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DS Jetty & Bridge
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DS Jetty & Bridge

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v2.1 - 20 April 2018

Build modular jetties & bridges in your town. Also includes jetty homes, storage, services, and production buildings.

Current release: v2.1 20042018
Compiled with and requires the latest version of Banished (1.0.7 Build 170910)

Contains files that alter the vanilla Banished: Citizen, Storage Barn, Yard and Cart, Market, Trading Post and Town Hall, adding new resource limit flags.
Also alters the following Dialog (UI) files: CreateBar, ToolTip, ToolTipToolBar, ToolTipUpgrade.
these changes allow:
- Vanilla buildings and citizens to utilize and accept the new storage/limit flags.
- Alters toolbar & upgrade tooltips to display extra construction materials.
- Alters all toolbar hover-over toolbar tips to show a full size icon instead of a 16x16px icon. this was done to display alternate toolbar icons correctly (i.e: 16x32px, 22x32) without having them distorted.

New in v2.1:
- extended the walkway of Jetty Farmers Merchant to edge of building footprint.
- added Deco Jetty Fence Rails - ghosted deco fence, toolbar location= DS - Fences, Walls & Decorative - Wooden Fences
- added Deco Jetty pieces - 1x1, cnr, lower stairs and lower pieces + poles & benches. all ghosted, deco walkway pieces offer no travel to citizens, toolbar location= DS - Fences, Walls & Decorative - Jetty Decorations
- added Fertilizer, a material resource (Custom4), thanks & credit to RedKetchup
- added Jetty Glass House, grow veggies on the jetty. requires 2 of the vegetables you want to grow + 1 Fertilizer + 1 Water = 20-28 veggies.
- the Jetty Mushroom Farm now requires 2 Mushrooms + 1 Fertilizer.
- the Jetty Chicken Coop now generates Fertilizer along with the Eggs & Chicken.

Jetty Construction:
New in v2 is the introduction of advanced building materials: Lumber, Iron Fittings, Glass (& Sand), Wagon Parts and Fishing Gear.
4 land, or land/water based buildings supply a large proportion of these resources.
With these added resources comes an increase in construction costs for all jetty pieces.

Though difficult, it is possible to start a Hard game and only build jetty buildings (to a certain extent).
You will need to micro-manage the town for the first few months/years.
Start by clear felling an area to collect some Logs, Stone & Iron (if playing with a mod that adds Iron Ore, it is possible, though this makes a harder game again).
After making a stockpile, you must build the Jetty Construction: Lumber Yard, also at the same time start building the Jetty Construction: Forge.
Once the Lumber Yard is built change the production to firewood, it is slower than a firewood splitter, but for now it is all you have.
With the forge built you can start making Iron Fittings with Iron & Firewood (or the forge can turn Iron Ore into Iron, or Iron Ore straight into Iron Fittings),
you might want to build a vanilla Hunter or Gatherers Hut to collect some food.
With enough firewood produced to make a few Iron Fittings, change the Lumber Yard to produce Lumber.
With Logs + Lumber + Iron Fittings you can build a jetty house, don't build anymore than 1 at this stage, and build the first close to or on the shore so the front door is accessible.
Get building a Jetty Firewood Splitter to produce more firewood. Keep up the Logs as you'll be supplying it for firewood, lumber and construction use.
To start producing the Fishing Gear needed to fish from the jetties you'll need to build the Jetty Workshop, this will also produce Wagon Parts,
needed for constructing Markets, Merchants & Drawbridges. The workshop will also produce Iron Tools & Iron Fittings.
Though not necessary in early game, Glass is needed for some more comfortable housing, the Jetty Construction: Sand Mine is built on a shoreline and will extract sand.
The sand is used in the Jetty Construction: Glass-maker, a building also requiring a shoreline placement.
Once you can build, staff and supply these production buildings, you can start constructing other buildings and walkways to join them up.

What the mod contains:

2 Texture styles for all Jetty and Jetty Bridge pieces, which includes:
- Jetty Walkway pieces: many variants including different levels (and stairs), lengths and angles and some with built in storage.
- Jetty Bridges: Arches, modular Drawbridges and wooden truss bridges, angled truss bridge variants.
- Village Bridge, normal Bridge construction variants for the Drawbridge and the Truss bridge.
- Jetty Storage pieces: 1x1 & 2x2 crates/boxes/barrels, 2x2 log storage, 2x2 firewood storage, small storage sheds, large barns.
- Jetty Housing: 2,3,4, 5 & 6 Occupant Homes.
- Jetty Fishing spots, expanded, more variants and options.
- Jetty Mollusc Farm, 1-2 Fisherman farm and harvest molluscs.
- Jetty Fish Drying, 1-2 Workers will dry Fish - Dried Fish (RawMaterialNMStockFish) or Mollusc - Dried Mollusc (RawMaterialDriedMollusc)
- Jetty Mushroom Farm, grow mushrooms on the jetty.
- Jetty Glass House, grow vegetables (beans, cabbage, pepper, potato, pumpkin, squash) on the jetty.
- Jetty Chicken Coop, produces chicken meat, eggs & fertilizer.
- Jetty Water Store, collect water, edible, used in kitchen.
- Jetty Kitchen Kiosk, cook a variety of edible meals.
- Jetty Drift Wood Collector, 2 min Workers required, will generate logs and firewood for 5 years.
- Jetty Drift Wood Searcher -- similar to the collector, 2 min Workers required, will either generate logs or firewood (you select).
- Jetty Firewood Splitter.
- Jetty Tailor, produces clothing.
- Jetty Workshop, produces Iron Tools, Fishing Gear, Iron Fittings, Wagon Parts.
- Jetty Well for fire-fighting.
- Jetty School.
- Jetty Chapel.
- Jetty Hospital.
- Jetty Food Market.
- Jetty Market
- Jetty Merchant's Office, a building to display town hall info in a narrow vertical format.
- Jetty Merchants (Farmer's, General & Food merchants, now accept all new flags)

Jetty Construction Yard buildings:
- Jetty Construction: Lumber Yard
- Jetty Construction: Forge
- Jetty Construction: Sand Mine
- Jetty Construction: Glass-maker

'Ghost' decorations (delete via UI):
- Small Boat (added v1), variants in style (covered/not covered) and 3 rotation variants.
- Small Rowboat (added v1), 3 rotation variants.
- Small Boat (added v2), small boat with external oars, 3 rotation variants.
- Small Canoe (added v2), 3 rotation variants.

Thanks to everyone who ever offered suggestions and ideas, tests and critiques.
and special thanks to kid1293, RedKetchup, kralyerg, Tom Sawyer, elemental, Bartender, Necora, embx61, Paeng who have offered invaluable information, code and banished 'know-how'.
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PibbZ™ Jun 22 @ 2:16pm 
This is so good! However, I'd like to request one more ghost piece for the dock: Ghost Dock Stairs (between dock and low dock pieces). That 's the only missing puzzle piece for me :)
GrandMasterPoki Jun 13 @ 5:25pm 
Cant smash the like button enough. I love this mod.
CRPoV May 12 @ 10:24am 
Is there any conflict between your mods & colonial charter? Like, if I play with them both on will I end up with 2 types of lumber, for example?
Lindale GameFront May 5 @ 2:30am 
So, I can build Riften!
Queen Qamar Apr 20 @ 8:02am 
how to download it ?
captainradish Apr 19 @ 9:49pm 
Fishing gear is made with one of the various DS workshops. There's one in this package, there also is a few in the DS Small Village stuff.

It doesn't conflict really with CC. That being said, CC has its own (much smaller) version of this that uses wood pretty much exclusively. I think CC changes iron to iron ore, but the furnace that is included here allows for production with iron or iron ore.
ReeTheDestroyer Apr 18 @ 10:50am 
How do you get fishing gear?
Fishkeeper01 Apr 6 @ 7:35pm 
I'm curious, is this compatible with Medieval Town and/or Colonial Charter? Says they conflict but do they really?
Chatian Apr 6 @ 2:59pm 
any way to have this work with medeival town?
My "Jetty Construction: Forge" doesnt works. I ve iron and logs... but the Forge doesnt work. It says "you have not enough ressources" but there are there... !