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Hollow Knight

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[Farming Geo] 5000 IN 15 MINUTES!!
By TheRedKraken
This guide will show you how to do get mountains of Geo much faster than any other guide out there! It's a fairly simple process, explained in detail and guaranteed to make your farming days a whole lot more satisfying and productive!
Ok, so I noticed there were no really decent guides on how to farm for Geo big time, and as far as I searched and compared my estimates, this seems to be the best option on getting some cold-hard cash in the game, FAST.
Boring Math & What To Do
This guide advertises that you'll get 5000 Geo in 15 minutes... probably bs right? WRONG! This section will tell you in detail how it is possible! And the best part is that it's not that hard too!

Here's a list of things you'll want to farm Geo:

  • Be able to grab walls (Mantis Claw)
  • Be able to dash (Cloak)
  • Access to Deepnest, Failed Tramway (shown below)
You'll be going from the bench in the right of the circled area to the far left, then go back again to the bench and sit on it so the enemies respawn. Repeat the process as many times you'd like.

Speeding up things (optional)
  • Fully upgraded nail (less hits needed to take care of enemies)
  • Be able to "super dash" (Crystal Heart)
  • Charms I used:
Fragile Greed, Fragile Strength, Gathering Swarm, Steady Body, Quick Slash and Sprintmaster

I know this is in the Deepnest but don't freak out! The Failed Tramway is a very safe place in comparison to the rest of the creepy crawlies' land. This area in particular only has 6x Carver Hatchers[hollowknight.wikia.com], which will be our money maker for this guide. They hatch a maximum of 5x Dirtcarvers[hollowknight.wikia.com] and after they depleted all their baby making juice, they will charge at you at moderate speed. This change of attack pattern can be noticed by their screeching and adjusting their movements beforehand to start chasing the Knight[hollowknight.wikia.com].

Now let's do some boring math!

We know there are 6 Carver Hatchers. Each of them can hatch 5 Dirtcarvers. This means you can defeat a total of 6 Carver Hatchers and 30 Dirtcarvers.

But now you're thinking: "But Kraken, why do I need to wait for them poop out the babies?"
The answer to that is quite simple. You see, the Dirtcarvers that are hatched actually drop Geo of their own when killed! And the Carver Hatcher will still drop as much Geo regardless of how many hatchlings it makes!

Before I get to the values, I'd like to point out that this is calculated WITH the Fragile / Unbreakable Greed charm. This makes you drop more Geo from enemies and is essential for a good Geo farm. Get it from this creepy guy[hollowknight.wikia.com].

With our good luck Greed charm, we will drop:
  • 32 Geo for each Carver Hatcher
  • 12 Geo for each Dirtcarver
And if we recall our math back then, this will be:
32 Geo * 6 Carver Hatchers + 12 Geo * 30 Dirtcarvers = 552 Geo per run

If we have everything listed in "Speeding up things", the time needed to go from the bench, kill everything efficiently while maximizing profit and go back is about 100 seconds. To be as fast as possible you'll need to kill the first two hatchers simultaneously, meaning that you should bait them to be together throwing their hatchlings at you. Once they run out of hatchlings, kill them and keep going to bait the remaining four hatchers in the same fashion.

"But Kraken, why can't we do them all in one go? Why must we do two first, and then the other four?"
This is because the map has a part that makes it impossible for the first two Hatchers to reach where the other four are, since the gap is too narrow (shown below):

Another piece of advice: DO NOT run too ahead of the Dirtcarvers! Either kill them or give them a bit of time to make sure they can reach you. It doesn't happen every time but sometimes a couple of them disappeared in my runs before reaching me because I got too far ahead of them. They won't be hatched again by the Hatchers, meaning you're losing precious Geo in your runs!
With this guide, we are able to make 552 Geo in 100 seconds! This means that you'd be able to make... 4968 Geo every 15 minutes! More if you're faster!

I hope this guide will be helpful for the community, since most guides I saw were about defeating Moss Knights and involved more time to get a lousy 3000 Geo in half an hour... I'm also thinking this is much easier than farming in the Colosseum of Fools as you only get to it later in the game and the 2nd arena (which is the one that is usually farmed, for its balance on Geo reward vs time consumed) usually takes around 12~13 minutes, it's harder and only gives you 1700 Geo.

Do share and add feedback, so I can improve this guide! Thank you for reading.
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Joshy Bee99 Jan 28 @ 2:38pm 
you could use the dream gate to make this farm even faster
Boksha Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:28pm 
I think the main reason Hoppers drop so many Geo is because of their surprisingly high number of hitpoints; you need a fully upgraded nail before they even go down with one dash-slash. On that note, it's definitely true the Hopper method is strictly end-game (requiring two charged slashes will ruin the 35 second time), while the Carver Hatcher method will probably still net good results with fewer nail upgrades (provided you have fragile strength and steady body, both of which can be bought at any point in the game)

I have to say after trying it I'm quite surprised how easy it is to make the full run in slightly less than 100 seconds. I can't get the first Hatcher in the left part of the area to hatch their first Dirtcarver in a place where I can reach it, so I'm losing those 12 Geo, but there seems to be a glitch (?) that causes the very rightmost Carver Hatcher to drop ~56 Geo instead of 32, so the net result is actually a little higher than 5000 Geo.
TheRedKraken  [author] Jan 13, 2018 @ 3:04am 
@Boksha Seems like an interesting alternative. I would like to confirm this on my own and make some calculations, but I'm currently busy with college, I'll be seeing this new suggestion when I can.
While it might yield more Geo, we must also take in account that Kingdom's Edge is only accessible in a later part of the game. I also never quite understood why hoppers would yield so much Geo, they're not very hard to kill imo.
Boksha Jan 10, 2018 @ 2:21pm 
After some toying I've found that killing 12 Hoppers in the area directly below the Colosseum of Fools (sweeping from top left to bottom right, to kill 6, leaving and re-entering the area on the right and sweeping back from bottom right to top left) nets you 276 Geo in only around 35 seconds (assuming Greed, Dashmaster, Sprintmaster, Nailmaster's Glory, Gathering Swarm and decent timing on your dash-slashes; I suck so I sometimes miss a slash and take 40 seconds) for about 7000 Geo in 15 minutes.

Note that I'm leaving the 3 Hoppers below the Belflies alive both ways; it might be possible to find a path that gives more Geo/second on average, and there may be more lucrative areas still in the Kingdom's Edge. After 10 minutes of the above and getting my revenge on Millibelle I have plenty cash to get the final Unbreakable charm, so I'm not going to experiment further.
Yobbo Jan 7, 2018 @ 5:36pm 
Money? Well, obviously the best way to get money fast is to hit that fraud banker 100+ times.
gabriele.ikaros Dec 30, 2017 @ 2:21pm 
TheRedKraken  [author] Dec 29, 2017 @ 11:07am 
@Zote The Weakling, if you read carefully it says you SHOULD equip the greed charm...
Zote The Weakling Dec 29, 2017 @ 9:46am 
This didn't work for me! Want more geo?! Equip Unbreakable Greed!
Profesor. LongJohn Dec 28, 2017 @ 2:12am 
GGG H Dec 23, 2017 @ 3:25pm