DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

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The Nine Covenants Of Lordran: A guide to the factions of Dark Souls.
By Chris
A comprehensive guide to the nine covenants in Dark Souls. This guide will cover reaching, entering, and making the most of each covenant within the game. Pictures will be provided for directions and item descriptions.
Hello and welcome to your one-stop shop for covenant information! This guide will hopefully answer every question you have about covenants in Dark Souls and how they work.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for area and item names up to the very end of the game. I am trying to minimise spoilers, however some are neccessary. I recommend using this guide after you have recieved the Lordvessel if you want to avoid most of the spoilers. There is also a late-game spoiler regarding Lost Izalith, but that will be blacked-out in it's section. None of the screenshots in this guide contain direct spoilers - only a visual guide to help with my directions, and some item descriptions.

Covenants are basically the "factions" of Dark Souls. There are nine covenants in total, each with it's own benefits. Some are considered "Good", and some are considered "Evil". They are mostly shades of grey, however, as their leaders often have sinister motives despite appearing friendly...

As Dark Souls is a Games For Windows Live title, you will gain an achievement worth 25 Gamerscore for each of the covenants you discover, reaching a total of 225G.

The order in which covenants will be listed is by how far into the "standard path" of the game you can access them. Directions from nearby areas will be provided, with a few screenshots for additional help.
There is also a 5-part section at the end of the guide which covers the various items you will need to improve your rank in your chosen covenant, some helpful information on Humanity and Item Discovery Rate, and a guide to the online features of Dark Souls.

Any questions or feedback would be greatly appreciated and dealt with as soon as I have the time. Amendments will be made if I miss anything!
The Way of White
The Way of White is the first covenant you will come across in your journey through Lordran, and offers little as regards to benefits. You will be matched up with other covenanteers more easily, and gain access to a miracle vendor. A good start for faith users, located at Firelink Shrine. The Knight and Cleric classes also start out associated with this covenant.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Miracles, was it?"

How to get there

Upon your first arrival at Firelink Shrine, you'll notice some ruins just next to the bonfire. Head through the stone arch to the right of the Crestfallen Warrior (the knight in chainmail that's sat next to the bonfire), then through another stone arch straight ahead, just to the right of the pool area. After that, head up some stairs and you'll run into Petrus of Thorolund.

Entry requirements
Speak to Petrus, and he will be hesitant to converse with you. After his initial dialogue, speak with him again to recieve a Copper Coin as a memento. Speak with him a third time and he will offer to sell you miracles, provided you join the Way of White first. Select the "Enter Covenant" option, and you're in. There are absolutely no requirements to join this covenant.

Benefits of joining
Aside from gaining Petrus as a faith-based vendor, the Way of White gains improved Miracle Resonance and members of the covenant are more easily matched-up for co-operative gameplay. This will also make it slightly more difficult for other covenants to be matched-up, as other Way of White users will take priority. Good for avoiding Darkwraiths* early on!

*See Darkwraith section for more details.

Petrus of Thorolund will sell you the following miracles and talismans:
  • Force: A no-damage knock-back miracle. It can also be used to deflect projectiles, such as firebombs and arrows.
  • Heal: Heals the caster a moderate amount. Can be used when summoned or invading.
  • Great Heal Excerpt: Heals the caster a large amount. Can be used when summoned or invading. Single-use only.
  • Homeward: Teleports the caster back to the last bonfire they rested at. Same effect as the Homeward Bone item.
  • Seek Guidance: Displays more player-written messages in the world.
  • Talisman: Standard talisman. No point in purchasing, as you can get one for free by dropping down the nearby elevator shaft.
  • Thorolund Talisman: A good talisman for low-faith characters, as it has good magic scaling with the faith stat.
Gaining ranks
There are no ranks in the Way of White. This is purely a starting point for covenants, and only proves useful for matching-up online more easily. I personally wouldn't recommend staying in this covenant, as you can keep Petrus as a vendor once you've joined the first time.

Betraying the covenant
There are absolutely no penalties for leaving, or killing Petrus and/or his allies. Killing them will count as a sin, as is the case with killing any friendly NPC.
The Warriors of Sunlight
The Warriors of Sunlight engage in jolly co-operation with other Dark Souls players! They utilise lightning-based miracles and their summon signs glow a magnificent orange. Every time you defeat a boss with one of the "SunBros", you'll gain a Sunlight Medal.

"Praise the sun!"

How to get there

Upon defeating the Taurus Demon, enter the tower he jumped down from and head down the stairs. Take a left, and head along the bridge. Be cautious here, and make sure you're at full health. The Hellkite Wyvern will swoop down and breathe fire on the bridge, setting the whole thing ablaze! Start running, and you'll spot a staircase on the right. Head down it and you'll be in a small room with two exits. Next to the stairs is the way ahead, and on the adjacect wall is a passage leading down some stairs to a ladder. Kick the ladder, and you'll open up a shortcut back to the Undead Burg bonfire. A handy shortcut to have, as this next part is a little risky.

Head back up the stairs and onto the bridge. Run to the opposite side of the bridge, and grab some cover.

After the Wyvern is done breathing fire, run into the wall (above, right image) until he jumps down and lands on the bridge in front of you. Now for the hard part - sprint around the right side of him, round his feet and under his tail. Keep moving until you're through the arch he was on top of, and rest at the bonfire. He will be reset by you doing this, and then fly away. He'll stay away until you head across the bridge again - Be careful when you head back that way.

After you're rested up, you'll notice one side of the room has a gate that can be opened to reach the Undead Parish and continue with the game. The opposite side of the room, however, has an exit to a small area with some non-agressive hollows and a broken statue. This is the Altar of Sunlight.

NOTE: You may not be seeing the "Pray at the Altar of Sunlight" message - this may be because you don't meet the entry requirements (see below).

Entry requirements
To join the Warriors of Sunlight you must meet the minimum faith requirement of 25. This means your faith stat must be 25 or above. There is a way to lower this requirement though. Get yourself summoned to another player's game via the White Sign Soapstone (See the "Covenant Items II" section for more details). It's handy to have a friend or two online to help you with this. Once you beat the area boss, the minimum faith requirement will have decreased by 5. You can do this around 3-4 times to reduce the amount of faith you need to enter. As soon as you see the "Pray at the Altar of Sunlight" message at the broken statue, you can join! Praise the sun!

Benefits of joining
Upon joining the Warriors of Sunlight, you will recieve the Lightning Spear miracle. This miracle allows you to throw lightning at your enemies, as the name suggests. It requires 20 faith, a single attunement slot, and an equipped talisman to use.

Another benefit of this covenant is that your summon sign will now be orange, as opposed to the usual white. When you defeat a boss whilst summoned, each player will recieve a Sunlight Medal.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, from the entry rank to +3. You gain ranks by offering Sunlight Medals to the Altar of Sunlight. See the "Covenant Items IV" section for details on how to get Sunlight Medals.
Offering 10 Sunlight Medals will gain you rank +1, which gives you the Great Lightning Spear miracle - a much more powerful version of Lightning Spear. It requires 30 faith, as opposed to Lightning Spear's 20, to use.
At this rank, you can also offer the Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder to the Altar (New Game+ only) and gain the Sunlight Spear miracle - a significantly more powerful lightning spear attack which requires 50 faith to use.

Offering 30 Sunlight Medals to the altar will grant you rank +2, and offering 80 Sunlight Medals will grant you rank +3. These ranks grant no extra effects.

Betraying the covenant
There is no way to betray the Warriors of Sunlight. Leaving the covenant, however, will remove your ability to use Sunlight Spear. Re-joining lets you use it again.
The Forest Hunters
The Forest Hunter covenant is a Player-vs-Player (PvP) focused covenant located in Darkroot Garden. In this covenant you will be protecting a large forest area from trespassers, under the orders of Alvina, a mysterious cat-like entity who oversees the gravesite of Artorias, The Abyss Walker...

"If mine senses reveal intruders, then I will summon thee."

How to get there

Before you head to Darkroot Garden, you'll need to speak with Andre of Astora, the blacksmith under the Undead Parish bonfire. He will sell you an item called the Crest of Artorias for a whopping 20,000 souls. Once you've bought the crest, head out of the door next to Andre, past the titanite demon's room, and enter the forest.

Follow the path, defeating several treants along the way, until you reach a locked gate with a round hole in the middle. If you have the crest in your inventory, you'll use it to open the door and enter the Forest Hunters' area. This area has a lot of initially-hostile NPCs, some of which can be pretty tough. My advice is to run straight from the bottom of the stairs, sticking to the left side where the edge of the cliff is, avoiding them all until you reach a ruined building.

Inside the ruins is a giant cat called Alvina. Talking to her will stop the hostile NPCs attacking you, for now...

Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for the Forest Hunters. Simply answer yes to Alvina's questions and join the covenant.

Benefits of joining
Upon joining the Forest Hunters, you will recieve the Cat Covenant Ring. Equipping this ring will allow Alvina to summon you to the forest when a non-Forest Hunter player is in the area. When you are summoned, you will become a blue "Dark Spirit", as opposed to the usual red. See the "Covenant Items III" section for more details.

Killing a forest invader will grant you souls and one of the following items:
  • Titanite Shard
  • Large Titanite Shard
  • Green Titanite Shard
  • Titanite Chunk
  • Blue Titanite Chunk
  • White Titanite Chunk
  • Rubbish
  • Pendant
Another benefit of joining the Forest Hunters is Shiva of the East, an NPC that appears outside the ruins once you're a member of the covenant. After you've spoken to him once, he will move to Blighttown and become a rare weapons vendor. All of the Forest Hunter NPCs will also no longer be hostile towards you.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Forest Hunters, from the entry rank to +3. To gain ranks, simply allow yourself to be summoned and successfully defeat forest invaders. Each victory counts towards your rank. After your first kill, Alvina will give you a Divine Blessing, which restores HP and cures status problems such as poison and toxic. Upon your third kill, Alvina will grant you the Ring of Fog, which allows you to become partially invisible and trick your enemies. New dialogue with Alvina will also be available.

10 kills will grant you rank +1, 30 kills will grant you rank +2, and 80 kills will grant you rank +3. There are no additional benefits gained from these ranks.

Betraying the covenant
Attacking the Forest Hunter NPCs, including Shiva of the East in Blighttown, will count as betraying the covenant. You will be unable to rejoin until your sins are absolved by Oswald of Carim or you reach New Game Plus.
Betraying or leaving the Forest Hunters will make all NPCs in the forest hostile towards you once more, and Forest Hunter players will be able to invade you in the forest again.
The Chaos Servants
The Chaos Servant covenant is devoted to Pyromancy, and the service of one of the many Daughters of Chaos. It is located in a hidden passage in Quelaag's Domain, and is very useful in opening up a shortcut later in the game.


How to get there

Upon defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag, head past where the lever for the second Bell of Awakening is, down the stairs. You'll come to a room with a round platform in the middle. In this room is the entrance to the Demon Ruins, but you don't want to head there yet. Instead, you'll be able to roll through a fake wall and access the Chaos Servant area.

Don't kill the egg carrier blocking your path - talk to him and answer yes when he asks if you're a new servant, and he will let you pass. Next to the bonfire behind him is the Daughter of Chaos.

Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for the Chaos Servants. Just talk to the Daughter of Chaos and join the covenant. She won't actually say anything to you unless you have the starting gift "Old Witch's Ring". Wearing this ring will make her refer to you as her sister Quelaag, and talk about her slowly-decaying state.

Benefits of joining
Upon joining the Chaos Servants, you will be given the Pyromancy spell "Great Chaos Fireball" - a spell similar to the standard Fireball, which leaves behind a patch of lava.

You will also be able to buy items and Pyromancies (once you've been infected from getting attacked by other egg carriers, such as the ones in the Demon Ruins) from the egg carrier, Eingyi.

Eingyi sells the following items and Pyromancies:
  • Servant Roster: A leaderboard of sorts, showing who has offered the most humanity to the Daughter of Chaos.
  • Egg Vermifuge: Removes the infected egg from your character's head (see above).
  • Poison Mist: Creates a poison cloud, inflicting enemies with poison.
  • Toxic Mist: Similar to Poison Mist, but creates a toxic cloud instead.
Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Chaos Servant covenant, from the entry rank to +3. Ranks are gained by offering Humanity to the Daughter of Chaos. See the "Covenant Items IV" section for details on how to get Humanity.
Offering 10 Humanity will grant you rank +1, which has no effect.
Offering 30 Humanity will grant you rank +2, which gives you Chaos Storm - a powerful Pyromancy spell which creates fire pillars around you, leaving lava pools in it's wake.

This rank will also open up a shortcut later in the game which allows you early access to Lost Izalith, which skips two boss fights. It's location is as follows:
Once you have placed the Lordvessel on it's altar, head to the Demon Ruins. Once you've reached the area that was previously blocked by a golden fog gate, head to your right just before the next fog gate. Follow the corridor below and a gate will open, allowing you access to Lost Izalith. Killing the enemies on the other side will grant you the Sunlight Maggot, and result in Solaire of Astora not becoming corrupted, allowing you to summon Solaire for the final battle against Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.
Offering 80 Humanity will grant you rank +3, which has no effect.

Betraying the covenant
Killing the Daughter of Chaos will count as a betrayal, and you will be unable to re-join the covenant until New Game Plus. This will also extinguish the Daughter of Chaos' bonfire, though you can still warp to it with the Lordvessel. You will get a Fire Keeper Soul for killing the Daughter of Chaos, as she is the keeper of the bonfire in the area. This is not recommended, however.
Killing Eingyi, the egg carrier at the entrance to the Chaos Servant area, will not count as a betrayal, and you can still join the covenant if you kill him. It's not recommended though, as he can be a useful vendor.
The Path of the Dragon
The Path of the Dragon covenant is dedicated to gathering Dragon Scales, and eventually harnessing the power of the everlasting dragons. It is located in Ash Lake, one of the game's many optional areas. Please be wary of heading this way early on, as back-tracking may prove difficult to low-level characters and first-time players.

How to get there
I would highly recommend obtaining the Lordvessel before you do this. However, it is still possible to reach at any point.

At the opposite end of the Blighttown swamp from Quelaag's Domain, you'll see a huge branch-like path heading upwards around a cliff face. Follow this and you'll come to a small alcove. Roll towards the back wall and it will disappear, revealing another small area with a chest. Roll through the wall behind the chest, and once again, it will disappear.

This time, a tunnel will appear. Follow this, go down a ladder, and you'll reach a bonfire and the area known as The Great Hollow.
From the bonfire, make your way down the giant tree, killing a few basilisks as you go. Watch out for the mushrooms at the bottom - the big ones pack a mean punch!

Once you've reached the bottom of the area, you'll find a passage leading to Ash Lake. Head through the hollowed-out log, and make a U-turn to your right to find a bonfire.

Ash Lake is a rather treacherous area at first. You'll notice a hydra in the distance, which is closing in on you. My advice? RUN!

Sprint as fast as you can, sticking to the sand area, and follow the path all the way to the end. Watch out for the hydra's projectiles, and be careful around the clam-like enemies around the half-way point. After a few minutes, you'll reach a thin path leading to a huge dragon and another bonfire. Take a rest here if you like, then pray to the Everlasting Dragon.

Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for the Path of the Dragon. Just pray to the Everlasting Dragon, and enter the covenant.

Benefits of joining
Upon joining the Path of the Dragon covenant, you will obtain the Dragon Eye and the Dragon Head Stone.
The Dragon Eye allows you to duel other players. The victor will recieve one Dragon Scale. See the "Covenant Items III" section for more details.

The Dragon Head Stone turns your head into that of a dragon! You must not have a helmet equipped for this to work. Once you've used the stone, your character will retain the dragon head until death, and can breathe fire from it by using the Dragon Head Stone again.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Path of the Dragon, from the entry rank to +3. To increase your rank, you must offer Dragon Scales to the Everlasting Dragon. See the "Covenant Items V" section for details on how to get Dragon Scales.
Offering 10 scales will grant you rank +1, which increases the damage of the Dragon Head Stone's fire attack.
Offering 30 scales will grant you rank +2, which awards you the Dragon Torso Stone - an item which turns the rest of your body into that of a dragon's. This requires you to wear no armour at all, so be careful! Using the Dragon Torso Stone again whilst in dragon form will grant you a temporary attack boost. It's base level is +25%, but rank +1 increases the boost to +27.5%. Rank +2 also increases the Dragon Head Stone's fire attack damage again, and increases the Dragon Torso Stone's attack boost to +30%.
**Image coming soon!**
Offering 80 scales will grant you rank +3, which increases the damage of the Dragon Head Stone's fire attack a third time, and the Dragon Torso Stone's attack boost to +35%.

Betraying the covenant
There is no way to betray this covenant, but leaving will remove your ability to use the Dragon Eye, and the Dragon Head/Torso Stones will have their effects reduced to their base levels. You can, however, still use both stones outside of the covenant.
The Blades of the Darkmoon
The Blades of the Darkmoon are the "righteous protectors" of Lordran, dishing out vengeance upon those who have sinned. This is another PvP-focused covenant, based in the great city of Anor Londo. The Darkmoon Blades invade other players' worlds as spirits of vengeance, working for the "Dark Sun", Gwyndolin: Protector of the tomb of the Great Lord Gwyn.

"The guilty pay the price."

How to get there
Once you have activated the lift in the centre of Anor Londo, move the dais in the middle until the lift reaches it's lowest point. Head down the spiral staircase and into the room ahead. Rest at the bonfire if you like. You'll be able to warp back here later.

Provided you have equipped the Darkmoon Sceance Ring, obtained from The Catacombs in an area marked by a developer-written message on the floor, the statue opposite the entrance to this chamber will disappear, revealing a staircase leading to a fog gate. Do not enter the fog gate! You will be told "Halt!" and hear some dialogue from Gwyndolin as you reach the prayer rug on the floor.
Kneel here, as instructed, and you will be asked to join the Blades of the Darkmoon.

Entry requirements
There are no requirements to become a Darkmoon Blade beyond reaching the area. Kneel on the prayer rug and enter the covenant.
If you have "killed" the illusion of Gwynevere, Anor Londo will be darkened, and you will become unable to join the Darkmoon Blades.

Benefits of joining
Upon becoming a Darkmoon Blade, you will recieve the Blue Eye Orb and the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring. You can use these items to invade players who have sinned - betraying covenants, killing NPCs, etc.

See the "Covenant Items III" section for more information.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Blades of the Darkmoon, from the entry rank to +3. To increase your rank, you have to offer Gwyndolin some Souvenirs of Reprisal. See the "Covenant Items V" section for details on how to get Souvenirs of Reprisal.
Offering 10 souvenirs will grant you rank +1, which will give you the Darkmoon Talisman - one of the best talismans available - and the miracle Darkmoon Blade. The Darkmoon Blade miracle is a weapon buff, which adds a considerable amount of damage to your right-hand weapon, and lasts for one minute.

Offering 30 souvenirs will grant you rank +2, which increases the damage of the Darkmoon Blade miracle.
Offering 80 souvenirs will grant you rank +3, which increases the damage of the Darkmoon Blade miracle once more, but only by a tiny amount compared to the previous rank.

Betraying the covenant
If you cross the fog gate into Gwyn's tomb, you will be removed from the Darkmoon Blades until New Game Plus. You will also be heading straight in to a boss fight with Dark Sun Gwyndolin, so be prepared! Upon triggering this boss fight, the fire keeper at the main Anor Londo bonfire will become hostile, and killing her will extinguish the bonfire until New Game Plus.
Leaving the covenant in any way will remove your ability to use the Blue Eye Orb, Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, and Darkmoon Blade miracle.
The Princess' Guard
The Princess' Guard serve Gwynevere, daughter of the Great Lord Gwyn. This covenant is an excellent choice for co-operative gameplay if using miracles and faith, as you gain access to two miracles which heal both you and your allies. This covenant is located in Anor Londo, after you have defeated the tag-team of Executioner Smough and Dragonslayer Ornstein.

"Amazing chest ahead"

How to get there

This one's pretty simple - beat Smough and Ornstein in Anor Londo, head up the lift, then past the bonfire is Gwynevere's room. Speak with her to obtain the Lordvessel, then speak to her again to enter the Princess' Guard.

Entry requirements

There are no requirements to enter the Princess' Guard. Simply talk to Gwynevere after she has given you the Lordvessel and join the covenant.

Benefits of joining
Upon joining the Princess' Guard, you will recieve the Ring of the Sun Princess, which boosts miracle synergy - the white rings you'll notice on your travels which increase the power of certain miracles that other players have used nearby. Players are also more easily matched-up for co-operative gameplay, much like the Way of White covenant.

Two miracles that you find in the Duke's Archives prison area, Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight, will be available for use in this covenant. The Ring of the Sun Princess boosts the effects of these two miracles as well, making this covenant very useful for the medics out there.

Soothing Sunlight is a healing miracle. It will heal the caster and any allies they have summoned or been summoned by, much like using an Estus Flask.
Bountiful Sunlight grants regenerating health to the caster and their allies for one minute. It heals 10HP per second, for a total of 600HP.

Gaining ranks
There are no ranks in the Princess' Guard. This covenant is purely focused on co-op and miracles.

Betraying the covenant
Shooting Gwynevere with an arrow or spell will remove you from the covenant until New Game Plus, and also plunge Anor Londo into darkness, removing most enemies from the area and making you unable to join the Darkmoon Blades. This is a very severe sin to make, as you are now at the mercy of any Darkmoon Blades invading in Anor Londo - despite you killing the bosses of the area!
Leaving the covenant in any way will remove your ability to use the Soothing/Bountiful Sunlight miracles.
The Gravelord Servants
The Gravelord Servant covenant is devoted to Gravelord Nito, and focuses on using an item called the Eye of Death to make other players' worlds a place of true despair, unleashing vicious Black Phantoms - significantly tougher versions of the standard enemies you encounter. This covenant is primarily used in New Game Plus, but can be accessed quite early on from The Catacombs. The Gravelords and Black Phantoms are not to be taken lightly. If you are unfortunate enough to be afflicted by them, BE CAREFUL.

How to get there

First, make your way through the graveyard just off Firelink Shrine. You will come to a cave, which leads to The Catacombs. Make your way through the area as normal until you reach the room with the titanite demon. Kill or run past him, pick up the 3 Eyes of Death from the corpse, then check the coffins at the sides of the room for an open one you can climb into.

Get in and wait for around 30 seconds, and you'll trigger a cutscene and end up in a chamber in the Tomb of the Giants. In this area you will find a large sarcophagus.

Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for the Gravelord Servants beyond having at least one Eye of Death in your inventory when you rest in the coffin. If you have none, you won't be taken to the chamber. Pray to the Gravelord in the sarcophagus to enter the covenant.

Benefits of joining
Upon joining, Gravelord Servants are granted the Gravelord Sword - a powerful curved greatsword - and the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle. The Gravelord Sword Dance requires no faith to use, and is a powerful area-of-effect spell that summons large swords from the ground all around the caster, which cause massive damage to enemies and other players alike.

The main draw of this covenant is the Eye of Death - an item used to spread misery to other players' games in the form of Black Phantoms. The Black Phantoms are much more powerful versions of the normal enemies in the game, and they spawn alongside the standard enemies. They will appear black and red, similar to invading Dark Spirits.
Anor Londo becomes filled with Black Phantom Silver Knights, and the Kiln of the First Flame spawns the toughest Black Knight in the game - an enemy capable of killing even the toughest Dark Souls player in a single hit. These are just a few examples of the sheer carnage caused by the Gravelord Servants.
Using an Eye of Death will spawn Black Phantoms in the worlds of three other players. Those other players will then be searching for a unique summon sign - black, large, and most importantly, yours. When they find it, they will invade you in an attempt to kill you. If one of these players succeeds, the Black Phantoms will be gone from all three worlds. If you kill them, you get another Eye of Death, and the carnage continues.
Whilst your Eye of Death is active, you CANNOT fight bosses or summon phantoms to help you. The boss of the area you use an Eye in must still be alive for you to use it, as you will be getting invaded.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Gravelord Servant covenant, from the entry rank to +3. You increase your rank by offering Eyes of Death to the Gravelord. See the "Covenant Items V" section for details on how to get Eyes of Death.
Offering 10 Eyes will grant you rank +1, which gives you the Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracle - a more powerful version of the Gravelord Sword Dance - and boosts both miracles' power by 10%.

Offering 30 Eyes will grant you rank +2, which boosts the Gravelord miracles' power by 20%.
Offering 80 Eyes will grant you rank +3, which boosts the Gravelord miracles' power by 30%.

Betraying the covenant
There is no way to betray the Gravelord Servants. Not even by killing the sarcophagus Gravelord, Nito, one of the later bosses in the game - even by doing this, the only penalty is not being able to increase your rank until New Game Plus.
The Darkwraiths
The Darkwraith covenant serve Darkstalker Kaathe, primordial serpent of The Abyss under the ruins of New Londo. Darkwraiths are relentless in their pursuit of other players, invading them constantly in the hunt for more souls and Humanity. This is the primary PvP covenant of Dark Souls, and also one of the most controversial elements of the game.

Getting there
Upon recieving the Lordvessel, if you choose to head to Firelink Shrine, DO NOT SPEAK TO FRAMPT. He will trigger an event that will stop you from getting into the Darkwraiths.

Instead, head to Darkroot Garden, go past the Forest Hunters' area, and face off against the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Defeat him, and you'll get the Covenant of Artorias ring.
Now head to New Londo, and proceed through the area until you meet the NPC called Ingward. He will now give you the Key to the Seal. Carry on through the area and open up the lower portion of the ruins.

You'll come across some tough enemies down here, but carry on and you'll reach a fog gate which leads to a spiral staircase seemingly leading to nothing. Equip the Covenant of Artorias, and jump down the pit, into The Abyss. You will now face off against the Four Kings of New Londo.

Once you have defeated the Four Kings, a bonfire will appear, as will Darkstalker Kaathe. Speak to him, answering yes to his questions, and you will place the Lordvessel on it's altar as usual. Speak to him when you return to The Abyss and he will offer you a place in the Darkwraith covenant.

Entry requirements
There are no requirements to become a Darkwraith beyond not talking to Kingseeker Frampt after getting the Lordvessel, and then following my instructions above. Talk to Kaathe and join up!

Benefits of joining
The Darkwraiths are the main PvP covenant of Dark Souls. To begin with, you will be using Cracked Red Eye Orbs to invade other players. Killing them will grant you Humanity and souls. You will also be able to use the Red Eye Orb - an item which has infinite use and lets you invade other players - once you reach rank +1. See the "Covenant Items III" section for more information on these items.
Upon joining the Darkwraiths, you will recieve the Dark Hand - a weapon that allows you to drain Humanity from human players and NPCs with it's right-hand strong attack.

Gaining ranks
There are four ranks in the Darkwraith covenant, from the entry rank to +3. You increase your rank by offering Humanity to Kaathe. See the "Covenant Items IV" section for details on how to get Humanity.
Offering 10 Humanity will grant you rank +1, and the Red Eye Orb. You can now invade other players infinitely using this item.

Offering 30 Humanity will grant you rank +2, which gives you the Darksword and Darkwraith armour set.

You may have noticed these items on certain enemies in New Londo. That's right - they're Darkwraiths. Unfortunately, they will remain hostile to you even if you are a member of the Darkwraith covenant.
Offering 80 Humanity will grant you rank +3, which improves your Dark Hand's ability to drain humanity.

Betraying the covenant
There is no way to betray the Darkwraiths, but bear in mind that leaving the covenant and entering New Game Plus will render you unable to re-join until you have the Lordvessel and go through the entire process of getting to Kaathe again.
Leaving the Darkwraiths removes your ability to use the Red Eye Orb, but you can still use the Cracked Red Eye Orbs to invade players regardless of your covenant.
Covenant Items I: Maximising Your Item Discovery Rate
The following section will covers how to improve your odds of obtaining the various items needed to improve your rank in your chosen covenant. This information also applies to any item drops in the game, so if there's a specific item you're after, this section will prove useful for increasing your chances of getting it.

Item Discovery Rate
When you are looking for a particular item that is best obtained by killing certain enemies, it is best to maximise your chances of having said items drop from those enemies. This can be done in a few ways.

On the stats screen, you'll see the "Item Discovery" stat. The higher this number is, the more likely you are to recieve items on enemy corpses. This number increases with each Humanity you have (the number in the top-left on the HUD), but there are also two items you can get to further boost it:

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: This item is obtainable in Sen's Fortress, at the bottom of the indoor boulder trap area, behind a breakable wall. Simply wait for enough boulders to fill the hole next to the wall, then the next one that comes down will break the wall, revealing a room with a single corpse. On this corpse is the ring, which boosts Item Discovery by 200.

Symbol of Avarice: This item is a rare drop from the various mimics in the game. Mimics disguise themselves as treasure chests and don't respawn. The Symbol of Avarice is headgear that boosts Item Discovery by 200, grants a 20% boost to the amount of souls you get from killing enemies, but also depletes 5HP per second.

The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and Symbol of Avarice's effects don't stack, meaning you need only use one of the two items. Humanity also becomes less useful when you have around 10. Combining 10 Humanity and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring is the most preferrable method for maximising your chances at getting item drops.
Covenant Items II: Summoning
This section covers the various methods of getting yourself summoned to another player's game, and engaging in jolly co-operation!

A note on the level restrictions when playing online
In order to balance the summoning and invading systems in Dark Souls, there are certain restrictions put in place.
The formula for invading/summoning is 10 + 15% of your level, above or below. This means that the other player has to be within 10 levels, or 15% of YOUR level above/below the 10-level radius. This is difficult to explain, so I will list a few examples:
Level 1 players can summon/invade players ranging from level 1-12
Level 10 players can summon/invade players ranging from level 1-22
Level 20 players can summon/invade players ranging from level 9-33
Level 50 players can summon/invade players ranging from level 36-66
Level 100 players can summon/invade players ranging from level 81-121
This information comes from the summon range calculator on the Wikispaces Dark Souls Wiki. Click here[darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com] to calculate your summon range. Note that this information isn't exact, so try and stay close to your friends' levels when playing online with them.

The White Sign Soapstone
The White Sign Soapstone is obtained shortly after defeating the Taurus Demon. To get your hands on it, enter the tower he jumped down from and head down the stairs.

Take a right and head down the stairs on either side of the area. You'll hit a dead-end with an NPC.

This is Solaire of Astora. Initiating conversations with him multiple times will result in him asking you a couple of questions. Answer yes to the questions, and you will be given the White Sign Soapstone.

This item allows you to drop a summon sign - a white glowing mark on the ground, indicating to other players that you're available to be summoned to their game for some jolly co-operation!
You can summon other players or be summoned at any area with a boss. The summoning player has to have not defeated the boss to be able to summon other players, and can summon two players at a time.

Successfully getting summoned
As the Dark Souls multiplayer is peer-to-peer based through Games For Windows Live, as opposed to using dedicated servers, matching-up online can prove difficult and time-consuming. A lot of players get frustrated by this!
The way the online system works is as follows: When you load your game, you're assigned to a "pool", meaning you will be able to connect to a certain selection of other players, they will be able to connect to a different selection of players, and so on. This refreshes every two minutes, and you will then be able to connect to a different range of other players. If you are trying to get summoned by your friends, your best chance of doing so is to be patient. Don't place down your summon sign more than once (unless it disappears from YOUR world), and just wait until they see it. Using some form of voice chat (Steam chat, Teamspeak, etc) will come in handy here!
Once your friend sees your summon sign and activates it, you should see the message "You are being summoned". If they have activated your summon sign and you don't see this message, the summon attempt has failed. It takes a while for the "Summoning failed" message to appear on their end, so you can let them know in advance so they can try again if your summon sign is still visible in their game. Don't worry if this happens! Just remain patient, and eventually you will get yourself successfully summoned to your friend's game. Once you're summoned, future attempts will go a lot more smoothly - good for if you plan a long session of co-op.
IMPORTANT: The "pools" will reset for you if you quit the game (either to the title screen or to desktop), so quitting and reloading is not advised, and it won't help your chances of getting summoned any quicker. Take all this advice into consideration and hopefully your experience will be a little easier.
Covenant Items III: Invading and Duelling
This section covers competitive online play in Dark Souls - invasions and duels. If you want to test your mettle against other players, this is the section for you.

The Cat Covenant Ring
The Cat Covenant Ring is used by the Forest Hunters to protect the large forest in Darkroot Garden. Whilst you wear this, you can be summoned at any time to invade a non-Forest Hunter in the forest area. The level caps for Forest Hunter invasions differ from standard summons/invasions (see previous section for details). There is no upper limit, meaning no matter what level you are, you can invade players who are above your level all the way past level 700, even if you are level 1! The standard lower limit still applies however, so level 700+ players can't rush in and instantly kill low-level players. Be cautious when you invade, though!

The Dragon Eye
The Dragon Eye is a Path of the Dragon covenant item that allows you to drop a unique summon sign which can be activated by any player who has a Dragon Scale in their inventory. Upon being summoned, you will fight the other player. The victor will get a Dragon Scale - an item used to upgrade dragon weapons and increase your rank in the Path of the Dragon covenant. Note that you can only use this for 1-on-1 duels. No other phantoms are allowed whilst duelling - this means the person being invaded can't have summoned help, and can't already be fighting an invader to be able to see the Dragon Eye's sign.

The Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
The Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring are items used to invade the guilty and punish them, usable only by the Blades of the Darkmoon.
Wearing the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring is similar to the Forest Hunters' ring (including the differences in level restrictions), only you will be summoned into another player's twilight (from killing the "illusion" of Gwynevere) Anor Londo as opposed to Darkroot Garden.
The Blue Eye Orb allows you to invade other players in any area of the game, tasked with killing those who have sinned - killed NPCs, betrayed covenants, etc. When you have defeated a guilty player, you will return with a Souvenir of Reprisal. These are used to increase your rank as a Darkmoon Blade.

The Red Sign Soapstone
The Red Sign Soapstone is a unique item obtained from the Painted World of Ariamis, at the top of a thin spiral staircase in the large tower towards the middle of the area. Be wary of the harpies!
This item allows you to drop a red summon sign, which lets another player summon you as a dark spirit, as though you were invading them. This is used primarily for duels and "honourable" competition, and can be used by any player, regardless of their covenant.

[Cracked] Red Eye Orbs
Cracked Red Eye Orbs are obtained from various locations around the game, and also sold by Darkstalker Kaathe upon joining the Darkwraith covenant. They allow you to invade another player's world, but are single-use only.
If you wish to invade other players without limits, join the Darkwraith covenant and reach rank +1. You will be given the Red Eye Orb, which works like the Cracked Red Eye Orbs, only doesn't get used up when you invade someone. With this, you can invade people (almost) whenever you want! Please note that if you leave the Darkwraith covenant, you will no longer be able to use the Red Eye Orb to invade.
[Cracked] Red Eye Orb invasions can only be done on players who haven't beaten the boss of the area you use the item in. Once you invade another player, your objective is simple - find them and kill them! Victory will grant you Humanity and souls. The number of souls is dependant on the level of the player you invade, NOT the amount they are carrying. A failed invasion will result in you losing your souls and Humanity, but you will remain in human form. You can retrieve your souls and Humanity from the bloodstain where you used the [Cracked] Red Eye Orb.

If you wish to be "honourable" when invading, both players must perform the "Bow" gesture, then fight 1-on-1 with absolutely no healing. A lot of players don't do this though, and will rush in for the kill. Your best bet is to keep your guard up until you think it's safe to bow, or your opponent bows.
Covenant Items IV: Sunlight Medals and Humanity
This section will cover the Warriors of Sunlight, Chaos Servants, and Darkwraiths' covenant items. Whether you want to engage in jolly co-operation, serve the Daughter of Chaos, or invade the worlds of other players, this section will help improve your standing with your covenant of choice.

The Warriors of Sunlight: Sunlight Medals
Sunlight Medals are obtained by getting yourself summoned as a Warrior of Sunlight, or summoning a Warrior of Sunlight into your game, and then defeating the area boss. Upon your victory, each player will recieve a Sunlight Medal, even if the summoner isn't part of the covenant.

The NPC Solaire of Astora is also a Warrior of Sunlight, and summoning him into your game will also grant you a Sunlight Medal upon defeating the area boss.

Solaire can be summoned in the following locations:
  • Undead Parish: Just before the fog gate heading to the boss.
  • The Depths: Above the stairs heading to the fog gate which leads to the boss.
  • Anor Londo: In the main hall, just before the boss, up a flight of stairs just below the Silver Knight.
  • Demon Ruins: In front of the fog gate before the boss.
  • Kiln of the First Flame: Atop the stairs leading down towards the boss, around halfway through the area. Solaire will only appear here if he survives the incident in Lost Izalith. See the Chaos Servants section for more details.
There is a chest containing 3 Sunlight Medals in Anor Londo, in the room opposite the second bonfire. It is guarded by a Silver Knight.
You can also get a Sunlight Medal from freeing Lautrec in the Undead Parish, then talking to him in Firelink Shrine.

The Chaos Servants and Darkwraiths: Humanity
Humanity is acquired in multiple ways. Defeating bosses and killing certain enemies will get you the inventory item Humanity.

The following enemies can drop Humanity:
  • Rats: These enemies are quite common in a lot of areas of the game. The giant rat in The Depths also drops Humanity.
  • Baby Skeletons: These infinitely respawn in the Tomb of the Giants, in a room containing multiple Pinwheel enemies. The Humanity will disappear rather quickly, however, as the corpses disappear when new ones spawn.
  • Humanity Spirits: There are a lot of these in the Chasm of the Abyss. This is the most reliable way of getting Humanity, as it drops very often from these enemies.
You can also obtain this form of Humanity by killing NPCs, though this is not recommended as most NPCs are helpful, and killing them counts as a sin, which will provoke the wrath of the Darkmoon Blades.
Killing your target in an invasion, killing an invader, or killing a certain number of enemies (usually 30 or more) in an area where you've not beaten the boss yet will give you the "stat" Humanity - the number in the top-left corner of the HUD. You offer Humanity from this number, NOT the inventory items. That means you'll have to use the inventory Humanity first, then offer the "stat" Humanity. This can be very tedious if you do it all in one go!
Covenant Items V: Dragon Scales, Souvenirs of Reprisal, and Eyes of Death
This section covers the Path of the Dragon, Blades of the Darkmoon, and Gravelord Servants' covenant items. If you want to become a dragon, punish the guilty, or infect other players with Black Phantoms, this section will help improve your standing with your covenant of choice.

The Path of the Dragon: Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales are obtained by killing the various dragon-type enemies in the game. There are also a few dotted about the world - three on corpses in Ash Lake, and one in a chest near the lower bonfire in Blighttown.

Dragon Scales can be obtained by killing the following enemies:
  • Drakes: The Valley of Drakes is home to around half a dozen Drakes. Dragon Scales are a somewhat rare drop from them.
  • Undead Dragons: There are two of these in the game - one in the Valley of the Drakes, and the other in the Painted World of Ariamis. These enemies do not respawn.
  • Hydras: There are also two of these - one in Darkroot Basin, and the other in Ash Lake. Like the Undead Dragons, the Hydras do not respawn.
Successful invasions using the Dragon Eye, or successfully killing someone who has invaded using it, will also grant you a single Dragon Scale.

The Blades of the Darkmoon: Souvenirs of Reprisal
Souvenirs of Reprisal drop when you kill harpies in the Painted World of Ariamis. This is a very rare occurence, however.

You can also obtain one from killing Lautrec in Anor Londo via the Black Eye Orb, obtained from the dead fire keeper at Firelink Shrine (provided you don't kill Lautrec before he kills her).
Finally, a successful invasion using the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring or the Blue Eye Orb will grant you a Souvenir of Reprisal.

The Gravelord Servants: Eyes of Death
Eyes of Death are obtained by being victorious in a fight with, or as, a Gravelord Servant.

You can also get them from killing Basilisks (frog-type creatures with large eyes) in The Depths and The Great Hollow. They are quite a common drop from these enemies.
There is also a chest in the Tomb of the Giants, near the first bonfire, that contains 3 Eyes of Death.
Finally, Patches will sell you 3 Eyes of Death at Firelink Shrine for 3,000 souls each. He appears there after you have beaten the Tomb of the Giants area.
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