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Created by Ewik

Thank you all for the comments and feedback.

I made this map for my girlfriend to play.
Then one day I open up Steam and se my inbox overflowing with comments.
I am overwhelmed by the popularity this map has gained.
Had I known it wo...
12 Angry Tests: Part 1
Created by CaretCaret
Part 1: Once Upon a Time…

About the map pack:
This map pack consists of six maps with two puzzles per map and one intro map.
Every map has a different theme and puzzle element.
I have tried to keep the difficulty level of the single player campaign...
1955-th Test Chamber [fix 0.2]
Created by SpaceKraken
Very old test, which came to us from the distant past...

This old test was created on July 24, 1955th year.

And try to find a companion cube without cheating!

FIX 0.1: Fixed pit, now you can get out if you forgot to put the portal.

FIX 0.2: Fi...
Created by Fusion
Three main test chambers with multi-step solutions.

If you liked this test, try the revised edition!...
Created by Zombehking
This is the 4th in a series of 10 test chambers from the derelict testing facilities of the 1960s....
Created by Rayncle
Created by HINK
Team Fortress 2 map...
Created by Acid Regulation
Made with BEEmod and Hammer.

check out my new 100% Hammer map...
Above Aperture - Part 3
You continue your journey in the Aperture Center. Try to escape that place !

PART 3 :
This part contains two open sky testing chambers and a short escape area. You will have to use laser lightbridge and yo...
Created by Arkham
Here is my first 100% Hammer-made test. It's a short test chamber including a laser and a reflection cube in a destroyed/malfunctioning part of the Aperture facility.

I would say easy to medium difficulty : 5-15 mins.

Any feedback greatly appreciated...
All you need is cube
3 floor testing chamber with various technics mainly forcefield. Manny buttons small amount of cubes. Try it!...
A Medium Challenge
Created by That Greek Guy
The sequel to the Tiny Challenge. This one is bigger better and much more refined. It has portal puzzles, logic puzzles jumping puzzles and cool reward for the winner. Some places have a split path so everyone has a fighting chance.

Please leave a com...
Androids Revenge
Created by sausage
A pretty simple turret run made with beemod 2...
Aperture Abandoned - PT1
Created by oolivero45
The first stage of my test series 'Aperture Abandoned', featuring the deepest parts of the Aperture Laboratories facility that was sealed off at the end of the 20th century......
Aperture Joruney, Part 1 - Battery 4 (Faith Plates)
Created by Tantibus
[John Tantibus] "All right, science soldier. Do you like that nickname? No? Too bad. Anyways, we've got something that may or may not knock your brain into your throat if you hit the ceiling too hard. It's called the Aerial Faith Plate. This thing can laun...
Aperture Shutdown Part 1
Created by Pedestria
<Part 1/9> To conserve the storyline, I recommend you play these chambers in order. Go to my collections and find the "Aperture Shutdown Campaign".

Enjoy :)

Plz follow me on Steam and Youtube. Check out my latest video:

Aperture Valentine
Created by Mevious
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Glados wants you dead.
What could you do?

Dear test subjects, today is your big day!
Robot love is not wrong! Can you and your partner prove this to GLaDOS?
Today you should grab your favorite co-op partner and expl...
Bigger From The Inside!?
Created by nintendo.erk
This room looks bigger from the inside than from the outside....
My first experiment with Linked_portal_door......
Created by Smac
Bounce (Easy)
Created by The Imaginator
Guaranteed solvable.

Jump to victory.

Puzzlemaking assisted by Ben and Carl's Extended Editor (BEE2), http://portal2backstock.com/bee2/

Solution and commentary by FutureGameDev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLudtYu0wPU&list=UUNVlaCE1CybyHmqbNIh...
Build a Bridge and Get Over It
Created by Chozo
Kinda linear puzzle to assemble a bridge to the exit. Nothing fancy....
Cave's Headache
Created by dot
Ah Damn it... (Cough) I never released this.... (Cough) Damn it Bring Me More Brain Pills Caroline! Made With BEE2. This Is photo From Main Hall :D...
Chamber 13 Aftermath
Created by Skairul
What Chamber 13 from Portal 1 would look like after GLaDOS' deactivation.

A "not so good" recreation by Skairul.
It is my first time using the Overgrown theme, so it might not be "Overgrown"ish enough....
Crude's Simple Trials #3
Created by CrudeAustin
My first go at an non-multichamber test, and the chamber didn't use any mods this time. This test chamber is mainly one of my bigger tries at trying to add better visuals. Nothing too hard to complete this time....
Colours 05
Created by Ian B.
The Long-Awaited Final Map In The Colours Co-Op Series!

What happens on the Moon stays on the Moon!

For More Info on Ian B.'s next game project, a "Spiritual Sequel" to Colours, check out this link:
Fever Dream - The Next G[y2u.be]...
Condition (Advanced)
Created by srs bsnss
You already did this one. It'll be easy....
Created by BEN 77
easy / medium difficulty

Solution test
---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXz3KIaAp6k...
Created by Thumper
Keep your eye on the ball....
Created by DoubleMike
Use ball cannon with your friends and solve all chambers!

GL and comment pls

Special thanks to creator of sphere-cannon DrFauli
Corporeal Chambers 9
Created by Nurket
Difficulty: Medium...
Could Have Added Other Shades
Created by RustyDios
An original Hammer map with a different style.

The first map I have felt comfortable releasing to the public, after a year+ of tinkering with Hammer. Created fully in Hammer and with help from www.thinkingwithportals.com .

A simple map consisting o...
Cubic Arial Catapults
Created by Zemble
My first map on my new computer!
I'll soon be posting walkthroughs of my tests now that my computer can handle it.
Maybe one about how I use Hammer to make tests look better?
Anyway, do enjoy this map!...
Cube_on the way
Created by Ice
Find a way for the cube.

Neither hard nor easy~~...
Cube_Up and Down
Created by Ice
It is easy puzzle,but not very easy.

So enjoy it and have fun!...
DaMaGepy #4: cube training
Created by DaMaGepy
A large medium-difficulty map to teach some cube trick. 9 testchamber plus an optional hidden test with some bts exploration. Since its a training map, there are hint buttons at the entrance of each room in case you need help. Don't spoil ...
Deep Underground
Created by RectorRocks
Deep underground beneath the facility of Aperture Science lies a test chamber with test elements that no one has ever seen. This test chamber includes three easy-medium difficulty chambers. Have fun and good luck.
Includes the Paint Fizzler and made with S...
Designed for Danger Part 1
Created by Puddy
Part 1 / 8
To preserve Designed for Dangers pacing and storyline it is recommended that you play the maps in order. Collection can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104612418

More information can be found at www.desig...
Digital limbo
Created by [HsX] Mauri_bugy
I had a great time, building it, hope you have the same time playing it.

Digital Limbo 2 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145064526

Digital Limbo 3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=146791296...
Created by Skairul
My first ever hammer map. Two short tests involving the unused test element, the Pneumatic Diversity Vent.

Thanks to BenVlodgi for the autoportal instances and the single portal device


Extra Challenge
Complete chambe...
DooM E1M1 Coop / Deathmatch
Created by carl.kenner
While conducting research into teleportation and parallel universes, Aperture accidentally open a gateway to UAC's Phobos research base, on the Martian moon, which is connected to hell itself. Atlas and P-Body can go co-op against hell's army of zombie tur...
DooM E1M1 with Turrets v2
Created by carl.kenner
DooM E1M1: Hangar, with actual DooM level and textures.
Difficulty: Ultra Violence.
Now optionally supports Razer Hydra and SIXENSE DLC.

This is no test chamber. You're on Phobos, and must fight your way past hell's army of turrets, armed only with ...
DooM E1M2 with Turrets and Puzzles v3
Created by carl.kenner
DooM 1 E1M2: Nuclear Plant, with actual DooM level and textures.
New: CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY (Can I Play Daddy-Nightmare)
Optionally supports Razer Hydra and SIXENSE DLC*.

This is level 2.
Level 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...
Created by wendynite
srsly it is....
Enjoy it. As fast as you can.
Created by Flutters
I call this piece... You know what? It doesn't matter what it's called. As long as you enjoy it. As fast as you can....
Escape from Aperture 1
Created by Hunter
Update: Fixed Lighting

Clamber through Old Aperture which after the events of the CO-OP are now under the control of GLaDOS. Watch out as she doesn't want anyone escape....
Created by Laun
It is SinglePlayer map.
Please, follow me.
THANKS for played!...
Created by Dr. Fug
To complete the test you must pass through each chamber and unlock the 3 way stairs.

These chambers become a bigger challenge as you progress....
Funnel Hop
Created by Myr
Multiplayer | Medium-Hard

Myr's Official Walkthrough - YouTube Video

✎ In the console, write « +remote_view » to see your partner's view all the time
Created by Radix
This coop map is rather a race track than a puzzle.
Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
You will probably need a few laps until you know all tricks - so give it a second try!

Please note that ...
Gelocity Time Trial - Track 1
Created by Radix
A slightly modified single player version of Gelocity 1 race map.
This time you don't have to compete against your friend but you have to fight against the clock.
Use your skills to reach the finish line as fast as you can!
You will probably need a few ...
Gelocity Time Trial - Track 3
Created by Radix
Finally - a Singleplayer version of Gelocity Stage 3!
This map is not a puzzle but a race track covered with orange speed gel.
Like in Gelocity Time Trial - Track 1[/url...
Glass Buttons (a new concept)
Created by Fusion
This test uses an idea I had for a new testing element. There are three main testing rooms that are pretty easy if you understand the concept of glass buttons. This is a demo and is meant for the player to understand these new buttons and their properties...
Hakuna Matata
Created by DrFauli
Hakuna Matata - "no worries";
- estimated difficulty: medium/hard
- no ninja skills needed
- you do not have to die to solve this map
- if you lose your portals, it is easy to get them back

If you need any help in solving this map, just watch th...
Happy Birthday, Portal 2!
Created by Lil' Gideon
In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Portal 2, I have created this special, somewhat easy test chamber. With real confetti this time....
Hazardous Infrastructure
Created by Skyferret
A reconstruction themed map with some hazards. Deep pits, laser fields and of course mashy spiky plates. Includes tractor beams, lasers and speed gel. Medium difficulty....
High Energy Pellet
Created by Co-op
-Added to Steam Workshop

Working Energy Balls + Clean models + Instances by Scotty [forums.thinkingwithportals.com]
"Art" by Igni.
How to Cheat: Portal Bumping
Created by KILLER 9639
it shows you how to cheat via portal bumping through glass panels. before you comment yes it is supposed to be that short.

works on most maps. to avoid this when makeing your own map make sure you place Func portal bumbers around corners of your maps. y...
I love orange!
Created by Nora
An engaging puzzle using bridges, tractor beams and propulsion gel. About 15 minutes for experienced players. GLaDOS will also be accompanying you.

If you like blue as much as orange (and are up for a longer puzzle with more challanges), check out
I love you Companion Cube <3
Created by DragoTeryx
An easy map with a tragic end using the Overgrown style by TeamSpen210. Map made with Beemod 2....
Created by JoeRo؟
Thanks to the BEE2 mod and addons that allow different styles.

A confusing test that utilizes a single cube to control multiple buttons in order to solve. This test is run in the "Art Therapy" style, from the co-op DLC. A fair warning, this is a very di...
Into The Multiverse Part 1
Aperture Science Industries has enlisted the help of turrets to work together on creating the Gyroscopic Multiverse Portal. This is here is the prelude of the enrichment centre's new Prepetual Testing Initiative. However the turret's work is sloppy at best...
Left 2 Test
Created by Clearly Mad
Enjoy and please rate fairly.
This is my first map, back when I had just begun to understand how Hammer works. I am unable to update it, because it's very clumsily made, so since I can't change it, it shall stand as a reminder to which I can look back at ...
Left alone - Part 1 - Escape
Created by Trexau
You have been caged some days ago. One day, as you wake up, you notice that you left alone for some reason.

Part 1 - Escape:
You have to escape from jail and break your way through the complex...
Lost Tests of Portal 1
Created by Fusion
This test contains several easy Portal 1 themed test chambers. I miss the old days. Enjoy and rate fairly!...
Meet The Heavy
Created by Milktoast
Think like the Heavy from Team Fortress. Your portal gun is your minigun. Use the dead bodies of your enemies to make yourself a stair to the exit.
Even the real heavy is able to solve this easy but fun test! ;D...
Military Infiltration
Created by Rami
Chill and have fun
Military Infiltration _ Remake
Created by Rami
Chill and have fun...
Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 1: Escape)
Created by Timoteeei
Beware of creeper!.... SSSSsssss....BOOOM!




Hint: You can use an axe like in the original Minecraft game ;)

minecraft creeper aws...
Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 2: The Mine)
Created by Timoteeei
Ah! Skeleton!

for download press the subscribe button --^

+ Craft system (Yeah, yeah, i know the workbech is kinda wierd and bit buggy but it is works)

Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 3: The Nether)
Created by Timoteeei
Lava, Ghast and Zombie Pigman

There are at least 7 secrets! Try to find them all!

Herobrine, Steve and Cake :3

Thanks every one for testing, especially to -pg- Jagster285 =)


۝ H...
Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 4: The Village)
Created by Timoteeei
Piggy, Villager and Cake :3

After the Nether you came to the strange Village. Where are the almost all villagers? What for this strange eye shaped things need? And why the hell this butcher needs your portalgun? Explore and have fun :3

There are ...
New Technology Part 1
Created by fant0m.
Part 1 of 20...
Nobody cares the name :)
Created by Bulletprofbitch
Play and have FUN!...
Created by Strnadik
Join our Creative Futures Time Travel Testing Initiative (CFTTTI), and be the first time travelling subject ever!

Map is made by - Strnadik
Puzzle idea - Fluppy
(Thank you, Fluppy!)...
Not hard at all.
Created by Gregory
Created by idolon
Obelisk is a short experimental puzzle about guiding a ball by rotating disks.

Contains an easter egg....
Created by RectorRocks
Obstruction (formerly known as The Dave Days Test) is a two chamber map of easy-medium difficulty in a Spacey-clean theme.
*Props to anyone who knows where the "Mmmm tea" is from in the credits

More details:
Old/new chamber.
Created by Mr. Watterson
B.E.E. mod used.

Have fun! ;3...
Paint-GUN Pro Test
>: You will love it
>> #RB-TAM
>: Download the mod here: http://portal2backstock.com/bee2/...
Parallel Towers
Created by Freezy
(opposite switches unlocks opposite doors)

Parallel Towers - Update May 20, 2013 @ 5:07pm

-change some blocks around

Parallel Towers - Update May 16, 2013 @ 1:24am

-Added a cleansing gel

-fixed turrets so they are little more d...
Created by Just solomax :P
Brain-breaking map by solomax & maximmax42

Made with BEEMod and Valve Hammer Editor...
PF TESLA (v1.1)
Created by Portλl Nerd
This is a simple chamber using the Tesla Coil. It has really cool teleporter particle effects too, however Pakrat will not pack them for some reason. Enjoy the test, please leave comments and rate the puzzle....
Portal 2: Thinking With More Than Portals, Testchamber 05
Created by misotanni
Two floors. Controllable excursion funnel. Temporary portal spawner. Easy or hard? This is the updated version. There now is 1 storage cube and 1 companion cube, instead of 2 storage cubes....
Portal 3 (Part 20) Pneumatic Diverstiy Vents
Created by 🐾Ossy Flawol
GLaDOS:"This test includes an old element of mine, I had to remove because the other humen were jumping into it, I know your careful so dont get sucked in."

This test includes Pneumatic Diversity Vents, it was a scrapped element from Portal 2, it would su...
Portals + Science = Key to door #5
Created by ATOMIC
Story: "You was going to the next test chamber...but... in moment floor broke by falling gel pipe and you fell in old elevator."

Good luck!...
Portals + Science = Key to Door #8
Created by ATOMIC
"Aaaand you are back! In modern "Aperture Science Laboratories" This test = Easy"

Good Luck!...
Portals Through Time - Red Sky
Created by Setin
Portals Through Time (Part 2/3) - Red Sky

Created by: Austin 'Setin' House
Made in Hammer over the course of 10 weeks.

Face new challenges and solve interesting puzzles with t...
Portal unto dawn
Created by SuperFluffyShmoopy
This is stage one of my new 2 maybe 3 part series were you are trying to reach the surface
it is not that long but it took me a long time to build because this is the first full hammer map I have made other than my demolition map which stunk this map is w...
Created by RectorRocks
Advanced versions of Test Chambers 03 (Dual Lasers Advanced) & 08 (Fizzler Intro Advanced) from Chapter 2: The Cold Boot of the single-player campaign. Easy-medium difficulty.

Version 2.0

v1.0 - ...
Reconstruction: Part 2
Created by LoneWolf2056
Medium Difficulty
As GLaDOS powers up the facility you continue testing, looking for an escape.

Thanks to Josepezdj for custom signage and Lpfreaky90, tmast98, Mevious and VampireSausage for testing....
Secret Enterance
Created by Neptune
After you escaped GLaDOS's tests, she had no idea where you were. At the door, you read a sign that said,
"ESCAPE ELEVATOR THIS WAY". When you got on the elevator, your plans failed. GLaDOS stopped the elevator at this test chamber. However, for you to be...
Secret Panel
Created by Myr
Single Player | Easy/Medium

Myr's Official Walkthrough - YouTube Video

♠ Music : Two Steps From Hell - The Devil Plays a Smokin' Trumpet

♦ [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
Created by JoeRo؟
Another test in the Overgrown style by Teamspen210, who created the BEE2 addon.

These long-forgotten walls have imprisoned many frustrated test subjects over the years. Do you have what it takes to solve it?

This test isn't very hard, but could provi...
Created by weeb
My take at Mevious "Simplified"

So cool when your map gets 5 stars :3
Anyway, expect you like this strange mix!

*thumbnail, img 1 and img 3 are outdated, only bug/solution-fixes and some more effects I put through, nothing other than that was change...
Sixties Fun
Created by Audrey2
The future is now.

And you are it.

Now, not the future....
Sniper Training
Created by Slowbro2
Kill enemies from long range and line up the lasers. Based of TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Part of Meet the Training Rooms...
Space Prison [part 2]
Created by [PGC] Doctor_GLaDOS
You must find your way out of the destroyed space station before you run out of air.

If you didn't yet, play part 1.
Have fun and don't forget to comment

Sphere Blaster 5000
Created by GuessTheNameSlick
Pew pew! A map with various new testing elements
Done with Bee2 and this addon: http://teamspen210.github.io/tspenAddons/

Edit: Oh my gosh 600 subs?! Thats a lot! :)

Edit again: 200 subs in one day. Wow. O_O

Stopping Potential
Created by Mr. P. Kiwi
"It's an early work of primitive expression. I'm a little embarrassed at how crude it is. Still, it will smash you..."

Starting off as a birthday map for a friend, it evolved into this work of primitive expression. Other than having crushers ...
Created by Ciirulean
A clean, behind-the-scenes styled test chamber that requires the player to manipulate a rotating portal device, located in the center of the map, to finish....
Created by Queen
Can you find the Companion Cube and take him back home safely?

[How to play: Click "Subscribe" and open up Portal 2. The map will be in the workshop area]

A medium-large sized map with a combination of novelty chambers. Not intended to be difficult.....
TesCO-OPeration #2
Created by Magnus
You may have visited Tes CO. before, but we promise you, this will be entirely different!

Doors, turrets, equipment and entertainment provided by TES-CO.
(Inspired by CoopCrowd)

Also, a big thank you to Dr.Hax for helping with such awesome rooms.
Testchamb 2FORT 2.0
Created by Keito
Hi everyone
This is my first map, a recreation of Team Fortress 2's 2Fort.

I made it completely with PeTI or the in-game editor with the BEEMOD and Style Changer (1950s/1960s style works really good with 2fort), you can find then here:

Testing in the 20th Century
Created by Fusion
Six connected test chambers in a 1960s theme. I spent a total of two weeks on this, so please rate with care. If a connection does not make sense to you, it was probably a trigger (not magic).

This test is a response to my last test, "The Fall", which g...
TF2: Well (Arena)
Created by Goobertron
I tried my best to recreate Well from Team Fortress 2. Obviously dimensions aren't perfect but it's close.

You're the only player left on your team. You need to capture point then enter the enemy's base. The enemies are scattered through the map so stay...
Created by tuleby (CZ)
Trampolines is my new chamber with a new concept. This is not only a test concept, but it is full puzzle. In the chamber there are two trampolines. Large trampoline is designed for the player. Smaller trampoline is intended for objects. The center of tramp...
Trip to the underground Part 3
Created by rik4000
Part 3 now available, only 2 years after part 2 but hey whos counting...

Here is a walkthrough vid if you are getting stuck:
Walkthrough Video ...
Trip to the underground Part 5
Created by rik4000
Part 5 enters the first stages of the big climb out of the underground.

Let me know what you think.

Here is a walkthrough vid if you are getting stuck:
Walkthrough Video ...
The Cubes
Created by Smac
The easy one [Co-Op]
Created by Flav606
The Employee Part 1
Created by Dr. Orange
You are one of the robotic personnel working at Aperture Science, and this day would be just another day with a routin generator check. Or will it..?

I would like some feedback, so please comment on wich part you liked, or hated, the most.
Also, some c...
The Hardest Test Ever.
Created by Cadetmaster
This test is the single hardest test ever, it may take days, hell, maybe even weeks to figure out how to do this test. Even by looking up walkthroughs on Youtube you will wont be able to keep up with the extreme precise movements involved just to complete ...
The Inquisition: Part One
Created by srs bsnss
"Up" & "Down"


Walkthrough by josepezdj

Set after the awakening of GLaDOS, you are taken through a testing track involving th...
The Juggler
A really easy map that is still pretty fun....
The Lemon Files: Final Chapter
Created by Acid Regulation
Final Chapter. "When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could g...
The old reflection gel track
Created by Sniff2001
Get known to the reflection gel with this old abandoned track. Using BEEMOD 2....
The Quest For True Happiness
Created by |KART| Ezekel
So this is a bit of a pseudo 'boss-battle' style of map in that you are fighting to unlock true happiness (afterall you can't really appreciate happiness without some strife first). it might be a lil too hard currently, so i might tone it down a bit...
The Reflecive tests.
Created by Mega Munchy
With the creation of the reflective cubes, & after several years of development, something new now gets to join it....
The Return of the Companion Cube
Created by Mr. Watterson
B.E.E. mod used.

Have fun! ;3...
The Return - Part 1 - Initio
Created by Exudias
You are back in the facility. Kidnapped by fellow testers, eh? You have to go through the deadly tests that they made for you for their amusement and of course, for "science". Remember, there is cake!

Difficulty: Easy...
The Turret Combat Initiative
Created by Bluurbol
Probably the largest chamber I've made yet, this coop chamber is all about destroying turrets. It features four different rooms to be completed -- all containing turrets! This level also makes use of my new "checkpoint" system I've been developing. You ...
The Unknown Part 3
Created by KLJF22
I suggest playing The Unknown Part 2 first.

If you experience any glitches while playing please leave a comment on this page and I'll see if I can fix it....
Created by Fan of Science
Turret Con 2013
Created by gang weeder
What will you do at the 99999999999th annual Turret Con? (Hint: Burn it down.)...
Unconventional Shooting Range
Created by Bleeds
For Portal 2 FCR, Rage...
Underground. Part 3
Created by BEN 77
playthrough here >>>http://youtu.be/oy2qGB35g3o...
Created by The_Cogganator
BeeMod Used
I did not create BeeMod...
Wait... Nope!
Created by Flav606
Easy and straightforward....
Wheatley's Sequel
Created by Thurbian Slip
Do not adjust your monitor. What you see here is correct: the long-delayed sequel to Wheatley's Detour is here! Featuring the return of such stars as Chell, her spuddy-buddy GLaDOS, and everyone's favourite, Darren Lamb[/str...
Created by Thumper
The sphere is Wilson. Wilson is your friend, always take him with you!...
Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 with Turrets
Created by carl.kenner
Wolfenstein 3D, Escape From Wolfenstein, Level 1
Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate
(Now optionally supports Razer Hydra)

Level 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=78243105
DooM E1M1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetai...
[COOP] Major Problems
Created by Tschilkroete
This is a small coop map. The puzzles are not that difficult. I hope you have fun. Please leave a comment!

Fixed some bugs...and maybe added some. Let me know if something is strange....
portal 1
a few tests from portal 1
tf2 spy mission part 1
Created by Silzerz
you are going to find the button or whatever is used to kill glados and first, you have to get through security, glados can see through turret vision...
This Sucks!
Created by skavi1000
Some testchambers using a Pneumatic Diversity Vent....
My First Test
Created by GuessTheNameSlick
Made with BeeMod

Edit: Fixed Elevator (Hopefully) and added another room.

Alpha Track: #2 River Crossing
Created by StealthRanger1032
1950's Chamber! Enjoy!...
Created by Skyferret
A Hammer map involving mostly lasers and laser redirection. There are also piston platforms. Easy to medium difficulty.

This is the first clean style map I've made using the Hammer editor. I've added a bit of the Portal 1 theme blended in with it....
Created by josepezdj
(Please check the version notes for the changelog)

Custom pitish style for a 2 chambers map with increasing difficulty level.

Made for the P2LC Steam group challenge [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/P2LC/...
Buttons on the roof
Created by Leviathan
This is a very simple puzzle, but i wanted to test my skills with hammer to add decoration....
Turret Tower
Created by Cubic
Climb the tower. Press the buttons. Beware of turrets....
Slight Complications
Created by MustachioTheBold
This is another tough puzzle like recycle. It is a bit tricky, but I hope you enjoy solving it!...
E3 Aerial Faith Plate Recreation
Created by Makise Kurisu
A recreation of the chamber from the first E3 Aerial Faith Plate trailer.

Thanks to reepblue for the beta styled metal textures/light panels....
Discouragemen Redirection Cubes (E3 Trailer)
Created by Sulphurous
A Recreation i did of the E3 2010 trailer.
With an added chamber similar to what you might of faced in 2007...


Excursion Funnel E3
Created by Dr. Snickity
Just my recreation of the E3 Trailer....
Repulsion Gel E3
Created by lilrobot
A recreation of the Repulsion Gel #1 trailer from E3. All rights of the chamber design go to Valve....
Repulsion Gel ( E3 )
Created by Lucky Hunter
Recreation of E3 Test Chamber....
Propulsion Gel ( E3 )
Created by Lucky Hunter
Recreation of E3 Test Chamber.
Energy Redirection
Created by | \_/ ()
In this parallel universe High Energy Plasma Balls were invented in the 60s along with the never before seen Energy Ball Redirection Cube.

Its a Hammer map with a new puzzle mechanic, puzzles to get you playing for at least 20 minutes and some surprise...
Testing: Alpha
Created by r_rodrigo_filipe
Hammer is getting more and more enjoyable.
Had to remove Auto-Portal frames due to missing textures on the viewers end. Sowwy...
Interdimensional Portals
Created by Lopoi Yoshi
Travel trough time and space..... actually only space.

This chamber is basically a concept chamber, there is more to be done so this "mechanic" could be use more often and better....
Into The Funnel
Created by KabanFriends
My first HIGH QUALITY chamber built with hammer editor.
The Forbidden
Created by Skyferret
Condemned. Closed. Do not enter. These test chambers are all closed. As if entry is forbidden. Do you really care? No.

Three main test chambers that are in serious disrepair. Maybe that`s why they`re condemned.

Tractor beams, cubes and buttons. Som...
Juicy Cubes
Created by Sproxen
A Map in Which You Don't Have To Kill the Turrets but You Can Anyway
Created by StefanTheSir
Some little thing I made while messing around in the map editor....
Katz Chamber 15
Created by KoastKatz
Perpetual Testing Initiative #15 aka Tower of Light...
Created by Susan Murphy
Information English:
welcome to my new room test with light effect and see them glados I ennais you have to apologize for my abscence I had some problem though is you susan murphy

information french:
bienvenus a ma nouvelle salle de test avec effet l...
Mass and Momentum
Created by waffle fucker
My first map! Hope you enjoy. Oh yeah i forgot to say its not as easy as it seems....
Excurse Me
Created by Gondamar
Simple level based around an excursion funnel. Let me know what you think!...
Cubic Key 2
Created by deepower

Medium difficulty level. Similar to my anterior map. No sacrifices or ninja skills required to complete this test....
Underground Chambers [Part 2]
Created by Rolex
A breif Gel Map set in the Underground of Aperture Labs. This is Part 2 of a planned 3-4 Part collection....
Labyrinth of Turrets
Created by An Innocent Kitsune
This is my first ever test chamber created in Portal 2. Of course, there are lots of bugs and glitches in this map that I've never fixed, but that's pretty expected for a person that has little experience with custom test chambers.

I plan on making a re...
4 Corners
Created by Tmast98
Tmast is back with a PTI test. I may make a few more if I get bored again. This map only has cubes and buttons, but still should be a decent challenge.

~Difficulty: Medium
~Estimated Time: 10-12 minutes

Q: How long did the map tak...
Pulse Ray
Created by Apocalyzer
[new version]

It's quite an easy chamber and when you're stuck think twice :D


There is also an solution video on my YouTube channel. You can find it in the link to yt on the right....
Katz Chamber 06
Created by KoastKatz
Perpetual Testing Initiative #06...
Created by RectorRocks
"I know you hear me cry"

Easy-medium difficulty funnel and conversion gel puzzle. Come exchange your unintended solutions with a Twix bar.

The following participants have already earned th...
SCP Fondation 04
Created by Phanttoms
Une serrure deux portes....
4 Rooms
Created by Graham Crackers
Katz Chamber 07
Created by KoastKatz
Perpetual Testing Initiative #07...
Final Exam
Created by thelasttargaryen7
First challenge I've tried making so there will probably be errors....
Created by Susan Murphy
french : Bonjour et bienvenue ma nouvelle chambre d'essai
english: hello and welcome to my new test chamber
custom texture
song custom
elevator custom

merci a toi petit dauphin !...
Katz Chamber 14
Created by KoastKatz
Perpetual Testing Initiative #14...
Aperture Science Innovators new thermal discouragement beam. includes 2 unique puzzels....
3x3x3 test
Created by MiniBrosef
it is posibol!...
Lautaro - Rusty Laser Chamber
Created by Lautaro
Gel, Laser and Reflect Cubes as the main test elements.

The first of my chambers on using the Overgrown Theme, from the new Bee2.4, a tool to mod Portal 2's Puzzlemaker created by TeamSpen210. Links below.

Estimated difficulty : Easy / Medium (It dep...
Hidden Plate
Created by jho419
(You'll need to find it.)...
Behind The Portals - Part 1
Created by fant0m.
A BTS Styled series that I will try to make as original as I can.

The use of BEEMOD is NOT for popularity or to get to the front page!! It's just that in the normal PeTI style it's kinda ugly looking (more than the current look)!

Created by Guambe
A chamber...
Happy new year 2017
Created by Robo SK.
This map is build in BEE mod 2.

Happy New Year to all people.

At the end awaits a surprise. :)...
Complex thinking
Created by Tomašeríno
You need to have complex thinking to solve this. Have fun :D...
Katz Chamber 39
Created by KoastKatz
PeTI #39
Fun with a funnel...
Tops Up
Created by JargonJC
My most brilliant A-HA! moment generator yet. Highly likely to be remade in hammer and expanded upon....
Simple and Easy test
Created by Schnitzel
It's Easy.
Too easy...
Get the cube: Remastered
Created by er gatto puccioso
A remake of my old chamber "get the cube" with Hammer World Editor.
This is my first map made with Hammer so any feedback or suggestion is appreciated....
Track1 Test13 Easy
Created by Chavez Core
Main object: Repuslion Gel
Attention! This level can have mistakes. If you see one of them tell me! Thanks for playing! Download my other testchambers called Track1!
Thanks for playing! Have fun!...
Katz Chamber 44
Created by KoastKatz
PeTI #44
A tractor beam switchboard
Have fun with it. Comments always welcome....
Created by hactar
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Guambe Dec 16, 2016 @ 4:43am 
Nice to see my chamber on the list :)
I've made a few others that i believe are even better than "Chamber 4", feel free to check them out