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CDM Ether Rings old ver
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Jan 19, 2013 @ 5:44am
Oct 20, 2015 @ 7:07am
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CDM Ether Rings old ver

currently in making BTC mod what is Black Trade Company and will combine the ore recipies leather recepies, trade guys, followers, ether items, guards in one and add few changes with better proper markers and npc removal from war quest proper crime stop of traders and guards lower level ver of them and requires all dlc or legendary edition+ has instead exp items that are base on characters magika so the more magika they have the faster the learn skills with that equipment main trader will be changed to only sell craft materials and so you still will have sell off npc all npc and more all in one file support then USLEEP and SKYUI 5 and guard will only have fight skills they will be able to die and respawn and be one per hold main town
it will come as BTC.esp so no worries!

Requires only updated version of skyrim
items use CDM Namespace so to prevent conflict from mods and main game.
its compatible with patch 1.9.x
Compatible with SKSE SKYUI and more mods.

This Mod is revamped
Seller changed from Belethor to Felgar in Whiterun he is behind Belethor's Goods and behind Arcadias Cauldron at the giant stone slab. shown as in the pictures what can be as well called as in infront of Ysoldas house.
his store is open from 2am to 20 pm.
Felgar is set essential so he will only go down to knee but never die and he level scales from lvl 4-999.

His items are disallowed at enchanter so you can NOT learn the enchantments.
Enchantment descriptions:

Scales Tempering, Alchemy and Enchanting on current magika by multipling the craft vaule with magika:

blacksmith*magika = temper vaule
alchemy*magika = alchmey potion vaule
enchanting*magika= enchant ment vaule
that is how it work per item
and since its one perk, it double stacks so its with necklace and ring:

(Blacksmith*magika)*magika= temper vaule
(Alchemy*magika)*magika=alchemy potion vaule
(Enchanting *magika)*magika= enchantment vaule

Speed Student enhances expierience gain + adds per item equip 10000 encumbrance.

Nether Magika Use either Ring or Necklace set all Magika cost to 0

Spell Master Increase the power with your magika multipled to increase target level and spell power at following spells: Banish Deadra, Pacify, Harmony, Frenzy, Mayhem, and all ranks of Vampiric Drain while equipet.

He has following items:
Ring of Ethercrafter
Necklace of Ethercrafter
Ring of Nether Magika
Necklace of Nether Magika
Ring of Speed Student
Neckalce of Speed Student
Ring of Spell Master
Necklace of Spell Master
Speed Student Robe
Speed Student Boots