some Belgian beers like Kreik, Framboise, etc. They are made using fruits (in game they could be derived from berries).

And for the love of addidas, where is the potato vodka?
Blue Damselfly Jan 29, 2018 @ 1:18am 
OMG! I'm going to start using all of your MODs with CC 1.71 by RedKetchup. Your buildings are so beautiful and quite true to their historic purpose. I hope you don't mind if I ask, but have you ever thought of making an animal MOD? It bothers me to no end that there are NO goats in my villages. Well, I'm following you here at Steam, hopefully this will keep me up to date with any new MODs that you post. Thank you ever so much for sharing your artistic labour of love. Your buildings have breathed new life into my villages.
discrepancy  [author] Jan 6, 2018 @ 4:19am 
turn off the normal DS Small Village. only use the 4 modular versions when playong with cc 1.75, put DS roads and Pick and hen at bottom of DS list of mods.
fernandez755 Jan 5, 2018 @ 6:16pm 
I am giving you the order of my mods. First cc1.75, new ui status bar, ds roads, ds ale house-off, ds bryce's butcher, ds crest blacksmith-off, fruit&veg barn, ds small village, ds stone bridge, ds town houses, char burner, better stock piles, ds lumber mill, ds jetty and bridge, ds small village houses, ds small village services, pick&hen tavern, ds small village storage, styth tower, ds tunnel mine, brussel sprouts, horn carrots, ds wagon vendor, nordic log cabin, fly-fishing, hunting and one year is one year is the last one. They all work well, but if i turn on ds ale houe and ds crest blacksmith the game loads and works but when i try to quit and go back to the main menu the game crushes. Either one or both mods on at the same time. I even put new ui status bar and ds roads bellow ds wagon vender, but the game still crushes going back to the main menu. I hope this helps in finding an answer.
fernandez755 Dec 27, 2017 @ 4:24pm 
I am using all your mods below cc 1.75 and cc 1.75 is the top of the list.