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Kokichi Oma Playermodel & NPC [2.0]
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Dec 8, 2017 @ 4:00am
Jan 5, 2018 @ 4:28pm
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Kokichi Oma Playermodel & NPC [2.0]

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Kokichi Oma (aka Ouma) from New Danganronpa V3!

----> RECOMMENDED MOD - Kokichi Ouma [TFA VOX] <----

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• NPC (enemy & friendly)
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands
• Face posing
• Eye posing

• Hair
• Cape
• Chains
• Scarf
• Restraining straps

• Hat
• Cape
• Buttons
• Scarf
• Restraining straps
• Shirt
• Pants
• Mask

• School Uniform
• Beta Uniform

Hoo boy, it's been awhile!
Welcome to the Playermodel and NPC for Kokichi Oma, the Ultimate Supreme Leader!
This character is from Danganronpa V3
He is an extremely interesting character and my personal favorite Danganronpa character.
It took a lot of time and dedication to edit and create assets to make the best ouma we could so
whether you love him or hate him, I hope you can enjoy this mood as much as I enjoyed making it!

Feel free to leave a Like, Comment, Favorite and Subscribe if you enjoyed, It really helps.
I hope you all like it!


Port to GMOD, Editing, some modeling, and Rigging: ❤Yuki❤
So much help with modeling, porting, photos, and rigging!:Jigsaw
Assistance with rigging, face posing, and textures:Splinks
Making them photos look fancy *-* !: Aliveandying
Credits for MMD assets: LINK[]
Proportions method: CaptainBigButt
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Dec 23, 2017 @ 5:38am
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変態 (Bire) Apr 15 @ 11:28am 
Can you make Izuru Kamukura playermodel? please, I'll appreciate that
TheKnightOfReach Feb 9 @ 12:36pm 
Why do males sometimes look like females in animes? Like that one android from DBZ.
failmanoveccesky02 Feb 1 @ 2:34am 
xddddd cuz it's popular
III Ausf G Jan 30 @ 10:14pm 
so why is this weeaboo shit in my pack of addons I have to add to
failmanoveccesky02 Jan 23 @ 7:40am 
Ah, I see

I'm still quite new to the game and don't know how to equip NPCs with guns but I'll watch some tutorial for it I guess
SilverBelle  [author] Jan 21 @ 12:34pm 
Thats why they are t posed. They need a gun.
failmanoveccesky02 Jan 19 @ 2:44am 
They have nothing equipped.
SilverBelle  [author] Jan 18 @ 5:53pm 
I need to fix the first issue you mentioned. Its a lua error. As for the second problem, do they have a non alyx gun eqped?
failmanoveccesky02 Jan 16 @ 11:32am 
It was mentioned there earlier, but when I spawn the Ultimate enemy NPC, a giant error shows instead... Also the enemies are T-posing, they aren't even attacking me

Otherwise great work!
七夜白猫 Dec 29, 2018 @ 6:23am