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Open Broadcaster Software - How to Livestream DFO
By Reyak
Free livestream solution that takes up far fewer resources than Xsplit. Step-by-step guide to get a high quality stream up and running for Dungeon Fighter Online.
Set-up Guide:
Webpage: Open Broadcaster Software[obsproject.com]
Download Link: http://obsproject.com/

1. Set up a twitch.tv account.
2. Download OBS and install.
3. Open it up and go into settings.

4. Click on the Encoding tab

5. Change as desired. I have mine set to 10 Quality/1500/3000; Audio to AAC/128.
Note: Generally you'd want higher "Quality Balance" if you have an adequate CPU.

6. Go to broadcast settings and set the mode to "Live Stream" and streaming service to "TwitchTV/JustinTV"

7. Go here[www.twitch.tv] and click on show key at the bottom of the page. Paste that key into where the settings asks for "Play Path/Stream Key"

8. Select server that is closest to your location for optimum ping.

9. Go to Video tab and adjust resolution and FPS as desired. Downscaling your resolution increases performance drastically. If you do not check "Disable aero" the stream will lock to DFO even if you have other windows over it.

10. If you want your mic to be streamed as well, go into the Audio tab and find your device. Can set to either PTT or Toggle, whichever is preferred.

11. Hit Apply and OK to save all settings.
Setting up scenes:
1. You need to make a scene to start streaming. You can create a new one in the left box by right-clicking on the "Scene" box and clicking Add Scene. Name it to whatever you want.

2. Then right-click on the empty "Sources" box and click on whichever source you would like to add. If you want to stream DFO, click "Add Software Capture" and rename it to whatever you'd like.

3. In the window that pops up after, you can have the stream either record your entire screen, a region of your screen, or a specific window. For only DFO, click on "Window Capture" and select the program "Dungeon & Fighter." Change any other settings as desired and hit OK.

4. To the right of the Sources box should be a button that says "Preview Stream." Click it, and then hit Edit Scene to adjust big/small you want the DFO window to be seen by your viewers. Right-clicking on it in the "Sources" box will allow you to quick-center the window and enlarge to fit the base resolution of your stream.

5. When finished, simply hit "Stop Preview" and "Start Streaming" to begin your livestream.

Basically just a free solution to Xsplit that takes up a lot less resources.
Hope it's helpful. Cheers.
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LimitedTimeGamer Feb 10, 2013 @ 11:52pm 
Thanks Reyak, This is quite Helpful. Il definatly be using it to Livestream DFO.
Reyak  [author] Jan 21, 2013 @ 12:52pm 
Will make a video tutorial in the next week or so.