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Immersive Single Player
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Nov 30, 2017 @ 12:22pm
May 5 @ 5:02pm
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Immersive Single Player

v1.2.0 - 05/05/2018
Immersive Single Player (ID: 1216961967)
This mod aims to reduce the difficulty of "boss" creatures, including dungeon bosses so that they are more in line with single player difficulty settings.

Boss hitpoints have been reduced significantly for all outdoor boss creatures (dragons, rhino kings, rocknose kings, etc) as well as for dungeon bosses (sewer abomination, black keep wight lord, etc).

The aim is to keep the creatures a challenge (for the appropriate levels), and the dungeons themselves may still remain a difficult obstacle.
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Thresh 420 Jul 19 @ 2:52pm 
Hey im running this with a couple other of your immersives and the bosses arent all nerfed just fyi... like one gator is, but then another one isnt and so on... have you had a chance to look yet, Chris? Now's the time for you to shine w release brother, we've always used ur mods!!!
neofit Jun 19 @ 6:06am 
@shane Try "Lower Monster HP Solo/Small Group (FullRelease)" at . It works with every boss I tried it on at release even those on which this one didn't, and is even a bit more challenging.
shane_357 Jun 18 @ 8:28pm 
As someone who really relies on your mods to play singleplayer, it would be great if you could fix it so they work with the current version.
requiemfang May 26 @ 6:58pm 
Yeah the Age of Calmitus mod adds in it's own epic boss type creatures. I don't think it would be a good idea to add that type of thing into this mod unless there were someway to only have that part of the mod activate when that mod is installed. I think there should be a separate mod for that in particular that works as an add-on for AoC.
gpcstargate May 25 @ 7:34am 
@ Chris and @ neofit ... Sorry _ those Bears are from a Mod that I'm playing and I just found that out ** The Age of Calamitous ** and they are OP on purpose for Endgame play.
So .. I don't think you can do anything about them ... BUT, if you could that would be great.
the Old Gamer .. :steamhappy:
neofit May 25 @ 2:13am 
@gpcstargate where exactly did you find those bears by the Ward Towers?
Chris  [author] May 25 @ 12:57am 
Thanks for the feedback. I'll take all of it into account when I revisit the mod.

I haven't even had time to play the game since it launched yet, so I'll need some time to figure out balancing issues myself too.
requiemfang May 24 @ 9:28pm 
Scorpian King needs to be added to the list as well.
gpcstargate May 24 @ 3:42pm 
When you get time to do Update for this .. There are a group (3) of bright eye Giant Bears near WardTowers that NO one has adjusted hit points for.
I just spent about 90 minutes of game time and only got its health down by 50% and I gave up and ran away. I was using highend gear "club and axe" health damage on both were over 50.
Anyway .. Just a thought. Thank You ... the Old Gamer .. :steamhappy:
Demonianism May 23 @ 3:45am 
Giant snake types don't seem to be effected. Notably the ones in the citadel of the triumvirate and in the arena.