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Gruppe Adler Trenches
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Dec 8, 2017 @ 6:08am
Apr 4 @ 10:46am
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Gruppe Adler Trenches

Gruppe Adler Trenches (short: GRAD Trenches) retextures ACE trenches based on the ground texture. Therefore trenches look more naturally and to blend into the environment.

- Camouflage your trench with small bushes
- Place trenches in 3DEN and camouflage them directly
- New trenches to place by 0Y0 & max1048
- Giant trench where soldiers can stand behind
- Vehicle trench to cover vulnerable parts of tanks
- Short trench to quickly provide cover for 1-2 soldiers
- Long Trench to give cover to more people

This project is also hosted on GitHub:
Feel free to report issues and submit pull requests there.
There will be no non ACE version.

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Salbei  [author] 8 hours ago 
@Knox, there is a decay system. Which will slowly remove the trenches.
Knox 13 hours ago 
Love the Mod. we currently use it on a milsim server but i had a question. we use a persistent server and lag becomes a slight issue due to the amount of trenches. is there a way to remove trenches in a large area as its a jungle map and very hard to find the trenches. many thanks
[+| CL rautamiekka Apr 23 @ 12:28pm 
@thedemondude1 The Server and every Player needs the mod, no exceptions. This happened to us as well when the mod was outdated on the Server but up-to-date on Clients => tanks quickly annihilated us straight through the trenches.
thedemondude1 Apr 22 @ 3:07pm 
How do you fix them being the non camo, and they are invisible for some people.
Chimz Apr 22 @ 2:34am 
We've been using this mod in my clan for a month now, and it's been great!

● Many options for different sized and shaped trenches
● You can help someone dig a trench faster
● You can camouflage your trench
● Everything can be edited in the Addons Options, including digging speed, decay, camouflage and etc

Awesome work my man! This little mod is a must for Milsim missions and Defend scenarios.
spiderhouse Apr 16 @ 3:37am 
sorry for being introtive but why not and why would he want to put it in a main unit thingy
Salbei  [author] Apr 14 @ 8:17am 
@T. "Gamble" Swopshire No
Pimp Name Slick Back Apr 14 @ 6:37am 
Hey can I put this into my unit main pack to reduce the amount of mods in our steam collection?
Dessert Rat Apr 11 @ 6:24am 
thank you <3
Salbei  [author] Apr 11 @ 6:11am 
Things -> Military -> Envelope