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EG* - Cleaner Galaxy UI
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Dec 1, 2017 @ 8:56am
Dec 8, 2018 @ 8:34am
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EG* - Cleaner Galaxy UI

In 1 collection by ButtJunkie
My gamplay, visual and UI mods
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Compatible with 2.2+

Disallows achievements.

This mod makes the galaxy view cleaner by removing clutter and altering the level of zoom detail.

Galaxy view changes:
- Thinner borders.
- Galaxy made 2d.
- Hexagons around stars removed.
- Adjusted detail shown at various zoom levels.
- Planet and resource icons only show on closer zooms - given 1 more zoom level now resource icons are hidden.
- Medium to far zooms show far less clutter for a much cleaner look.
- Stars made a little smaller.

Savegame friendly.

Goes well with:
Cleaner System UI
Subtle Hyperlane Colour
Re-enable Emblems - turns flags/emblems back on.

*Recently made these for the ability to opt out rather than have galaxy and system changes as separate mods.

Feel free to check out my other mods

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Stellaris Realism, Stronger Advanced AI Starts, Larger Galaxy Sizes (adds cores).

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Dark UI, Colour Coded Messages, Alernate Icons, Cinematic System UI, Cleaner Galaxy UI.

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Rezanow Jun 5 @ 9:49am 
Oh, and this works fine for 2.3, despite the "outdated" notifier.
Rezanow Jun 5 @ 9:34am 
The first two mods on my list will always be this one and a UI overhaul. 2d maps are what really bring me here.
Ajey Apr 23 @ 3:05am 
Thank you very much!
ButtJunkie  [author] Apr 23 @ 1:56am 
Hi Ajey, yep that's fine by me :)
Ajey Apr 20 @ 1:42am 
Hi ButtJunkie! I am huge fan of your mods! Since i am working on a bigger overhaul project atm, i had to include some of work within the mod since there would be compatibility issues otherwise.

I built upon your work in the first place and i wouldn't feel good to release my overhaul project in the future without your permission to use some of your assets. In case i am able to finish my project, would you be fine with me having used some of your work and mentioning your mods and your name in the description?
ButtJunkie  [author] Feb 19 @ 8:22am 
You can edit the defines file in the mod to make it 3d again though - look for RANDOM_HEIGHT_MIN and RANDOM_HEIGHT_MAX and change them to '-20' and '20' respectively.
ButtJunkie  [author] Feb 19 @ 8:18am 
No just the one version, I have too many mods to manage (a lot of small ones along with a complex overhaul, which takes up 99% of my modding time!).
CC Johnson Feb 3 @ 4:54pm 
What's the very first line in the description? :steammocking:
CC Johnson Feb 3 @ 4:53pm 
I love it, like most of your mods. But is there a version where the hexagons are removed, but the map stays 3d?
Porter Jan 27 @ 6:17pm 
this stilll works ?