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KRY Wardrobe Mod
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Nov 26, 2017 @ 9:30pm
Dec 8, 2017 @ 9:32pm
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KRY Wardrobe Mod

Clean and stackable!
Mod ID 1213429840

IN DEVELOPMENT! Items will be added over time. You can make suggestions for future items in the discussion thread!

This mod most likely WILL NOT WORK with mods that change the base character model (ex. nude mods). Clothes are designed to fit base character models, and added or edited models will clip through.

Follow me on Twitter for info/updates!

This mod contains several custom armor skins that give the appearance of clothing of various styles/eras. All are currently craftable in a single station and all are dyable!

Spawn Codes

As you guys have probably noticed, I have not been able to update for a while. This is due to various details of my personal life I've had to attend to.
That being said, I would like to continue working on clothing items, however after reviewing what we have so far, I have decided that I will start over. I think better things can be made with better planning and better knowledge. I am hoping in the future to have various clothing mods with themes so that servers can choose styles that are appropriate for their content. I have not yet decided if I will update this mod or start from scratch.
I also have other mods in mind that I would like to work on, and others that desperately need to be fine tuned. I will continue support for what is already in Ark Wardrobe Mod, but I most likely will not be adding new items for some time.
In the meantime, please feel free to continue enjoying my current creations.
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Exile Jun 3 @ 1:39pm 
Hello, is there a complete spawn code list?
The current one doesn't appear to have everything.
Ommy  [author] Jun 3 @ 12:27pm 
@Heimdall Thank you! It may not seem so, but figuring out clothes and "good" hair is pretty difficult and not the sort of thing that most modders are interested in. It takes a lot of work to make custom models, and difficult to figure out how to get the effects you want. One reason why dresses/skirts/capes and the like are not in from me yet is because I'm trying to figure out how to make them move realisticly in Ark. I'm all self-taught through and through so its a process and lots of trial and error.
Heimdall Jun 1 @ 7:37pm 
Excelent mod, surprised we don't have piles of clothing modders, where are all those skyrim fellows? Very happy with this Banthafodder and thank you.
Tim20201 May 26 @ 8:31pm 
These are amazing
Gank May 10 @ 5:08pm 
sounds like its nearing the end of a good run, using it till it dies or the new mod come out:) Also wanted to add TY for your hard work and look forward to your next mod. Everyone i play with atm want to be caveman (mistypes intended) for some darn reason so not installing it currently but Giving a thumbs up and a fav vote:D
DiamondKnight1 Apr 26 @ 4:25pm 
im not seeing all of ths skins shown in the pictures
Exile Apr 19 @ 4:37am 
I would really like if you would create a dress or long skirt!
Kevin Malone Mar 27 @ 4:29am 
Hey Krytxx, loved your stuff for a long time and I'm on RPFirst and have been since the beginning basically.

I've been told you're really busy and not to bother you so I won't but I was wondering if you could some day get the male armor working on women.

Currently, I'm learning how to mod myself and if I ever get anything finished and good I'll send it to you to put on the mod if you'd like.
Forsaken Chief Mar 26 @ 11:09am 
I have run into a small issue with this mod, our server cluster runs either Amazonia arks beauty or Au Naturelle and the static meshes of these skins don't seem to adjust to the character mesh. This issue affects the female mesh mostly as it causes her two "friends" to push out of the mesh completely. Is there any chance to resolve this and have the skins take mesh adjustments into account?

(one mod that doesn't seem to have any issue is the steampunk bodysuit mod, but of course my girl doesn't always want to run around in the same outfit.)


p.s. Otherwise I love this mod, the chest armor and kilt are my skins of choice :D
Intoner One Mar 14 @ 12:24pm 
I love this mod, it's great, I can finally have jeans. Thanks for making it!!! <3