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Garry's Mod

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Dec 16, 2017 @ 4:16pm
Dec 19, 2017 @ 9:44pm
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In 1 collection by CanadianBill
Canadian's Turf TTT Collection
15 items
- True-to-form from-scratch remake of DM_Island17, a classic HL2:DM map
- Accurate to Minecraft's construction (replicatable in Minecraft)
- Trouble In Terrorist Town focused, with traitor traps, a traitor tester, win condition, and more...
- Standalone addon, packed with custom sounds and textures
- Smooth movement (no jumping up every block, thanks to 1161 playerclip brushes)
- Fully stocked with weapons and spawn points that supports 64 players

More precisely: Moving clouds; a rising sun; five functional TNT blocks; an escape-by-boat win condition; a openable Traitor tester; a Traitor hatch for hiding C4 on the boat; a Traitor-activated sandpit trap; a Traitor-activated lavafall; a Traitor-activated Traitor tester ejection mechanism; a Traitor-activated escape route lockable door; custom textures; custom sounds; 64 player spawnpoints; TTT weapons; smooth movement thanks to 1161 playerclip brushes

Frequently asked questions
Q: How do I install this? What do I need?
A: Just click "Subscribe", the map including all textures and sounds are included. Once Steam Workshop syncs (may need Garry's Mod to reboot), it will be in your maps. Note that TTT requires CS:S for its models.

Q: I'm getting a 'Your map differs from the server', how do I fix this?
A: Either the server has the wrong map or you do. Navigate to your Garry's Mod installation and delete any ttt_mc_island17.bsp from garrysmod/download/maps and garrysmod/maps. It may need to be redownloaded from the server if you didn't install through the Steam Workshop. If that didn't work, it's probably the server that needs to follow the same process. There was a hotfix upon release and if you're an early adopter you might have the old verison. I don't plan on updating it again and I apologize for the error. I'd personally recommend using the Workshop version (typically in a collection) opposed to, say, FastDL for any map.

Q: Why aren't the TTT-related things here (e.g., coal ores, TNT blocks)?
A: You probably aren't running TTT! Items spawn on a TTT round start, to prevent players from interacting with them preround. If they aren't spawning, it's because a TTT round isn't starting.

Q: How does the blue escape boat work?
A: Find and insert all 9 (there are precisely 9) coal ore blocks into the furnace on the boat. Note: If thrown into the ocean's deep water, they will teleport back to a nearby coal ore spawn location. Once fueled, the boat will sound a map-wide foghorn and in 20 seconds will depart. If there is at least one Innocent or Detective on the boat when the bow passes the buoy, the Innocents will win. If there are zero, but at least one Traitor, the Traitors will win. If there are no players on the boat, the round does not end.

Q: How do I use the Traitor tester?
A: Two TNT blocks need to be collected and detonated to break through the wall. Once open, and a player has entered the chamber from the steps and the door is closed, another player can press the wooden button on the counter. If the player is Innocent or a Detective, the green wool will signal. Otherwise if the player is a Traitor, the red wool will signal. Also note that Traitors may eject the next tested player (available every 90 seconds). Was the tested player an escaping Traitor or a framed Innocent? Uh oh.

Q: How do I get into the "secret" credits room?
A: What secret credits room?

Q: You wrote this FAQ and put "secret" in quotes, acknowledging it isn't a secret and it exists.
A: That isn't really a question.

CanadianBill (myself), for map (including many of its sounds and textures)
Mazemaster[], for the original DM_Island17 map
nnRg, for the Minecraft texture pack
The Corginator, for support and playtesting (even if she is a Traitor)
Scriptis, for playtesting (even if he never wins)
Also thanks to Finniespin for the idea of collecting ores (seen in TTT_Minecraft)
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Not Epic Sep 14 @ 10:40pm 
That's credit room, too hard for many people :sakurabeachayumilaugh: Nice map
an in your face disgrace Apr 11 @ 12:41am 
How do I get in the secret ore room?
hEaVe YT Dec 23, 2017 @ 6:00am 
marbledemon Dec 20, 2017 @ 2:08am 
Love the attention to both detail and gameplay in terms of playability and extras, as well as working within the minecraft theme to craft a pretty little environment much more detailed and thought through than the average mc map on here, good job!
Cornelius Maxwell of Rivia Dec 18, 2017 @ 10:30am 
All this time, and you upload a TTT MC map?
Avenger Dec 16, 2017 @ 9:46pm 
First. Great map!