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Cult of the Vault Guide
By >f7> Click Fire | Nox
This guide lists all of the vault symbols throughout the main game and DLCs of borderlands 2. Most of the images associated with each symbol will show the symbol itself and where on the map it is. Further information for trickier symbols will be written below the images.
Take note that this guide may not inherently seek to have spoilers, but it has images from every single zone in the game. If you are concerned about possibly ruining your enjoyment from Borderlands 2, you may not want to read this guide.
Consider yourself warned.
Windshear Waste

Shortly after entering Claptrap's Place, it will be in a closet to the right. The door is initially closed but can be opened revealing the symbol.
Southern Shelf

This symbol is found atop the Crimson Raider safehouse next to a chest. The elevator must first be restored and the symbol can be accessed by climbing up some metal sheets on the west side of the safehouse.

Before the battle with flynt, turn around and look for an alcove with ammo boxes. Run to the ammo boxes and look out to your left. There will be several platforms in front of you that lead to the second Symbol. The jumps are close, but if you make it you get the symbol and a chest.
Southern Shelf - Bay

When entering the bay, proceed right on a path with a large number of bullymongs. Continue to the right until you come across the shipwreck at the furthest point. You will need to jump on the rail to reach this symbol.

Inside the bandit camp at the far end is a ramp leading up to where midgemong is. At the back corner you'll find large pillars you can walk behind with the second symbol on the back.
Three Horns - Divide

The first symbol is at the bandit camp where you recover the Power Core. It is located next to the cliff side on a short pier. Killing off all the bandits first is advised, because if you are pushed back you will fall to your death.

The second symbol is on the back of a billboard right next to one of the zone entrances. To reach this symbol climb up the slanted bar and jump up to it.

The final symbol is in a bandit camp at the back of the camp. This has the heaviest bandit population for the area and can't be accessed with a car, so be careful.

The first symbol is in the back right corner of Scooter's Garage. Jump over some tires to find it.

The second symbol is right in front of Moxxi's by the door. It is in the corner so walk past the stairwell to see it.

The third symbol is in front of Marcus' gunshop. In the alley to the left, walk around the dumpster to find the symbol half hidden.

The fourth symbol is accessed by jumping on the bench next to the alley way with symbol three. Jump onto the rooftop overhang and jump across the street. Make your way along the rooftop and you can find the symbol on an overhang above the black market.

The last symbol is found on a rooftop in the center of the city. There are several ways up, but the easiest way is to climb a pile of tires on the northwest side of the inner circle and make your way up the roof. Later in the game the ignition primers will rise up from the ground and you can jump on the ignition primers to reach the symbol far more easily
Frostburn Canyon

The first symbol is on a side path from the main circle. Right after you finish the first bandit camp, it will be on the left. Continuing past the symbol has a small chest.

The second symbol is right before the firehawk's lair. If you take a right instead of entering the lair, you will fall into a frozen area with the symbol hidden under an overhang.
Three Horns - Valley

The first symbol is on the back of the power plant. Follow the wall left from the Catch-A-Ride and make sure not to fall off the cliff.

The second symbol is inside a shack at the southern end. Approaching the shack will spawn two badasses, so be prepared.

The final symbol can not be reached until the story line has progressed into the bloodshot stronghold. Before entering the stronghold, head left along the cliff side to find it on a shack.
Southpaw Steam & Power

The first symbol is right as you enter the main area. To the left leads to the first assassin but at the right is a ladder. Drop down the ladder to find this tucked away in the corner.

The second symbol is between the first assassin and the second. In order to reach it just jump on the section of railing and jump at the pipe. If you fail the jump you'll just slide back onto the railing so keep trying. You are meant to do it by jumping on a rotating gear, but if you fail that jump you will die.

The final symbol is in the room of the third assassin. This time you have to ride the gear to reach the symbol.
The Dust

The first symbol is on top of a vault door in the moonshiner's camp. Climb up the mountain behind the cliff and jumping onto the door is easy.

The second symbol is in the Buzzard training camp. In the middle of the camp is a helipad you can climb under along the west side of the camp. It is hard to see so rely more on the map than the symbol's image.

The third symbol will not be accessible until a later visit. Circle around the track until you get to the large jump and stop before you make the jump. It will be behind a row of buildings above the main track.
Bloodshot Stronghold

The first symbol is in the office where you open up all the holding cells. In order to reach the office climb the ladder near roland and run across the pipes. Opening the holding cells will allow you to access the chest inside the corner cell.

A later side quest will allow you access to the second vault symbol. Right before you drop down to deliver the mutant bait, turn around and grab this symbol.
Bloodshot Ramparts

There is only one symbol in this zone but it is remarkably easy to overlook. It is underneath a section of stairs with a badass spawn nearbye.
Tundra Express

The first symbol is on the roof of the Varkid Observation Ranch. The only difficult part about finding this symbol is finding the ladder up to the roof. Approach from the south side and look for an opening in the rock. Once you find the vault symbol you can look in the window to shoot the fuse box blocking the inside of the ranch.

The second symbol requires you to grab it without being hit by a train, or at least before anyways. Although the tracks are a good ways off from the symbol, if a train comes by you will still be killed by it.
End Of The Line

This symbol is found right before the drop down.
The Fridge

The first symbol is on top of the shack on your right as soon as you enter the main area.

The second symbol is hidden behind a bit of wall on the side of the bridge segment. It also hides a stash of ammo crates with it.
Fink's Slaughterhouse

This symbol is sitting on the back of a pillar in the far corner of the arena. As long as you are not actively doing a circle of slaughter, there is no challenge.
The Highlands

The vault symbol for this zone is found on the upper portion of the Hyperion base. The edge of the tower is fairly narrow but easy to climb on. Look out for the constructor battle that occurs right next to the tower.
Friendship Gulag

This vault symbol is found in the back of the area tucked behind some large boxes.
The Holy Spirits

This suspiciously small symbol is found in the bathroom next to a bunch of fliers.
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

The first is on the roof of a building in the harbor. To reach the roof you must wait for the crane to lower into the ship in the harbor. As it starts to lift a crate, you jump onto the clamp and ride it up to the building's roof. This may seem vague but there is only one crane, just watch the clamp and you can't miss it.

Inside the preserve proper is a section of raised roadway, the symbol is in the middle of the road.
Sanctuary Hole

This symbol is found under a set of stairs.
Caustic Caverns

The first symbol is found on the back of a pillar near a grave. Circle around along the cliff's edge to find it.

As you complete the loop of the Caustic Caverns you will climb a ladder to return to the start of the zone. Near the top of the ladder the symbol is in a short branch behind you.
Thousand Cuts

The first symbol is on the wall of the Slab King's palace. Walk to the far side of the palace to find it.

The second symbol is in a destroyed building in the middle of the no man's land, near where scooter's flower is. You will need to climb up to reach it.

The first symbol is on the roof of the building behind the doctor's office. To reach it, jump on the dumpster and then onto the door frame to climb to the roof.

The second symbol is found on the main street. To reach it most easily, take the elevator up to the top portion and drop down to it. It is possible to climb up to it but the jumping is much more demanding than jumping over a cliff edge.

The first symbol is at the bottom of the construction site hidden under a stairwell. Crawl underneath to find it on the air duct.

The second symbol is on the bottom of a walkway above the pond. The only difficulty is seeing it, fortunately you can hit the symbol without directly seeing it and accidentally discover it.
The Bunker

Go for this symbol after the fight is over, otherwise you may get knocked off the ledge. Follow the outer ring to the southern point and look for a pile of crates. From those crates you can see the top edge of it behind some bushes. Jump to the concrete block to reach this symbol.
Eridium Blight

This zone has a habit of putting the symbols in plain sight. Nothing special about any of them.

This symbol will have a sizable fight with hyperion to reach it.

Ore Chasm

This symbol is found on the bottom of the elevator that brought you in. There are two ways to get it, first being to hit the switch on a nearbye post and trying to run and jump at the symbol as the elevator rises. The other method is to let the elevator rise and then call it back down while standing under the symbol. Doing this WILL kill you but it is a whole lot easier than hitting the switch and running.

If you have a friend hitting the switch to raise the elevator for you, it is much easier to do the first way, but I was able to get the symbol solo.
Sawtooth Cauldron

The first symbol is found inside of a container. Approaching the symbol spawns a number of bandits and buzzards.

The second symbol is found in the elevator chamber. To reach it, you will need to drop down from the top of the shaft and land on the beam it's on. If you look down the elevator shaft, you will see a chest about a third of the way down, land beside the chest and jump down and to the left to find this symbol.
Arid Nexus - Boneyard

The first symbol is at the base of a border turret.

The second symbol is on top of the pipe line. The personal mark on the map is the ramp to get onto the pipe line.
Hero's Pass

The first symbol is just behind the vending mahcines.

The second vault symbol is found under a stairwell on the beams which hold up a building. As long as you clear out the enemies first, it is simple to reach.

Vault of the Warrior

As soon as you take the elevator down, look for some boxes to the side. Drop down to find the symbol on the side of the elevator's platform.
Terramorphous Peak

Before you reach the vending machines, you can find a bridge with a warning sign next to it. Look over the side of the bridge to spot a section of cliff with a skeleton on it. The symbol is next to the skeleton but hidden from view.

The final symbol is found up above the arena where you fight Terramorphous. When terramorphous goes underground, he leaves a trail of dirt showing where he currently is. If you are on top of that pile of dirt as he surfaces, it will launch you into the air. Good luck aiming the launch.
Captain Scarlett - Oasis

This vault symbol is easily reached by taking a side ramp. It is easily overlooked otherwise.

The Fire Water quest will send you to this small island which hides the second vault symbol around the corner.

This symbol is found on the back of a ship in broad view.

This symbol can not be found until after you have cleared the DLC. You have to climb on top of the building to reach it.
Captain Scarlett - Wurmwater

At the top of Scarlett's Ship you will find the second symbol behind the rail.

Symbol two is up higher along a pirate camp, it is easily reached by around the outside of the camp.

Symbol three requires you to walk around the outside of the central pit in order to reach the upper platform. A nearbye ladder suggests you could climb up to the symbol, but the ladder can't be climbed.
Captain Scarlett - Hayter's Folly

Symbol one is found after the arena with Grendel, before you drop down, turn around to find this symbol.

Symbol two is on the side of a crate in a corner, look below before you jump down and it is easy to see.
Captain Scarlett - The Rustyards

The first symbol is found behind a boat right as you enter the area.

The Second symbol is found fairly high up on the wall. If you simply continue up higher past the symbol and then come down along the rooftops it is easily reached.
Captain Scarlett - Washburne Refinery

The first symbol is found under a stairwell right before the skill reset station.

The second symbol is found just over the rail in a purple room. You will have to drop down to reach it.
Captain Scarlett - Magnys Lighthouse

Before you enter the stalker cave a second time, walk to the back of the local buildings for the first symbol.

The second symbol is up at the top of the mountain, on the back wall surrounding the lighthouse.
Captain Scarlett - The Leviathan's Lair

This symbol is found behind the gate near where the boss if fought. As you head to leave the zone, hook a right instead to find this symbol.
Creature Slaughterdome - Natural Selection Annex

A single lonely Symbol for a single lonely dlc.
Campaign of Carnage - Badass Crater of Badassitude

The first symbol is right next to the seraph crystal trader.

The Second is up above the first, you will need to climb the cliff above the town to reach the rooftop it is on.

The third symbol can be reached by driving up the cliff behind the bar and boosting off a ramp. make sure you stop in time.

The Final symbol is around the corner from a vehicle station.
Campaign of Carnage - The Arena

Both symbols in the arena are found in the back rooms.

This symbol is in a drop down covered by a metal grate. Melee the grate a few times to open it.
Campaign of Carnage - The Beatdown

The FIrst symbol is right next to where the second exit from Pyro Pete's bar puts you.

The Second symbol requires you to walk up to the top of the hill and make your way back down to reach.
Campaign of Carnage - Southern Raceway

The First symbol is found at the top of a bandit camp. A side quest involving wanted posters will lead you near here.

The Second symbol is found near the switch to continue the main story.
Campaign of Carnage - The Forge

The First symbol is at the top of the engineer camp near the start.

The Second symbol is reached by climbing a bus near the anonymous troll.

The Third symbol is down near the lava on top of a pile of trash.
Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Hunter's Grotto

The First symbol is right next to where you enter the DLC.

The Second symbol is on the side of the hunting lodge.

The Third symbol is found at the top of the elevator ride near the edge of the dam.

The Final symbol is right next to where the boss fight is for the egg quest.
Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Scylla's Grove

The first symbol is on the side of a building on the way up to the savage camp.

The second symbol is found at the savage camp above a doorway.

The third symbol is found next to the fireworks.

The fourth symbol is found inside the skag cave.
Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Ardorton Station

The first symbol is found in a skag camp, complete with a mini boss.

The second symbol is on the roof of a small shack just off the ground. Jump up onto a nearbye bit of railing to reach the symbol.

The Third symbol is in a savage camp near the back up container.

The Last symbol is found just after the zone boss.
Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Candlerakk's Crag

The first symbol is found right next to the mini boss Rouge.

The second symbol is on the side of one of the few large buildings in the map.

The third symbol is found right before you reach Voracidous's lair.
Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Terminus

The Final symbol is found on the ceiling near the travel station.
Tiny Tina's - Unassuming Docks

The First symbol is found at the south end of the zone in the water. You won't be able to see it from shore.

The Second symbol is at the far north end of the zone. A number of archers spawn near it, so it is better to fight them off as opposed to simply running past it.

The final symbol is on the hill at the top of the town. Watch out for mobs walking out of the shack, they can spawn behind you.
Tiny Tina's - Flamerock Refuge

The first symbol is on the side of a building near the ravine.

The Second symbol is found under the hilltop house. Reaching this symbol requires walking up the chains and dropping down onto the rock ledge.
Tiny Tina's - The Forest

The first symbol is on the back of the blacksmith's hut.

The second symbol is on the back of an orc's hut in the logging camp.
Tiny Tina's - Immortal Woods

The first symbol in this zone is the only difficult symbol. Reaching this symbol requires you going a ways to the north and climbing up the walls of a different set of ruins. You then run along a destroyed arch and jump to the other set of ruins to reach this symbol.

Symbol two is found at the ruins you climb to reach symbol one.

Symbol three is found just south of the crashed ship.
Tiny Tina's - Mines of Avarice

The first symbol is found near the second letter in the main quest. The symbol is tucked away in a corner fairly well.

The Second symbol is found near the golden golem, on the back of a building just above the lava.

The Third symbol which, I frankly consider to have been a scrapped idea that wasn't removed, requires a bit of finesse in order to find. In the room of the rubix cube, you will need to grenade jump outside of the map to find this symbol.

Starting from the gate near the loot chest, grenade jump up onto the nearby ledge.

From here you will turn and grenade jump up to the ledge across the path from you.

Finally you will grenade jump onto the roof of the area with the loot chest, and then jump across the loot chest area where you'll see the walls end. Drop down between the two walls to find the final symbol.

At this point either exit out to the main menu or simply walk off the map to respawn back in the map.

Edit: This third symbol has now been corrected in a patch to be right next to the treasure chest inside the gate. On account of laziness history I am leaving the original method in because you can drop down into the chest room in case you have trouble solving the simplified rubix cube.
Tiny Tina's - Hatred's Shadow

The first symbol is found by climbing to the top of the eastern battlements and jumping off the far eastern side. The symbol is on a small ledge just above the first orc camp, but is not normally reachable from below.

The second symbol is at the edge of the northern battlements. Jump out the window to find this symbol (a ladder up is at the far western window)

The final symbol for this zone is found in the central elevator. The elevator can't be used until you progress a certain distance through this zone, but once you can it is on the side wall of the elevator shaft about halfway up. Simply ride the elevator up and down until you see it.
Tiny Tina's - Lair of Infinite Agony

The first symbol is on the side wall of the hallway with the crusher platforms. Definitely disable them before you try to spot this symbol.

The second symbol is reached by dropping down from the third floor. The symbol is on a small bit of overhang in near complete darkness.

The final symbol is on a small ledge on the side of the initial fall. Your only real indication the ledge is there will be a blue icon if you have the crumpet quest active.
Tiny Tina's - Dragon Keep

This symbol is found underneath the stairwell right before reaching the teleporter.
Tiny Tina's - The Winged Storm

The last symbol is found on the rooftop of the small town. To reach it, turn around right before dropping into the arena, and cut a left.
Tiny Tina's - Murderlin's Temple

The first symbol is found in the penalty room. If you look to your right while facing the vending machines, you will see the ladder leading down to it.

The second symbol requires you beating all five rounds of the arena first. Once you finish it, a new quest will appear that allows you to enter the area with this symbol.
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Rizilliant Jun 13 @ 5:22am 
Great guide.. But the 2nd on in Sawtooth Cauldron, you write to jump down, and to the left from the chest.. Its actually straight across from the chest, two down from it.
Kage Kouin Jan 21 @ 12:04pm 
For anyone who hasn't figured out the rubix cube puzzle in The Mines of Avarice, the trick is to memorize the 6 crystals that beam into the cube, then use those crystals in REVERSE order, this opens the gate to the vault symbol and the chest.
Dillinger Dec 31, 2017 @ 8:35am 
Thanks and well done mate :borderlands2: You are a true Vault Hunter at heart!
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Ahh I see. My apologies if I sounded condescending in anyway.
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In digging into the problem with image loading, I've come to realize part of the issue is that steam has all my pictures still, but decided to change their server that was holding some of the pictures. Long story short in order to restore this guide back to working order, I'll have to go through and basically re-insert all the pictures into the guide. I frankly don't have the motivation to do that (I made this literally years ago) but if people notice a section that is entirely broken, post a comment and I'll redo those individual sections.
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I had kind of hoped there would be a reward at the end but no, the only 'prize' for finding vault symbols is points of badass rank. Unfortunately this guide has long since passed steam's bloat issue and pictures don't load properly anymore. I'll see if I can refresh the sanctuary hole section to show its pictures.
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Do you get something for completeig them all?

Also, some of teh decriptions could use some work.

Like Sancuary Hole

BRUH which stairs!? XD
berna1111 Aug 29, 2017 @ 5:11pm 
Another screenchot, this time for Sanctuary Hole:
berna1111 Aug 28, 2017 @ 6:30pm 
I've added a screenshot for the Bloodshot Ramparts Vault Symbol, it's under a ramp (not stairs). The image can be found here:

Great guide, thanks for the work =o)
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Unfortunately after nearly 4 years the guide is slowly starting to come unraveled in general. Pictures aren't loading, formatting is getting.... strange. I don't think steam guides were ever meant to be this long.