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Castle Crashers

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Castle Crashers Animal Orbs
By Waspleg
Find all 28 Animal Orbs with this concise guide.
These Animal Orbs attack enemies or directly assist in combat.

Bipolar Bear
SNOW WORLD: Bring the Horn to the end of this level, or backtrack from Ice Castle and use the Horn next to the horn sign to summon him.
  • Ability: Attacks any character with low health
  • Doesn't attack bosses
Bitey Bat
PIPISTRELLO'S CAVE: Defeat Pipistrello.
  • Ability: Holds enemies in place by feeding on them, does small amount of damage

INSANE STORE: Costs 5500 gold.
  • Ability: Occasionally shoots fireballs

TALL GRASS FIELD: Bring the Horn to the second group of enemies, find a hut with the horn sign, and blow the Horn to bring him out.
  • Ability: Attacks downed enemies and brings fruit from dead bodies
  • The fruit can be collected by any player, but Hawkster can only hold one piece at a time.
Install Ball
ALIEN SHIP: Once the countdown starts, go past the energy wall and look for a door in the background. You can quit the level right after the unlock message appears.
  • Ability: Occasionally shoots lasers
  • This Animal Orbs bounces behind the character instead of floating like the rest do.
INSANE STORE: Costs 5500 gold.
  • Ability: Occasionally shoots ice

TALL GRASS FIELD: Defeat the Rain Boss.
  • Ability: Randomly knocks down enemies
  • Very useful in Arena
These Animal Orbs help the player find items or collect consumables without affecting any stats.

INDUSTRIAL CASTLE: Defeat the beefy Brute.
  • Ability: Brings secret items to the player
  • This Animal Orb is the only way to obtain the Boomerang and some weapons.
  • Items collected by Cardinal can be picked up by other players.
MARSH: Bring the Shovel to the second screen of this level (with the graves) and find the "X" between the two groups of graves.
  • Ability: Grabs nearby items with its tongue
  • The Blacksmith has an apparent affinity for Frogglets; his weapons are kept in a giant Frogglet and his splash magic is a medium-sized Frogglet.
FOREST ENTRANCE: At the end of this level, look for musical notes in the background. Follow them behind the bush and Owlet emerges.
  • Ability: Brings hidden fruit from trees to the player
  • Useless after Thieves' Forest
SNOW STORE: Costs 750 gold.
  • Ability: Identifies unmarked dig spots
  • Finds the Skeleton Leg and Ice Sword
Stat Buffs
These Animal Orbs directly increase a player's stats.

BLACKSMITH: Bring the Cardinal to Full Moon to get the Key Sword required to unlock the Beholder's locked door in the Animal Ark.
  • Effect: +2 Magic
Burly Bear
TALL GRASS FIELD: Bring a Sandwich and 2 Bombs near the end of the level where a rock protrudes obviously (right after the flurry of arrows). Eat the Sandwich to move the rock, and use the Bombs on a crack in the wall to free this pet.
  • Effect: +2 Strength
MEDUSA'S LAIR: Bring the Shovel to the first "X" and dig to bring him out.
  • Effect: +1 Strength, +1 Defense, +1 Agility
  • Identical to the Behemoth logo

DESERT: Bring the Shovel to this level and stop to dig up every "X" you see. This is easier than trying to describe the location, and it only takes a few minutes.
  • Effect: +10% Experience
CYCLOPS' CAVE: Walk out of the cave to find this Animal Orb.
  • Effect: +3 Agility

CHURCH STORE: Costs 750 gold.
  • Effect: Increased drop rate of enemy weapons
Mr. Buddy
HOME CASTLE: Bring the Shovel to the "X" below the veterinarian in the hay.
  • Effect: Dig faster

SWAMP VILLAGE STORE: Costs 585 gold.
  • Effect: Increased amount of health regained by eating food
  • Does not change popcorn from Killer Corn
SAND CASTLE INTERIOR: Bring 2 Bombs and use them on the cracked wall at the start of this level.
  • Effect: +1 Strength, +2 Agility
THIEVES' FOREST: Floating over a small stream, can't miss it.
  • Effect: Increased movement speed through water
  • This works in shallow water and Rapids Ride, as well as the Catfish boss.
BLACKSMITH: Head to the very left of the Animal Ark and use Magic Jump (+ with Magic 20+) or jump and alternate and until you get high enough to grab it.
  • Effect: Increased jump height
MARSH: Just before the level ends, it can be found next to a fence in the open.
  • Effect: +5 Defense, -5 Agility
  • Using this Animal Orb can enable a player to Tank while the other players have less attention drawn to them.
CYCLOPS' FORTRESS: Bring 2 Bombs to break a crack in the back wall.
  • Effect: +2 Strength

VOLCANO STORE: Costs 680 gold.
  • Effect: +2 Defense

THIEVES' FOREST: Bring 3 Bombs near the end of the level where you first encounter Trolls. Bomb the Troll or the crack to free it.
  • Effect: +1% Health Regeneration
  • Gray Knight's projectile magic also works to unlock this Animal Orb.
SNOW WORLD: At the end of the level, go behind the huts and it comes out.
  • Effect: Player is immune to freezing
  • The Yeti is placed here with the express purpose of making the upcoming puzzle easier.
DESERT CHASE: Keep your camel until you see a bandit with this Animal Orb, and use the camel to chase him and steal the pet from him.
  • Effect: Increased drop rate for food found in grass
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+Macaroni2550 its nnot a door, but a doorway, go to the right of it when you get in, riht after the lazer wall that is there right after the countdown starts
obama Jan 1, 2018 @ 7:17am 
you get the horn from beating the corn boss, the shovel is during the sand levels
Neo Dec 30, 2017 @ 5:59am 
game got remastered, all the store prices went down
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i have all
including dog and whale