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DS Stone Bridge
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DS Stone Bridge

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v1.2 - 05 Feb 2018

a modular stone bridge with homes, storage, production & services. requires Banished 1.0.7 & a Lumber production mod.

DS Stone Bridge
- v1.2 - 05 Feb 2018

Build a large stone bridge in your town. Mostly modular in construction, it can allow many variations and layouts.
The bridge walkways sit 1.37m above ground height.
The mod is large and has many parts. I suggest exploring everything first and then planning and laying down the bridge.
Some buildings come with a bridge walkway section as part of the model. Read the toolbar tooltips as they will give you more indication on use.

new in v1.1:

The mod includes:

Stone Bridge Ramps - 2x6 & Short 2x4 - entry/exit ramps for the walkway pieces.
Stone Bridge Stairs - 4x4 - entry/exit stairs for the walkway pieces.
Stone Bridge - 2x3 walkway with pillar, 2x2 extension, 2x1 extension, 1x1 extension.
Stone Bridge, Jetty Connection - 2x3 walkway with pillar that has cutouts in bridge to use with DS Jetty & Bridge: High Jetty pieces.
Stone Bridge - 2x2 Corner, 3-way intersection, 4-way intersection
Stone Bridge - 2x4 End piece, a dead end bridge section.
Stone Bridge Corner Brace - 1x1, does not allow access, stops citizens falling on corners.
Stone Bridge - DrawBridge piece, buildable as a passable bridge, or a raised impassable variant. *NEW in v1.1


Stone Bridge Tiny UnderHouse - 2 occupants, 800capacity - house includes walkway piece. *NEW in v1.1
Stone Bridge Small Home - 3 occupants, 850capacity - attaches to the side of a pre-built walkway.
Stone Bridge OverHouse - 5 occupants, 1200capacity - house includes walkway piece.
Stone Bridge House - 5 occupants, 1200capacity - attaches to the side of a pre-built walkway.
Stone Bridge Home - 6 occupants, 1350capacity - attaches to the side of a pre-built walkway. *NEW in v1.1
Stone Bridge Large Home - 7 occupants, 1800capacity - house includes walkway piece.


Stone Bridge Tiny UnderStorage - 3x3 walkway pillar piece, 1500capacity (Edible,Vegetable,Fruit,Grain,Protein,Tool,Health,Clothing,Textile,Crafted,Forged,Fabrics,Misc). acts as a walkway piece. *NEW in v1.1
Stone Bridge Storage Walk - 2x3 walkway pillar piece with barrels and crates, 1000capacity (Edible,Vegetable,Fruit,Grain,Protein,Tool,Health,Clothing,Textile,Crafted,Forged,Fabrics,Misc). acts as a walkway piece.
Stone Bridge Storage Shed - 5500capacity (Edible,Vegetable,Fruit,Grain,Protein,Tool,Health,Clothing,Textile,Crafted,Forged,Fabrics,Misc) - attaches to the side of a pre-built walkway.

Production & Services:

Stone Bridge Fishing Spot - 2x2 extension, allows 1-2 Fisherman. acts as a walkway piece.
Stone Bridge End Fishing Spot - 2x5 End piece, allows 1-3 Fisherman.
Stone Bridge Tavern - Brews Ale & Mead, 1-2 Brewers - attaches to the side of a pre-built walkway.
Stone Bridge Archive Tower - Holds city records and information, allowing you to view city statistics. Does not attract nomads. includes walkway piece.
Stone Bridge Workshop - workshop to make basic tools, clothing and fishing gear, 1-2 blacksmiths. end piece, has own walkway.

free build, ghost decorations, delete via UI box (click on item and press 'Remove.')

Deco Barrels 1.37m
Deco Boxes 1.37m
Deco Food Bags & Boxes 1.37m
Deco Bottles 1.37m
Deco Prop 1.37m - logs & stone piles
Deco Tables 1.37m
Deco Wagon 1.37m
Deco Stone Bridge Build Trusses
Deco Stone Bridge Pillar
Deco Stone Bridge Lantern
Deco Stone Bridge Fence
Deco Stone Bridge Edge


No Access Square - a blank empty tile that stops access of citizens travel. Can be used to stop citizens veering off defined paths or falling off the edge of modular jetties & bridges.
Stone Bridge Left - left side of normal construction bridge, place from shore to shore.
Stone Bridge Right - right side of normal construction bridge, place from shore to shore.


Lumber - required as a construction cost - use with DS Lumber Mill or similar, or trade.
Fishing Gear - required as a construction cost - made at Stone Bridge Workshop or use DS Small Village: Production.
Mead - made at the Stone Bridge Tavern.
Honey - required for brewing Mead - use with DS Small Village: Production or similar, or trade.
Water - optional use in brewing Mead - use with DS Small Village: Production or similar, or trade.

This mod includes the NewLimits files by Kralyerg @BlackLiquid

I suggest starting a new game.

Thanks to everyone for ideas, resources and support,
extra thanks for testing: Kid1293, elemental, Hawk, Maldrick, Tom Sawyer, Paeng, ancientmuse, adelegarland, pappa, galensgranny, kralyerg, twilightbreeze & anyone else I forgot.

Change Log:

v1.2 - 05 Feb 2018 -- **you must demolish the End Fishing Spot, Tiny UnderHouse and Tiny UnderStorage buildings before updating game:
- fixed issue of End Fishing spot not working.
- altered the Tiny UnderHouse and Tiny UnderStorage, now built on 3x3.
- fixed and adjusted AO images of the Tavern, Drawbridge, Archive Tower, Workshop, Tiny UnderHouse & UnderStorage.
- fixed model and texture issues with Archive Tower.
- adjusted the 2 Fishing Spots and Tavern to show radius circle.
- added % capacity to Tavern UI, other improvements.
- improvements to buildings production history UI.
- fishing work icon improvement.
- string text edit.

v1.1 - 01 Feb 2018
- updated bridge texture materials to opaque in water (thanks to Tom Sawyer).
- added 2x5 Drawbridge.
- added 6 occupant bridge home.
- added 2 occupant underbridge home.
- added 1500 capacity underbridge storage.
- fixed issues of trading boats not stopping at trading posts.
- minor text and icon changes.

v1.0 - 21122017
initial public release.
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May 23, 2018 @ 7:36pm
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Romanski Sep 1, 2018 @ 11:34pm 
To me, probably one of the top 5 mods so far! Thank you!
Shadow Jul 29, 2018 @ 11:24am 
I would like to see cross functional compatibility with RK Edit mod, Jettys, and "Timber Mill", which doesn't seem to produce the "Lumber" that these buildings want.
DiDiMau Jul 18, 2018 @ 7:16am 
nice mod, but total useless, ther is no LUMBER production and the Timber mill MOD doesn´t work with this mod. please make a update.
afonsoecris Mar 29, 2018 @ 4:52am 
afonsoecris Mar 29, 2018 @ 4:49am 
Exelente item e de muito bom uso
Mar 19, 2018 @ 4:44pm 
@discrepancy - For whatever reason I have one particular 1x2 extension piece that always CTD upon reaching 100% demolition. Other identical pieces I can knock down and rebuild all day
discrepancy  [author] Mar 17, 2018 @ 6:23pm 
@B³, what bridge piece is this exactly?
Mar 17, 2018 @ 8:52am 
Anybody else had problems with the game crashing to desktop whenever a builder removes a floating bridge piece? Am using megamod.
Alarion Mar 8, 2018 @ 7:42pm 
Thanks for the great mods!
bennett.95 Feb 10, 2018 @ 10:58am 
@discrepancy Awesome, thank you so much. Your mods really improve this game so again thank you.