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Space Engineers

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Dec 8, 2017 @ 9:30am
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First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains hover engines for large and small grid. The behavior is the same for Planets and Moons, and should also work in Space (if there is something). Two Military Blocks + two Civilian Blocks, Small and Large engine for Small and Large grid (8 Blocks). Military is more Powerfull with better Armor, Civilian is smaller.

Function and how to use:
- the engine maintains a defined distance to the ground or other objects
- the force act on the position of the engine, because that the position has an impact on flight behavior !!
- for normal use it is important to use more than one engine and place it mirrored to the central axis
- if you see red paths, then the sensorpath is detecting the own grid --> change position of engine

You can make different settings. These are also saved.
- Altitude min: the lowest distance to ground (at zero speed)
- Altitude range: this value is added to alt min at 100m/s speed
example: Alt min = 10 and Alt range = 5, => altidude at 0m/s = 10m, 50m/s = 12.5m, 100m/s = 15m
- Regulation distance: the distance where the engine is regulating the force, low is hard, high is soft (like range of spring)
- align to gravity: a small force aligned the engine to gravity (only at low altitude)
- Force to center: Experts only, apply the force to increase/decrease altitude to center of mass (default Off), for small vehicle or special cases
All these setting are also available as controls .
- color: for the emissive
- for debug: activate debug and see the collision check path (not saved)

- why is the collision check to bottom a pyramide?
In the first attempts, problems occurred when individual engines recognized the ground, but others were still too high. The ship turned uncontrolled. To avoid this problem, the collision paths meet at one point.
- if this is working with speedmods?
Some actions and calculations are speed dependent and are truncated at 100m/s. A ship that flies at 200m/s shows the same reaction as a ship flying at 100m/s. (not tested)
- what happens in the background?
please check out the discussion area: "Technical background (SE side)"

Known issues:
- nothing for V9, please report in Discussion Area

Known problems with other mods:
- Build Vision: crashed in combination with this one, maybe a problem with modded terminal controls

Technical Details:
- please see Discussion Area, Technical Background (too much for frontpage)

Link to vehicle from video: HoverEngine Vehicle

I am very curious what you are building with it.

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[AI-BE] Zoroastra 47 minutes ago 
No more exploding vehicles, dysfunctional speed limits, suicidal turns and random jumps?

hell, who needs wheels anymore ^^
TenTech 3 hours ago 
Embedding them in a half-block would be perfect for my landspeeders, tbh.
Takeshi  [author] 21 hours ago 
@All, thanx for the positive feedback
@Lilly, i had added a list to the technical background (maybe that what you are loocking for)
@zans, ehm, the red line is a feature and described in the mod description
@Octavius, we are thinking about that, maybe in the future if there is more time to do it
Kittenstan 22 hours ago 
I've been waiting for something like this forever!
Thank you!
KilometerKibo Feb 20 @ 1:17pm 
*as a planetary control craft
KilometerKibo Feb 20 @ 1:17pm 
I think im going to use this planetary patrol craft.
Mollymawk Feb 20 @ 3:40am 
Perfection. I love this. I've been using it on tunnelling craft to limit collision damage. also on lifts in my base, works good on orbital lifts too to slide up and down the "cable".
NyxOOX Feb 19 @ 10:03pm 
I need to thank you for creating something I've wanted since planets came out.
Lilly Feb 19 @ 7:56pm 
What about scripting? How are the block properties named?
zans Feb 19 @ 4:36pm 
one of the hover engines on my craft (at a location on the craft, like if i put another hover engine in the same location its the same issue, and its not the block its on either, its THAT LOCATION on the craft) is shooting a diagonal red line starting where it is and not really ending at a point just stoping once it reaches its range how do i fix this because its a stealth craft and having a giant neon red line shooting down from is while it flies isnt very stealthy