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Beat up the annoying people of Whiterun
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Jan 28, 2013 @ 11:28am
Mar 25, 2013 @ 8:57am
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Beat up the annoying people of Whiterun

Available on NEXUS as well:

The Whiterun people have complained about 4 very annoying people - Braith, Nazeem, Heimskr and Nelkir. So, 11 guards were sent to make those 4 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s pay for their crimes. From now, every time one of those 4 will walk on the streets, the ebony guards will beat them up until they ask for mercy (and after it as well).

I hope you'll like the mod and please say if you want me to put those guards in other towns for other NPCs as well.

Please don't forget to rate it.

Update 1 - V0.2: Now they'll beat Heimskr (the priest of Talos) and you can talk to them (voice acting is buggy with CK so I wasn't able to do it).
Update 2 - V0.3: A first version of the armory for the Whirerun-Haters. It is far from being completed yet, but this is just the start. I'll add more stuff soon.
Update 3 - V0.4: Now they also beat up Nelkir, by a request of alot of people.
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76561198057227220 Jun 22, 2016 @ 7:21pm 
Very awesome, I quite enjoy watching those people get what they "deserve". Maybe a couple of Battle-Borns could experience some of their care and challenge as well. After all, they have such an ego it's sickening.
Buriark Apr 17, 2016 @ 11:39pm 
but i already murdererd hemiskr and then i payed of my bounty
homeyer Mar 31, 2016 @ 2:34pm 
I agree with dollynewton, all of the battle-born, except maybe the one out side the trading house. In addition the mouth behind the counter could use a beating as well.
NightShadeX62 Aug 22, 2015 @ 7:59pm 
Um.. tried out your mod, worked just fine. I was standing up on the stairs watching the guards your mod added fight Nazeem then one got into a fight with the Whiterun guard and they ended up killing him and when they did one Whiterun guard tried to arrest me and I wasn't even fight or doing anything. I was just standing there watching ...
JolanXBL May 7, 2015 @ 2:54am 
They KILLED the mage in Dragonsreach! (Or the place with the first Jarl) Unsubscribed
Kalona The Ravenant Oct 15, 2014 @ 6:19am 
this game need's a fight club/fight guild. they make a ring under a celler. eh, riften or markarth.. some rough type place & your unarmed skills elevate with every punch. even fix the dialog so that they repeat the name of which ever member has recenntly died. his name was dova kin, his name was dova kin, his name was dova kin.
dollynewton Oct 1, 2014 @ 9:01am 
How about the battle-born. They need a beating for their big mouth. I;d like to see them get their ass kick.
xxxsexybeastxxx Jul 18, 2014 @ 9:59am 
yay finally i can see nazeem get beaten and not get done for it :)
[DFS] SandsOfElsweyr May 26, 2014 @ 11:37am 
give braith a Glass sword of leaching
Rasputin Jan 30, 2014 @ 4:33pm 
love it i so hate nazeem