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HELP! My welder fuel is gone!
By Moomanji
This guide is a basic way with minimal parts and no enclosed space/atmospheric system to replenish your welder or jet pack canisters if you run out of fuel/they blow up (sort of common these early days).
I've had my welder tank blow up several times (they've been working on a bug related to this). I've also just simply ran out because I left the thing on. This is a real drag early game as this stops you in your tracks from working on structures.

This method will also work to get fuel back in your jetpack as the fuels I'm mining here are usable by both currently.

This guide is to allow you to refill with the most basic parts, with no built out atmospherics/gas system.
What you will need to create
Some of these items are contained in your starting crates, others you will need to mine up resources and manufacture parts/machinery. This guide assumes you know the basics of the game inventory system and building controls, and assumes you have a basic power system set up with either solar panels or the solid fuel generator. You will need some ingots of several metals smelted via the Arc-Furnace to make some of the parts, so that needs to be set up and working too.

You will need the following-

- Autolathe (included in starter case). x1
Via autolathe -
- Hydraulic Pipe Bender unit (you must make this) - x1
Via pipe bender -
- Gas Tank Storage (you must make this) x1
- Canister (can skip this if your existing tank is intact - eg. not exploded) x1
Iron frame x1 (included in starter crates or can be made on autolathe, or if you have a frame built out already, you can build this setup on that. I'm using an un-welded version for this example)

- Active vent (included in starter case - can also be made on pipe bender) x1
- Construction kit - Pipe (included in starter case, can also be made on autolathe and pipe bender), x1
- Cable to power active vent (included in toolbelt, can be made on autolathe)

Via Mining - Equal amounts of-
- Volatile Ore (your fuel)
- Oxite Ore (your oxidizer)
(I suggest mining at least 10g of each of the ores for the purposes of this guide.)

What you do
1. Assemble the Active Air Vent, Pipe, and Gas Tank Storage on an iron frame as shown in the included screenshot. Run electrical power to the top of the Active Air Vent.

2 Remove canister from the Welder or Jet pack and place in an an open hand (you can also use a new canister made on the pipe bender). Assure the canister is in the Closed state by selecting the canister with the R key and selecting Close with the F key. If the canister is open it will immediately leak out as you fill it.

3. Place the canister in the Gas Tank Storage by selecting the hand with the canister and clicking on the Gas Tank Storage.

I'm assuming you do this next part in a vacuum (not an enclosed space).

4. Stand directly to the side of the active air vent, cycle the vent power on, and cycle the direction switch to Inward (the switch will glow Red when set correctly)

5. In the daylight (will not work at night, the ores are ice and need to be melted) With the Oxite Ore and Volatile Ore in your Mining Belt, and the mining belt opened, make sure you have an empty hand ready.

6. Place the volatile ore In your empty hand. The ore will immediately begin melting and get sucked into the air vent. You should hear a hair-dryer like sound confirming this. In my testing, one volatile ore = 51.5kPa added to the tank - assuming you stand directly in front of the vent. (I recommend melting 10 ore for the purposes of this guide, but feel free to experiment if you have the time/resources.)

7. Verify that you have the first gas in the tank be removing the tank from the gas storage and checking if it is showing added kPa pressure inside (if it was showing 0 before it should have a positive number now).

8. Return the Canister to the Gas Tank Storage and Repeat step 6 with the Oxite Ore, making sure to melt the same amount of ore as the Volatile you melted previously. In testing, One Oxite ore adds 346kPa to the tank. (again, I recommend melting 10 of each ore for the purposes of this guide, but feel free to experiment if you have time/resources.) Remember, melt equal amounts of Ore for this mix, not equal added pressures.

9. Shut off the active air vent, remove the canister from the Gas Storage and place in your Jet Pack or Welder. Test the tool/pack for proper ignition (J for jetpack, O for welder). If the welder ignites or you can fly the jetpack, success!
The end
Please let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for this guide or run in to any problems.

-- Changes 12/17
- Reversed the noted direction of the air vent and added the color the switch should be when correct. Thanks to Xcinos for pointing this out error.

- Added approximate pressure yeilded per ore melted, thanks to Limmin for the idea)
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William the Bat Jan 19, 2018 @ 11:58pm 
Alternate method is to connect the output pipe of a furnace to a volume pump and from there into the canister storage. Pop in the ices, then pump the gases into the canister -without- activating the furnace. Pro tip: make sure the furnace has no heat and/or pressure before you start!
Dexter Dec 27, 2017 @ 12:03am 
yo, thanks for the guide. Also thanks for the server, i had a good time
ConvexG Dec 19, 2017 @ 11:50pm 
I filled up my welder tank with only volatiles that i captured in my air scrubber.
It seems the welder works fine for me, do you really need to oxide i wonder ?
Entenflott Dec 19, 2017 @ 8:26am 
After restarting the game, reloading the save file and standing on the left side of the vent instead on the right side it finally worked again. Maybe just a little hickup in the atmosphere manager. Anyway, thanks a lot for the guide. I am now going to test the furnace method, seems a little bit more convinient.
Moomanji  [author] Dec 19, 2017 @ 7:50am 

You make the gas tank storage on the Hydraulic Pipe Bender, which is made on the Authlathe.

@El Fusilado

I just re-checked it on the latest dev build and the method works fine for me, though the proportions of gas added seemed to have changed. Going to do some testing and update. They also updated the ore vein models this morning, not sure if this is related.

As far as I know the only difference in the tanks is the color, I believe you can put whatever inside of them.
Entenflott Dec 19, 2017 @ 1:26am 
This was working for me yesterday, but today it isn*t anymore. I can get welder fuel into the canister (the welder is working with it) but I only reach 24.0 kpa. Is this buggy or am I doing it wrong? Confuded ... Does the kind of canister matter? E.g. nitrogen, oxygen ...
Roberto156 Dec 18, 2017 @ 7:55am 
How do you happen to make a gas tank storage?
Limmin Dec 17, 2017 @ 8:34pm 
Hey, your proportions were dead on...I used your ice recipes in my furnace, connected to a pipe and a gas canister holder with a canister. Filled the tank up to about 6400 kPa with welder fuel. And welder works again!
Limmin Dec 17, 2017 @ 3:58pm 
I guess the active vent is a sort of magic are several others in this game. Got it, thanks!
Moomanji  [author] Dec 17, 2017 @ 3:30pm 
Thank you, I had that confused. I've updated to reflect the inverse and the color the switch should glow when correct.

Interesting thought. I did some testing, if you stand in the exact same place directly next to the vent (bumping in to it for my test) and melt one ore you tend to get the same results each time - 51.5 kPa per Volatile and 346 kPa per Oxite. That seems pretty constant if you're standing in the same place (for example, 10 volatile puts in 515kPa, 10 Oxite puts in 3462kPa). But, If you step away from the vent it becomes more random and difficult to measure. I'll update to reflect this.