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Portable AA cannon
Created by Svdl
Years ago, around before the Heavy update, a concept for the "Portable Bofors Cannon" was spreading around

Original, by Fishbus:

Here's a weapon based on that concept.

Larger pictures:
Created by Dewzie
Nothing says dapper festive comfort like a wreath stabbing you in the neck....
The Pride
Created by Handsome Mug
based on the Bovine Blazemaker Mk.II...
War Wrapped
"War...War never changes...But certainly does become more stylish! Guns are dangerous for the person on the other end of the barrel, we get that, but have you ever wanted to make it dangerous for the person HOLDING the gun? Yeah, we have always wanted t...
Classic Camo
Created by Svdl
TFC inspired camo pants for the Demoman.

See also the the rest of the set!...
Created by Svdl
TFC inspired simple goggles for the Demoman.

See also the the rest of the set!...
Blast Blocker
Created by Svdl
TFC inspired heavy vest for the Demoman.

See also the the rest of the set!...
French Finish
Ever wanted to visit the Spy's country of origin? Well, now you dont have to because you're going to have it right in your hands while killing mercenaries! We've even added a special scent to it, which smells like fresh baguette and spy's cigarettes. Mo...
Created by Momo
It doesn’t happen often that hell freezes over but just in case, you have this comfy hat to keep you warm.

Model and texture: Momo The Momoderator
Jigglebones: Petachepas
Concept art: Overlord Lettuce
Promotional material: DJB2401

Burning Beanie
Created by ToxicWeasel
Totally warms the top of any gas mask

team colours...
Moon Made
Every time when you look up into the stars, what are you thinking about? About a possible other intelligent species out there? Or how many galaxies are existing in the universe? Or maybe even about poopy joe and what he could have done.

Who am I kidd
Spectator's Hat
Even Heavy Is Afraid.Big thanks Bill Tracks for idea. I think you like this)...
The Whine-Stopper
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A gift from Scout's Mom to the Spy. A stylish heart-shaped wine stopper in remembrance of those afternoons they spent together in France with a bottle of expensive wine.

Smissmas 2012 Submission!

* 2 LODs
* Intended as a reskin of an existing knife ...
Smissmas Express
Created by Populus
It's the magical floating holiday express train....
Crown of Smissmas
Created by perrryz
Will melt in the summer....
Smissmas Cap
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Warm and comfortable Smissmas Cap.

* All-Class
* Paintable...
The Smissmas Sprig
Created by Sinful Creature
It's the thought that counts.

Comes with built-in, top-of-the-line, and totally not Chinese-produced jigglebones, for your ultimate jiggling desires!

LOD0: 1396 Tris
LOD1: 995 Tris
LOD2: 699 Tris

Sinful Creature: Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, S...
Smissmas Essentials v2
Created by LVG
Changed a few items and remade a few as well as redoing the textures.

Blue and Red team skins

- 3 LODs...
Taunt: Smissmas Ride
Created by ZOAG
Fueled by the Smissmas spirit of every murderous psychopath in the world, both naughty and... VERY naughty.

Originally, this was supposed to be an all-class taunt, but we ran out of time and had to make it for Pyro only. We thought it would fit Pyro the...
Smissmas Carols (Taunt)
Created by MediExcalibur2012
You! Come, sing with me! And I'll shall sing the joys of Smissmas with you! Otherwise, I WILL CRUSH YOU...with the Smissmas Spirit!

NOTE: The Heavy was meant to be holding a book with his left hand; only for me to find out that you couldn't use it with ...
The Acrobatic Arsonist
Created by The Winglet
Show off in front of your recently deceased enemies, to prove that you are not only violent and bloodthirsty, but also elegant and graceful.

If you'd like to see this taunt in the game, please consider voting it up....
Booty Warrior Taunt- Scout
Created by Snows
Introducing a new all-class taunt series: The Booty Warrior! Laugh at your foes as they die of embarrassment and lethal bruising!

"'Eyy take a look at this!"...
Heavy Ballerina Guy
Created by Daesdemona
"Fat dont mean he aint light on his feet"

Taunt animation and sfm video made by me
Edit on the sfm promo picture, backpack icon and avatar by jute-moth!

they say sfm would export the vcd file automatically but i couldn't find it anywhere, so i hope ...
Taunt: One Step A-Head
Created by The Weakest Link
Get it?! A-HEAD! Cause all you see is a head! Ahahaha!

My first shot at a taunt...
Heck, even my first shot at any sort of SFM animation. ^_^"
Hopefully you like it!

[Update #1]: Changed the backpack icon, workshop icon, and smoothed out the animation a ...
Brooding Vigilance
Created by While E.
Whether you're a hired gun or a predator of the night (who may also be a millionaire) you must always remain vigilant! Use this this taunt to keep an eye out for any bad guys, then keep taunting to intimidate them into seeing the error of their ways!

Soccer Showoff
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Soccer Taunt for Scout.

NOTE: the taunt uses the already in-game soccer ball prop that spawns when the "Ball-Kicking Boots" item is equipped. It's scaled to 70% because it was a bit big for the taunt.

The Soviet Seduction
Created by The Winglet
If the video doesn't work, click here

"Kiss me" -Heavy Weapons Guy

Are you disappointed at the lack of new heavy taunts?
Are you distraught at your inability to seduce o...
The Ammo Rezerv
Created by ZOAG
For when you run out of Boolets.

Uncle Dane - Original Idea, Promotion
ZOAG - Project Lead, Initial Model, LODs, Uploader, Promo Posters
Dio Joestar - Model Adjustments
Mr. 3nygma - Rigging, Animations
Folkye - UV Unwrap, Texture Adjustmen...
Taunt: Power Press
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Heavy will lift tiny coward weight!..Da!'...
Taunt: Drunk
Created by Yawning Machine
Drink all you want, lad. If you know demoman well enough, he has one thing to do in his spare time (except he can no longer judge when spare time is.)
Also remember, demoman has ONE golden rule that is he can never have too much beer.

Let the drinking be...
The Heavy Thinker
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Da, this will work! *sniff* Maybe'

Everyone WAIT!... Heavy is thinking!
..... We could be here for some time ....

Loopable 'thinking' part of the animation

Concept/Prop/backpack icon: Robot Agent
Promo Video: Daesdemona
Animation: ToxicW...
Taunt: The Battler's Brass
Doe is done.

Animation and model: SedimentarySocks
Sound: Pumodi...
Wallace Warcry
Created by AyesDyef
Stand for glory and muster all your (liquid) courage!...
Halloween Taunt: The Dreadshot
Created by Mort Stroodle
Why bother shooting your enemies in the head with an arrow when you can just stab yourself with an arrow to scare your enemies to death?

Includes Pain-ability!*
Includes Hell-ODs!*
Includes Scream Colors!*

*Does not actually include any of these...
Roulette Russe
Created by Systematic
Just because you're French doesn't mean you can't play a little Russian roulette. Proven to increase your mannliness by 600%! Recommended by 5 out of 6 people!

Warning: May cause death....
Taunt: Twist and Spout
Created by ♥~Krunkidile~♥

An exorcist-inspired, possession taunt for Halloween! Let a spawn of Satan into your brainspace, and share the gift that keeps on giving: vomit.

And you can kill people with it! why wouldn't demon vomit set bushmen on fir...
The Guac and Roll
Created by Dolphin
Have you ever wanted to wear an Avocado as a hat? Well now you can! Put an oversized fruit on your head and show everyone who the Superfood King is.
-Has 1 Lod
-Paintable (finally)...
Unusual effect consisting of an orb of blood comming out of your hat, surrounded by sacrificial knives spinning around it.

The knive are made by Py-Bun.
Link to Py-Bun's item :

Note : the k...
The Tou-Cap
Created by _Emblem_
Just something i made to be considered for the upcoming Jungle update whenever it comes out.

This is one of my first items since i am trying too get good at making cosmetics items. But hopefully i will get better in the future.

For those wondering wh...
Unusual Taunt Effect: Swell Sea
Created by osmosis jones
Unusual taunt effect. It's not visible due to the semi-poor quality of the Youtube video, but fish periodically spawn and swim around. I apologize for the awful camerawork in the video as well.

All non-stock TF2 assets were created by hand....
Yellow-Banded War Paint
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless pattern inspired by Yellow-Banded Frog!
Not all skins were showcased.
Thanks for watching!:-)...
Rogue's Rapier
Created by Freyja
Any good spy knows that it's important to look stylish while killing someone.

With this fine dagger modelled after a Rapier, you'll be the talk of the town, or lack thereof, considering you will have stabbed this stylish weapon into their backs already....
The Speed Sweeper
Created by XylemTube
Becuase the default pistol was too slow....

Download here:

And here:
Desert Rose
Created by Gadget
Desert Rose

o Engineer secondary weapon
o 3 LODs
o Styles without the engravings included

Concept by Juodvarnis

Feel free to suggest other names and discuss about weapon stats.

Mod download:
Bushman's Blowgun
Created by RetroMike
Blow away the competition with this rustic weapon. Just don't forget to put it to your mouth before trying to fire.

-Custom sounds
The Ultimatum
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Sometimes people just don't get it. Their buildin’ has to come down and there's nothin' they can do about it. For those times you take this paint-grenade firin' beauty and coat your targets in thick yellow paint. Now everybody knows that this buildin' is ...
Necrotic Nailgun
Suitable for dealing with repairs, DIY projects and home intruders.

The Brawny Homebrew
Created by Ducksink
Branded Erimpav's Questionable wine

Part of "Count Tavish" pack which includes:

-Demons Fro
-The Ghoulic Exstensions
-The Soft Blow
-The Brawny Ho...
Venatus - War Paint / Weapon Skin
Created by connn3
Randomized - Seamless Pattern
Not All skins were showcased!!
Thanks for watching!:-)...
The Big Sister's Sting
Created by boomsta
Pokey pokey, the medic's gonna steal your Adam. Mostly just made solely as a mod, which can be obtained here:

Model by me
Texture by Sparkwire...
Created by Vladisvlach
A revolver based around the S&W model 10(the one that after WW2 ended was converted into the victory model)

-the ejector rod is actually attached to the cylinder.
-has bullets and a speed loader, unlike most revolvers(ambassador, big kill, d...
Imperial Dragon - Flamethrower
Created by lmtlss.
The Imperial Dragon Collection, produced by Luke Millanta, is a collection of Team Fortress 2 game items designed specifically for the Pyro class. The collection has taken elements from Imperial China, the Japanese Samurai, and the modern day, to create a ...
Poison Dart War Paint
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless pattern inspired by Poison Dart Frog (The La Gruta Morph/Oophaga pumilio)
Follow my Workshop.
Thanks for Watching! :-)

Thanks to /u/RetroThePyroMain for great feedback!:)...
Two Hand Cannon V2
Created by XylemTube
or here:

"I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest scattergun. If on your journey you should encounter Saxton Hale, he will be cut"


Credit go...
Golden Skulls - War Paint/Weapon Skin
Created by connn3
Randomized,Seamless Pattern
Thanks for Watching! :-)...
The Sore Loser
Created by AltitudeCow
This is a remodel of the Tribalman's Shiv.

Description: When Australians lose, cricket games can get messy....
The Boston Soup Cooker.
Created by Aggrit
You'll be cooking more than soup in this pot. Be sure to clean it out though, skull fragments aren't delicious, nor edible....
The Blizzard Wrap
Created by _Emblem_
Just a winter scarf for the Medic, i actually started making this last year but never fully submitted the item since december was already pretty much over by then. But hopefully it looks better now since i'm learning more about modeling and redid a lot of ...
Chinese Handmade hat.
Created by BlackSpirit96
It is my first work :D
Made by Black_Spirit
Made not in china xD...
[Unusual] Center of Attention
Created by FissionMetroid101
When your hat doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" enough!

FissionMetroid101 - Particle editing
Greg - Concept art
Dr.Squidbot - Renders...
[UTaunt] The Dark Void
Created by FissionMetroid101
Wanna go Hell pit and chill?

FissionMetroid101 - Particle editing, Renders
Dr.Squidbot - Awful pun as seen above...
[Unusual] Sentient Cloud
Created by FissionMetroid101
Aaaaaaa I'm covered in eyes and THEY WON'T STOP STARING

FissionMetroid101 - Particle editing
Greg - Concept art
Dr.Squidbot - Renders...
The Barber's Lament
Created by Corvalho
"Hair fit for the most psychologically disturbed of Barbers"

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[url={LINK REMOVED}...
The Living Hat
Created by donhonk
Would you believe me if I told you every top hat was ALIVE? No? Here is proof, the kind of proof you can wear on the top of your head dummy!

All Class!
Jigglebones! [Shown in Video]
The Fleet Street Fleece
Created by Corvalho
"One must dress for the job he wants. (or in this case, the job he's forced to do out of blood thirst and a desire for revenge)."


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[UTaunt] Puppet Master
Created by FissionMetroid101
With movements that ridiculous, someone else must be pulling the strings.

FissionMetroid101 - Particle Editing
Jimm Dallas - Concept
Dr.Squidbot - Renders...
[UTaunt] Swarmed in Spiders
Created by FissionMetroid101

FissionMetroid101 - Particle Editing
Dr.Squidbot - Concept, Renders...
[Unusual] Covered In Spiders
Created by FissionMetroid101

FissionMetroid101 - Particle Editing
Dr.Squidbot - Concept, Renders...
[Unusual] HellFire!
Created by FissionMetroid101
When scorching or searing flames isn't intense enough!

FissionMetroid101 - Particle Editing
Iiboharz - Renders
Stachekip - Explosion sprite restoration...
Le Synthétique
Created by void~
To a synthetic organism, the Three Laws of Robotics are really more of a set of loose guidelines....
Children of The Black Stars
Created by Sky
Strange is the night where black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies, but stranger still is lost Carcosa...

Paintable, all class....
Astral Accoutrement
Created by donhonk
Made for high mountains, low valleys, and wide rivers.
Mother Russia
Created by E-Arkham
Hell hath no fury like a man dressed as an old Russian woman scorned.

Collaboration with Void....
Created by Sky
Shiny old helmet. Good for flying. Or jumping if you can't really fly.

Paintable visor....
The Clairvoyant Covers
Perfect for keeping you warm while you freeze people.

Cosmic Keepsake
Created by donhonk
Dance-off, bro.
Beholder Buddy
Created by RetroMike
What it sees, Lo Pan knows!

•All Class!
•Eye glows in the dark!...
Psycho Shackles
Created by Sky
Hatchet… Check!
Scalpel… Check!
Rusty steel syringe… CHECK!

Shackles, collar and bare feet....
The Terror-Vision
Created by Hideous
Let me... Entertain you. NEW and IMPROVED for 2015!

-Spooky TV-like qualities!
-Scary Talk Shows!
-Frightening Commercial Breaks!...
Fierce Daimyo
Created by Psyke
always take great care / when dealing with sharp corners / on fancy new hat

MARK 08 - War Paint/Weapon Skin
Created by connn3
Randomized Seamless Pattern
Click on pictures for better quality!!
Thanks for watching.

Comes in Blue & Red...
Warrior's Wear
Created by Psyke
when wearing armor / always question fashion sense / above all others

Sheeple Eater
Created by void~
Jet fuel can't melt the moon landing footage from the grassy knoll with the candlestick in the library. Checkmate.

Model and sculpt by Primrose, flexes by Donhonk, texture and concept art by Void....
Skulls - War Paint/Weapon Skins
Created by connn3
Randomized, Seamless Pattern
With custom Alpha Channel and Rare Drop.
Not all weapons were showcased!
Thanks for Watching! :-)...
Senior's Snarl (V2)
Created by Rain↯
**Texture Updated**...
Deadly Death Cultist
Created by Svdl
Hey everyone! Let's perform blood sacrifices and bring about the end of the world!

Pointy hood with a paintable mask.
Restless Ronin
Created by Psyke
turn the tide of war / with this ancient shogun mask / found in prop storage...
The Skin You're In
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Crawling in someone else's skin? Their wounds, they will not heal.

Mod download:
Smoker's Safeguard
Created by Vap
Instead of fighting AGAINST fire, why not fight WITH fire!

Concept: Square
Model/Texture/Promos: Vap...
The Fire Fighter
Created by Vap
Instead of fighting AGAINST fire, why not fight WITH fire!

Concept: Square
Model/Texture/Promos: Vap...
Sleeper Agent
Created by Folkye
It's time for Christmas hats!
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Scatterbrain Mundy" set.

Comes with Custom Animations !!

Mod Coming soon !...
The Backbiter
Created by Wowza
A stylish knife for the Spy.

Created for Facepunch's Arms Race competition.

SFM promo by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Skin download:

The Hawthorn Harbinger
Created by AGStanley
For when you've 'Lost Dracula' for the last time.


The Meteor Shower
Created by Sparkwire
When asked to build a gun that would work in a zero-oxygen environment, the number one Soviet gun designer asked "Why?" After his body was removed, the number two Soviet gun designer came up with this....
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"We were sent to hell, but went down even deeper. Emerging from the flames we've unchained hell itself. A demon with a thirst for revenge."

The Cold Front
Created by Populus

The Cold Front - Sniper rifle based on a Dragunov.

Lods included.

Don't forget to comment, vote, favorite and post your stat ideas! :)

The Outback Outlaw
Created by Tuna Melt
Resubmission of an old weapon design, now formatted to comply with Valve's submission guidelines.


- Liquid changed to Jarate
- Added 2 LOD models
- Minor proportional adjustments

Check the discussion thread for download link and installa...
The Drunkard's Wrath
Created by FiveEyes
"These 100mm explosive rounds will make short work of any outlaws, go get 'em bounty hunter..."

- Revolver themed grenade launcher

- Custom Projectiles

- 3 LODS

Model: FiveEyes
The Highlander's Ka-Boom Stick
Created by InfectedPotato
Dynamite launcher for the Demoman.
Has a neat custom dynamite projectile.


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Texture/SFM assets: SedimentarySocks
Model: InfectedPotato

Special thanks to Karma Charger for creating the demonstration video!

Try to h...
The Rusty Chap
Created by Ernest
A revolver for engineer

Ernest: Phong,Models,Textures,Lods,Compiling

Compiling,Sfm promos,Additional help

Thanks to Milk O'War for the name

follow me...
The Great Peace Preserver
Created by boomsta
Storm the front with this advanced piece of weaponry. Well it was advanced at some point.

Concept refining by Blaholtzen
The Secret Service
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The Magnetic Horseshoe
Created by Rotzlöffel
Updated Version, now with new textures and more power!!!!

- 3 LOD
- team colors...
The Energy Sentry (All Levels)
Created by juiceböx
Upgrade your energy sentry! Full replacement for Sentry levels 1-3. Also includes a mini sentry. Be sure to check out the rest of the set by clicking on the collection link above!

Please note that the wires have a red and a blu color variant that is not...
The Calamitous Carbine
Uses a heavily modified version of the Sten animations that were added into the game a while ago and removed.

Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
Smissmas Snow Shovel
Created by AnyMinuteNow
Not too many people seem to be making weapons this Smissmas, so here's one for the Pyro.
Now you can warm up your friends with the flamethrower, and finish 'em off with the brand-new Smissmas Snow Shovel....
"Nice" Skin Collection: Smissmas Cheers
Created by Disco God
Now that the weather outside is so frightful, why not grab yourself a weapon that is so delightful? Guaranteed to not only warm your heart and hand, but to SPRAY Smissmas Cheers around the land.

Comes in two flavors! Part of the "Nice" Skins Collection.
The Smissmas Army Knife
Created by Marty
Who is the Smissmas Army? Why does Smissmas even need an army?

Who cares! You found this fancy little knife in the bottom of your Smissmas stocking in February, and it's time to put it to use!...
The Spooky Root
Created by MonkeyBug
With a quick slight of hand this spooky root will send fear down your spine. A stolen relic from Merasmus can only mean he intends on coming for it.

Shark smile
+ Under water, the shield is charged to ...% faster (also bonus works under jarate and madmilk)
+ ...% resistance to melee damage
+ ...% resistance to bullet damage
+ Bleeding (duration of bleeding depends on the distance of collision)
- Can only u...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
Heart Beater [without particles]
Created by NeoDement
Halloween themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones and custom fleshy sound effects.
All the sound effects are 100% original audio.

Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Killicons and promotional media by NeoDement
Initial Item Concept, Sou...
Hypodermic Injector
Created by Zoey
Hold still, this will only sting for a moment.

Vote on the rest of the set![url=
First catch
1 First catch of The Whaleman
2 Half of the Sawfish

-50% dmg
+30% attack rate when in water
+70% speed of movement when in water
+On hit, causes bleed for 5 seconds
+ restores 3 health points when in water...
Created by DatGmann
2 LoDs

Sometimes the dead just don't stay dead

Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
Created by Ducksink
Have you ever looked at your hands and felt a void? there was something missing in peculiar, yet not so defined.
it was probably SHARK HANDS!!!@#@!!@


The Blitzstorm
Created by Jukebox
50,000 unstoppable watts.

-Includes backpack
-Custom particles
-Custom sounds

Thanks to Karma Charger for the demon...
Created by Arsonist
Made from real dragon!

(Disclaimer: Not made from real dragon)

Note: I've had a lot of comments about getting this thing gold star certified. Weapons can not be certified, the import/certification tool only works on misc items and hats....
The Bloody Huge Knife
Created by elias
Sure, a gigantic blade roughly the same height as yourself might be a bit on the heavy side to use. But it sure does sound ominous when you scrape it along the floor! And that's what counts....
The Kitchen Cutter
Created by Gadget
The Kitchen Cutter

o Spy Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

It's a kitchen knife, a reference to the movie Psycho.


Mod Download: Link is currently down. I'll try to get a new one up soon....
Big Bones
Created by Arsonist
Your regular miniguns just not intimidating enough? Use the Big Bones.

LODs are in development, and lightwarps are being tweaked , but the rest of this works perfect.

Jigglebones included for extra jiggly goodness.

Note: I've had a lot of comments...
Spectral Sword
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
Every full moon, the Demoman succumbs to a terrible curse. Ghostly armor projects onto him, telling him to take up their cursed blade and use it to kill humans in battle. Fortunately for Demoman, that's basically his job.

This ghostly blade has all the ...
Coffin Dodger
Created by Sparkwire
This cane can support a man up to 250 pounds and can knock out someone twice that....
The Circuit Breaker
Created by Jukebox
You might feel a slight sting.

Medic melee weapon

-Custom sounds
-Animated lightning

Thanks to Karma Charger f...
Murderer's Machete
Created by Brainsample
Perfect for dispatching ones foes, or a pack of teenagers.

Part of The Boston Butcher set....
The Slasher
Created by Gadget
The Slasher

o Sniper/Scout/Soldier/Demoman Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

It's a reference to your most famous horror movie series. Feel free to suggest a better name.

Check out the other items from the collection... http://steamc...
The Workshop Fan
Created by MonkeyBug
Dedicated to the workshop supporters and thumbs up commenter and to the contributors horrified by the ASCII thumbs up comments.

The user "Metal Engie" commented last before october 14th 05:00:00 PM (PDT) and for his last minute determination I made a cu...
Moon Bar
Created by SMaestros
The Heavy's new favorite chocolatey treat that provides all the fuel he needs....
Heart Beater [with particles]
Created by NeoDement
New version of the Heart Beater (previously known as Heart Breaker). Resubmission was necessary as a new author had been added, who made the particles.

Valentines Day themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones, custom fleshy sound effec...
The Snow Buddy
Created by Skyplayer
Do you ever feel alone on the battlefield, but have grown tired of the usual low-poly characters to adorn your hemmings? Bummed that the adorable kittens or seal are too expensive for your gibus-tastes? Need an alternative pocket pal?
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
Created by Constructor
When a handgun just won't do the trick, an armgun is what you need. (Firing this beaut for twelve seconds costs an arm and a leg.)

Barrel spins, bandolier has jigglebones.

The Freeman's Friend
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
The Gamin Texan
Created by Jal
Play games while you build your sentry!
2 LOD's
Rate the collection!
The Twin(s)
Created by Dewzie
Say hello to The Twins, boys. Look with your eyes not your hands. Hey... I'm up here......
Created by Constructor
A (t)rusty sidekick....
Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
Created by Svdl
Based on the Gyrojet pistol, a gimmicky weapon developed in the 1960's that fired tiny rockets instead of bullets. The gun saw some action in both Vietnam and a James Bond movie.

Works fine for either Engineer or Scout (or both).

Would fit great for ...
The MannChop
Created by ZOAG
Pff... who needs knives?

Can be "equipped": kill a MannChop Spy and he will drop the MannChop Mannual.

The Winglet - Animator, Promo Images, Video
heinous - Model, Texture
ZOAG - Original Idea, Initial Model, Uploader, Promo Images...
Roaster's Peanuts
Created by JPRAS
As seen in the Mayann Project's SFM short, The Lost Idol!...
Cold War Cap
Created by Big Bob
- Paintable

Model by Big Bob
Texture, normal map and SFM work by SedimentarySocks

Click here for the mod version![]

The Cold Bangs
Created by nano393
Let's break the ice... of this useless grenade because it wont explode otherwise.

Created by MultiH
The Mann Prix is just like the Grand Prix, but mannlier, obviously.


I've been itching to do an old-time racing-themed war paint for a while but had to overcome my laziness. I chose the number 72 because 200[7] is the year TF2 came out. The "2...
Street Kik - Weapon Reskin
Created by Sharpie
A Reskin of the Original scatter gun, The Scout viewed as being from Boston and Graffiti being a form of art and tradition for many years and for those who want to be remembered.

Shout out to G=, Grim and my supporters fo...
The Busted Booster Trumpet
Created by Populus
The Busted Booster Trumpet...
The Didgeri-PEW!
Created by Merczy
The scope may be there, but it doesn't seem to help your horrible aim.

-Team colors! (Ooooh Aaaah)
-Custom Sounds!
-Custom particle effects!
-3 LODs!

Model and Sounds by Merczy
Texture by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Norville "Bourbon"...
Fool's Australium - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
All that glitters is not gold....
UPDATE!!! Austen SMG
Created by OinkOink!!!

go to this link to see the original post and more pictures !...
The Busted Booster Backpack
Created by Populus
The Busted Booster Backpack....
The Hornet's Nest
Created by Spike Nitros
Stings like a bee!

Also try out the mod version

Includes custom projectile model and 2 LODs...
The Welrod
Created by Sims_doc
"The Quiet Man"

Based on the Welrod Pistol MK2.

- Scout and Engineer Pistol
- StatTracker Compatibility
- 1 LoDs...
The Violent Virtuoso
Created by TauVee
Beat some culture into your enemies with this rather heavy musical instrument!

Includes broken and non-broken versions similar to the Demoman's bottle. Also includes a reworked taunt animation.

Watch the video! It's only 20 seconds!

Download li...
Steady Shot
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Take your time, line up your shots, and make them count! Built in fluidic hydro-dynamic compensator stabilizes your barrel and improves your accuracy between shots. Fire too fast though and who knows what you'll hit. Possibly a barn....
Created by Orko
Say goodbye to all those bugs with the Decontaminator: the delightfully fragant way!...
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
Space Operator
Created by Sparkwire
This revolver is made using a top secret australium-based alloy that lets it fire the most concentrated energy beams on the market.
However unlike those measly other energy weapons out there you wont be able to just crank a lever to charge this up, but rat...
Lil' Sparky
Created by Batandy
Sometimes you just need a little less gun. If that happens, you'd better make sure that your gun packs a punch!...
The Mobile Sentry Gun
Created by Linko
9314 Tris
Texture Red/Blu 2048x2048

Third person remotely controlled Sentry Gun with the wrangler. Left click to fire where you're pointing, right click to move it like a strategy game. You must run beside if you...
The Cooldown
"What to do in a hot summer day: Go to the beach, have some cold drinks and watch people turn their heads as they realize what you're holding."

-Team Colored
-2 LODs

Contest entry for The $1,000 TF2 "Rain, Hail, or Shine" Skinning Contest
Three Ring Brawler
Created by SNIPA
Why jump through rings when you can use them for your POWER!!

Part of the Circus Pack!

The Native's Neutraliser
Created by Rozzy
A wooden one is no good, it's got to have knives in it! Slice, Slice, Slice!

Bladed Boomerang for Sniper with protective sheath for handling. Can be either used as a throwable or melee weapon....
Created by Svdl
What sick man gives Heavy baby guns to fight with...
'Big-a-Boom' Howitzer Sentry Gun
Created by DaNetNavern0
Erectin' a howitzer!
Long distance. Low firerate. Big freakin' boom.



Page in Sentry Catalog:
The New High Society
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
"Useful for rainy days and dispatching dignitaries. Do not aim directly at face."

Alt. name: "Gun-brella"

New version of this old submission:

Little Tommy
Created by
The perfect gift to Sniper in this season!
Do you sometimes find yourself running from a pyromaniac with a muffled voice?

Then try Little Tommy!
Created by top staff engineers (nerds) at Mann.CO.

Fit perfect for self defense when your personal bubble has...
The Nightwatch
Created by donhonk
Trusted by Security Forces around the globe!

Features: On / Off Flashlight Glow...
Created by S-02
Australian ingenuity at its best: a bomb that comes back to you!

Bombs should be thrown away from you, and not come back, but if you're Australian, strapping a live mortar to a boomerang makes perfect sense (this in no way makes sense for anyone)! Austr...
Subjugated Saboteur
This is a follow up on The Reclaimed Glory I made last year. The team colors is for valve to decide whether to follow the opposing bot colors (RED Spy with BLU Spy bot sapper, BLU S...
Battering Bronco
Sugarcoated twice
Bludgeoning you trice

inpsired by Alice: Madness Returns

you can get the mod/s here []


I'm seei...
M61 Vulcan
Created by Lejean
Back protection and ultra mobile!

Update 4:
Added specular map for metal shine

Update 3:
Added more detail to barrel and changed texture
Added shoulder straps
Moved/changed parts of the gun

Update 2:
Reduced size of barrel
Increased bullet count on chai...
The Duplequation
Created by Batandy
A Double-Barrelled Pump action shotgun
for our Texan buddy.
Take 'em out with this double firing action!...
The Tooth Prick
Created by Piascyk
An improvised melee for the Spy.

-2 LODs (662 tris, 200 tris)
-Team colors...
The Overcompensator
Created by Constructor
A very big gun for a very small man.

Packs a big enough punch to vaporize a tank.
Which you totally should do....
Chainsaw of Ashes
Created by NOISE
Decided for my first TF2 item that I'd make a handy little chainsaw that would fit into TF2's halloween events.
perfect for slicing apart spies or your run of the mill zombie.

Who needs a hand when you've got a chainsaw!

This was not designed with a...
The Destruction Worker
Created by Eedo Baba
Ever have trouble getting that perfect aim? Perhaps the demon drink has left you impaired? The Destruction Worker looks to remedy these issues with a little Scottish ingenuity, involving some cutting edge technology like magnets and tape. Your grenades wil...
Evil Laugh (Unusual)
Created by Pogo
Unusual effect!
See the misc version here:

TF Workshop Arkham Knight Contest Entry.
The Bellhop
Created by Mnemo
One of three models comprising the "Part-Timer" Pack, an item set for the Scout. It's a bell and it makes a dong sound when you hit people. Maybe it does other stuff too.
Rifleman's Rallycap (OLD)
Created by Hideous
Now outdated! Please refer to the new version:
Bicyclist's Bonnet
Created by Zipfinator
A fanciful Bicycle Helmet....
Diced Glengarry Bonnet
Created by Zipfinator
There's no better way to display your Scottish pride!...
Hot Stuff's Hand Purse
Created by RED
A dashing purse for the Pyro. Comes in two colours: Brilliantly Blazing Blue and Raunchy Red, for our more sassy Pyro's out there!

In laymans terms: It's a small purse, with Team Colors, that rests on the left hip of the Pyro....
Saliferous Scuba Goggles
Created by Zipfinator
For all of your fiery underwater encounters.

The mouth tube and loose straps are set up to jiggle....
Spine Chilling Skull
Created by Spiraloid
Some bones need pick axing...
Barnacled Basher
Created by Zipfinator
Packs quite a salty punch.

Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
Beachcomber's Boots
Created by Zipfinator
Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
The Dullahan
Created by Mnemo
It is a GHOST SWORD designed for this year's Halloween event. Yes, it's transparent and yes, it glows in the dark (kind of).

Better picture:

The Grave Runner
Created by JoshuaC
A new shield for the demoman.

Original idea, and Concept by Devmon....
Singed Scythe
Created by Segab
This is an Halloween themed scythe for the Pyro. It has a blowtorch taped to it for maximum damage, or at least that's what the Pyro thinks.

Updated with 3 LODs

Try it as a mod
Cozy Smissmas
Created by marico
Its warm and festive!!!...
The Smissmas Star
Created by Cap'n Bill
The penultimate topper to light up ones holidays....
The Crash Course
Created by CoBalt
Time for a lesson in getting blown up.

- 4 LODs!
- Durable!
- Reliable!
The Mann O' War
Created by Dewzie
Do what you want 'coz a pirate is free!

The ironsight is based on a ship helm.

Gold for RED, silver for BLU....
Hand-held Howitzer
Created by Svdl
Self-propelled artillery for the Demoman. Includes projectiles....
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
The Bad Trip
Created by Eedo Baba
Defense is a tricky thing, especially if lasers aren't involved. Luckily for you, the Bad Trip does have lasers. Trip-bombs attach themselves to walls, and emit a security laser beam. Enemies crossing the beam will... Well, let's just say they won't have a...
The Crowd Controller
Created by Colteh
One of the finest pieces of equipment a demoman can own.

The Tartan Terroriser
Grenade Laucher for Demoman.

Part of the Facepunch Arms Race competition.

Mod Download:
Link if fancy picture isn't wor...
Triple Threat
Created by Bapaul
Full sliding-clip grenade launcher, including custom animations.

Model/texture by Bapaul
Concept by Kibble
Animations by Taco

Major thanks to Merczy for the custom sounds in the video!

Please note:
The provided youtube video is done in SFM sinc...
The Mine Layer
Created by Rozzy
Some people don't like the idea of mines due to their "fire and forget" mechanic so maybe it could be a disc bomb launcher or can stack bombs on top of one another to increase damage output.

Updated model to try and improve top front part from comments....
Frosty Face Warmer [No Goggles]
Created by
- All Class!
- Flexes!
- Seperate pattern for each class!
- Lod 0 & 1

- Model by Evil_Knevil
- Texture by Texman
- Flexes by Jpras
- Concept by Serious_Greg...
Sledder's Sidekick
Created by donhonk
Features: All-Class and Jiggleboned Tail for maximum tail wagging ACTION!!...
The Propagandist
Created by Ducksink
everyone has that one fun uncle who always knows how to make you laugh, follows you around everywhere and writes everything you do on a flipbook

I want you to upvote this!

paintable, has flexes...
Igloo - War Paint!
Created by OverPovered
Want to build a snow bazooka?...
The Brew Blaster
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 3 Lods
- Custom grenade (Team coloured) (not shown in the pictures, but there is one i promise :D)

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
Texas wrap
Created by TaokakaTree (Rose)
What better way to give Engineer new weapons than by wraping up your old ones!...
Created by TaokakaTree (Rose)
Lets play some Paint ball, just stand still while I shoot you with a pill...
The Bulletproof Blazer
Created by Corvalho
"- The difference is that I'm not afraid of getting blood on my suit mate."


-Team Colors...
The Handsome Hitmann
Created by Corvalho
Give your foes their last good sight.


-Paintable Hair
The Winter Miser
Created by Psyke
I never want to know a day that's over 40 degrees.

I'd rather have it 30, 20, 10, 5 and let it freeze...!

Misc Compatable!
All-Class Smissmas Cosmetic!
Includes It's very own Dapper Bow

Concept/Texture By Psyke
Model/Adjustments By Donhonk & ...
Created by MultiH
Frosty the Snowman's back for revenge.


After seeing how I can manipulate how wear appeared with my Mann Prix War Paint, I wanted to do some sort of winter-themed war paint because winter is coming. I replaced banana_exterior_bruise...
The Snug Snow Leopard [2017]
Keep your mercenary's head warm by letting an (artificial) Snow Leopard eat it up. An all-class hat cosmetic based loosely on a Snow Leopard. Doubles as a hat and earmuffs!

• 2 LODs
• Team Coloured
• 2 512 x 512 Textures
• All-Cla...
The Swissmuffs [2017]
Make sure those ears are kept warm this Winter with the Swissmuffs! (The Swissmuffs will not be held accountable for any loss of hearing on the battlefield that may result in or lead to an unfortunate event.) An all-class hat cosmetic based on the festive ...
Coldfront Commander
Created by Sky
Hypothermia is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the winter season. With this slick helmet, goggles and veil combo you can put an end to that... by replacing it with medical malpractice.

- Paintable veil!
- Comes with its own turtleneck to k...
The MannChop V2
Created by Zxo Pink
"The expert killer and peerlessly
refined espionage specialist, the Spy,
is here to tell you all about how to
put your enemies six feet under with
less-than-ideal armaments, namely,
entirely without any weapons.

An assassin's weapons are only ...
The Ten-Legged Terror
Created by Anomidae
Man's primordial fear of eight-legged arachnids has enabled him to survive against some of nature's most illusive predators - but let's see how he does against ten legs! We couldn't really afford nor engineer a ten legged spider, so we're going to need to ...
Taunt: The Giant's Gratitude
Created by Yawning Machine
Introducing the manliest and the most emotional bow in Team Fortress 2.

A remarkable 55.5 degree bow showing off how hospitable, how civil and how touchy the heavy can be.

Deep down heavy's heart, it burys countless time of medic's uber and resurrected ...
Fortress Flurry - Unusual Effect
Created by Mikroscopic
The beauty of winter contained within a floating glass ball.

Mikroscopic - Particle
DJB2401 - Workshop promos...
Snow Fall
Created by RetroMike
50% Winter + 50% Autumn = The best of both seasons....
Unusual Effect: Smissmass Auroras
Created by Whaletits
With help from a good friend, I decided to take a whack at creating unusual effects, and this is what I've got: my first unusual.

The names I originally envisioned this having were already taken, so these are alternatively labelled....
Lucky 8 ( Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
A simple circling 8-ball unusual effect, made for 72hr tf2 jam 2017.
Angry Aztec ( Mayann Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
Throw your best friend into the volcano and win a free hat from the hat gods!

The Mayann Project[]...
Sleepless Hollows | Unusual Effect
Created by Aries
Them night owls never had any time at all to check the time.

- Fully animated spooky ghost owls
- Functional rotating clock that tells what class time it is in reverse
- Three scary color variants (green, purple, orange)


Unusual: Angelic Aurora & Whimsical Wonder
Created by Cheesypuff
Brighten your Smissmas with these natural bright colors in the sky!

Cheesypuff: Concept, Particle Design
Bonktastic: Promotional Video
Sinful Creature: Promotional Art
Bonk Nickeltoon: Concept, Co-Leader...
Unusual Effect - Mega Baboon Heart
Created by E-Arkham
"Don't be silly, Archimedes! We've extractakutten hundreds of der baboon hearts before. Why would dis one start haunting us now, mm?"

Three Halloween Unusual Effects: "Mega Baboon Heart (Team Coloured)", "A True Purple Heart Award"...
Unusual Effect: Enchanted
"Bippity boppity boopity!" You gasp as you watch the pages fly straight out of the spellbook and into your hat to enchant it with a touch of Merasumus's magic.

This spell comes in two flavors:
-Blue and Pink
-Violet and Orange...
Coldfront Carapace
Created by Sky
Look cool and take reduced damage from absolutely nothing.

- Paintable turtleneck!
- Promos by greg, rest by Sky.
Created by Dewzie
Keep the festive spirit at bay, the Australian way!...
Jolly Jumpers
Created by Texman
my good luck sweater!...
Slick Slacks
Created by Corvalho
Your knife is not the only thing looking sharp


-3 Lods
Toy Soldier
Created by RetroMike
Be careful! That's an antique!...
The Deputy
Created by NeoDement
Let this cold piece of metal be your right hand man.

Makes use of the unused Engineer revolver anims!

Bolo Neck
Created by NeoDement
Being a bandit ain't an easy job... but at least you get a nice shiny belt buckle!

Chemical Warfare
Created by crazy-g
A gas mask, useful for preventing eye and lung damage, unless you get shot in the eyes or lungs.

Face flexes
Works with many hats...
The Hot Hard Hat
Created by nano393
Celebrate you new job as "Honorary Engineer" by protecting that sentry. Is what a best friend would do.

Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
Sometimes you find yourself sitting with a burning frustration that makes you just want to kill someone. It’s bad to keep sitting with these frustration, so why not vent them… by becoming a hotheaded murder machine with an actual ventilation system.

zombie shuffle UPDATED
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN RE-UPLOADED! The new post can be found HERE

"Become a literal patient zero and spread the Zombie Shuffle through your team like any self-respecting virus would...
Heads-Up Dismay
Created by Napy Da Wise
All class Holographic Headset

The Bandage Bandito
Created by Rozzy
When Medic ain't healin' he be stealin'....
Puffy Polar Cap
Created by Kowalo
For Extreme conditions and Extreeeme headshots....
Unusual Effect: Tainted Frost
Created by Cheesypuff
Cheesypuff: Particle
Grambee: Promos/Video
Muhai: Sprites, Concept Design
Jazzy: Concept...
Sleigh Team
Created by crazy-g
Crochet caribou...
The Kozy-Krieg
Created by FiveEyes
Keep your equipment running well in the winter with their own little sweater!

- Teamcolored
- Holidy themed Kritzkrieg

FiveEyes: Model/Texture
Sims_Doc: Concept

Sarsparilla Sprayed Schadenfreude!
Created by Phill
Why bother with the trouble of laughing at others with that sad doughy thing you call a body, when your gun can do all the laughing for you! This sweet root beer flavored war paint will leave you in bubbling laugh induced stitches! And your enemies in laug...
Classy Stocking
Created by crazy-g
A festive sock full of valuable anthracite coal, a much better form of carbon than useless diamonds.

Jiggleboned, paintable...
Brute's Bomber
Created by ToxicWeasel
Because some times even large thugs need a jacket!

Team Colours
Paintable T-shirt...
New Paints!
Created by Splagoon
Caffeine Overdose: minicritboost colors.
A Most Unusual Color: Unusual quality text.
Certified Coloring: Genuine quality text.
A Classic Hue: BLU is based on Vintage quality text.
Bloody Hell: RED is based on blood.
Radioactive Isotope: BONK! labels.
Fresh Frames
Created by Sky
The worst thing since lime scouts.

Down Tundra Coat
Created by Kowalo
Stay toasty in the tundra....
Flame Marshal
Created by Sky
Peaked cap for the Pyro.

Paintable band.
The Propane Accessories
Created by NeoDement
nice cans luv

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Plaid Puffer
Created by Sky
Puffy winter hat with a plaid pattern. Paintable.
Commonwealth Commando
Created by Sky
Paintable beret with a military headset for the scout.
Yes its a beret, no its not a bill's hat.

Top Mann
Created by Sky
Stylish, generic and versatile.

All-class, paintable hat.
Created by Steeb
Like the song

Created by Sky
Paintable combat boots for scout and demo.
Special thanks to Andy Thybo for the SFM promos and void for the name.
Peaked Intelligence
Created by Sky
Peaked spy cap.
Not the team captain.
Razor Cap (Plaid Style)
Created by Sky
Plaid patterned cloth flatcap. Paintable. Brown by default.
Tanker's Top
Created by Sky
Jacket with undershirt for the scout.
Paintable collar and cuffs.

[img][/img][url={LINK REMOVED}...
Razor Cap (Plain Style)
Created by Sky
Plain cloth flatcap. Paintable. Default brown.
The Fortress Smasher (UPDATED - final version)
Created by Prof. Neelpos.j2
Per request of some, I've converted my Tectonic Knights Helm into a Castle Crashers helmet ahead of the titles release on Steam, I'll be sending the submission to The Behemoth for consideration, as there HAVE been promo items in the past added after the ti...
Basic Beanie
Created by Sky
Keeps your head warm and has the gimmick of not looking ridiculous.

All-class, paintable.
Created by Danglebob
Forged in lightning, designed by science! The Frankensaw lives! It dices, slices, and its electric humming will tenderly lull your enemies to sleep before brutally killing them....
The Remaining Rocketer
Created by Texman
Dress the same way as the man who invented war...
Vanguard's Ventilator
Created by Sky
Pyro mask, loosley based on WW1 gas masks.
Paintable mask and bag cloth.

Created by Sky
Puddi Puddi!

Paintable icing! For flavors such as vanilla, caramel, lemon, orange, strawberry, lime, grape and motor oil!
Created by Sky
Glowing night vision visors for the engineer, spy and sniper.
Paintable, glowing lenses.

Sneaky Blinder
Created by Sky
Fancy leather flatcap for the spy. Contains no razorblades in the brim.

Treacherous Accessories
Created by Sky
Monocle and small pipe.
Paintable metal parts.
Razor Cap (Suede Style)
Created by Sky
Patterned, shiny leather flatcap. Paintable. Default team coloured.
The Burnt Brainwarmer
Created by heinous
"I fear no man, but that thing, it sasses me."

Keeps your head warm, and your insults burning, AND keeps your gender and race ambiguous! Because all hairs are curly and black after burning! Bonus!

Look into my gun, look into my gun, the gun, the gun, not around the gun, don't look around my gun, look into my gun, BANG you're dead !

Patterns, renders and Promos by Rytu...
Seriously Snowed - War Paint
Created by Psyke
Who doesn't love the cold dead stare of a frosty ol' snowman?

Model / Prop by Donhonk

[ First Person Previews Coming Soon ]...
Antarctic Eyewear
Created by QuestionablyInsane

-Gives the wearer a pair of goggles and a new hairdo
- 3LODs
-Hair is paintable.
The Polar Protector
Created by A_Guardian
Its a hat, with goggles. For all of your hat and/or goggle needs.
Paintable, and has styles!
Mod release: Link[]...
Night Before Smissmas
Created by Purriz
Steal Smissmas gifts by shooting your friends in the face with this warpaint!...
The Starred Stahlhelm
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
Concept - Overlord Lettuce
Model/Texturing - Strno8
SFM poster/thumbnail - DJB2401...
War paint: Winter Wrapped
Created by Fliby
Two patterns: Polished pinewood, and Fancy Flakes.

My Second war paint!

Reskin of Autumn MKII....
Conjurer's Cap
Created by DeR‎osaJ
*Paintable Heavy/Soldier hat

*Available for mod download[]...
War Locks
Created by DeR‎osaJ
*Paintable Heavy/Soldier hair, beard, and pipe
*Includes particle attachment for Genteel Smoke

*Available for mod download[]...
Smissmas Portal
Created by Zoarkenz
Does it lead to the north pole? Maybe the south pole? Or maybe to HELL!...
Steppe's Scourge
Created by Petachepas
One million troops, if only on the control point...

Jiggleboned plume...
Homeless Boy Essentials
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Wolfenstein: Concept and Models
IJCT: Texture and Paintovers
JZeeba: Rigging, SFM, and promo pics
Rump of Coal
Created by ★ JRatt
Created for the Facepunch Nightmare Before Smissmas 2017 Workshop.

Concept/Model/Texture/Images by JRatt....
Promised Gift
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Wolfenstein: Concept, Models, and Jigglebones
IJCT: Texture and Paintovers
JZeeba: Rigging, SFM, and promo pics
Humble Boy Homeless Hat
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Wolfenstein: Concept, Models, and Jigglebones
IJCT: Texture and Paintovers
JZeeba: Rigging, SFM, and promo pics
The Sassy Sizzler
Created by heinous
Talk to the hand, because the Pyro isn't listening.
Strapping Stripes
Share your fascination of striped attire and weaponry with this new warpaint, designed to fit all your striped needs. Stripes come in different sizes and colours, there is a stripe for everyone. You can gaze at your stripes forever and ever or kill some...
The Freedom Sweater - Light Style
Created by QuestionablyInsane

- 3 LODs
- Team colored sweater and gloves
- Paintable patches on the elbows and shoulder
Blazing Bicorne
Created by Sky
Paintable trim and bandana.
More to come.
Stern Shako
Created by Sky
Shako for the heavy with a large, moving set of plumes.

Paintable plumes and braid.
Russian Roulette
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Try your luck.

2014/06/26 Update!
*Improved Texture.
*Add $attachment "muzzle" and "eject_brass".
*Russian Roulette skin for Family Business[].

The Freedom Sweater - Dark Style
Created by QuestionablyInsane

- 3 LODs
- Team colored sweater and gloves
- Paintable patches on the elbows and shoulder
Heat Shield
Created by Sky
Welding mask head replacement, hat compatible, paintable neck cover.
Created by Sky
Pickelhaube with a cloth cover for the medic.
Paintable cloth.

[img][/img][url={LINK REMOVED}...
Grandma's Tie In
Created by SMaestros
What a nice christmas present from grams!
Concept/SFM - BloodFart
Riggng - Sky
Modelling/Texturing - SMasters

Commander in Chief
Created by Sky
Hat and beard tribute to the inventor of the staircase.
Paintable tophat.
The Tundra Top
Created by QuestionablyInsane

- 2LODs
-Team colored hat and patch
-Fits all classes
-Every hat has a unique class patch
Created by Sky
Medieval helmet for demo and soldier. Face darkening.
Detective Chief Explorer
Created by Sky
Hat. Not the sniper one. Demo one. Different.

Paintable. Yes....
The Surgeon General
Created by Sky
19th century military bicorne for the medic, paintable hat and cockade.

Scotsman's Satchels
Created by Sky
Bag. Is good. Many bag. Is very good. Carry things.

Paintable. But only the tops. Yes.

Scotsman's not Scotsmann's....
The Go Gadgets
Created by Sky
A handy transistor radio and geiger counter combo to listen in on emergency broadcasts, test for radiation and beat marauding spys senseless.

- Paintable!
- Jiggleboned probe
- 512x256 Diffuse and Normal/Spec Textures
LODs 0, 1, 2

Stealthy Shako
Created by Sky
Stealth not guaranteed.
Paintable pom-pom and braids.
Old Faithful
Created by Sky
Paintable hat.
Anonymous Assassin
Created by Gadget
Anonymous Assassin

o Facial flexes
o Paintable

Concept by Metabolic

Mod Download[]

Assassin's Attire
Chrome Dome
Created by Sky
Remake of an old item of mine, redesigned by Metabolic.

Pelznickel's Mantel
Created by Rotzlöffel
Whenever the time of sharing comes, you should leave the medkits to your medic. If you won't Knecht Ruprecht will come and leave you nothing but worthless crates



Concept: VaultScout
Idea: CrymeTyme
Class Act
Created by Sky
Top hat with a wide band. Team coloured, paintable.
Jumping Jackboots
Created by Svdl
You got to step all over the rights and freedoms of your enemies - and FAST.

Paintable boots....
Created by Svdl
Tank crewman's hat for the Pyro.
Paintable. Has jigglebones.

See also the rest of the set!...
Burny the Snowman
Created by crazy-g
Apparently unmeltable

Get the mod here:

Scoutility Belt
Created by Svdl
Some bags and a knife for stabbing morons, but knives are boring so you'll never use it....
Nuclear Knight
Created by Harry
Comfortable? Perhaps not, but this large solid steel helmet will protect against all possible threats you may encounter in the post apocalyptic wastelands... assuming that they all go straight for your head....
The Master Chef
Created by CyanPlastic
- Paintable...
Vtoroy Front
Created by Svdl
A fur lined long coat for the Pyro.

See also the rest of the set!...
Evergreen Eviscerator
Created by Dirtbomb |
Its that time of year to give eatch other kiss's under the mistletoe.
or a stab in the back......
The Donut
Created by Eedo Baba
Patrolling the base is a tiring job. Are you going to spend your lunch break on a meal that doesn't even have sprinkles? I thought not. This ring of fried dough and frosting will get you through the day and back to mowing down enemies with the vigor and en...
The Peaked Popo
Created by Eedo Baba
The title on the badge may be meaningless, but the enemy likely won't get a chance to doubt it before they're dead....
Orange Submarine
Created by Zipfinator
Packs an explosively salty punch.

Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
Tipsy Teabag
Created by RJ
Delicious and wet.

Featured in "Mann Co. Spytech Investment Opportunity - Bot Trust" (

and Benjamoose's upcoming koth_medicinalpractice!...
The Blood Pressure
Created by Swaggernaut
Pressure you enemies into donating blood for a worthy cause!

Download the mod (replaces the Syringe Gun!) Gamebanana link: Going to fix...
MoterCity MediGun
Created by GG_Underscore
this medigun comes with all the chrome and other polishing of a hot rod. 50% uber charge time, but this also means 50% less uber charge build up with a spped boost. Part of my motercity medic pack – brain pan – compound fracture – second opinion...
The Power Player
Created by Will T.TVR
-424 tris
-Team colors
-512x512 textures
-Fully rigged to Engineer's hand and arm
-Unfortunately not compatible with the Gunslinger, even though it would look cool. I tried though. :(


Wield the power of this glove with pride as you s...
The Bubble Bauble
Created by Jukebox
Become your very own knick-knack pyromaniac!

Jiggleboned snowflakes!

Jukebox - Model
Dilly - SFM
Mikroscopic - Concept...
Two-Dimensional Topper
Created by Colteh
When you're on a melancholy hill, sometimes you have to dare to feel good....
[war paint] chilly blast
Created by PEAR
Smissm-ass kicker
Created by lucarioaaron
Got your cookies, got your milk
Got my shotgun trained on the chimney
Stole my woman and all I want for Smissmass is to kick your A...
Omniscient Orb - Unusual Effect
Created by Mikroscopic
"Tremble, mere mortal! TREMBLE in terror at the power of my disembodied hands!"

Concept by Yikes
Effect by Mikroscopic
Promos by Hotrod...
Sweet Stripes
"Do you like smissmass candy canes as much as we do? Well how about giving yourself a sweet treat after you kill those poor bastards. Or maybe even put it on your weapon. Disclaimer: The blood of your enemies are not an intended flavor."

Robot rocker
Created by lucarioaaron
We finally get face to face in aerodynamic technologic digital love one more time...
Uruapan lucky
Created by lucarioaaron
We're up all night to lose yourself to feel it coming derezzed too long...
Created by Jukebox
For when you need to put the "Oh Sh-" in "OSHA"

Paintable gloves...
Baneful Bomber
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
You think freedom is your ally? You merely adopted the free, commie! I was born in it! Molded by it! USA! USA!
Old-timey Opal Warpaint
Created by Pixel
A custom skin based on the Nail Coffin Series featuring an oxidized copper handle and a boudler opal!

The opal shows up when the weapon wears off!...
Hard Hitter's Hardhat
Created by Jukebox
Really only protects you from getting sun in your eyes....
Steel Toed Steppers
Created by Jukebox
Steel toe'd to protect your not-metal toes. How convenient.

Paintable spats....
Vision of the Future
Created by Kaymon95
It is the distant future, the year 2000...

These high-tech visor glasses are top-of-the-line future-fashion available today! Fool your friends into thinking you're a spaceship engineer! Fool your enemies into thinking you're a laser-shooting mutant! The...
Created by IJCT
Sugar Plum Fairy
Created by RetroMike
It's the Sugar Plum Fairy!

-A vision that dances in your head!
-Doesn't talk!...
Constellation Coloured - War Paint
Created by PipAntarctic
Stars align only during major updates. That is a known fact....
The Charmer
Created by Batandy
The third shot's the charm!

A new triple barrelled shotgun for the engineer...
Midnight merc
Created by lucarioaaron
I'm a bad bad dog with no house or a home, women, whiskey, wheels and the road
Got my seven fifty howlin' and my shotgun loaded I'm full up and about to explode...