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TAC's Ships, Walkers, and Technologies
Welcome to the Technocratic AI Colony Collection!

We take the AI and craft it into something better, through any means possible.

This thread contains many Techs from the Kingdom of TAC, ideas crafted into motion.

This ancient collection is in the process of being dusted off, restored, and updated.

Most of the actual techs in this kingdom are located on the Official Terra Tech Forums off of Steam.
I am planning on contacting the Tech creators and getting the Techs here eventually so that it can be easily accessable as the Official Forums demand that people create a new account.

Running from a long-standing history of forum events and actions (although not quite as long as the Lemon Kingdom)
The Technocatic AI Colony has been through a series of wars, and has experience in most experimental outlandish matters that other nations can't exactly scratch.

TAC (Technocratic AI Colony) specializes in complex things, the art of the Multi-Tech is commonly applied here as well as the hovership.
With the right mentality, it's possible to create in vanilla with absolutely no mods:
+ Operational terrain treading Walkers
+ The well-known 3-way mobile hovership
+ Combat efficient turreted tanks with fast auto-aiming turret

It's also a common source of Multi-Tech Technology that has blossomed by the hands of the more prominent Laputa as seen in the artwork section-

In other ways, TAC is also looking at ways to make these cool possibilities easier to achieve for less-experienced and experienced players alike.

TAC also has a special mod pack in development, both here and on the forums.

+ Lemon Kingdom --------------------- [LK]
Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579213374
+ Megaship Foundry ------------------ [MSF]
Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2220549071
+ Golden Armada ---------------------- [GA]
Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1460925168
+ Silver Fleet Systems ---------------- [SFS]
Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194521126
+ United Earth Space Organization [UESO]
Collection Link: N/A

(NOTE: Not all of them are established on the workshop)

Link to Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Technocratic_AI_Colony/
Items (21)
TAC Kraylin Tank MK3 [Multi-Tech]
Created by Legionite
A fairly revolutionary tank for it's time, now a basic staple of the TAC military.
Succeeded by Sozin's Mallet Tank.

A small Multi Tech Tank built for light hit and run attacks.

Remove all of the ven brackets,
Then set the turret to defend o...
TAC Alerus Fighter Battery [Hovership]
Created by Legionite
The improved version of the Alerus that can take more abuse from typical use

An improved variant of the Alerus Fighter that features:
+ Batteries this time
+ A self-repair system that denies block loss
+ The ability to anchor and recharge any...
TAC Alerus Fighter Original [Hovership]
Created by Legionite
The small fighter-sized Hovership that sparked the smaller leagues of Hovership fighters.

This is like the hoverships a certain popular poster puts up often in the Artwork section.

Press Space to go down
Shift to go up

Forwards decreases t...
TAC Super-Battleship Nastrond [Navy]
Created by Legionite
Naval Competition Submission

Founded on a design that avoids the not-that-visually-pleasing vulnerable battery meta, the Nastrond relies on a balance of batteries and a unique self-assembling & regenerating armor system to hold it's own against t...
TAC Battleship Nidhoggr [Navy]
Created by Legionite
Old Naval Competition Submission

Built with the highest quality armor Hawkeye has to offer in a sophisticated weave, the Nidhoggr is a tough battleship that can fight effectively without any power at all.

A Super-Battleship built to take hea...
TAC Onslaught AI [Air AI]
Created by Legionite
A solid successor to the Red Bird AI
The Onslaught AI greatly improves upon the Red Bird's agility and function, at an increased price.

This one marked the beginning of the Airborne AI technology advancement.

AI attacks from the skie...
TAC Red Bird [Air AI]
Created by Legionite
The Red-Bird is the oldest Airborne AI unit branch in TAC service to date.

It was built around the premise of making an intelligent AI companion that flies over it's targets, pinning them down with suppressive fire while distracting them, making...
TAC Stringer MK8 Bipedal Walker
Created by Legionite
A small walker that functions without the need of R&D.

Stringer MK8
A functional Terra Tech Mech for non-R&D players

Not as stable as the R&D variant, but what are you going to do to compare to the bearings effectively?!

TAC Terra Tech MK1 R&D Walker
Created by Legionite
A lumbering beast of a machine, the R&D walker was the first record-breaking Mech to date.
Succeeded by the Stringer and Stormer mechs.

1 Remove blue color block then switch to the Tech that was separated

2. Anchor the Te...
TAC Shield Breaching Torpedo Bug(gy) [Technology]
Created by Legionite
Shield-Bypass technology Proof-Of-Concept tech

Ignores shields

An infamous bug found when I was messing around with missiles and wheel configurations.
Has potential, but has way less range than the average missile.

HOW does this work!?
- ...
TAC Tread-Tech [Technology]
Created by Legionite
Obsolete, proof-of-concept Tech for the obscure but very powerful Tread-Tech Technology

Not finished yet
hold on

(R&D Required)

HOW does this work!?
- It's a wheel contacting on another Tech....
TAC ION CANNON [Technology]
Created by Legionite
Obsolete, old but powerful weapons application.

The infamous ION CANNON.

Now yours just for the price of 30+ Railguns!

HOW does this work!?
- It's an old bug that as patched...
Steam TAC Pack [0.2.1] - Arsenal Active!
Created by Legionite
HEADS UP - Will become reliant on Steam Nuterra BlockInjector for all future blocks!

Not to be confused with the TerraTech Forums TAC Pack off of Steam, which most popular screenshots are posted on.
Check the descript
TAC Krate Hovership
Created by Legionite
An almost 100% symmetrical airship build for pilots who like symmetry.

Massive hovership with lots of firepower.
Handle with care...
TAC Valhalla
Created by Usurper of Soup
"Momma always told me I should eat my minerals to grow up big and strong, but I think Valhalla ate mine, its own, and a few others' too" ~Markus 1

Technocratic AI Colonies (TAC) flagship Valhalla

Legionite's legendary ship known by mos...
TAC Ragnarok
Created by Usurper of Soup
"I know a few ships named after this Norse reset button but they'd poop themselves if they saw this one." -Beligerus

Technocratic AI Colonies (TAC) Ragnarok

Gun toting, undisputed heavy-weight champion of the colonies, Legionite's TAC R...
TAC Avalon Mk5
Created by Usurper of Soup
"You'd be foolish to forget about this... I am not a good example SorryLegioniteIActuallyJustHappenedToStumbleAcrossThisWhileLookingAround" -ScallyWag "Usurper of Soup" Mag

Technocratic AI Colonies Avalon Missile(?) Cruiser

A lesser kno...
TAC Kram Destroyer
Created by Usurper of Soup
"Love child of a heavy munitions expert and ship designer who definitely had some of the good stuff that night" -Konstig

Technocratic AI Colonies (TAC) Destroyer Kram

Another well documented and well traveled ship of the TAC Kingdom, a ...
TAC Caerleon
Created by Usurper of Soup
"OH MAH GAWD WE'RE DOIN A SOZIN SHEP" -Scallywag "The Usurper of Soup" Mag

Technocratic AI Colonies (TAC) Missile(?) Cruiser(?) Caerleon

Designed by TAC's own Sozin('s Comet) a very prestigious ship of near divine pedigree

This thin...
TAC Space Battleship Yamato [Hovership]
Created by Legionite
The iconic space vessel from Space Battleship Yamato. (Vanilla)

It is retrofitted to TAC Standards in this snapshot-

This version has Multi-Tech turrets on it, making it's firepower fairly lethal if used correctly....
TAC Space Battleship Yamato [Hovership] [Mod]
Created by Legionite
The iconic space vessel from Space Battleship Yamato.

It is retrofitted to TAC Minimums in this snapshot-

oh wait megaton MT turrets no longer work anymore - oh wait they still do sorta

This version has Multi-Tech turrets on it, maki...