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War Paint: Molten Metal
Created by Fliby
A molten finish, with wrought iron patterns.
3 patterns: Cooling down, Fresh from the furnace, and Full iron.

My first war paint, as well as my first tf2 item entry!
(Sorry if it sucks)...
War paint: Winter Wrapped
Created by Fliby
Two patterns: Polished pinewood, and Fancy Flakes.

My Second war paint!

Reskin of Autumn MKII....
War paint: Radium Wrapped
Created by Fliby
A radioactive themed war paint!

Reskin of woodsy widowmaker mkII....
War paint: Scratched
Created by Fliby
"It's abstract. You're not supposed to understand it."

This paint is a reskin of "Woodsy widowmaker", and is comprised of two patterns: Stratched pattern, and Scratched gradient.

It is coated with scratched pastel artwork, totally not drawn by a kinderg...
War paint: Desert duster
Created by Fliby
Some say the desert is dry, no water for anyone. I correct them and say that they're thinking of california.

Reskin of woodsy widowmaker mkII, with two patterns: Dust dashed, and Sandstone slashed.

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War paint: Pixel fire
Created by Fliby
Simplicity is overrated. Simplicity with pixels, however, is what's all the rage.

War paint: Pixel fire! Comes with three patterns, and has a RED and BLU varient!

If you like this item, be sure to check out my collection at
War paint: Crystal crashed
Created by Fliby

Introducing War paint: Crystal crashed! Reskin of Civic duty mkII.

Contains 3 patterns, and is team colored!

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War paint: Elemental
Created by Fliby
There are people who hate both summer and winter. Now they can spread that hatred by killing everyone with a icy or firey weapon.

War paint: Elemental! Come with three patterns, and has two different team varients! Reskin of Civil servant mkII.

If yo...
War paint: Born to kill
Created by Fliby
Because you can never have to many refrences.

War paint: Born to kill! Comes with two patterns. Reskin of Woodsy widowmaker mkII.

Concept: Zhargov, Thot Destroyer.
Everything else: Flyboy.

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War paint: Royal eye candy
Created by Fliby
Share the wealth by showing people your gun and then letting them experience what it's like to get killed by someone far better off.

War paint: Royal eye candy! (REC) Comes with three patterns, and has team varients!

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War paint: Storm
Created by Fliby
It is very, very frightning.

War paint: Storm! Comes with two patterns, resking of woodsy widowmaker MK.II.

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Been a while since I'v...
War paint: Planitary pixels
Created by Fliby
Astronomers, gamers, and people searching for desktop backrounds are a target audience here.

War paint: Planitary pixels! Comes with to intersteller patterns. Resking of, you guessed it, woodsy widowmaker MK.II.

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War paint: Redwood
Created by Fliby
I have resorted to using old, prevously unseen patterns. Is that so wrong?

War paint: Redwood! Comes with two patterns. I bet you can't guess what it's a reskin of.

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Skitchey Feb 24 @ 10:18pm 
good job :D
Skitchey Feb 24 @ 10:18pm 
I <3 Redwood

I <3 Cali

King dedede Jan 9 @ 2:36pm 
these are pretty gud