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Northgard Achievements Guide
By Atari9
This guide includes all the information you will need to work through the achievements available for Northgard on Steam. While most of the achievements are easily accrued through normal gameplay, there are a few that require going out of your natural playstyle. Also, the mastery achievements require a significant time investment.

Note: I try to keep this guide up to date, however the developers regularly tweak the game and add new content. Feel free to let me know in the comments section if I have missed some information that you think would help improve the guide. Im always happy to include more resources in the guide.

Check out the Completion Stats for Each Achievement to compare your achievements to that of the overall player base.
Standard Achievements

Task: Explore a ruin

Method: With a scout selected, right click on a ruin in a territory under your control, as pictured below

Task: Kill 20 Draugar in a single game

Method: While there tend to be a fair number of Draugr that spawn in each map, in order to ensure you kill 20+ in a single game you should camp a territory with Draugr Tombs. The Tombs will regularly spawn Draugr and you can kill them as they spawn (Dont colonise as it will destory the Tombs). A territory with Draugr Tombs is pictured below.

Wolf Hunter:
Task: Kill 20 Wolves in a single game

Method: As with the Purge (Draugr) challenge, the Wolf Hunter achievement can most easily be accomplished via camping a Wolf Cave (pictured below). The Cave will regularly spawn wolves and you can kill them as they spawn (Dont colonise, as it will destory the Wolf Cave)

Squalid Living:
Task: Build a House in a swamp

Method: Explore a swamp territory (like the one pictured below). Then colonise the territory and construct a house in that territory.

Task: Have 3 active trade route in a single game

Method: This achievement is involes constructing 3 trading posts and establishing trade routes for each of them. It is made a lot easier when there is a Jötunn Camp spawned in your game, as you make three food trading routes with the Jotnar. (Play a high food producing clan like the Stag).
If they do not spawn in your map, the achievement is still straightforward. All You need to trade 3 different resources (Food, wood and one of iron or stone) with another clan.

Task: Build 3 Harbors in a single game

Method: Only one harbor can be built per territory, therefore you will require 3 coastal tiles in order to attain this achievement. You can develop territories (100 Krowns) in order to increase their building capacity by one if you need to expand an already full territory to make room for a harbor.
Note: Just so there is no confusion, while only the Raven clan can build harbors, the longship docks of other clans count towards this achievement.

Plowshares to Swords:
Task: Turn a Farmer into a Warrior

Method: Simply take a farmer from the field he is working on and convert him to a warrior by right clicking on a training camp.

The Wall:
Task: Have 7 Defense Towers in your territory

Method: Construct 7 towers across your territory. Note that only one tower can be constructed in each tile, therefore in order to complete the task you will need at least 7 tiles/territories. (You will need enough krown production to cover the upkeep costs)

Kobolds and Friends:
Task: Trade with the Kobolds
Method: Trade with the Kobolds by building a tradepost and establishing a trade route with them, as pictured below.

Kobold Wipe Out:
Task: Destroy a Kobold camp
Method: Take a small force (1 warchief + 2 warriors) and invade a kobold camp (pictured below). Colonise the territory once you clear the kobolds to unlock the achievement.

Task: Control 15 territories

Method: Simply colonise 15 territories. Most easily done against one easy opponent with a clan that has high food production in order to cover the exponential cost of colonisation.
Note: Every map size has over 15 tiles (small, medium and large).

Task: Have 6 active Runestone or Carved Stones

Method: Simply have your villagers occupy any runestones (or circles of stones) that spawn on the map. Should there be less than 6 slots available for loremasters by nature spawn, you can construct a carved stone to cover the shortage.
Note: This challenge is best done while also working towards a wisdom victory, as as having 6+ active loremasters will provide a significant portion of the lore production required for the aforementioned victory type.

Great Explorer:
Task: Explore every zone of Northgard

Method: The Raven clan is the best clan for achieving this task due to their scout specific lore upgrades. 'Rangers' (pictured below) increases scouting and exploration speed by 100%. Also scouts no longer consume food and cannot be hurt while exploring.

This will save you the hassle of having to heal your scouts manual as with other clans, as well as reduce the time taken to explore the map. You will need to upgrade your scout camp[] in order to explore enemy territories.
Complex Achievements

Friend of the Jotnar:
Task: Unlock the Giant's Warchief
Method: While the Jotnar Camp will spawn in most maps, it doesnt have a 100% spawn rate.
In order to unlock the Giant's Warchief, you have to scout their territory and then trade food with the giants until the friendship bar reaches 100%. This can be quite a long process and requires a lot of food. The following tips should help:
  • Play one of the high food producing clans (Stag or Goat).
  • Use more than one trading post to trade food with them (With the Jotnar you can only trade food but you can create more than one trading route with them).

Jotnar Camp

Giant Warchief Unit

Task: Slaughter 8 sheep in a single game
Method: This is most easily accomplished while playing the Goat Clan, as they start with 2 sheep. Playing on a large map will increase the total number of tiles, therefore increasing the chance of additional sheep spawns. By playing for a domination victory and colonising most tiles on a large map, you should find 6 more sheep across Northgard.
To slaughter a sheep, select it and you should see a bar stating slaughter below its character icon.

Bear Hunter
Kill 3 bears in a single game
Method: This achievement can be quite difficult because it is so dependent on bears spawning in 3 different tiles across one map. By having 1 opponent and expanding the map to a large setting, you should decrease the probability of other clans clearing the bears before you can reach them while maximising the number of bears that can spawn in a single map. Bears are quite a tough neutral unit but can be easily taken down with a warchief and 2 warriors (Achievable with fewer units but requires careful micromanagement).

Task: Kill the Wyvern
Only enable Fame Victory to increase the Wyvern spawn rate.
The mian difficulty of this achievement is getting a map that spawns a Wyvern. In order to increase the spawn rate of the Wyvern, you should only have Fame Victory enabled.
In terms of slaying the wyvern, you'll find it is far more difficult than other neutral territories like Kobold Camps or Draugr Tombs. The strategy I used is shown in the video below:

You should have a handful of tanky melee units (ideally shield bearers) to sustain the wyvern damage and then a large group of upgraded axe throwers for DPS.

Military upgrades are available in the lore tree, by upgrading tools, and by upgrading the relevant building for the unit you want improved.

Lore Seeker
Build a Carved Stone next to the Relic of the Gods
Only enable Wisdom Victory to increase Relic spawn rate
There is some confusion around the spawning of the Relic of the Gods[]. This tile will spawn in wisdom victory enabled maps. In order to increase the probability of its spawn rate, have only wisdom victory enabled.

Scout the map to ensure the tile has spawned in your map. Once you have located it, you need to clear it of Valkyries and then colonise the tile. Then all you need to do is construct a carved stone (Costs 15 stone, which can be halved with the 'Erudition' lore upgrade)

MIning Tasks
Iron Miner:
Task:Mine 60 Iron in a single game
Stone Miner:
Task: Mine 150 Stone in a single game
All you need to do for these missions is mine the sufficient quanities. The main challenge of this is ensuring there is enough of each resource spawned onto the map. In order to increase this, you can improve mining efficiency via upgrades and improve the spawn rate by increasing map size. Increasing the map size to large and playing against 1 AI (to reduce competition for resources) is straightforward.
Note: By removing all victory conditions except map special, you will increase the probability of the 'Magma Flow' tile, which will include an extra iron mine.
Mining Upgrades:
  • Improving miners tools (30 krowns and 5 iron): Increases extraction of Stone and Iron by 15%
  • Mining Effiency (lore upgrade): Increases extraction of Stone and Iron by 30%

Note:I strongly advise against using the Boar Clan for this achievement, due to the fact that the 'Mining Efficiency' lore upgrade is replaced by Handiwork (a unique Boar Clan lore upgrade).

Rare spawn of a large stockpile that greatly reduces achievement difficulty

Magma Flow tile that will contain an additional iron mine

Valkyrie Achievements
Task: Kill 5 Valkyries in a single game
Legendary Guardian:
Task: Kill 10 Valkyries in a single game

Method: This task is most efficiently achieved by capturing the 'Gates of Helheim' territory, which is a map special victory tile.

You will have to slay 4 or so valkyries in order to colonise the territory. Then each month 2-3 valkyries will spawn for a 12 month period. In doing so you will comfortably kill at least 10 valkyries, as well as completing 'The Protector' task' (Victory be defending the Gates of Helheim).

In order to take and defend this territory, you will require a decent Warband. During the initial attack, raiding to kill one Valkyrie at a time will reduce casualties. Also building a defence tower once you colonise the territory will help defend it.

Complex Achievements II

The Explorer
Task: Have the whole map explored before the year 803 in a Medium or Large map [not in campaign]

Note: Not to be confused with great explorer, which just requires exploring the whole map (no specific settings/time limit).

The game will always start at year 800. Therefore you have 3 years in which to complete this task. It is fairly straightforward once you apply the following settings:
  1. Clan: Raven
  2. Map Size: Medium
  3. World Hostility: Low
  4. Number of Opponents: 0
  • Just like with the other exploration achievement, using the Raven clan will make your job a lot more straightforward. This is because of the lore upgrade 'Rangers' which has multiple benefits for your scouts. Its increases their rate of scouting, takes away their food upkeep cost, and they will no longer take any damage while scouting. Journeyman (The final upgrade for Raven on the first tree is also very useful, as it increases your happiness based off explored territories, meaning you can sustain a large population without having to invest in happiness related buildings, etc).
  • Why make the achievement harder than it needs to be. You should choose medium over large because it simply reduces the number of tiles that requires scouting while still fullfilling the challenge (Note: small map size will not work)
  • Reduces the annoyance of neutral unit attacks, as well as increasing the rate at which you will gather resources. Just means you can more easily focus on spamming out scouts instead of putting villagers into other things like warriors or food gathers.
  • By having no opponents, you take away the need to invest villagers into troops, as well as taking away the requirement of an upgraded scout camp because you wont have to scout enemy territories (There will only be neutral territories).
My Method:
I started with the standard setup, a wood camp and house. I then quickly built a scout camp to start the exploration process, as well as to find nearby tiles that would be useful. My next priority was to expand into a couple surrounding tiles, and develop an economy that could sustain my scouts. I kept an eye out for any lore related tiles, as increasing my lore collection rate would get me the 'Rangers' upgraded sooner. You dont need a massive food economy, 1 or 2 specialised food buildings should be enough. From there it was very straightforward.

Note: Make sure to micromanage your scouts during the process, as their natural pathing tends to be very inefficient (They wont scout the next tile ahead, and will instead run across the map to explore another tile). Try fan your scouts out so they scout outwards from your town hall in a wave formation. This will stop you from having to run across already scouted territories to clear a few tiles that you missed earlier.

I didn't require an upgraded scout camp (It increases scouting rate by 50%), because I had explored the map before I had the stone to upgrade. Additionally, I didnt use the scouting option from Raven harbours, but that might be useful if it takes you longer.

Click on the image for full size.

Remainder of this section is still under construction.

1. Hanging out with friends
Have 6 warchiefs on one of your tile [not in campaign]

2. Deer Hunter
Control 4 Hunter's Lodge at the same time [not in campaign]

3. It's a Wonderful Life
Keep your happiness over 12 for a whole year [not in campaign]

4. Dances with wolves
Gather 1000 food by killing wolves with the Clan of the Wolf in one game [not in campaign]

5. Big Fish
Have 10 fishermen at the same time [not in campaign]

6. For a Few More Krowns
Have 3000+ krowns [not in campaign]

7. The Long Game
Reach the year 810 [not in campaign]
Tile Achievements

Please note that these achievements can take quite awhile to finish due to not spawning in every game.

Vedrfolnir (Bird) Achievements
Bird Enthusiast:
Task: Heal Vedrfolnir once
Bird Lover:
Task: Heal Vedrfolnir 10 times

Vedrfolnir spawn rate can be increased on Wisdom Victory only maps.
Increasing the map size to large will help as well. Unlike the other tiles which can be taken from other players, once Vedrfolnir has been healed, it can no longer be used by other players. Therefore face only 1 AI to reduce the risk of your opponent taking it from you.

Note: Vedrfolnir has to be healed to full health in order to count towards the achievement. Colonising the tile its on is not enough.

Thor Wrath Achievements
Contact with Thor:
Task: Colonize the Thor Wrath tile once
Thor Fanatic:
Task: Colonize the Thor Wrath Tile 10 times

The Thor Wrath tiles will always be defended by 1 valkryie. Defeat it and colonise the territory to count towards this achievement.
I have found in my experience that the tile will spawn more regularly in larger maps focused on domination victory.

Geyser Achievements
Hot water:
Task: Colonize 1 geyser tile
Northern SPA:
Task: Colonize 10 geyser tiles

There is no set defender for these tiles like with the Thor Wrath tile, however they are often occupied by wolves or draugr.
I've found they are the most common of the 3 tiles to spawn, and will occur in all victory types. Also the geyser bonuses are incredibly useful regardless of your strategy/victory condition, so you definitely prioritise colonising these when you can.
Clan Achievements
There are currently 6 clans within Northgard, which at 50 games per clan mastery, makes for 300+ games in order to accomplish the following achievements.

Task: Win with the clan of the Goat
Goat Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with the Clan of the Goat

Method: Due to their strong economic bonuses (rivalled only by the Stag Clan), the Goat Clan can win either domination/fame orientated victories fairly easily, or trade/wisdom victories.

Sheep Master
Task: Have 3 active upgraded Sheepfolds

Method: Sheepfolds are a unique building to the Goat Clan. They use sheep as workers to produce food. As with most other buildings, only one can be constructed per tile.
Construct one sheepfold in three different tiles and then upgrade them to attain this achievement.
Note: While you need to have three upgraded sheepfolds, you don't need the sheep required to fill them.

The cost of upgrading the sheepfolds can be reduced by the 'Carpentry Mastery' lore research, which decreases the cost by 20%. If you have exhausted all the iron mines in the area and still require more in order to upgrade all 3, you can purchase the additional stone you require from the Marketplace in exchange for Kröwns.

Task: Win with the clan of the Raven
Raven Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with the Clan of the Raven

Method: The Raven Clan's main strength is trade and exploration, therefore a Trade Victory is the most suitable method of achieving victory with this clan. Establishing multiple harbours along any coastal territory you have colonised is easier than establishing an economy that can sustain trading other resources for Kröwns.
'Shipbuilding' lore research and upgrading the tools of sailors will help speed up this trade victory, as well as upgrading the harbours to contain 3 sailors.

Task: Win with the clan of the Wolf
Wolf Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with the Clan of the Wolf

Method: The most efficient way to win with the Wolf Clan is via domination victories, due to their main clan strength coming from military bonuses. Playing on a small map against 1 easy AI opponent is the fastest combination available.

Task: Hire the Berserker

Method: The Berserker is unique to the Wolf Clan, and is their equivalent of a warchief. He can be hired in a training camp for the same price of 150 Kröwns and 5 iron.

Task: Win with the clan of the Bear
Bear Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with the Clan of the Bear

Method: The Bear Clan is fairly rounded due to its unique bonuses being spread across defence and resistance to adverse winter effects. However, their shield mastery lore upgrade (improves shield bearers and reduces their cost) makes them a strong military power, particularly when rushing. While this strategy might not always be relevant due to future balance changes, its quite a prevalent multiplayer tactic at the moment. They can therefore be used successful in both single and multiplayer domination victories.

For single player, I would recommend a shield bearer rush in a small sized 1v1 domination map with low hostility.
Clan Achievemnts II

Task: Win with the clan of the Boar
Boar Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with Clan of the Boar

Method: The Boar Clan is a wisdom orientated clan that has multiple bonuses that help it more easily achieve wisdom victories. Idle menders will produce lore instead of food while idle, and their blessings are improved when they reach 500 fame. Therefore Wisdom victories are the most efficient method to reach 50 wins with the Boar Clan

Nature's Wonders
Task: Have 12 menders in your territory

Method: Menders are a unique unit of the Boar Clan,
derived from their special building, the Mender's Hut, which
replaces a regular Healer's Hut. Upgraded Mender's Huts can contain
3 menders, while regular huts contain 2. Therefore you will require
either 6 regular Mender's Huts, 4 upgraded Mender's Huts, or a
mixture of the two that totals to 12.

Task: Win with the clan of the Stag
Stag Master:
Task: Get 50 Victories with Clan of the Stag

Method: In the current state of the game, I believe the Stag Clan is one of, if not the strongest clan. They have fantastic benefits that combine well to create a mid/late game economy that is unrivalled. They also have some useful fame related perks that are beneficial in pursuing a Fame Victory. Examples of this are its 'Glory of the Clan' lore research (Increases each gain of Fame by 20%) and their unique building, Hall of Skalds, which replaces the brewery and produces fame as well as happiness.

Task: Have 5 active Skalds at the same time

Method: Skalds are the units that replace brewers for the Stag Clan. Having one upgraded Hall of Skalds and one regular hall filled to capacity will complete this achievement.

Victory Achievements

Great Merchant
Task: Achieve a Trade Victory

Method: Essentially, in order to attain this victory type you need to focus on developing a large krown income in order to sustain the consistent expenditure of a great route. The more income you have, the more expensive a route you can maintain, which will in turn speed up your victory.

The Raven Clan's affinity with the harbour building makes them well suited to achieving this victory type, with upgrades such as Exotic Goods (bonus happiness per harbour) giving them a natural advantage.

Conversely, a strong food producing clan such as the Goat Clan could be an alternative, establishing multiple food trade routes to a neutral unit (Jotnar Camp for example) in order to maintain a sufficient krown income (Their 'Food Trade' upgrade would help with this).

Task: Achieve a Domination Victory

Method: Domination victories are straightforward: destroy the other clans in the game. This can be the longest/most difficult victory type in a normal game (multiplayer) because it can take a long time to break down your opponent's defences and costs a lot of food to colonise tiles towards their Town Hall. Playing on a small map against 1 easy AI should speed this up drastically.

I would consider most clans at least somewhat suitable for this challenge, bar perhaps the Boar Clan.
  • Wolf Clan: Very strong warchief and a host of different military bonuses.
  • Bear Clan: Incredibly effective rushing ability (often seen online) with upgraded shield bearers, while the armoured bear is useful clearing neutral camps in order to quickly reach your opponent.
  • Stag & Goat Clans: Strong food income and economy in order to colonise towards the enemy and quickly build and maintain a solid warband.
  • Raven Clan: Can use mercenaries to capture opposition Town Hall tiles.

Note: You only need to capture the territory with the opposing clan's town hall, so you can ignore their other tiles.

King of Northgard
Task: Achieve a Fame Victory

The conditions of a Fame victory are fairly straightforward. Constructing an Altar of Kings just has a construction cost, colonising 12 territories is simple on a large map, and fame can be gained in multiple ways, such as:
  • Lore
  • Upgraded Buildings
  • Defeating Neutral Monsters (Wyvern, Draugar, Wolves)
  • Sailors
  • Feasting
  • Etc

I would consider the Stag Clan the most efficient fame clan, with their Brewery (Hall of Skalds) producing fame, 'Glory of the Clan' lore upgrade (20% bonus fame), and a strong food-based economy which easily enables the colonisation of 12 tiles.

Altar of Kings: Can be found in the advanced section of the building menu.
Cost: Wood 300, Kröwns 300, Stone 10

Note: By only enabling Fame victory, you will increase the probability of a Wyvern spawning, which when slain gives a 300 Fame boost

The Wise
Task: Achieve a Wisdom Victory

Method: In order to achieve a wisdom you need active lore-gathering units (either loremasters or sailors), and attain all 4 blessings within the lore tree. This requires researching 15 different lore upgrades.

Loremasters can be placed on a 'Circle of Stones' or 'Runestone'

You can also:
  • Construct Carved Stones (Costs stone)
  • Research the 'Erudition' upgrade (Halves carved stone cost and increase loremaster output by 20%)
  • Train sailors and set them to raid for lore (As opposed to Fame)
  • Upgrade the tools of your loremasters
  • Construct an Alter of Kings has +2 lore income as well (+4 with the boar upgrade Legacy)
  • Capture/Colonise the Relic of the Gods (pictured below)

Note: By enabling only wisdom victory, you will increase the number of 'circle of stones' and other wisdom related bonuses, which should speed up the process of winning by wisdom.
Special Victory Achievements
Each of these tiles randomly spawns when 'Map Special' victory type is enabled. One one of these tiles will spawn in a single game, and each offers a different challenge, which is explained below.

The Mystic
Task: Win by taking control of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is fairly straightforward in comparison to the other challenges. All you need to do is scout the territory, clear it of the Valkyries that guard it and colonise it (which costs 2000 food). The primary difficulty with this achievement is stockpiling 2000 food and defending it against attacks while the colonisation timer ticks down.

Due to the high food cost involved, a strong food producing clan (Either the Goat or Stag Clan) is highly recommended to speed up this process.

The Smith
Task: Win by forging the Sword of Odin

Method: As with the other map special victory tiles, this challenge first requires clearing the Magma Forge tile of Valkyrie. The rest of the challenge revolves around the use of Iron to forge the 3 parts of Odin's Sword. Each of these parts costs 15 Iron and takes a certain amount of time to be forged. The smithing of the sword is done by the unique 'Forge' building, which can be found in the advanced section of the building menu and must be built on the Magma Forge tile.

Forge: Unique building used for the smithing of Odin's Sword

Conserving Iron is an important part of this challenge, so you should avoid upgrading too many units. The mining efficiency upgrade and Jords blessing can increase your iron stockpile, and additional iron can be purchased from the marketplace building if necessary (It is quite expensive!)

The Protector
Task: Win by guarding the Gate of Helheim

Method: The Protector achievement requires fighting multiple waves of Valkyrie as part of colonising and defending it. A wave of 2 Valkyrie will spawn each month that you hold the territory. You have to hold the territory for a total of 12 months in order to win by this victory condition.

One thing I strongly recommend is constructing a defensive tower once you colonise the territory. It will provide additional firepower against the monthly waves, as well as serving to fend off attacks from other players coming into the territory.

Another beneficial action is fulfilling the trading friendship with the Jotnar Camp in order to get the Giant Warchief unit, which can tank the valkyrie damage very effective.
This obviously takes quite a while and isn't always an option. Your warchief or upgraded shield bearers are an effective alternative. Also, the Bear Clans armoured bear is another option.

Having a maxed out healers hut can also help with this as they can quickly heal the wounded units that tanked the wave.


Total Win Achievements
Currently, there are 7 different achievements related to total wins (10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000)
Warrior Rank
Task: Achieve 10 victories with any clan
Warchief Rank
Task: Achieve 25 victories with any clan
Thane Rank
Task: Achieve 50 victories with any clan
Jarl Rank:
Task: Achieve 100 victories with any clan
King Rank
Task: Achieve 250 victories with any clan
High King Rank:
Task: Achieve 500 victories with any clan
Norse God
Task: Achieve 1000 victories with any clan
Achievement Strategy:
Obviously, for someone who is passionate about the game, they will eventually rack up 100+ wins over the course of their time playing the game. However, if you wanted to attain the King Rank urgently, I would recommend the following settings:
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Clan: Stag or Goat
  • Map Size: Small
  • Number of Opposition: 1
  • Victory Conditions: All
The reasoning for these settings is fairly simple. In a 1v1 on a small map against easy AI, their town hall is extremely close and poorly defended. The reasoning behind using Stag or Goat over the other clans is purely down to the fact that their economic strengths vastly outway other clans. However, in such short and straightforward games, other clans are more than adequate as well.

Essentially the strategy in these games should be to establish a basic economy that can maintain a moderately sized Warband (War chief + 4 or so units) while expanding directly towards the opponents town hall. With basic micromanagement of troops and the use of a healing hut, you can quickly destroy any troops or defensive towers standing between you and a domination victory.

Tracking Your Progress
You can track your progress on these achievements via the profile tab on the main Northgard menu.

Campaign Achievements

This is the currently the best resource I can find that has the campaign completed on extreme difficulty all in one video. Its a fairly useful reference for any challenges you have with the campaign, although I hope to add some of my own strategy tips at a later point.

Chapter 1 - Exodus:
Task: Complete the first chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 2 - Foothold
Task: Complete the second chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 3 - Settlement:
Task: Complete the third chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 4 - Trade War:
Task: Complete the fourth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 5 - Punitive Expedition:
Task: Complete the fifth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 6 - Intervention:
Task: Complete the sixth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 7 - Jötunnheim:
Task: Complete the seventh chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 8 - Contest:
Task: Complete the eighth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 9 - Tremors:
Task: Complete the ninth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 10 - Fimbulvinter:
Task: Complete the tenth chapter of Rig's Saga
Chapter 11 - Bifrost:
Task: Complete the eleventh chapter of Rig's Saga

The End:
Task: Complete Rig's Saga in Normal difficulty (or above)
Task: Complete Rig's Saga in Hard difficulty (or above)
Through Helheim and Back:
Task: Complete Rig's Saga in Extreme difficulty

Campaign Reward:
The reward for completing the campaign on extreme difficulty + completiong of secret objectives:
Ability to use characters from the campaign as your warchief in single or mulitplayer games outside of the campaign.

Secret Objective Achievements

Note: I will add some strategy tips to help with the completion of these secret objectives, but I have just listed them for now as some people want to do them during their first attempt at each campagin mission. You can complete secret objectives during this initial attempt (Before you unlock the info about these challenges).
Most of these are fairly straightforward and just require minor detours on the path to mission completion.

1. Secrets of Exodus
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the first chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Reach 500 food.
  2. Explore all the abandoned houses.
  3. build the longship dock before year 3.

2. Secrets of Foothold:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the second chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Reach 6 happiness.
  2. Destroy all the Wolf Dens.
  3. Trade Food and Wood with Halvard via 2 Trade Routes for at least 1 Month each.

3. Secrets of Settlement:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the third chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Hold 6 Sheep in Sheepfolds at any one time.
  2. Kill all the Valkyries.
  3. Organise 6 feasts.

4. Secrets of Trade War:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the fourth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Force the Raven Clan to surrender.
  2. Trade with all neutral factions at the same time during 1 Month.
  3. Have 12 Merchants and 6 Sailors active at any one time.

5. Secrets of Punitive Expedition:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the fifth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Destroy both secondary raven outposts.
  2. Kill Hagen before Year 2 ends.
  3. Complete the mission with Egil never being defeated.

6. Secrets of Intervention:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the sixth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Never fail to meet any of Svarn's requests.
  2. Reach 500 Fame before year 4.
  3. Win without building any Harbor.

7. Secrets of Jötunnheim
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the seventh chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Supply food to your Jötnar allies through trade until they let you through.
  2. Unravel the Jötnar's forgotten history by studying the giant sword.
  3. Win without having any Mender.

8. Secrets of Contest
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the eighth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Kill all the Wyverns. (there are 2)
  2. Colonize the Jötnar's camp.
  3. Subdue Borgild by force.

9. Secrets of Tremors
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the ninth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Slay the Hrímgadr before Year 4.
  2. Get 10 different types of military units at one time. (the 6 warchiefs, 1 bear, and the 3 standard units)
  3. Exploit 4 Rimsteel mines at any one time.

10. Secrets of Fimbulvinter:
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the tenth chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Build at least 6 upgraded Defense Towers.
  2. Survive without building any Defense Towers.
  3. Do not allow any of your allies to fall.

11. Secrets of Bifrost
Task: Complete each of the secret objectives of the eleventh chapter of Rig's Saga
  1. Seal one gate of Muspell each year.
  2. Annihilate all the poor Kobolds.
  3. Do not let Bifrost fall under 50% of its durability.

Secrets of Rig's Saga:
Task: Complete all the secret objectives in every chapter of Rig's Saga

Strategy: Simply complete the secret objectives for all 11 of the campaign missions in order to unlock this achievement.
Change Log

  1. Guide published: 26/01/2018
  2. General Update: ~15/02/2018
  3. Initial Full Release Updates: 8/03/2018
  4. First Round of Campaign Updates: 20/03/2018
  5. Second Round of Campaign Progress: 3/04/2018
  6. Further Campaign Progress: 16/04/2018
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QuantoN Oct 20 @ 6:13am 
Hi Nortgard Pros,
Hanging out with friends
Have 6 warchiefs on one of your tile [not in Story Mode]
How can I do this achivement ?

Atari9  [author] May 22 @ 7:22pm 
Hey Vorto, I’ll get round to messaging you about that when I’ve got some more free time. Thanks for the invite
Atari9  [author] May 22 @ 7:21pm 
Hey Empty, the secret achievements are separate from extreme difficulty. Some of the secret tasks can be a bit annoying, so doing them on a lower difficulty is a good way to get them done. Then you can go through on extreme difficulty and just focus on completing the mission itself.
Empty May 22 @ 5:56pm 
@Atari9 and thank you for this great guide :) helped me a lot <3
Empty May 22 @ 5:55pm 
@Atari9 do i have to complete the secret achievements in extreme difficulty as well to open the war-chiefs ?

because i've gotten 5 secret achievements up till now on normal diff. !!
Vorto May 2 @ 2:42pm 
Hello Atari9 i have started a group to bundle up the request for "Hanging up with friends" achievment. We finished two runs successfuly. I'll invite you, that you can get it too and finish your guide a little bit more.
Atari9  [author] Apr 16 @ 4:57am 
@VladAndreCav If you complete the campaign on extreme difficult as well as the secret objectives, you unlock the characters from the campaign as your warchief for single and multiplayer. I added a section on it in the guide explaining it :)
VladAndreiCav Apr 13 @ 8:53am 
I've heard there's a way to unlock the campaign berserkers for Multiplayer use, is it true?
Quetzal39 Apr 4 @ 5:07pm 
Really soo Useful, thanks a lot

Atari9  [author] Apr 2 @ 12:18am 
@Nova Strict
Cheers for that link. Ive added the list from that to the guide!