The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim: Post Fallout 4 Survival
By Fellgamer
This guide will tell you how to survive in the Arctic Tundra Wastelands of Skyrim, about 10,000 years after the events of the Bethesda best-seller game Fallout 4. DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS UNLESS IT IS A NICE COMMENT (A.K.A. Good job. Or: (insert ideas for guide here)) AS FOR THOSE WHO THINK SKYRIM AND FALLOUT AREN'T IN THE SAME UNIVERSE: THIS GUIDE USES IDEAS FROM A THEORY ABOUT THE GAME THAT OVER A FEW THOUSAND YEARS TECHNOLOGY WAS LOST AFTER FALLOUT 4 SO PLEASE DON'T BE RUDE. Thankyou.
Skyrim is a game that comes a few years after the game Fallout 4. Okay. A very long time after. But that's beside the point. Anyways through lots of game-play, I have semi-divised a bit of a history/storyline for Skyrim. Skyrim starts circa 2132, which is when the Fallout series starts. After a few hundred years America is reduced to a frozen wasteland called Skyrim. Acording to theory the following races you are able to choose from (excluding Humans) are supposedly mutated humans: Kajiit, Argonians, Orcs, and all of the Elves. For those of you who've never played this game before, A Kajiit is a cat-like humanoid, an Argonian is the lizard form of that, Elves are..well...basically the Elves from The Lord Of The Rings exccept they're a bit more racist, rude, and violent. And then the Orcs, they look like elves from a distance, but upon closer inspection they have big teeth that stick out of their mouths and usually have beards, their society is complicated and they are usually seen as these unstoppable warriors (like mutated Spartan-2s for you you Halo fas out there). Anyways, that concludes the history lecture.
Controls, A Real Explanation Of Default Controls
Now, while this part was technically not an important part of the guide, I decided to add it because the game doesn't fully explain the controls at all or ever.

Movement: The default form for moving your charecter around are the WASD controls. W moves you forward. A moves you to the left. D moves you to the right. And finally, S moves you backward.

Fighting: The default form for fighting is as follows. Left clicking is the only way to hit/shoot/kill and right clicking is the only way to block. You can hit people whil blocking, but it will do extremely reduced damage.

Screen Modes: The default button for entering third person is F, but, if you don't like the proximity to your charecter, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Crouching And Walking: If you wish to crouch (I dunno WHY you'd wanna crouch, unless you're the assaasin/robber type or an archer) you can always press the button labeled "ctrl" but this is ONLY the default. As for walking, the default button for this is the button labeled "alt" but as for there is no such thing as a "toggle walking" control, you must hold it down.

Inventory/Magic/skills/menu: All of these can be accesed by press the "tab" button, but if you require a faster way to do this, there are default buttons. I will open the inventory for you(automatically). P will open you magic inventory. The / button will open your skills and leveling screen. And finally, the escape button will open up the menu screen.

Commands: If you have mods that require commanding in, or if you wish to be invincible or something, you can always press the ~ / ` button and type in the proper commands.
Top Height: UNKNOWN

Longest Length: UNKNOWN

Lifespan: They live forever

Wingspan: UNKNOWN


Oldest Known Specimen: Paarthurnax

Language: Dragon

Name In Dragon: Dov (doe-v) / Dovah (doe-vuh)

Types: Skeletal, Ice, Fire, Elder, Blood, Legendary (dragons such as Paarthurnax or Alduin)

Attacks: Usually fire, varies depending on species

Danger Level: Well, unless you don't care if you and all mortals are enslaved by them, or if you don't care if the world ends, VERY HIGH

Real Name: Whyvern
Now, to understand your charecter and your game, you must understand what you are in the game.

Species: Varies

Live-Span: Varies depending on speices

Origin: First existed when the Dragons enslaved all mortals

Native Language: Basic Skyrim Language

Name In Dragon: Dovahkiin (Doe-vuh-kin / Doe-vuh-keen)

Destiny: The Last Dragonborn shall arise, and slay the great Dragon Lord, Alduin Eater of Souls

Gender: Varies between male and female

I know, I know, "The closing ALREADY?!?!" well, I don't have TONS of time to make this and it is still a work in progress (WIP) so please excuse any errors, and it's lack of content. Thankyou for reading and may the odds be ever in your favor.
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