This War of Mine

This War of Mine

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Dec 21, 2017 @ 4:38pm
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This was going to be a much larger mod, however I don't have the time to continue with it.

So here is just a small taste.

* Includes new Characters, Story and Bios
* Includes 2 Guitar Tracks.
* New Trader

I have made it easy to craft the guitar.


*** Also as this changes a fair bit of stuff, DO NOT use with any other mod. Ensure this is the only mod enabled. ***

This will be my last mod.

*** If mod doesn't work after subscribing to it and starting the game, just restart the game, ensure it is still loaded and it should then work. Mods sometimes don't activate right away even though they say it's loaded. Sometimes require a restart of the game ***
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EnderCorp [FR] Jun 16 @ 5:28am 
I agree with your ideas and i hope that the devs will fix it ! I like your job, have a nice day !
Lucifer  [author] Jun 16 @ 5:10am 
If the devs ever fixed the issue so new items names and descriptions show up in mods then i would probably continue it. However, I feel it takes away from the experience when you add new items to the game and their names and descriptions don't show, instead all that shows is a picture of that item. This is probably the biggest thing that is stopping me from continuing the mod.
EnderCorp [FR] Jun 15 @ 10:28pm 
If you have time, continue the mod please.It can be the most important mod of the workshops !
We I have that stupids kids create 15 same mods just to play Donald trump and you, you use your time to create something that is very usefull... Thanks you and if you can continue ! :AOEKnight:
Lucifer  [author] Mar 13 @ 11:45pm 
I put this up in a way early state. I had so much more planned, but due to issues with the mod maker i stopped working on it. I know i could have easily atleast fixed the blinking issue, but I just couldn't be bothered and put it up as is. Sorry. I wanted to create all new items etc, but the fact names and descriptions don't show for the new items, there was no point.
twistedoldloony Mar 13 @ 10:21pm 
Seems like an interesting start but the weird cut to normal character shots when they blink is SUPER distracting! Also I couldn't really get over the fact that the characters were obviously not matched to the models. I like the splash screen and extra music though. It's too bad that they kinda stopped putting anything more into making the game more stable before working on the extra stories content that seems really short anyway.
Lucifer  [author] Feb 14 @ 11:23pm 
If they ever fix the issue with names and descriptions not showing for new items, I might come back to this and actually finish it.
Shadow Warrior Feb 14 @ 10:51pm 
XD so easy
Z115666 Feb 7 @ 2:15am 
mas waifus por favot
Sasion Jan 25 @ 2:50am 


* 有新的角色,新的故事和新的角色传记
* 两个新的吉他曲目
* 新的交易者


* 只支持英语语言 *
*** 另外,由于本mod改变了一些游戏机制,请勿同时使用别的mod。请确保这是唯一一个你在使用的mod ***


*** 如果已经订阅了本mod,启动游戏后却没有生效,只要重启一下游戏,保证这个mod仍然是加载好了的,就应该能生效。有时候就算mod已经下载安装好了,也不会立刻生效,需要重启游戏才能生效。***
pressuredrn Jan 18 @ 6:33pm 
Would've been amazing if this was finished i bet but it's a nice change of scenery after playing for hours.