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Don't Starve

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Midnight Wildlife
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Dec 20, 2017 @ 7:50pm
Dec 28, 2017 @ 7:09pm
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Midnight Wildlife

A small selection of nocturnal animals to liven up the quieter parts of the day. Includes the owl, the moth, and the rare migratory african swallow that appears during the day.


-appears only during sunset and at night, sleeps during the day
-is a carnivore, only eats meat and can only be baited with meat
-comes in 4 varieties: Standard, Winter, Beardling (low sanity), and shadow (insanity)
-standard drops crow feathers and small meat
-winter drops snowbird feathers and small meat
-beardling drops beard hair, monster meat, and nightmare fuel
-shadow drops nightmare fuel at an unguaranteed rate
-beardling and shadow owls reduce sanity; shadow owls reduce sanity at a greater rate and give off a small amount of light
-all owl variations and changes work fully while in a bird cage, including the shadow owl light aura.
-caged owls will not eat seeds, instead they will eat live rabbits and moleworms.
-feeding a standard/winter owl a live rabbit gives a bird egg and 25% chance for bone shards
-feeding a beardling owl a live rabbit gives a monster egg and 25% chance for beard hair
-feeding a shadow owl a live rabbit gives a shadow egg and 25% chance for nightmare fuel


-includes 2 varieties, the standard moth and the cave moth
-appears only during sunset and at night. when in a cave, moths appear at all times of the day
-moths have a higher rate of spawning from cave ferns than from flowers
-drop moth wings and a rare chance of foliage on death
-cave moths appear exclusively in the caves
-cave moths place cave ferns instead of flowers when used


-very small (1%) chance to spawn during the day, during spring and autumn only
-drop small meat and 3 random feathers on death
-if shipwrecked is installed, swallows will drop coconuts instead of seeds when flying away

new foods:

-moth wings: have a small health and sanity penalties when eaten and count as monster meat
-mud muffins: cooked in crockpot from moth wings (butter muffin recipe), has similar health and sanity penalties but higher hunger satiation. counts as monster meat
-monster egg: black hairy monster egg dropped from caged beardling owls. counts as monster meat with appropriate health and sanity penalties. can be used in crockpot recipes in lieu of bird eggs or cooked into cooked monster egg
-shadow egg: shadowy egg dropped from caged shadow owls. has long shelf life and can be eaten to greatly reduce sanity.

NOTE: This mod includes a heavily modified version of the birdcage prefab and a slightly modified version of the "transparentoninsanity" component. the edited birdcage should not have any conflicts with mods that require it, but in the chance there is issues it can safely be deleted from scripts/prefabs without errors. the edited "transparentoninsanity" component only adds an on/off switch and should (hopefully) not conflict with anything, but cannot be disabled. postinit/custom versions are being developed for future release.

known bugs: mudmuffin is invisible when in the cookpot.
Catching a moth with a bug net may cause a crash when SW is not installed
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make canada kinda OK again  [author] Aug 5 @ 7:55pm 
@lemgon_ultimate yes, owls will come and eat your meats! protip: bait traps with meat at night to catch owls. caged owls give good rewards when fed live rabbits, so it's worth the little extra hassle.
Lemgon_Ultimate Jul 23 @ 3:49am 
Ok, it's like a little Addon. Nice Stuff to make the Night Life more interesting. Your Balancing is very welcome and you did what no one did before: you expanded the Creature Variety of Don't Starve. The Creatures are simple, but have their own Rules. It really feels Amazing. Soo, when Owls are Canivores, does that mean that I quickly must gather the Meat before it gets Eaten? xD =D
Bonder Jul 20 @ 9:36am 
tried this mod and it's awesome but i cant deal with SW any more, you cannot turn off croc attacks; setting the slider to None does nothing, periodic croc attacks still occur and ruin the game , making SW garbage.
make canada kinda OK again  [author] Jun 4 @ 4:51pm 
@lumpy1318 the owl sounds do not seem to be affected by the games sound controls, whether it be volume, stero effects, etc. it's not something I particularly noticed as I normally play with speakers at standard volume. I'll work on a fix but it may take a little while
lumpy1318 May 18 @ 2:09pm 
Hey would you mind fixing a bug? I like to listn to music whil playing this game but the owls hoots are really laud and i cant turn it down in music sound affects or the other one that i cant remember so if you could fix it to where you could turn down or up the saunds of the animals that would be great. other than that this mod is amazing really nicely done.:steamhappy:
Nico May 9 @ 11:01pm 
Somehow, the voice of the bird was too loud......
小蝶 Mar 30 @ 9:26am 
Bonder Mar 29 @ 10:12pm 
GreenGuyee Mar 25 @ 7:46am 
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