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Vampire Fix
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Nov 30, 2017 @ 8:34pm
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Vampire Fix

Simple mod that changes a few things about vampires. I use a mod called "female vampires have fangs" and It drove me insane to find out Serana, Valerica and Sybille Stentor were the only female vampires that didn't have fangs. So I fixed that. Turns out they weren't vampires in code, they were Nords (Sybille's a Breton) with vampire keywords. Now they are the correct races (Nordracevampire and Bretonracevampire) so their fangs will show up. I also made a few other changes:

I. Serana, Valerica, Harkon and Sybille Stentor fix
II. Alva from Morthal is now a vampire with glowing eyes.
III. Human-Vampire races now have the same vampiric eye type
IV. Elf-Vampire races now have the same vampiric eye type (different from humans)
V. Orcs, Khajiit and Argonians have unique vampire eyes
VI. Khajiit and Argonians no longer look old when turned

If you use the mod called "Better Vampires", and when you turn an npc, they should be healed from past injuries. So scars, blindness (glitchy) and complexions should disappear giving them a young and fresh look. Unfortunately face paints are washed away as well. Player characters should still retain all facial changes because player turning is a different script.


I. Characters with one blind eye may experience some weirdness. From some angles the glowing eyes shine through but from some other angles the blind eye covers all.
II. During the scene where Harkon teaches you about becoming a vampire lord, his facial features may revert to the default settings for Nords, but he will visit the face sculptur in Riften and fix himself while you fetch the bloodstone chalice. (In other words, when you come back Harkon will look like he should)