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NPC Scene
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NPC Scene

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BRASIL, Junte-se:
GMBR, criadores BR de addons e vídeos e tudo.

First it was just a fix for the old NPC Scene v1.2[]
But now the code is totally different and full of new features!
- Version 1.4.6

Download more scenes
HL2 scenes are included by defalut.
HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2 and TF2 Animations Pack
Mirror 1: https://mega . nz/#!xcM2hL4R!-ngpP6Ae0K6wzBhLflFBDVrlBt6pdNGUiGYfLJvVisk
Mirror 2: http://www. mediafire .com/download/dna8m6noyp2eo8o/
>> Extract in the addons folder: Steam/Steamapps/Common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons
>> You need to have these games installed and activated in GMod to see the animations working

Q: Why don't you create a gma with all these animations?
A: Because gmad is generating many errors when I try to do it.

Q: Where are the other animations? I mean, Portal 2 etc.
A: They are in the todo list for years, sorry about my laziness... But you can also do it, read the "Extract vcd files from Source games" and "Add your own animations" sections.

General bugs / scenes not playing
Of course the majority of errors are my responsibility, but:
"GMod uptade 09.03.15 - Fixed scenes not always being properly loaded from VCD files"
"GMod uptade 12.16.15 - Fixed scenes not playing in some cases"
don't allways blame me =p

Here are some general problems that you may encounter:

1) "Scenes list is empty in the multiplayer!" - Just wait something around 7 seconds. This time is needed because te entire list is broadcasted from the server to the clients;
2) "Only HL2 scenes work!" - To load the vcd files from games other than HL2 you must have these games on your Steam library installed and on GMod mounted, otherwise animations will not work;
3) "All games are ok but some scenes don't work!" - The reason some scenes don't work is because they need one or more actors in place, they'll rely on the presence of each. To solve this, apply the scene to some NPC, open the console, copy a shown missing actor name, write it on the tool's ''Actor name'' box and apply it to the corresponding NPC using the right mouse button. Repeat the steps for each NPC until the thing starts working. Done;
4) TF2 scenes don't play! - Even if you set all right, they don't totally load. Read the section right below for more info.

TF2 VCD animations and Garry's Mod
All I got working here is the face animation and sound, the lip syncing is static. As far as I know, this happens because TF2 doesn't use the same phonemes table from HL2, and I don't know how to get around it... So if you are interested in solving this problem I only can recommend this tutorial[] and these steps to get where I stopped:
1) Install my extra animations pack to have the TF2 scenes (it's on the top of the description);
2) Have TF2 bought and mounted on GMod;
3) Download Model Manipulator and use it to set a NPC like Father Grigori to a Standard TF2 ragdoll like Heavy (get it on the spawn menu);
4) Load any corresponding character's vcd to it using NPC Scene.
Well, if you get the scenes 100% working or already know how to correctly do this magic, please, send me a message. Thx.

Add your own animations
You can do it by placing the vcd files in the "Steam>steamapp>commom>GarrysMod>garrysmod>addons>generic_addons_folder>scenes" folder. Take a look at "Choreography creation" to know how to create these files, but I think these can be created with SFM too. Check it, because Valve's Faceposer is a crap. Believe me... I already used it.

Extract vcd files from Source games
Valve has been compacting the vcd files into scenes.image for optimization. If you want to use "fresh" animations you'll have to convert then back first!
So, start using GCF Scape[] to extract the scenes.image file from the general VPK of the game you chose and then VSIF2VCD to extract the vcds from the scenes.image. When you finish this process, you'll see that some vcds have nice names and other bad names (like "0a2ed57b.vcd" - it's CRC32). What you'll have to do is move all the nice named ones to a folder in "Steam>steamapp>commom>GarrysMod>garrysmod>addons" like "myaddon>scenes" and you are done. (The CRC32 named files work but are garbage for you)
Anyway, just one more thing... I'd like to ask you to send me a zip with the animations if you do this job, so I can add download links here. Thank you. kk

Clients will see the server scenes in their lists but they will only be able to use them if they have the right games mounted on GMod. It's like in Singleplayer: HL2 vcds are already included in GMod but TF2 needs TF2, HL2:EP2 needs HL2:EP2 and so on...

Source code
If you want to check the code, here it is:

Special thanks
Testers: HomemCamisinhaCósmico and Pepeu.

Cool things
Enable "Apply Scenes Multiple Times" and...
- Try spamming "scenes/trainyard/cit_scan_id" on a citizen.
- Try using "scenes/trainyard/cit_breenagain" on Breen.
- Try spawning Alyx, naming her "Alyx", spawning GMan, naming him "gman" (case sensitive), and run "scenes/citadel/al_end" on Alyx. Spam it like hell (ALOT, FAST).
- (by y0ng $ack) scenes/eli_lab/attack04.vcd: Spawn DOG, name him "Dog" and spawn Alyx, name her "Alyx" then spam it like crazy. Enjoy.
- (by Herr Doktor von Nuremberg) If you spam cit_tooloud on a male citizen/rebel model (doesn't work on female for some reason), you'll get some interesting results.
- (by Fatmeatball) If you spam crowbar_intro on Barney, the scene just continues getting better.
- Here are some old, cool and broken addons:
- Dance Animations[]
- Npc Animation V4[]
- Cremators animation pack[]
- Cra0kalo's Animations[]
Mirror 1: https://mega . nz/#!ddkHFaQR!KO_TE3rcZ8nCDo0L0KK-KSmi2CntAHgJDFtghB7fyNw
Mirror 2: http://www. mediafire .com/download/kosy9wj09fjnu21/

(English errors?? Please, let me know! That's not my primary language)

Brasil na área (y)
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Kabibi Oct 2 @ 12:51am 
Im trying to do a breencast and the npc that is supposed to look forward keeps looking all around the room, anyway to fix?
male_07.mdl Aug 24 @ 8:29pm 
scene list isn't loading at all, waited 7 seconds, maybe even 5 minutes for it to load. it didn't, any way to fix this at all or?
B R A I N C H I L L I Jul 25 @ 7:14pm 
anyway to make the npcs not look at you???
Xalalau  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:23pm 
Hunterslilacian Jun 24 @ 11:22am 
Holy shit, this guy still cares about the addon?
Unbreakify May 31 @ 1:27am 
I think its extended paint tool, i know that conflicts alot.
Xalalau  [author] May 30 @ 3:50pm 
Same thing, I'll review this addon in a few days because people are reporting some errors. Do yoy know what addon could be conflicting?
GeneralBitBoat | May 30 @ 10:39am 
It seems to me that this is probably my conflicts with other addons.
Unbreakify May 27 @ 12:21pm 
Nevermind, i had my arsehole self forgot to disable "disable thinking" lmao sorry for the inconvience
Xalalau  [author] May 27 @ 12:05pm 
I'll review this addon in a few days. It has always worked well, maybe it's an issue with a GMod update.