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Written Mortar Guide + Video References
By Tactical Corn Field
A comprehensive guide for mortar squads. Includes everything you'll need to know, including calculators and how to test them. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or add me on Steam. Good luck!
Hey guys! Welcome to my first tutorial. After several hours of experience in doing mortar squads, I've worked out a pretty systematic way to make them effective. Additionally, if you want to see how destructive mortars are, check out this video. Enjoy!

The Mortars Themselves
  • Mortars cost 250 points each
  • Only two per FOB are permitted
  • Each reload (3 rounds) costs 90 ammunition (1000 ammo = 11 reloads)
  • Right click to view crosshair (decreases aim sensitivity)
  • The numbers on the left are called miliradian
  • The numbers on the bottom (your compass) are called degrees
  • Left click to fire, you can shoot three mortars at a time
  • Use the distance chart on the left Use the mortar calculator [squadcalc.com]to determine miliradian and degrees to target, do not use the chart on the mortar
  • Mortars take 20 seconds to land once fired
  • Mortars have a minimum range of 50m and a maximum range of 1250m
Running a mortar squad requires a bit of work on everyone's part. Here's what you'll need:
  • A surplus logi that your team does not absolutely need. Mortars are a luxury. Do not make your team lose because you took the only logi.
  • Good FOB placement, and usually on a small/medium map (for rapid logi runs)
  • Mortars built in a safe/hidden and distant position
  • People willing to shoot mortars all game
  • Person willing to do logi runs all game
  • Person willing to follow squad lead all game
  • Valid and accurate targets

The Mortar Squad

  • Name your squad "Mortars"
  • Let absolutely no more than 5 in, or you're wasting the manpower of your team
  • You need one person doing logistics(for ammunition)
  • Two people shooting the mortars
  • Yourself to call in targets and use the calculator
  • A battle buddy for forward rally points

That's how I generally run my squad. It's not the only way, but I found that it's the most effective way. Enemy HABs and FOBs are easier to find if you're alone or with one other person. In terms of calculating, I found it works better and faster if the squad lead does it. The result is devastating to the enemy.
The Solo Mortar
Coming soon! This part will talk about the use of a single mortar by a single player with a geographic calculator, as opposed to an entire organized squad dedicated to mortars.
FOB/Mortar Placement
    Fob Placement:
  • Near main (for rapid resupply and therefore rapid fire)
  • Far from enemies
  • Somewhere defendable if possible
  • Within range of the objectives (1250m)
Calculator: http://nabla.ujkl.ru/squad/

    Mortar Placement:
  • Flat
  • Secure or hidden (like in a compound)
  • Center of the smallest keypad. (if possible)
  • As close to eachother as possible

Calculator Tutorial (Squad Calc)

If you're a visual learner, watch the above video. If not, I'll explain it in writing here. (Note: SquadCalc looks different cosmetically now than in the video, however it functions exactly the same)

The largest grid on the map looks like this:
  • E-2 (seperated by thick black lines)
The second largest grid:
  • E-2-6 (seperated by thin black lines)
The third largest grid:
  • E-2-6-4 (seperated by thin white lines)

This is as small a grid as the map has. We need smaller in order to be accurate. Say your mortar or target is at the bottom-left of one of those little white boxes. You just look at your keypad[imgur.com] and add -1 to E-2-6-4. Which would be this:
  • E-2-6-4-1

You just need to accurately type in the mortar position on the left, and then the target position on the right. The calculator will tell you exactly where your guys need to aim (miliradian=up/down)(bearing=left/right) and then voila! Now you have pinpoint accurate mortars. Now we need to find a target and fire, which I do in an actual game.

Calculator Tutorial (Point + Click)

This calculator is super easy. You literally just have to click and drag, and if you have difficulty with landmarks, there's a section to type out keypads as well.

    Geographic Calculator Tutorial:
  • Mark your mortar on the map (accurately)
  • Mark your target on the map
  • Tell your guys two numbers.

Basic Firing

When you're targeting infantry or an objecitve, it's always important to ration out your mortars. Make sure you're bringing back 2000 ammo per logi run. If you're on a small map and your FOB is near main, it's less of an issue. However, on larger maps you need to use your ammo sparingly. Additionally, depending on what you're shooting at, you'll have to saturate.

By saturating, I mean that you spread out the mortars. Infantry will just run around them if they're landing in one spot. So you want to tell your guys to saturate, spread them out, use a standard deviation of X degrees or Y miliradian, however you like to put it. Doesn't apply while shooting at static targets.

If you're shooting moving infantry, remember to lead your targets. Mortars take 20 seconds to land, so you'll need to account for that plus the amount of time it takes for you to call in the attack.

As you know, I like to tell my squad myself where to fire. Typically, I'll see a target, calculate it, and then tell my squad verbally and in squad chat, twice.

"Alright, shoot 1290, 263. 1290, 263."

It's best for your squad to wait for the command to fire, so that you can make sure no friendlies are nearby. If there are friendlies nearby and you feel it necessary to fire, tell them to pull back or get to cover. Remember that they will have 20 seconds to do so once you've fired.

Additionally, tell your guys to stay on their mortars at all times. This is essential if you want to fire at a particular target with as little delay as possible.

Adjusting Fire
Mortars, by their nature, won't always land directly on the target, which is to be expected. That being said, they are still accurate enough to take down HABs, vehicles, and even radios. If your shots actually are off, you'll have to adjust fire. Think about where your mortars are, and where they're landing. Telling them to add 10 miliradian will make the mortars land a bit closer, whereas moving one degree will cause the mortars to land a bit to the left or right. This all depends on the range of couse, and you'll want to remember that even a half degree at 1000 meters will be significant compared to a half degree from 150m. Adjusting fire takes some getting used to, and you'll get better with experience.

  • Add miliradian = mortars land closer
  • Subtract miliradian = mortars land farther

Here's a good example of the whole process from an actual game.
Ahh yes, the last part: targets. Since firing and targets go hand in hand, here's a general Rule of Thumb that I follow.

General Rule of Thumb:
  • Targets you can't see yourself = don't even bother (unless you have enough ammo)
  • Infantry/objectives= saturation, ration ammo (unless you have enough ammo)
  • Stationary targets= no saturation, rapid fire until out of ammo (if accurate)

The best target of all is a HAB. Taking down an enemy HAB puts them in a very difficuly position, so long as you keep firing. If your mortars can hit their HAB, you'll usually be able to kill it, so long as you have ammo. Even if enemies stay inside and rebuild it (which is very rare considering how fast HABs will fall to mortars) you'll still be killing everybody else who leaves it, bleeding their tickets. Only two things can stop you: They find your mortars, or you run out of ammo.

Killing enemy mortar crews with your mortar crew is kinda fun, too.

When you're in a vehicle and mortars land on you, they hurt. So vehicles are great targets, as well. If a BTR is pinning your entire team, you can drop mortars on it and kill it or at least cause it to move. If a Stryker is abandoned you can blow it up and cause the enemy to lose 3 squads worth of tickets. Or simply♥♥♥♥♥♥it off by dropping smoke in front of it.

Using mortars for area denial or killing infantry is only slightly effective. Mortars have to be shot at a small area to be truly effective as it stands. You can still deny areas of a cap, and wipe whole squads as they attack, but it requires more luck than finding the enemy HAB. At least in my experience.
Complications (Coming soon!)
Coming soon.
Conclusion + Video Examples + Calculators
Mortars are difficult to get right, but when they work, they work. I've gotten about 40 kills with my mortar squads, and we've taken down 3 HABs in a single game, plus vehicles. I've even heard of people getting 80 kills as a mortar squad, which is insane.

http://squadcalc.com/ --- Basic calculator.
http://nabla.ujkl.ru/squad/ --- Point and click calculator. (depends on your preference)
http://mc.welovesquad.de/ --- We ♥ Squad calculator. (not mentioned in tutorial, but pretty neat)
https://squadmc.ende.pro --- Another point and click calculator. Comes with extra bells and whistles.

Commands to test mortars in firing range
  • AdminChangeMap Fool's Road AAS v1
  • AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1 (allows you to claim any vehicle)
  • AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 1 (allows you to place anything you want)
  • Adminslomo 20 (speeds or slows in-game time)

All of the above video examples have the entire fire mission process from start to finish, in an actual game. More of those to come. Hope this helps everyone, get out there and start shelling!

PS. Thanks to the devs for adding mortars, and thank you to all of the people who have made calculators for this game.
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@HammerHead - I go over spread in the "Firing" section, however I will elaborate on it.
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It will be a great guide when it will include spread - dispersion. When you are not sure what I mean check my guide out.The difference between using the mortar and using it correctly is dispersion because it triples the effectiveness of the mortar.
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