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"The Shining" Axe
Created by Prophet
"Here's Johnny!"


This weapon was modeled for the GameBanana 2016 Halloween Skinning Contest.[gamebanana.com]

This is the iconic...
-Helms Deep- Reborn
Created by SeriouS_Samurai

Helm's Deep Reborn version 25 (Beta)

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Perks for donators: [/
AK47 - synthetic stock
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
i reedited stock to be synthetic

HyperMetal - original animations
arby26 - animation re-rigging, additional animations, flashlight
Doktor haus - compiling
Twinke Masta - model
Millenia - textures
FxDarkLoki - model tweaks, smoothing
Powerskull - "...
Alien Xenomorph Spitter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Spitter with an Alien Xenomorph Spitter from Aliens Colonial Marines
Now includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

You may encounter server consistency errors on some servers that are enforcing strict/pure consistency (to have...
Baby BOOM!!!
Created by Doktor haus
Splinks' baby replaces the oxygen tank. Has a custom collision model and gas leak sound replacement.
Basically: Shoot... *giggle*... BOOM!!! Doktor haus does not endorse baby explosion if it can be avoided. If your baby shows signs of exploding, please con...
Beavis Jockey
Created by SerSeri
You must bow down to the almighty bunghole!

Sound Pack for Jockey...
Benelli M3
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the chrome shotgun with a Benelli M3, using arby26's shotgun reanimation.

arby26 - animations
K1CHWA - material edits
Doktor haus - compiling
Twinke Masta - shell model
Geno - shell textures
Kimono - M3 model, textures, normals, s
BO2 Monkey Bomb Cymbal Sound for Pipe Bomb
Created by CyberMan1011
Replaces the ticking noise of the Pipe Bomb with the cymbal sound effect of the Monkey Bomb from the CoD Nazi Zombies gamemode. The bouncing SFX of the Pipe Bomb is also replaced with the SFX that plays when BO2 frag grenade hits a metal surface.

Goes b...
Butt-head Smoker Soundpack
Created by Unkle Runkle
This mod replaces the Smoker sounds with the lines of Butt-head, a character from the tv show 'Beavis and Butt-head.'

This was originally a mod on L4DMaps created by user 'Almetmachine.' I edited the soundpack to make some lines fit more, and edit some ...
Charger Donkey Kong
Created by LeftyGreenMario
Please support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/MarioBabyLuigi

CEDA was hard at work monitoring at stopping the spread of illnesses, but they didn't bother monitoring the zoos or the tainted cartridges of the SNES game, Donkey Kong Country. One hi...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
Coffee animations
Created by Doktor haus
Time for a coffee break... and I do mean "break". Who needs adrenaline when you can inject Rubiace Coffea straight into your veins? This has new animations, a world model, sounds and smoke particles, which you need my [url=http://steamcommunity.com/shar...
Combine Stun Baton (Nightstick)
Created by Prophet
"You, pick up that can..."

A remake of the Combine stun stick from Half-Life 2, loosely based on one of the original pieces of concept art!


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

- Replaces the Ni...
Cymbal Monkey Bomb
Created by Splinks
The Monkey is out of the bag and is ready to go out with a bang!


If you would like more of my mods not hosted on workshop
DarkMonk - Witch
Created by ৡLuciferFlashঌ
Witch Replacement:

I found this Monk model and felt like it could be a good witch ! :D
Her cloth has really low gravity so its floating always :D
Hit boxes are working perfectly as u can see in the video!
Hope you guys like it !:D...
Didgeridoo (baseball bat)
Created by Doktor haus
Right, here's a big whopping stick for all you Bruces and Sheilas out there. Only this time, she's all original. The great Prophet/Yogensia modelled and textured this Wallaby whopper from scratch, keeping the same basic model shape and Mr. Funreal's textur...
Doom Super Shotgun
Created by Splinks2
Bringing 2D to 3D

A Proof of concept, I wanted to test out to see the result. I must say Im rather pleased how it came out

If you use a custom (cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor) distance please note this mod will not look right if the number is under 55 or ov...
Godzilla vs King Ghidorah TV
Created by Tя!cky 3 ツ
18th installment in the Godzilla series, features the return of Godzilla greatest Foe!

Hl2 Pistols
Created by Xenecrite
Models and Textures:Valve
Fix Sound:CyberMan1011
Sound Remaster:Vanishal...
Hunter - Prototype
Created by ɪяɪѕ

Replaces the hunter with the totally new custom prototype hunter model.

Handsome Dan - Hunter model; Textures
luxox_18, 3dregenerator - Alex Mercer jacket model; Textures
IRIS - Port; Rig; Compile

Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
in the hall of the mountain witch
Created by birdarangs
replaces the witch music (approaching, enraged and burning) with bits of In The Hall of The Mountain King from the Peer Gynt suite by Edvard Grieg...
Informal Skyboxes
Created by Descarado
This pack (not all textures) and script of skyboxes made by me for personal use and friends. A distinctive feature of this assembly is that the skyboxes are working at low graphics settings. Full change of sky's on all L4D2 campaigns + ''No Mercy'', ''Cras...
Insurgency FAL (AK47)
Created by Nebberkadnezzar
Figured since I have the chance to hit two birds with one stone, I might as well do it.

So, here's another configuration of Insurgency's FAL, aka FN FAL, FN Fail, effin' FAL, or the Right Arm of the Free World. This is, for the most part, similar to my ...
Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 1
Created by [DCC] Dives
The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

You MUST download all 5 parts for the campaign to work.

FInd all 5 parts her...
Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 2
Created by [DCC] Dives
The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

You MUST download all 5 parts for the campaign to work.

FInd all 5 parts her...
Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 3
Created by [DCC] Dives
The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

You MUST download all 5 parts for the campaign to work.

FInd all 5 parts her...
Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 4
Created by [DCC] Dives
The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

You MUST download all 5 parts for the campaign to work.

FInd all 5 parts her...
Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 5
Created by [DCC] Dives
The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

You MUST download all 5 parts for the campaign to work.

FInd all 5 parts her...
LED Flashlight
Created by Traxellus
Thought I would try a 'normal' flashlight....
Left 4 Mario
This is Custom Campaign for L4D2.
You need Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support. From : L4Dmaps.com

No versus

  \\ _
   \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
  / / O
  / /| U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ ) ...
Legend Of Zelda Item Pickup
Created by Captain Cowboy
This is my first addon! The addon changes the sound when you pickup an item, to the famous Legend Of Zelda pickup theme! Thanks for supporting my first ever addon!...
Magnum - s&w 29 revolver (chrome)
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
S&W 29 revolver in chrome (replaces magnum/deagle)
the real deal from the real authors...accept no substitutes.
works best on higher shader settings
a list of ALL that made this possible -
arby26 - Model/UV/Rigging/Animation/Compiling/Fire Sound1...
Majora's Mask - Final Hours - Death Music
Created by EliteGoneWild
Replaces the old leftfordeath music with the Final Hours song from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask....
Metal Gear Solid Alert Horde Incoming
Created by Robo-Forte
Title pretty much tells you what this is. This will change the horde incoming sound to the Alert noise from Metal Gear Solid and also a bit of the game over sound (to make it the same length as the orignal incoming horde and also because it sounds cool)...
Michael Jackson Hunter
Created by SerSeri
Hee Hee

Sound Pack for Hunter...
Molotov - duff
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a molotov skin i made a few years ago.....based on the simpsons duff brand.
cant get enough of that sweet duff
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
Mr. Plinkett [Boomer]
Created by Molkifier
"E-mail me if you would like a pizza roll" ~Mr. Plinkett

Replaces most of the male boomer's voice lines with clips from internet sensation and alcoholic serial killer: Mr. Plinkett. Experience the terror, and the hilarity, of being stalked by a 116 year...
Created by Splinks2
All the same characteristics of your everyday zombie but in Egyptian wrapping paper!!!

Model From: Deadfall Adventures
Developers: The Farm 51
Legacy Particles Support ( muzzle effects )
Created by Urik
Important: for modders.
It has come to my attention that people often create their own muzzleflash mods and include contents of this mod in it.
I don't have any qualms about that, but for sake of conlicts, DON'T just copypaste materials and effect...
PAYDAY 2 Medic Bag
Created by Salad

Replaces the first aid kit with a medic bag from PAYDAY 2. Uses MaxG3D's animations.

FYI, it appears on the heisters' sides in the screenshots because the heisters have a custom medkit attachment poin...
Persona 4 Tank Music
Created by RaitoGaming
So yeah there's allready a tank music for this song, but it wasn't well edited for the tank fight as i'm a persona fan, so here's a better edit fit pretty well with tank appearance and fight :)

p.s : if there's any problem with this sound mod let me know ...
Pizza Party
Created by Ellie
I don't remember how long ago I did that mod, must have been ages, I don't think I had already found out about the RNG when I created that...

This mod is Pizza Party, a collaboration with Jules that actually ended up doing nothing. It replaces th...
Plunger (Nightstick)
Created by Prophet
"Gonna smack the shit out of something with this..."


Inspired by an item in Fallout 4 I bring you the latest innovation in infection fighting weaponry.

Random Drinks (RNG)
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the pain pills with 25 randomly-selected beverages. Take a break from the zombie apocalypse with the cool, refreshing taste of... a lot of random stuff.

So I finally figured out the new Random Number Generator system that's been all the rage la...
Red Potion
Created by Lt. Rocky
More Zelda stuff! This time its a red potion for y'all to drink. Replaces the pain pills on MaxTheUniqueGamer's HD Pill animation. A natural fit for NickNak's Zelda campaigns.

Features jiggle bones and custom sound.

ren128 - Model & Textures; Or...
SidePanel for NeunGUI
Created by Zeon
Survivor panel for NeunGUI.
Inspired by Clear Hud....
Sog Fasthawk (Machete)
Created by Prophet
A SOG Fasthawk hatchet/tomahawk.

This mod Replaces the Machete from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No new sounds or scripts. No hud because it would conflict with other mods.

3D realtime preview available here[p3d.in]...
Star Wars Green Lightsaber [Katana]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Green blades were usually wielded by Jedi Consulars. Consulars sought to bring balance to the universe. They focused less on physical combat ...
Stay Puft (Tank)
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the tank with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Peter Venkman: What did you do, Ray?!
Winston Zeddemore: Oh, s%^#!
[They all see a giant cubic white head topped with a sailor hat]
Ray Stantz: It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man....
Team Health Counter
Created by Rayman1103
This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health....
Zelda Ocarina of Time Escape theme
Created by BushLux
Remplaces the Finale starting and the escape theme for two themes:

Finale: Pulling out the sword of time from the stone
Escape: Escaping from Ganon's castle
Xmas & New Year menu music
Created by Urik
Replaces menu music.
Also available as non-workshop version at l4dmaps[www.l4dmaps.com]
Check out game menu and [url=http://www.mediafire.c...
Winchester M1912
Created by Jimmakos
Guess whos back,back again? (surely not Eminem) on the latest,wait not the latest, the super latest
project for the wooden pump shotgun with a winchester m1912 as a replacement.
Features new model,textures,shaders,firing and reloading sounds.

Detailed cr...
Titanfall R-101C Carbine
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, i have other better things to do but, when i saw Titanfall and play it as well, it was a good game, good that it w...
Titanfall C.A.R. SMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, here i bring you the C.A.R. SMG, this weapon will replace the Silenced SMG but it also has a particle so its not a...
The Ultimate Johnny Bravo Tank
Created by Lt. Rocky
That's right, I said Ultimate.

Johnny Bravo had long become frustrated at the lack of commitment from the Left 4 Dead 2 community. Since the early days of the first game had he graced the co...
The Doom Squad
Created by Splinks
Time to put away the WarHammer games kiddies and say hello to the true Space Marines.

DoomGuy: Coach
Phobos: Nick
Red: Ellis
Blue: Rochelle

Models are from Quake 3....
The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (For Coach)
Created by Lt. Rocky
The start of a more-or-less complete voice overhaul for Coach into that of the one and only King. I fell in love with Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import and felt the need to complete the look. As of the current version, this mod uses 800 sound clips of Duk...
The Original L4D Survivors
Created by Splinks2
After many years of being lost in the Archives and serval thinking they truely were gone forever. The crew have once again shown that nobody on this team shall ever be Left 4 Dead.

They're Finally Here People!!!

Special Thanks:
The ...