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Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords II
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Nov 30, 2017 @ 5:40pm
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Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords II

Mod Co-Authored with Vioxsis, who did the amazing meshes and textures.

Version 2 of the World-Renowned Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords! Now available in almost every metal in the game. All swords are done in 2K textures with remarkable depth. See for yourself in the pictures. The ones with the gray background are from 3DS Max where they were created. The game shots are lower screen resolution.

As with the previous version, the blades' design was inspired by the Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword

So, what is the story of these swords and their history in Tamriel you ask?

In Tamriel, Basket Hilt Broadswords originated in the Colovian Highlands. The Nord smiths there used their incredible skills to combine metals and techniques from other cultures with traditional Nord crafting practices to create a sword almost on par with Akavari katanas.

While Nords typically favor heavy two-handed weapons, the steep terrain of the Colovian Highlands creates the need for a quality one-handed weapon. This enables the user to better keep their footing and not have to over-commit on a swing of their weapon. The Basket Hilt Broadsword is lighter weight and stronger than a traditional sword of the same material and is so well balanced that the wielder is faster and lighter on their feet as well.

As word of the revolt against the Empire and the Thalmor in Skyrim spread, Nord smiths began manufacturing and selling more of the swords to their brothers in Skyrim. Sometimes even smuggling them in with Khajitt caravans. Rumor has it they've even trained some of the smiths in Skyrim in the art of crafting their remarkable blades.

My attempt at adding a bit of lore to the blades done, lets get to the details. First, the mod was rebuilt from the ground up. Swords include the following metals; Rusty Iron, Iron, Steel, Silver, Orcish, Dwarven, Nordic, Skyforge Steel, Glass, Stalhrim, Ebony, Daedric, and Dragon Bone.

The Skyforge Steel sword in particular is a masterpiece. It has a Damascus steel finish and looks like dark steel at first, but at some angles you get a sort of deep purple reflection. The whole sword slightly changes at different angles from slight hints of color to the way the pattern looks. The scabbard is dragonscale as well.

All swords are fully craftable, temperable, and enchantable. They have also had ALL vanilla magic variants created for them (even the silent moons option for iron and steel variants) and added to leveled lists for merchants, townsfolk, encounters, and treasure chests. Anywhere there's a chance of a vanilla sword, there's a chance of these swords. They will appear a bit less often than vanilla swords however, as they're supposed to be a little on the rare side.

Stats-wise, the swords are typically one point lighter, and do one point more damage than their vanilla counterparts. They also have a speed rating of 1.15, which puts them dead in the middle of swords and daggers. Lastly they have a 5% higher chance than normal to critical hit as well. The aim here was to add weapons that were of exceptional quality to the game but still remain relatively balanced.

Cost vs a vanilla sword is about 30% higher (give or take). Unlike the vanilla weapons, I also adjusted the value of magical ones up a little over the mundane versions. If it's enchanted, it has to be worth more right?

Lastly, as an added bonus that came about creating the Silver variant, the vanilla silver swords are now craftable and temperable. They'll be under the Misc category at the forge. I also tried to get them to occasionally pop in vender and loot lists. It always bothered me that they only showed in the hands of Werewolf hunters.

If you have a mod that does more extensive stuff with Silver Weapons, just put it below this one in your load order and it should take priority.
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The Desecrated Jun 16 @ 9:36pm 
I will say, that as a HEMA student, seeing this shit gives me a giant boner
rms827  [author] Feb 11 @ 9:02pm 
You're missing DLC or have your load order wrong. That's the most common thing that causes start up crashes. This version takes all 3 DLCs. Version 1 only reqquires Dragonborn, but has less varieties of swords
Zombie Slapper Feb 11 @ 3:04pm 
Hmm, my game won't start if I have this loaded? I get the first two big drum beats at the very beginning after just pushing "play", and then it just goes back to Steam. If I delete it, my game works fine. Any ideas, I'd love to have this sword!
|501st| PvP_Cactus Feb 10 @ 1:27am 
Update!: I fiddled with the settings of my antivirus and lo! it installed! Thank you so much for the tip!
rms827  [author] Feb 9 @ 10:13pm 
The only times I've ever run into an install issue with mods here are when security software is blocking the connection with Steam. Peerblock is bad about that, for example. Beyond that, I have no idea and you may have to contact Steam customer nonservice
|501st| PvP_Cactus Feb 9 @ 9:37pm 
why is this not installing? please help
|501st| PvP_Cactus Feb 9 @ 5:37pm 
They're all so pretty!
scottct Dec 12, 2017 @ 9:59pm 
once again thanks for the update; I just had the Curier catch me again (I try to ditch him often), now its of to Markarth. Great job fitting this Mod in with the game!
Pliskin Dec 9, 2017 @ 11:32am 
Sexy sowrd. Thank you for share!. Is there a posibility in the future you can make an Estoc?:

Again. Thank for share the sword it have an excellent quality. Cheers!.
rms827  [author] Dec 8, 2017 @ 4:08pm 
On the surface, the answer would be no. The handguard basket is designed to be big enough to not cause clipping on bigger characters like Nord males. Admittedly that makes the sword basket look huge on smaller characters like Breton females. Sadly weapons do not scale with the size of the user either.

HOWEVER... I have an idea that I'm not sure will work or not. I'll look into it.