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Shadow Dynasty's Coin & Trade
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Shadow Dynasty's Coin & Trade

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Shadow Dynasty's Coin & Trade

Mod ID: 1222876108

The aim of this mod is simple: to bring coin to the world of Conan Exiles to further support the theme of trading, merchants and economy. Coins can be found from every variation of humanoid NPC and also gained through any 3 of the Trade Posts that are also added into the game. The Trade Posts can be spawned in by admins only, so server owners can choose locations for placement according to there harvesting rates and other choices. Shops to come soon!

  • Copper, Silver & Gold in the form of a Dynastian Coin (read item description in-game)

  • Tier 1,2 & 3 Trade Posts. Different resources can be purchased and sold

  • Tier 1,2 & 3 Variations of: General Goods, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Dyes, Farm and Builders (Goods can be purchased here)

  • The Shanty Shack: A mysterious building selling unique items and gadgets (Buy the music horn and public items here)

  • All humanoids in-game have a chance to drop coins depending on there level

  • All Coins can be put onto action bar and placed in the world

  • Coins have NO ownership, meaning if you place a coin on the ground, anybody can pick them up!

  • Coins have no weight, carry as many as you want!

  • Trade Posts all have a market style ambience arround them

  • All Trade Posts have direct currency transfers (copper into silver, silver into copper etc)

  • Level required Feats, Copper Silver and Gold. Unlock these at the appropriate level to be able to use the Trade Posts (these cost 1 point to activate)

  • 5x Feats T1 Tradepost, T2 and T3 along with Markets and Shop

  • Trade Posts all have unique map icons that are visible to everybody, making it easy to spot the location of the shops

  • Only admins can spawn the trade posts and shops in-game, this allows server owners to strategically place them where they wish, in correspondance with the harvest rates and other factors. (check 'Other' and scroll to the bottom on the admin item panel)

  • Public door, gate, trapdoor, bonfire and beds, all usable by everybody (purchasable from the Shanty Shack)

  • Music Box (click to play a 15minute tavern ambience) (Purchasable from the Shanty Shack)


To join our official Roleplay server, ask questions about our mod or would simply like to know more, please visit our website: ShadowDynasty []

More information on this mod can be found here: Shadow Dynasty - Coin & Trade []

Engage directly with our community on our Offician Coin & Trade Discord server: SD Discord []

To show support for this mod donations can be made here: Support []
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Bennie Boo Boo
< >
BaiGuJing Mar 14 @ 7:36am 
Good to know, thank you
Kwikninja  [author] Mar 14 @ 2:51am 
@Woodtears - Create a kit within Pippi for which you can purchase Dynastian Coins for Pippi Currency (reward players pippi currency for being online)

@B3Co0L - The palms with the grey textures are a known issue and will be fixed on the next update

@BaiGuJing - This mod will be kept up to date. Patch 4.0 has been in the works for some time, adding a lot more features and fresh content. As for now i cannot confirm when the Patch will hit but it will most likely be just after the game comes out of early access, also; due to this mod being used by a lot of servers i have tried to cut back on regular updates as to avoid distruption to other communities.
BaiGuJing Mar 13 @ 7:23am 
Kwikninja, do you plan to continue keeping this updated through launch? It looks like a nice mod and I'd like to use it but want to make sure I don't start using a mod to populate my server and have it crash dead on release :(
B3Co0L Mar 9 @ 10:18am 
The Palms and some Trees have no Finish, only placeholder Graphics!
B3Co0L Mar 9 @ 10:08am 
Very nice Mod! Wirth these you can build a very Nice looking Village!
Deniz Mike Mar 8 @ 8:46pm 
For some reason I subscribed to this mod, but it wont show up in my mod menu. I have tried unsubscribing and subscribing it again a lot of times, a few times it showed up on my mods list but said it was corrupted but mostly it didn't even show up in my mod menu.
bijay Mar 2 @ 11:17am 
In the chat of the devstream today Nicole pronounced, that there will be the possibility to mint coins. Do you plan to adapt this mod to gaming version of coins or will you keep your coinsystem then.
Woodtears Feb 20 @ 12:38pm 
Is it possible to do a feature alike the one in Pippi? I would like to give some Dynastian coins for
being online. Automated process I mea, after the admin settings.
ricardosousa_97 Feb 20 @ 11:31am 
hello, i love your mods by the way!
how or where can i craft the trade posts?
Kwikninja  [author] Feb 19 @ 4:34pm 
Mod is up to date @Spc_Rob - let me know if you need some assistance