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The Outlaw's Almanack, 1770
By Helen and 2 collaborators
A chapter-by-chapter guide featuring invaluable hints and information for today's highway robber.
Handy strategy hints
This is too hard!
Firstly are you playing in Very Hard or Normal mode? Very Hard is HARD and we mean it. Therefore we advise playing on normal or new relaxed mode on your first playthrough. Note that you can change mode at the bottom of the Select Chapter screen. Relaxed mode has easier bosses and lets you skip them with no penalty.

During the puzzle sections, try to earn as much gold as possible (by getting large combos) so you can spend it in the shop on decent weapons and anything that gives you a point of defense. Also grab some consumables, which are deliberately cheap so they don't break the bank, as they will come in handy during duels.

Ways to earn more money:
- get large combos
- clear a stack of cards
- add points to your Prosperity attribute when you level up
- buy and equip the Ruffled Shirt because it boosts your prosperity stat
- spend wisely

Jokers and Spares
- As well as using these when you get a bad draw, also use strategically to build large combos.
- Try not to use up all your jokers/spares (and active abilities) before the boss fights because they can come in very handy in a tough fight.
- You can boost the chance to find more jokers and spares by spending points on the Guile attribute.
- Certain clothing items also increase your Guile.
- The Branding Iron active ability card lets you print your own spare cards when it is charged up.
- When an enemy gets a joker or spare from the tableau they can't use it, it is discarded. But they stop you from getting it, so make sure you get it first!

Fight tips
- At the beginning of the level, mouse over the enemy card. This will reveal all their stats – you should use this to check their strengths and weaknesses.
- BEFORE the fight starts go to EQUIP and strategically chose weapons and equipment that optimise your attacks and defenses against the enemy's load out/stats.
- You can also optimise your gear. For example, if your enemy throws poison items, place an antidote in your gear slot.
- Consider your clothing. For example, choose the right bodice to protect against bleed, stun, etc.
- Make strategic use of gear and wildcards/jokers in tough fights.
- Have you been economising and holding off buying some of the most advanced weapons or clothing in the Shoppe? Check the Chapter sections of this guide for suggestions about the best equipment for each enemy.
- Some enemies are tough and it will take a couple of tries to beat them. We assure you it is possible to beat them all!
- You can also consider switching to to Normal or Relaxed mode so that you can progress more easily if you are finding the game too hard.

Chapter 1

- Hand 1: Get comfortable with the basic mechanic of the game in this tutorial. Choose a card on the tableau one number higher or lower than the card shown at the bottom of the screen. Remember that you can place a 9 on a 0 or a 0 on a 9.

- Hand 2: Learn how to duel. Choose cards one number higher or lower, just as you did in the last hand, to charge your weapon. When the weapon is charged, you can click it to attack. Another option, if there are still more card matches on the board, is to keep going and build up an Attack Bonus. You will then do extra damage when you click your weapon to attack.

Inventory: After the duel you will be taken to the inventory screen. Explore the inventory and character tabs. In the weapons tab you should drag the knife you looted onto your character to equip.

There is not much to do in the inventory yet but this area will soon fill up – in this game it pays to strategically swap your clothing and weapons depending on the enemy.

Here is the official video walkthrough of the first three chapters of the game:
Chapter 2

- Hand 1: A regular puzzle hand. Try out the new power up. It recharges as you play. You also encounter a lock and key. Simply click the key then click the lock to open.

- Hand 2: A duel with a more challenging enemy. Try to get long runs of cards to maximize your damage. His blunderbusses have a 20% change to stun you, so watch out because if that happens you'll miss 3 turns in a row.

Inventory: Ater the duel you will Level Up and can boost some character attributes. These, along with active and passive ability cards, give you increasing control and/or a statistical advantage in card play as the game progresses.

You have two points to spend per chapter on:
  • Willpower - Charges Active Abilities faster.

  • Insight - Start hand with cards face up.

  • Guile - Find more jokers & spare cards.

  • Prosperity - Double gold under cards.

  • Finesse Cheat! - Draw better stock cards.

  • Luck - Remove an extra playable card.

Don’t forget to equip your new hat and, optionally, your new gun.

The blunderbuss is slower to charge than your current weapons, but does have a chance to stun, which can be a powerful advantage in duels.
Chapter 3

Soldier Fight
You will get the best outcome using your highest damage weapons on this fight - Fleetwood's Pistol and the Flashy Blunderbuss. The enemy does have a small chance to deflect your pistol, but this is not enough to prevent it being useful (hover over the enemy to view their stats when deciding what to equip before a fight.) Also note that your Blunderbuss is not a pistol so it won't get deflected.

You also have a Healing Elixir, which you can deploy strategically if your health is waning.

Make sure you check all sections of the inventory and character area after each chapter so that you don't miss out on the chance to resupply, rearm or upgrade your character stats.

On this chapter the Hand Amulet and Bohemian Bodice are the two items I would most recommend purchasing first. The Hand Amulet allows you to start your combos at 5, while the Bohemian Bodice improves your protection against weapons that cause bleeding.

The other shop items are all useful additions, too.
Chapter 4

Tips for Captain Dread duel at end of Chapter 4
I recommend using the Soldier's Sword and the Blunderbuss. You should also make sure you are wearing the Sailor's Trousers that you got as loot from the sailor duel on hand 3 of Chapter 4.

Also, ideally, you bought the Bohemian Bodice and are wearing it. This should being your defense up to 3.

Hopefully you also have a potion and grog bomb by now too, so may have to use one.

Furthermore if you can manage to start the duel with a joker/spare card and a charged ability, that will help you out.

Ultmately he may punish you, but persevere and you'll get him soon enough.

This official playthrough video gives tips for the whole chapter:

Chapter 5

Masquerade Cards
In this chapter we introduce Masquerade Cards. These are simply a numbered card that must be played TWICE to clear. It's worth taking a moment longer to evaluate the tableau cards when Masquerade Cards are present - if you think ahead they can help you to build larger combos.

Training with the Chevalier
Lady Cornelia is at the ball so does not have access to her Shadowhand weapons and gear in this situation. (Your active and passive abilities can still be used as normal.)

This is a sword training chapter where your character will gain the ability to charge swords faster by playing sword suit cards. This is another factor to consider when you make strategic decisions about what card to play next.

Try to make long runs for combos if you can, deploying jokers/spare cards and active ability cards as needed.

Note that the rapier you use has a chance to counter attack. At the end of the chapter you'll replace the training rapier with a real one which can also pierce enemy defense. This is an extremely handy weapon over the next few chapters to come.

Notice that when you complete the Sword Suit Training your Shadowhand character card now shows a sword icon at the top. Check your enemies' cards for icons that indicate their training as you go forward.

Swordmaster's Tipple will help to charge piercing weapons faster in a fight. (Remember to hover over your weapons to check their properties - some types of sword, e.g. cutlasses, cause bleed rather than pierce). As with all alcoholic beverages in the game, it does cause slowness once the initial euphoria has worn off. If you are using alcohol in fights, one way to combat the slowness is to wear Sailor's Trousers, which give a chance to resist alcohol.

Wig Powder is another notable item that is useful to have on hand, as it will stun your enemy.

Also check out the clothing options available in the Shoppe. Black Breeches offer +1 defense, while the Ruffled Shirt can make you wealthier.

Here's the official playthrough video with Jake!
Chapter 6

This YouTube video by Cliffski gives a good overview of strategy during the coachman duel on Chapter 6:

And here's the official playthrough of the entire chapter with hints, by Jake:

Chapter 7

In this chapter Shadowhand has had weapons confiscated. The only weapons you can use are those that you find in the gaol. One of the goals for the chapter is to find your original weapons.

In this chapter we come across the Gaol Bars card. This is a large card covering quite a bit of the play field. It works just like the Lock and Key that you are already familiar with, although the Gaol Bars are unlocked with Lock Picks.

The Broken Bard
The Bard has rats, which can cause poison and bleeding, and his dirty clawed hand, which will also cause bleeding if he manages to grab at you as you tussle in the foetid cell.

Your only weapon at this point is the Vicious Dagger, which starts fully charged and has a chance to pierce. Remember to optimise your clothing before the fight. The Teal Cloak offers protection against animal attacks, while the Bohemian Bodice may resist bleeding.

Use your jokers/spare cards and active abilities wisely.

The Thug has a small chance to stun with his fist plus a vicious dagger with a chance to pierce. He is also resistant to stunning.

Make sure that you are wearing all the defensive items you own including the dashing waistcoat if you have it!

This is a tough fight, but at least you have your weapons and gear back! (MAKE SURE YOU EQUIP THESE BEFORE THE FIGHT!)

The Executioner resists stun, pierce and bleed to some extent.

The Sea Service Pistol and Soldier's Sword +3 are among the best weapons to equip to attempt this fight. Also put on the bohemian bodice to protect against bleeding. You should have 5 defense (if wearing correct items) and 40 heath if you've been levelling up.

Here's the official playthrough video of Chapter 7:

Chapter 8

Suggested equipment for duels
  • Hand 4: Cutpurse: Soldier's sword+3, rapier, bohemian bodice
  • Hand 5: Drunkard: Sea service pistol, soldier's sword+3, dashing waistcoat. ALSO you must put on the cutpurse coat that you won on hand 4 by using the equip button before duels.
  • Hand 8: Jack Tar: Soldier's sword+3, rapier, bohemian bodice, plus the cutpurse coat.
Chapter 9

This is a training chaper. You don't need to consider your outfit or weapon load out for this chapter because it's determined for you.

Remember that you can still choose your passive and active ability cards.

Use wildcards and special abilities strategically to get the best possible combos, and take out the training dummy in the allotted number of turns (shown at the top of the screen).

Chapter 10

In this chapter you encounter lantern cards for the first time. Simply click to pick up the lantern and use it on a "dark card" to reveal. Instant enlightenment!

You will also be searching for something Captain Dread has hidden in the graveyard. Finding shovels and using them to dig up the large gravestone cards will help you with this quest.

Body Snatcher
This enemy resists land weapons and pierce. He has piercing and stunning weapons.

Your most upgraded Cutlass and Flashy Blunderbuss are good options for this fight. The Dashing Waistcoat and Sea Sword Belt (purchased from Lord Fleetwood) offer appropriate defense and damage boosts respectively.

An enemy who stuns and also resists stun.

We suggest arming yourself with a powerful sword (e.g. Silver Smallsword) and cutlass. Stick with the Dashing Waistcoat and Sea Sword Belt.

The gravedigger resists land weapons, bleed and poison. The most upgraded Sailor's Cutlass and the Flashy Blunderbuss are good weapon choices...failing these you might also use a pistol or club. Also don't forget to equip the Black Bracers that you looted from the Prowler.
Chapter 11

Lady Spry is out for revenge!

Your most upgraded Sea Service Pistol and Blunderbuss are fine weapons to choose against the Groom, who resists land weapons, pierce and animals. The Dashing Waistcoat and Sea Gun Belt may also be useful, as is your coat that reduces land weapon damage.

Groom with dog
This is similar to the Groom fight but consider switching to the Bohemian Bodice and Teal Cloak for protection against animal bites and bleeding.

Lady Spry
Lady Spry resists pierce and causes bleeding with her whip. Your most upgraded cutlass and blunderbuss make a good choice, or failing this, a club. Use a Sea Sword Belt paired with a cutlass, and defend against bleeding with the Bohemian Bodice.

Chapter 12

This is a training chapter in which your weapons and costume are fixed.

As with previous training chapters, you will gain a new skill – if you beat Mrs Tubb!

Remember that a handkerchief combats the slippery "disarm" properties of soap.
Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a puzzle chapter, with no duels.

Try to find all of the incriminating letters, to get the better of Miss Croaker!
Chapter 14

In Chapter 14 you have to battle your way through Avalon Marsh, which has some rather hostile inhabitants.

This character resists bleeding. You can try a range of weapons - for example the Officer's Pistol (with Land Gun Belt) and the Hammer are a good combination. Combining the Spanish Sleeves with the Spanish Stays gives good defense throughout this chapter.

This enemy is resistant to land weapons and to piercing and also has a 50% chance to deflect throwable items. The Hammer is your go-to weapon, combined with a Laundry Bat or club, perhaps.

If you don't have both the Spanish Sleeves and Spanish Stays then you should consider putting on the Bohemian Bodice to safeguard against bleeding caused by Guin's billhooks.

This enemy resists tools and uses a stunning club (tool) and throwing knives. The Spanish Sleeves with the Spanish Stays continue to give good defense, particularly against the piercing threat of Throwing Knives. Don't use your Hammer on this level, switch it out for the Riding Whip and combine it with the Officer's Pistol (with Land Gun Belt).

Merl is somewhat resistant to poison, sea and land weapons, and tools. It's a question of chosing the best weapons you have - try the Hammer and the Officer's Pistol (with Land Gun Belt).
Chapter 15

This is a training chapter involving fist fights.

At the start, you will be equipped with boxing gloves.

Ostler Joe resists stun, and has stunning gloves. Keep an eye out for his left hook and left uppercut as they are very powerful.

Keep your Spanish Stays and Spanish Sleeves on, because these give the highest available defense. If you don't have both of those then put on the Dashing Waistcoat to help resist stun.

Try to play strategically to get the gear under cards on this chapter!
Chapter 16

You'll need to travel back through the Avalon Marsh, but this time it's raining so your gunpowder is wet. Therefore you can't use guns on this chapter!

This enemy resists tools. If you bought one of more Brutal Gloves, why not give them a try? The Spanish Sleeves and Spanish Stays are a good pick for extra defense, particularly against the piercing Throwing Knives. Your Strong Waist Belt is also useful with its extra point of defense plus it boosts clubs, tools and gloves damage - so put it on!

This enemy resists bleed. A Hammer and Club are a good choice plus the Strong Waist Belt for added defense and damage boost.

Fay resists land weapons and pierce. It's worth putting on the green kerchief for added protection against Marsh Gas and Belladonna Grenades. Brutal Gloves plus a Strong Waist Belt are a good selection against this enemy. Consider switching to the Bohemian Bodice to help resist bleeding.

You will find a similar loadout to the one you just used on Fay could help you to also beat Merl. He resists poison, and has a piercing weapon, so you should put on the Spanish Stays to help resist piercing.

Watch out for this guy, he resists stun, pierce, bleed and pistols, and has Throwing Knives up his sleeve. A Club and a Hammer are a good selection as they have high damage. Stick with the Spanish Stays and Strong Waist Belt for maximum defense.

Well done, you made it out of the marsh! Time to go home to Darkmoor Hall and sort out your staff.
Chapter 17

This might be your home, but since you show up dressed as Shadowhand, you can't expect a warm welcome.

The Underkeeper has defense against land weapons and bleed, and is armed with a piercing gun and a mean dog, which causes bleeding. Even though the Ancient Sword is a land weapon, it is your most powerful weapon - so give it a try in this battle. You can pair it with a Billhook+4 (if you bought it) because even though it's a bleeding weapon it still has a high raw damage.

Pair your weapons with either a Land Sword Belt to boost the Ancient Sword or the Strong Waist Belt to boost the Billhook+4. Also consider wearing the Bohemian Bodice for protection against bleeding caused by the dog.

This enemy resists stun and also has a gun that stuns. Using the the same loadout as with the Underkeeper is a good choice, but donning the Dashing Waistcoat will give added stun protection.

Chapter 18

Sea Dog
This enemy has defense against sea weapons. He wields weapons that stun, bleed and pierce! Also watch out for grog bombs.

Some weapons worth equipping against the Sea Dog are the Ancient Sword, the Old English Blunderbuss or the Billhook+4.

The Strong Waist Belt, Bohemian Bodice (to help avoid bleeding) and Luxuriant Beard (to reduce chance of being stunned) are choice items to wear into battle. Or perhaps don a Land Sword Belt if you are using the Ancient Sword. Also the Strong Arm Bracers should help against his boarding axe.

Rum Runner
This enemy is a stunner - and well defended against stun, clubs and tools as well.

As before, the the Ancient Sword, and Old English Blunderbuss are a fine choice.

In terms of clothing, a Strong Waist Belt, Dashing Waistcoat (to help avoid being stunned) and Luxuriant Beard (to further reduce chance of being stunned) are good options, as is the Land Sword Belt if you are using the Ancient Sword. Don't forget about your Strong Arm Bracers to help defend against his hammer.

This one is likely to make you bleed, and is well defended against sea weapons.

Choose between the Old English Blunderbuss, Boarding Axe, Billhook+4 and Ancient Sword for this encounter.

A Land Sword Belt or Land Gun Belt, depending on your chosen weapon, will stand you in good stead, as will a Bohemian Bodice.

Old Salt
This enemy causes fire damage and bleed so this is the perfect time to wear red - get your Crimson Cloak and Bohemian Bodice on for maximum protection. Also don't forget about your Heavy Felt Hat to further reduce fire damage.

The Ancient Sword and Old English Blunderbuss land weapons) are very good choices against this enemy, because they have defense against sea weapons.

Shipwreck Sue
With resistance against both land and sea weapons and wielding bleeding, poison and piercing weapons, this lady is a tough customer, make no mistake.

A level Billhook+4, Boarding Axe or Ancient Sword are all worth equipping, with matching belts. Your Spanish Stays and Sleeves also offer some of the best available defense for this challenging fight.

Chapter 19

This Smuggler's hideout is full of glorious loot ...but here come the Militia and the Revenue Men to spoil it for you.

This enemy has land and pistol/musket defense and packs a piercing pistol.

This is a great time to try out the Jeweled Scimitar that you won from Shipwreck Sue, a Firebomb Blunderbuss, or a Silver Smallsword+5. The Amber Bodice complements both your figure and your Jeweled Scimitar...don't forget to equip the correct belt for your best weapon.

Oh and of course this is great time to put on your newly acquired Diamond Bracers to help deflect pistol and musket shots.

This chap has a piercing weapon so watch out.

There is a fairly wide range of strategies available to you: a Boarding Axe or Billhook+4 would definitely come in handy, as would your Jeweled Scimitar or even an Old English Blunderbuss.

Don't forget to equip your Amber Bodice (if using the scimitar) and the Diamond Bracers.

Revenue Man 1
Resistant to sea weapons and bleeding, this enemy wields piercing weapons.

Your strongest land weapons - the Ancient Sword and Old English Blunderbuss - are both recommended. Don't forget to put on a Land Sword or Gun Belt if you have it.

Revenue Man 2
Resistant to pierce, this enemy will not only attack you with piercing weapons but also attempt to burn you with his firebomb blunderbuss.

You have a number of good options for this relatively tough encounter: fight fire with fire using a Firebomb Blunderbuss. Or go for your most powerful land weapons (Old English Blunderbuss, Ancient Sword) with an appropriate belt. The Jeweled Scimitar could also be useful.

This is also a chance to try a few clothing options: a Crimson Cloak offers fire protection. The Spanish Sleeves and Stays are a powerful defensive combination, but the Amber Bodice stacks if you choose the Jeweled Scimitar.

Revenue Boss
This enemy resists clubs, tools, pistols and stun. He's also likely to stun or pierce you.

In short - swords are your weapon of choice. Play around with different combinations and team them with the appropriate sword belt.

If you've made it this far then your status as a legendary highway robber is assured. Onward!
Chapter 20

A puzzle level with no duels for a change of pace.
Chapter 21

This video by Cliffski talks about strategy for the early part of Chapter 21. It includes the first two hands.

The Chef
An enemy who resists land weapons, pierce, poison and wields piercing and poisoning weapons.

The Firebomb Blunderbuss and Brutal Club are two powerful choices, as is the Boarding Axe.

For protection you might choose the Olive Cloak against poison, which you might team with the Amber Bodice. Alternatively the Spanish Sleeves and Stays work well against piercing. Don't forget to wear a belt matched to your chosen weapon.

This thug is resistant to stunning weapons and tools and he himself can cause stun or bleeding.

A combination of your most powerful swords, pistols or blunderbusses is suggested, with the Jeweled Scimitar coming in particularly handy.

An Amber Bodice and Luxuriant Beard can help your defense as well as the Strong Arm Bracers.

Broken Bard
This menace somehow got out of gaol and is trying to make you bleed with his filthy claws. He's also resistant to poison.

The Firebomb Blunderbuss and Brutal Club offer your best hope of defeating him. Don't forget that you can use the Strong Waist Belt to boost your club.

This Culloden survivor resists land weapons, bleed and poison.

A similar loadout to the Broken Bard will serve you well against the battle-hardened Scot.

Rich Turnpike
As a seasoned land pirate, Turnpike is less challenged by fire and pistols than most.

A Boarding Axe and Brutal Club suitably boosted with a Strong Waist Belt would be our outfit of choice to make him see reason, along with an Amber Bodice and Diamond Bracers.
Chapter 22

A final reckoning with the authorities. You must prevail!

This lad has weapons that pierce, and that's what he resists best, too.

Wear your Ermine Cowl and Diamond Bracers as you pummel him with your most powerful tools and clubs, or perhaps and Ancient Sword or Old English Blunderbuss?

This soldier has a pistol that pierces as well as defense against pistols and muskets.

As with the Musketeer, tools and clubs could come to your aid.

Revenue Man 1
A tax collector undaunted by bleeding or sea-based weapons with the ability to pierce your defense.

The Ancient Sword and Old English Blunderbuss are fine choices for this squirmish. Don't forget to don an appropriate belt and protect yourself with your Ermine Cowl and Diamond Bracers.

Revenue Man 2
Resistant to piercing and likely to pierce your defenses or blast you with fire, this is a man who takes contraband extremely seriously.

The load out from your previous fight should serve you well enough.

Revenue Boss
An enemy who will pierce and stun in the name of (unpaid) duty. Clubs, tools, pistols and stun attempts barely register in the face of his determination to balance the books.

Your most powerful swords and blunderbusses are recommended, along with full body protection in the form of an Amber Bodice, Ermine Cowl and Diamond Bracers.

Rent-a coachman
This lackey resists land weapons and bleeding but won't hesitate to set his hound on you. Beware stun and bleed.

Note that your Teal Cloak and Ermine Cowl offer stacking animal defense. A Firebomb Blunderbuss and Brutal Club are serviceable weapons against this foe.

Lady Spry
Never underestimate an enraged aristocrat. Lady Spry deals bleeding and resists pierce.

Try similar weapons to those used against her henchman, your previous enemy.

This is the toughest enemy you will ever fight, Shadowhand.
Your enemy resists stun, pierce, bleed, and has a bleeding weapon.

We can only suggest the Brutal Club and English Blunderbuss, teamed with a Strong Waist Belt and Strong Arm Bracers as you make your last stand. Tighten up your Amber Bodice and protect your face with the Ermine Cowl. Remember, you are fighting for justice and have everything to lose...
Your time as a notorious highway robber has come to an end.

Shadowhand is no more, and Lady Cornelia Darkmoor has taken charge of her own destiny.

You may be intereted to learn that her story does not quite end here – she makes an appearance again in 1812 in Regency Solitaire.

Thank you for playing! If you have enjoyed the game, please do leave a review.