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This War of Mine

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This War of Mine usefull tips
By MrDuckFace
This guide isn't a tutorial, please do not confuse it with one. I strongly recommend playing the game (and failing miserably) at least once before reading this guide. It mostly contains tips on things not everybody knows which are useful for your gameplay. If you're ever curious about something or need to know how this certain action is going to afect you, what a character specifically does, or other similar questions you should look into this guide.
This is a recolection of usefull (quite usefull) tips that will help you understand and beat this game with less effort. You will often read words like hidden mechanics, stats, morale, karma, mood and health in this guide, and after reading it, you will have no more doubts about this topics.


Unless i indicate so, this guide has no particular order. You obviously have to read the introduction first and every part can have more than 1 title talking about a topic that belongs to a bigger one but the rest is up to you. You have doubts about how your character got depressed but you know everything about how to aquire food? Skip the food section and go straight to mood, you won't miss out on anything you didn't intentionally skip. This guide requires no effort to read and i will try to make it as clear as possible.

Part 1: Getting started
Yes i know i said this is not a tutorial (and i wasn't lying) but i will however give advice on how to get started, since i think it's important to have a general idea.

When you've cleared your house, it's the first night and you get to choose where you scavenge, who sleeps and who guards, you have to have in mind 3 things:
It's important to know what the current state of pogoren is, since this may affect how you handle things and how you approach different situations.

This is the default state pogoren is in. Raids tend to happen every 2 days if you're not protected and raiders aren't particularly greedy, meaning you can beat them almost certainly with no injuries with your characters sleeping if you have guns and a fully protected home.

Crime Outbreak:
This is the worse state of them all. When a crime outbreak happens a raid occurs every night (except the one in which the outbreak starts) and raiders are harder to beat. If you're alone (for example the solo marko run) you'll have a hard time, since you will almost 100% sure get wounded if you stay in your house and you'll loose lots of stuff if you leave it to scavenge. It tends to be easier with a team of at least 3, having 2 people sleep/guard while the other one goes to scavenge. During this period of time you will have to focus your attention towards food, guns, and protecting your house (that means covering all the holes and installing an alarm system, that is very crusial). Even with a fully upgraded house and a team full of guns you may get wounded (although nothing will get stolen) and you will lose up to aproximately 7 bullets. If a crime outbreak happens early on, for example day 3, you will have a hard time. No food, not enough bandages and not enough materials will make you suffer. The trick is simple, KILL PEOPLE. It's very important (to get a good karma and a good mood effect, terms which will be explained later on) to try and get moraly questionable targets. Examples of this are the military outpost, the villa (when thugs run it), the construction site, the warehouse, etc.
If you really have no way of killing "bad" people then you'll have to kill innocents. This will have a terrible effect on your character's mood, making them sad, depressed, or even broken, depending on the character, so be careful.
Once you've survived this, the worse part has pased, now you have to rebuild everything you lost on the daily raids and get ready for the next challenge but runs that includ crime outbreaks do get easier after they end.

Crime Curve: Normally after crime outbreaks end, there is a crime curve. No raids for 2-3 nights. This lets you recover after all the raids you've been gotten, it's like winter without the cold.

Winter: Winter is annoying as hell but not as destructive as Crime Outbreak. This state has upsides and downsides and if you're not prepared (which means you didn't get a radio and check it for signs of cold weather and happened to have no means of getting fueled) you're ♥♥♥♥ed and will have to get lots of fuel before your people die extremely quickly.
-It gets cold: The temperature gets a lot lower and you will need heating. Don't heat your home for too long and your people will die of sickness or wounds caused by the cold. Don't heat your home for the night and your people can freeze to death, without you being able to do anything.
-Scavenging: This is a minor inconvinience rather than a downside but if you loot garbage found outside of a building, it's probable you'll find trash
-Locations: There are certain locations which can't be accesed during winter due to snow, sadly.
-It has been observed that less raids occure on winter, but it's not confirmed so don't lower your guard, obviously.

Extremely Cold Winter:
It's the same as winter but it gets very cold (-1C° without heating) and raids do not occur whatsoever (the loading screen in the start of everyday won't change but you can know it's extremely cold by listening to the radio, it mentions something about raiders staying at home because of the cold)

Depending on which state you're in, you'll have to look for different supplies and will be able to access different locations, so having in mind the current state of pogoren (this is also called "special events") is important.
Your People
You wil have to pay attention to how your people are. If they are in a bad mood/good mood, if they're wounded/healthy, they're strongs and weaknesses, how much carry space they have, etc.

If you have a lethally wounded Bruno and a perfectly healthy, well rested Roman and no bandages, you should use Roman's combat capabilities to clear a military outpost, or steal from the innocent in orther to get them. I never trade outside my house unless the square is abailible, but it's personal preference.
The radio will tell you when you're getting rescued, giving you an aproximate number of days.
If your house is secured and you have the mathematically correct amount of food to last the maximum amount of time it would take for you to get rescued, just stay home letting your folk sleep or guard, risking less. If you've reached this part of the game you're probably going to win and are out of any danger. Although unexpected things can happen.
Part 2: Food
Food. Comida. Bonjour. It has lots of names and lots of uses.
Food has 3 uses in this game: Mood, Recovering from a wound or a sickness and, well, not starving to death (hey i want that)

Some character's mood will change if they're well fed (if they eat a cooked plate or can of food while not being hungry), making them content and other's will also change, making them sadder if they are very hungry for too much time.

Recovering from slighty wounded states and slightly ill states is easy, as it can be done by sleeping and also being well fed, which doesn't have a 100% chance of making you better but does increase the odds favourably. This will not work with poeple who are sick, wounded, or respectively worse.


This are the hunger states your people can be in:

-Well Fed: This character will refuse to consume more food and will have chances of recovering from a small illness or wound and getting a mood boost. After 1 day this state will change to normal.

-Normal: This is the default state a character is in. He's not hungry nor well fed. After 1 of day, ths state will change to hungry. If fed during this state, it will change to well fed.

-Hungry: This character will complain. If not fed for 1 day, this state will change to Hungry2 (it's written as hungry in-game but it's not the same). If fed during this state, it will change to Normal.

-Hungry2: Same stats as Hungry but after 1 day of not being fed it will change to very hungry. If fed, will change to normal.

-Very Hungry: Character will complain. Combined with other crises it provokes a movement penalty. It makes other aflictions (wounds, illnesses and mood states) worse. If not fed for 1 day, will change to Very Hungry 2, if fed, will change to hungry2.

-Very Hungry2: Same as very hungry but if not fed for 1 day, will change to starving. If fed, will change to hungry2.

-Starving: Character will complain. Movement penalty. Makes aflictions worse. Character has chances of leaving the group (combined with other crisis states). Makes people in the group sad. If not fed for 1 day will change to starving2. If fed, will change to very hungry2.

-Starving 2: Same as Starving but if not fed will change to Extremely Starving. If fed, will change to very hungry2.

Extremely Starving-Same as Starving but the chances of leaving the group are higher. If not fed for 1 day, this character will die. If fed, will change to starving 2.

Food management:

So, you see Hungry and Hungry2 are very similar. If your character is hungry 2 and doesn't it, he will move on to being Very hungry, which won't happen if he's only hungry. But, if he reaches hungry 2 and is fed, he will change to normal. This does not happen in the other states of hunger so it leads to and unavoidable conclusion that almost every experienced player embraces: Your people do not have to eat everyday. You can let a character be hungry for 1 entire day and feed him on the second and you won't have consecuences at all. So there is really no point of feeding someone who's hungry (hungry, not hungry2) unless you wanna get him well fed right away. But going from hungry to normal is just a waste of food.

Let's supose you have 10 cans of food in the fridge and let's suppose you won't lose them because of raids or trading. The equation is easy. Using my little trick, every can of food should last you 2 days, since you eat one day and don't eat the other. So this food would avoid any hunger induced penaltys for 20 days. 20 days of optimal food this is, since it can be stretched to even 40 if you let your characters get very hungry (this obviously isn't optimal but if you have 2 cans of food and are in a bad position in terms of getting more, this 4 days of optimal food can be stretched to 8, even 16 before you 100% surely die.
"Oh wow i didn't know it was that easy" Well i haven't finished. This number will change PAINFULLY once the math is applied to how many people you have on your group.
If you have only 1 character then yeah, 20/1 which is 20 days.
If you have 2 characters, 20/2 which is 10 days. That's 1 day per can, not bad.
If you have 3 characters, 20/3 = 6 days (aproximately). That's 2/3 of a day per can, ugh.
If you have 4 characters, 20/4 = 5 days. That's half a day per cun, UGH.
If you have 5 characters, finally, 20/5 = 4 days. That's 0.4 days per can. WTF.

So yea, be careful about that. Sometimes it's best not to take people in if you don't feel like you'll manage to have enough food. This obviously can be streatched but streatching food past it's optimal usage is really not adviced and will lead to loosing people or even the whole run if you do it careless for too much time, so try not to unless you really think it's the best, i'll leave it up to you.

Aquiring Food:
There are lots of ways of getting food. Killing, stealing, trading, scavenging or eating the dead bodies of your friends by building things in your house like traps and gardens. I will go through each of this options.

Killing and Stealing: Well this goes for every other resource you may need. If you're killing or stealing from "bad" people, you won't get that bad of a morale downside and will get lots of valuable stuff. If you're killing or stealing innocents, then it's not worth it unless it's super necessary.
Obviously the other downside of killing and stealing is the risk. You can easily die or get wounded, costing you also lots of stuff, so be careful about that (when you really learn how to play clearing dangerous spots is really easy, but it can be hard when it's your first time and 5 armed thugs are about to shoot at you, specially because of the buggy combat system *cough* *cough*)

Trading: Trading is a good option. I personally like trading guns and bullets. If your house is fully upgraded you'll be set with a knife, 2 rifles, and 60 bullets for the rest of the game. So the rest of your rifles and bullets can be traded with no regrets. Also i've found that making cigarretes is extremely cheap and they are (specially on shortage, which is announced in the radio) very good for trading purposes. Bullets are op, with Katia (a skilled trader) you can get bandages or medications for 8 bullets each. Bullets are easy to craft and specially easy to get if you've taken out a thug hideout or an army base. (For example the Military outpost can give you 140 bullets from looting it + a maximum of lets say aproximately 60-70 bullets from killing the armed men in there and you can clean it without getting harmed using a minimum of, again, let's say 20. That's a 180 bullet gain and depending on your characters no mood penatly at all). So always count on rifles and bullets to trade (specially with Franko that guy's a god) since you're not gonna use the excess ones. I see people making moonshine and i personally never do it since moonshine's ♥♥♥♥ for trade, if you wanna use it to lower someone's depression you can just buy it and if you want the pure alcohol for bandages you can get it or, better, get bandages using the stuff you didn't stupidly waste on making moonshine, it's just not worth it and i don't know why so many people include it in every run.

Scavenging: Nothing to say really, yeah, if you can get the ammount you find necessary from scavenging and don't need any further means of getting food then do it.

Traps: They're great, just don't use meat or canned food since it's a waste.

Gardens: I haven't played a lot with them. All i know is they're really expensive and it's easier to get food using other methods.

Part 3: Mood
Mood is a very important and complex (not because it's hard to understand but because it has lots of hidden unknown in-game mechanisms) mechanism that can benefit and (almost always) screw you.


A character can have different mood states:

*Elevating mood: Helping people (also known as positive encounters)/being well fed
*Restoring mood: Being well fed/sleeping 1-2 nights in a bed in a row/positive encounters/drinking
*Helping mood: Sleeping 1-2 nights in a bed in a row/drinking/being cheered up by someone
*Decreasing mood: Being hungry/ negative encounters (killing, stealing, denying help, etc.)/someone dying or having a serious affliction

This differences are to avoid repeating this stuff over and over again, you'll understand once you read (if you're a smart boi)

What i mean with 2 identical levels: If for example one is content and his mood get's lowered, he will lose one point and one "level" of content, which means he will still be contented. When i say decreasing the mood of a content person will change it to normal, i mean decreasing the two levels, which does not necesarilly mean doing to separate actions, as one action can increase or decrease more than 1 level. Same thing goes for elevating, restoring or helping a mood.

Content (2 identical levels): Increase in movement speed. If decreased will change to normal. (Note: lasts 1-4 days depending on feeding)

Normal (2 identical levels): Default state. if elevated will change to content. If decreased will change to sad.

Sad (2 identical levels): Random pauses while performing actions (it's so annoying). If restored, will change to normal. If decreased, will change to Depressed.

Depressed (2 identical levels): Random pauses and movement penalty (i do think it happens more often than on sad people but i'm not sure). If helped, will change to Sad.

Broken (2 identical levels): Oh boy is this one bad. All movement will cease. A broken character cannot eat, bandage or medicate himself, move, feed himself, meaning other characters will have to help him do all of that. If a broken character stays broken for too long he will die. Some people say "if all your characters are broken you're done you lost". But that's untrue, it is true that if a broken character does not get help for a while it is probable he will die but it is not certain. If you are doing a solo Marko for example and he breakes, there are chances of him just changing to depressed without any help (i don't know what the odds are but it's happened to me). If helped will change to depressed.

How to manage bad moods:
Well the methods are written above. Depending on the degree of the affliction you will have to use harder and harder methods of helping someone. There are characters who cannot be helped by talking (or at least take longer to) like Roman, there are characters who's probability of helping a depressed/broken person by talking to them is higher like Zlata, there are characters who get upset easier and there are characters who get upset less often (Zlata is a perfect example, it's very hard to make her sad i've never managed to do it)

How to avoid bad moods:
Just don't kill or steal from innocent people (armed people can be innocent, even if they look tough. The guard at the entrance of the hospital might seem like a military man and i think he is but for some reason he is taken as a civ and you will suffer consecuences for murdering him).
Although you can get sad people from killing military men or thugs, it's worth it and it's not that probable.
Also try not to have any other type of negative encounters, such as ratting out your neighbors or refusing to help people in need, cause das just bad man (the forced morality on this game is annoying but it makes it more challenging which in term makes it more fun in my opinion; plus, if you could just kill everybody and steal they're stuff it would be too easy).

Usefullness of content mood:
It's not usefull unless you want an easy way out of a slightly wounded or slighly ill state. If you just want the movement improovement let me tell you it's not worth it.
Part 4: Health
Wounds can kill you. So, they are kind of a big deal.

There are different types of wounds:

*Restoring health:Being well fed/Resting/Using bandages
*Healing Health: Using bandages/Being helped by nurse in hospital/
*Saving health: Using bandages
*Damaging health: Being shot at, knifed, punched while in combat/being hurt at raids (raids always decrease 1 "level" of health, meaning if you were in normal health you'll be slightly wounded if a raid hurts you, but not wounded)/if a Wounded, Severely wounded, or lethally wounded character doesn't get help for some time he will also get damaged.

This differences are to avoid repeating everything again and again, you'll understand when you read it (if you're a smart boy).

Normal: This is the default state. Full hp. If damaged will change to slighly wounded.

Slightly Wounded: Player will wine. A kinda hidden mechanic is that when a player stops being slightly wounded and changes to normal, there is a period of time in which the player will have less health and will get wounded (instead of slightly wounded) in the first hit. If restored, will go to normal (which wouldn't be normal, it would be "normal2", the hidden mechanic i talked about earlier for some time and then normal). If damaged, will change to Wounded.

Wounded: Movement penalty. Automatically goes to rest at random times and while working. Your people get sad. If healed will change to slightly wounded. If damaged will change to Severely wounded.

Severely Wounded: Same as wounded but i think the resting thing happens more often, and even more often with lethally wounded. Also the movement penalty seems to be worse. If damaged changes to Lethally wounded, if healed changes to Wounded.

Lethally Wounded: Same as Severely Wounded but the resting thing seems to happen more often and the movement penalty is devastating, making you walk slower than normal walking speed. If saved will change to Severely Wounded. If damaged, your character will die.

Same thing happens with being sick but instead of using bandages you use medicine and a player is damaged by chance. The chance is always there and it goes up if the temperature is low (if the temperature is -1C° for example, a character will almost surely get sick)
Part 5: Karma
I will not talk in-depth about karma. I think it's a stupid mechanic but it doesn't really change that much. Basically, when you end the game (by dying via getting murdered or suicide or via surviving), you get told what happens to your character next. If you survive, there are 3 endings. Karma ending (you were bad and had bad encounters) which ♥♥♥♥♥ all over your character, Sad ending (you didn't have enough good encounters), which ♥♥♥♥♥ all over your character but in a more subtle way -it's not a bad ending at all it's just not perfect-; and good ending (you were a good boi and had lots of good encounters) which basically makes everything alright for your character.
Part 6: Characters
There are lots of characters in the game.
They can be divided in 2 obvious sections: Adults and kids. I won't talk about kids that much, they're basically more weak, and you have to teach them stuff.
I will, however, talk about adults and they're different usefullness. I won't talk about all characters i will just give some tips on which characters are the best and most op and for what purposes:

Roman (he does lots of dmg and oneshots on meele backstab. Other players can do it too but not with anything and they don't have a 100% chance)
Arika (she runs doing absolutely no noice and oneshots on meele backstab with everything but a crowbar)
Boris (He has 17 slots so he's good for scavenging too. Combat-wise he can win meele fights without having to backstab and is very strong. People have seen him just heal up without explanation after returning from scavenging and he has more hp than other characters. The downside is that he will get sad from killing anybody, armed thugs, military... He will get outright depressed from killing innocent people).

Mood Boosts:
Zlava is great for giving mood boosts. She has the most chance of making a character better by talking to him when he's depressed or broken and she has a very high mood, so it's not easy to get her sad.

Building stuff:
Marin: I almost didn't add him in the least but to be honest he's very good at early. Basically, you need 20% less materials to build anything.

Marko: This guy is a god. He's my favourite character in the game. He has 15 spaces for carrying stuff when he scavenges and he has a very good mood, meaning he won't get sad from most confrontations (tho i've seen him go from sad to broken because i murdered an innocent).

Katia: When trading, your items have 20% more value. Which means that if you have a bullet and you wanna trade it for another guy's bullet and he doesn't agree since he's selling you his bullets for 20% more, you will be able to trade 1 bullet for 1 bullet using Katia (this is an example, not a real case).

So those are my favourite characters. I prefer small groups of no more than 3. My perfect combination would be Marko, Arica and Zlava. I'd use Arica for killing since she's not as emotionally unstable as roman, doesn't get into fights with friends and has a better mood. I'd use Marko for scavenging after i'd killed everybody and Zlava to boost everyone's mood with her talking and guitar. While Roman really is the best when it comes to combat, he will often fight with your team and talking with him when he's depressed doesn't work often.

Part 7: Workshop
The workshop is the only means you have of using what you have to make things vital for your survival. I will now go through and give tips about all of the abailible constructions.

Bed: Obviously pretty important. I'd recommend having 2 beds no matter how many people you've got. The most important tip i'd give is that your characters need to sleep 5 hours to drop from tired to a normal state. So you can make them sleep ingame or make them work and go to sleep at 3pm (since the day ends at 8pm. Be careful with this since it won't work if you sleep at 3:10pm). I've never seen someone heal from a wound by resting on the day. I don't know if it helps, i never make injured or ill people sleep at day.

Chair: I'd recommend an Armchair

Armchair: You can use it to boost your people's mood. Your characters can drink coffee, have a cigarrete or read a book there. You can use they're addictions to get a nice mood raise (this won't get them content just get them from sad to normal for example)

Simple Heater: When it's time to heat your house because of winter i always go for 2 simple heaters. The upside is that they offer the same heat an improoved heater does, without wasting recourses on the upgrade. The downside is that you'll be wasting lots of fuel, a maximum of 6 per day i'd say. So check the radio and stack lots of fuel before winter comes.

Radio: Recommend checking it everyday. It will announce special events, shortages on the market and the ceasefire.

Crude Stove: Completeley necessary for feeding your people. You won't make it using cans of food alone.

Moonshine Still: Overrated af. I never use it.

Metal Workshop:
You get it the first day and make a crowbar and a shovel. You then upgrade it in early to make saw's and a knife. You can, if you want, upgrade it once more to make bullets and rifles.

Rainwater Collector: I find it too expensive. Never worth it in my case, i prefer trading for water or scavenging for it.

Board Up: If you have the opportunity to completely board up your house before a crime outbreak, do it. Plus, if you do board it up while it's not a crime outbreak you'll repel thiefs easily.

Guitar: Zlata is the best at playing the guitar. Which means, while using it, she will have more chances of elevating everyone's mood. People like Katia and Roman would have a level 2 skill at playing the guitar. They know how to and the chances aren't bad but Zlata is best. At "level 3" we would find Pavle and Arica. The other characters cannot play the guitar. It's a somewhat expensive way of curing bad moods but not a bad one.

Herbal Garden: If not upgraded i could use it (although i don't do it normally), because herbs are important, nonetheless easy to get. When upgraded, it's just an unnecesarilly expensive way of getting food. I wouldn't recommend it; just use those resources to actually buy food.

Herbal Workshop: This thing is the ♥♥♥♥ . Making Bandages and Cigarretes is very important, cigarretes are very good for trading and easy to craft and bandages are... well... bandages.
Upgraded it can be used to make medications, which i would strongly recommend in late game (it's harder than making the bandages but it can be used for trading or curing people)

Traps: Awesome way of getting easy food. Don't use the food you eat as a bait tho, just scavenge those tomatoes or whatever they are.

Reinforced Door: If you want to have your house fully protected you'll have to build this expensive door after boarding everything up. It's worth it.

Alcohol Distiller: I don't even do moonshine and pure alcohol can be traded with all the stuff you're wasting into making moonshine and then pure alcohol. You'll run out of herbs and materials before you can make enough bandages to compensate for everything, it's stupid.

I won't talk about the types of items. Everytime you go scavenge you gotta think about what you have and what you need. One thing i would recommend anyway is getting lots of electric parts early in the game, i'm talking about first 2-3 days. Sleeping in-day is very important. I remember having to let everybody sleep once they were tired, sometimes loosing the ability to go scavenge because they were tired. If your character is tired because he spent the night scavenging, just get him to sleep 5 games in the day, while you're on your house. He will then wake up and be fine for another day. This is biblically important when it comes to being alone. In solo Marko runs, you won't get another character for some time, so if you don't let him sleep you'll have to scavenge once every 2 days and you'll just die when the daily raids kick in.

Part 8: Combat
Some people have a hard time with combat when they first deal with it. It's pretty easy.

There are 4 meele weapons:

The Hatchet: Slow but better than the crowbar and the shovel

Knife: The best, silent and quick

Crowbar and Shovel: Obviously not optimal; i think the shovel is somewhat better.

There are 4 guns:

Assault Rifle: My personal favourite, although some locations do require a shotgun or you won't make it. Shoots 3 bullets per hit and can kill someone with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of... 30?

Shotgun: It's not the best because of it's lack of range but there are certain locations where it's necessary. For example the ruined villa occupied with deserters. Anyhow, it's personal choice.

Pistol: It's obviously worse than the others but it can pack a punch if you need someone dead.

Scoped Assault Rifle: You get it from a sniper and i don't think it's very good because it shoots 1 bullet and takes more time to lock on a target and aim at it. It has an incredible range which i never find usefull since i tend to use the knife.


This game has a mechanic called backstabbing. It is a meele based way of dealing incredible ammounts of damage, not even achieved by fire weapons, without making so much noice.
The best way of backstabbing is by using a knife. Others may work but they have less chances (i don't think meele weapons like the crowbar can actually kill in 1 hit). Backstabbing is achieved by being directly behind someone without being detected (this can be done by sneaking up to your target or by hiding and letting him pass in front of you) and then atacking him with a meele blow. Most characters have a chance of not succeding, and doing nearly-lethal damage. Characters like Roman and Arika have a 100% chance of killing the target in one hit, making them the better choice when it comes to combat. Backstabbing is a very important part of combat since just shooting at everybody isn't recommended. Hiding spots work but when you're revealed there's no way of running away since bullets stagger and stop you. It's always better to try and silently kill your enemies before finally having to alert them and shoot at them.

Luring your enemy out of a stationary position:
Some enemies have a stationary position, or are locked on the same position for far too long, leaving you with less time to escape or even kill everybody.
If this happens, there are ways of alterting people. These are shooting, making them see you, followed by you hiding before they shoot at you, killing someone with meele and making noice, or running near them. Also, opening a door in a place you know your target is going to walk through will make them wonder if they door was opened before, and will sometimes walk to it's position. Basically running and hiding is your best shot at getting easy backstabs. Oneshot knife backstabs make no noice whatsoever so you can do it with people near you (have in mind that if you backstab a guy who is behind another guy and this guy is in the same room, he will turn around and atack you).

Running to the exit: I've noticed that some people get hostile towards me when i press the "run to exit" button. Idk why this happens but completely friendly characters have shot me because i ran past them. It's probably not intended.

Fleeing from combat: Fleeing from combat is not easy. When you get shot, you stop running for a second, which makes you vulnerable to the next shot, and the next. Getting detected and running will only work if you quickly get out of sight and hide, or get out of sight and exit the location before you're shot at again. The combat is very buggy so sometimes you may die because of the long stagger caused by shooting (which isn't a stagger, your character just stops runnig to switch animations. I'm not denying he'll be in pain but he could keep walking ffs) or you may die because of random bugs/glitches. It is what it is.

So to wrap it up, try to avoid combat if possible. And if not, know how to fight, now when to get seen, when to kill silently and when to use guns. It's better to execute the first atack while being hidden. Your character takes time to aim. The more time he gets to look at a target the more damage he will do when atacking it. This aim bar will reset after everyshot and just clicking and shooting everytime you can will do almost no damage and waste lots of bullets.
Part 9: Surviving

When you have 7 rifles and 500 bullets it's often easy to forget what you need for surviving. The most escential things.

You will surely need food and rest.

Bandages and Medicine are more of a preventive resource, but they are expensive and you will have a hard time if you get injured or sick and have nothing to treat your people with.

I said this was not a tutorial so i won't tell you how to play the whole game. The only tips i have are killing people (bad people, which don't trigger a mood penalty when kiled, like thugs or army men) and getting they're stuff. Dangerous locations tend to have the sweetest prices, specially the military outpost, with more than 100 bullets, 6 rifles and 8 cans of food (putting aside the 12 weapon parts). While trading with the soldier in the military outpost can be a good option, it's best to take them out and use the stuff you get to boost your resources. I just trade the rifles for things that help me. Food, medicine and bandages, materials, pure alcohol, etc. This is also good since bullets are an awesome trading item and you will never find yourself using them all in combat if you're careful.

So that's my strat, i scavenge, look at the radio and play acordingly to the state of pogoren (normal, crime oubreak, winter) and try killing for a quick boost in my general wealth. This game can obviously be beaten without killing, but it's up to luck by then. You just can't win if you start with a crime outbreak on day 3 and get things from scavenging the shelled school and the starting location given to you, and trading won't be an option either.
Thanks for reading
That's all for now. This are all the things i have in mind while playing This War of Mine, and i think knowing all of them will be enough to make you win every run. Be persistent, don't give up, and play it smart, risking what you can risk and playing whatever cards you have the best possible way.

Thanks for reading, I'm open to suggestions/critics/grammar corrections (specially this one, my english is very bad).
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Buttercreamfish Mar 8 @ 11:01am 
The thing i like abou this guide is that it makes so you dont have to die 20+ times before you get a handle i the game.
Buttercreamfish Mar 8 @ 11:00am 
I tend to die during combat because i didn't kow how to use stealth until now. So thanks for the combat section.
知否知否 Jan 12 @ 11:58pm 
A good guide. Much better to build on another's knowledge than trying to figure things by yourseld and dying quickly.
Doc Mayo Jan 11 @ 2:36pm 
A good guide. Much better to build on another's knowledge than trying to figure things by yourseld and dying quickly.
EMP_4_ME Dec 31, 2017 @ 5:01pm 
very helpful, thanks man
aaronimous Dec 25, 2017 @ 1:25pm 
Thanks - this guide is a good general help - all I need.
DaCommanda Dec 20, 2017 @ 6:44pm 
very detailed