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Real Traffic Density ETS2
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Dec 18, 2017 @ 5:16pm
Aug 7 @ 12:13pm
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Real Traffic Density ETS2

Welcome to the official page of my ETS2 Real Traffic Density mod (RTD), Steam's most subscribed traffic mod with more than 400k users

Why a traffic density mod is necessary?

Everybody knows that the default traffic is very basic with very low density with minor differences day/night or type of roads. This mod was built using realistics charts presented on SCS forum (I have left the forum in the meantime follwing abusive ban from forum moderators and with no clarifications from SCS admin I have never returned)

Why Real Traffic Density mod is an unique traffic mod?

- it uses rational spawn numbers according to real life charts and according with game’s limits checked personally in hours of testing; the numbers used at rush hours are +/- the maximum that the game can handle.
- the only mod which includes a separate speed class for emergency vehicles and also for motorcycles and sport cars (if these packs are used and adapted for RTD), which will drive with increased speed wherever possible (if speed limit is given by country rules and not road signs).
- any Ai can also break the speed limit at random basis with a certain value, up to 35%. Ai cannot drive faster than their limit set in their files, therefore this rule won’t really apply to trucks but rather for cars which keeps things very realistic
- low spawn numbers at merging which makes it the only traffic mod which manages to keep out of meerging issues and traffic jams everywhere with a very good density everywhere else
- unique increased semaphore cycles duration with shorter green time for small roads and longer green for large roads
- Ai can overtake on simple continuous line on 1x1 roads

Why my Real Traffic Density mod is better than other traffic mods?

- best traffic density vs performance (no FPS drops on average PC and high graphic settings)
- reduced traffic at night, excepting motorways where density remains relatively high
- different density for small vs large cities
- correct spawn ratio cars vs trucks vs other types of vehicles (given by the realistic numbers)
Compatible with the following map mods:

- Vanilla map and all map DLCs
- MHA Pro Map (RTD has higher priority)
- ProMods (RTD has higher priority)
(not checked with other map mods)

How to use:

-most important rule: never increase g_traffic value! keep always g_traffic 1 when using this mod!!! you can use a smaller value if you want less traffic but not smaller than 0.5 which in theory will wipe out the type of vehicles with low spawn.
- place my mod above any map mods and other mods that may affect density, inclusively above graphic mods.

If you use external packs:

- highly recommended for diversity, this mod works better with additional packs (for example Jazzycat)
- optionally you can use motorcycles, classic and sport cars and bdf trucks as separate vehicles which will help with the ratio vs regular cars / trucks; to do so you can read the guide from ErbKaiser in the discussion section)
- mandatory add in launch options (on Steam right click on the game and click properties) paste the following line (alone or alonside other rules if you have already others, with a space in between).
-mm_pool_size 16384 -mm_max_resource_size 50 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 (with the mention that the mm_pool size must be half of your available RAM). these settings and especially the mm_pools_size if used correctly will substantially increase performance and eliminate disturbing stuttening

Other mods from my collection that are desigend to work with Real Traffic Density mod listed in their loading order:

- Real Emergency Ai Pack : (join Cip-Sound-Modding here: if interested on the VIP version)
- Real Ai Traffic Sounds:

Known issues not related to my traffic mod:

- merging on motorway can be sometimes slow (SCS / map mod prefab issues)
- Ai non respecting rules like semaphore (prefab issues)
- Ai trucks indecided on which lane to be (scs bug)
- game can crash at high traffic density if many traffic pack are used (memory issue) this error is generating the following error: “Failed to assign pool segment... “ (solution: enable the above launch options)

Why you should use another traffic density mod?

- due to its complexity, my mod is frequently affected by game updates and it may happen to cause game crash if it's not immediately updated. I offer constant support to my mod nevertheless
- if you don't care about a realistic traffic density or about game FPS or frame rate performances and only want to see some more traffic around day and night
- alternatively you could consider also increasing g_traffic value, however this basic command will multiply all numbers and inevitably the spawn of those Ai meant to remain low (Police, ambulances, garbage trucks)

Please also note:

- if other mods claims a better performance don’t fall into the fancy description, there is not magic into it, better performance means much less traffic density which also means that is not a realistic traffic mod

your feedback is very valuable therefore discussions can start in the comments sections below. thank you!

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my paypal account:
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Cipus  [author] Sep 25 @ 9:32am 
enough but check how big are those painted trucks, some painted packs I have seen can be even 3 Gb which will store your RAM. when RAM is full as it happen to me even with 32 GB sometimes in ProMods, the game visibly start to stutter, has some freezes which can last even one second, very disturbing while driving, this is why for me driving Promods is done in shorter stages of maximum 30 minutes. when RAM gets full is time for a restart
Kaalimero Sep 24 @ 3:02pm 
i have the ai traffic pack from jessycat - bus traffic - classic cars - motorcycles - sport cars and the realistic company and trucks collection... is that too much?
Cipus  [author] Sep 24 @ 5:49am 
mm_pool_size is just fine and working well, please don't read comments form people who did not test but are big fans of SCS forum. whatever you read there, even from developers, think that they do not use mods. therefore yes mm_pool_size is uselles if you have the same 2 buses, 8 trucks and 20 cars. but if you play real then enable mm_pool_size or live with the suttering :steammocking:
Jackomc1 Sep 24 @ 4:40am 
does the pool size command affect the mod in any way?
Roane Gaming Sep 23 @ 7:15am 
@Ryusennin is there another command that replaces mm_pool_size ?
Kaalimero Sep 23 @ 7:08am 
i have 51 mods. for bigger ai mods and 2 lesser ai mods just for germany.
Kaalimero Sep 23 @ 7:02am 
hmm not good news... and now? maybe lesser ppol size direct in your mod?
Ryusennin Sep 23 @ 6:47am 
mm_pool_size has been deprecated for quite some time.
This option is not used by ETS/ATS anymore.
Cipus  [author] Sep 23 @ 3:34am 
when limited on RAM you should take out Windows (2-5 GB depending how optimized is), the game itself also about 2 GB, then start counting traffic packs (size uncompressed) and stop when you reach the limit (with 16 Gb I would only consider max 3-4 Ai packs), you can have tons of mods if there are not Ai packs this is fine, maps do not remain stored, only the mods that are in use (the truck and its accessories + Ai traffic)
Roane Gaming Sep 22 @ 6:49pm 
@Kaalimero, 16 GB's is enough if you don't have tons of mods plus tons of AI traffic mods but if you do then you will need 32 GB's so you don't run out of memory (RAM)