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Job Splitter
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Job Splitter

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Splits apart many of the categories in the work tab to allow the creation of more specialized colonist roles.

Job Splitter

With this mod you can assign colonists to perform smaller aspects of the vanilla job types which allows for better colony management. Here are some examples of things you can do with this mod; Setting only your highest skilled doctors to perform surgery, only highest skilled animal handers to tame animals, setting everyone to quickly load caravans/drop pods or to rearm traps and strip/bury corpses after a raid, assigning low-skilled cooks to butchering/brewing while high-skilled cooks prepare the meals, the list goes on and on.

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B18 version

Work Types:
(chronological order)
Surgeon - Perform surgeries on human-likes and animals.
Nurse - Rescue, Feed, visit and carry patients to beds.
Rearm - Rearm traps.
Tame - Tame wild animals.
Train - Train domesticated animals.
Butcher - Butcher meat, create kibble, slaughter animals and execute prisoners.
Brew - Create wort from hops, fill and empty fermenting barrels.
Demo - Deconstruct things, uninstall/install items and remove floors.
Repair - Repair damaged or broken-down buildings.
Supply - Haul to blueprints and unbuilt frames and install/uninstall items.
Harvest - Harvest plants.
Sow - Sow plants.
Drill - Use deep drills.
Fabricate - Fabricate things as the fabrication bench.
Drugs - Create drugs.
Refine - Refine chemicals.
Stone - Cut stones into blocks.
Smelt - Smelt metal.
Load - Load and unload transport pods and caravans.
Mortify - Cremate, strip, haul and bury corpses and burn apparel or drugs.

Recommended Mods:
- Fluffy's Work Tab - Having 1-9 priorities is extremely useful with Job Splitter, just avoid using the expanded view or vertical text.
- Allow Tool - Adds many useful tools that help manage your colony.
- Quality Builder - Uses your best builders to construct things that use quality.

Supported Mods:
(Patches utilize ModCheck functionality)
- Combat Extended - Rearm turrets is considered a rearming job
- Cupro's Drinks - Core - Brewing tasks are considered a brewing job
- Cupro's Drinks - Alcohol - Fermenting is considered a brewing job
- VGP Garden Drinks - Fermenting is considered a brewing job
- VGP Garden Tools - Fermenting is considered a brewing job
- VGP Garden Gourmet - Fermenting is considered a brewing job
- Dubs Rimkit - Repairing is considered a reparing job
- Fluffy Breakdowns - Maintenance is considered a repairing job
- Expanded Roofing - Roof maintenance is considered a repairing job
- Misc. Bees 'n' Honey - Harvesting is considered a harvesting job
- Refactored Work Priorities - Harvesting is considered harvesting job
- Omni Core Drill - Drilling is considered a drilling job
- Smokeleaf Industry - Trimming, cultivating and crafting medicinals/edibles are considered drug jobs.
- The Complete Drug Overhaul - Crafting at the advanced drug lab is considered a drug job.
- Butchering Spot - Butchering using the spot is considered a butchering job.
- Misc Robots - Robots prioritize new jobs respectively.
- Misc Robots++ - Robots prioritize new jobs respectively, but only T4+ bots perform surgery.
- Misc. Robots++ (Tier 5 Addon) - Robots prioritize new jobs respectively.
- Craftable Robots - All Robots - Robots prioritize new jobs respectively.
- Hauling Bot - Robots prioritize load/prepare --> rearm/refuel --> mortician --> feed.
- MMX6 Mining Robot - Robots prioritize drill --> mine.
- Medic Robot - Robots prioritize surgeon/doctor --> firefight --> clean --> nurse
- Construction Robot - Robots prioritize repair --> construct/demolish --> load --> haul
- Mining Robot - Robots prioritize drill --> mine.

Incompatible Mods:
- Incompatible with other mods that also split worktypes such as Complex Jobs and Moar Jobs Mod

Bugs & Issues:
- No known bugs or issues, if you experience any problems please don't hesitate to notify me.

Supported Languages:
- English - Me
- 日本語 (Japanese) Thanks to Proxyer
- 简体中文 (Chinese Simplified) Thanks to 白眉鹰王
- 中國傳統的 (Chinese Traditional) Thanks to Biscuit
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