Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

3,472 ratings
Game Content: Campaigns
Game Modes: Co-op, Versus
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Jan 20, 2013 @ 3:21pm
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In 1 collection by Carlos Coronado [Koral Dev]
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Comprising four thrilling and unique maps (coop and versus), Warcelona is a campaign filled with personality. Every setting is 100% based on real environments of Barcelona, saving the obvious artistic license taken in order to ensure a varied, addictive, fun and unique gameplay.
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servbot 42
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VENATOR May 7 @ 5:31pm 
de verdad en el rescate..... uff no dejan de salir tanks aahh
Swan Đào May 5 @ 2:26am 
how i can found with console map 1
LastDefender Apr 23 @ 3:53am 
As others have already said, this campaign was not tested enough and/or the modders who created it does not have basic understanding of game balance.

It is crucial: you can create the most realistic map in the world, but if things are not balanced out then the final rating will be low anyway. This is true for many custom campaigns though. That's why the Lockdown custom campaign is so good: because it does not have to rely on heavily artificial situations to keep you engaged.

The final level is not playable with bots. It may be doable but is not worth the effort, and even in multiplayer the rescue would take too long to be enjoyable (endless horde + tanks). Not only that, the final layout changes everytime (there are two stairs you can follow), but you will face a dead end if you don't take the right path.

In addition, bots cannot get on elevators (there is only one elevator in the whole campaign and they cannot use it) and you will see them being stuck several times.

Aisling Apr 21 @ 2:59pm 
Something tells me that the final level wasn't even play tested. I had to manually kick the tanks because I couldn't even be bothered along with the horde. Guess how many tanks I've encountered in the final level?

OVER 7, pile that with the hordes, and you got yourself an unfun piece of shit.
lemongrab Apr 17 @ 10:16am 
rescue level is absolute dogshit, it's ok up until then

2 stars
Mr.De Apr 11 @ 6:58pm 
Amazing campaign but the ending is complete dogshit if your playing with AIs
我滴天呐 Mar 30 @ 5:15am 
the best map i had played to:steamthumbsup:
Faryl96 Mar 27 @ 8:48am 
One of my favorite's add-on campaigns, thank you :D
1792074306 Mar 26 @ 2:08am 
Solute Mar 18 @ 10:56am