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Saddle Emporium
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Saddle Emporium

Welcome to the Saddle Emporium, home to all your dinosaur armor, saddle and tack needs!

Check my Twitter if you want to stay the most up to date, including WIP pictures ect.

Mod ID: 1208371689

Next WIP:
Just got back and getting ready to work again!

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The Saddle Emporium is a lore friendly and RP friendly mod that gives the "dinosaur's" of ARK more variety in their saddle and tack (equipment) options, each dinosaur included in the mod will have a minimum of 3 new options ranging from a simple halter to large weighty caravan saddles. Some saddles even offer buffs such as a weight buff and some have more armor then the vanilla saddles.

This mod was made with the more medieval RP communities in mind and so you will never find any Tech saddles or items here, its not something I am personally interested in making.

Saddle Emporium is partly compatible with Survival Plus, at this time only the skins are set up to work with Survival Plus. You most likely will need the Survival Plus - Mod Helper to craft the skins.

All saddles can be colored and come with a skin option, keep in mind that skins are cosmetic only they have NO armor or buffs.

Saddle Types

Halter: A halter in RL is used to make it easier/quicker to lead or tie up a animal, in game they allow you to give your dinosaur a comfortable look while still letting you ride them in case of emergencies or to move them easily. Halters also cost very little to make (compared to that dinosaur's saddle) and weigh almost nothing, but they give your dinosaur NO armor or buffs. They also are much lower poly then a vanilla saddle and so will have less of a impact in game.

Basic Saddles: These saddles are my version of a vanilla saddle and how I feel the saddle should have looked from the start, they will have the same armor as a vanilla saddle.

Explorer Saddles: The Explorer Saddles gives your dinosaur a well traveled appearance and also have a small weight buff.
- Weight buff: Makes items 20% lighter when this saddle is equipped.

Fancy Saddles: Similar to a explorer saddle but with a "fancy" look to them, these are mostly just for fun and variety. They have the same stats as explorer saddles.
- Weight buff: Makes items 20% lighter when this saddle is equipped.

Farming Saddles: Use these to give your harvester dinosaur a more appropriate look and the weight buff lets them carry more items for you.
- Weight buff: Makes items 30% lighter when this saddle is equipped.

Caravan Saddles: Lets you give your dinosaur a overburdened appearance (such as when your out gathering a ton of resources, while also giving your dinosaur a weight buff to help you lug around more stuff. Be aware that caravan saddles weigh more then other types of saddles.
- Weight buff: Makes items 50% lighter when this saddle is equipped.

Leather Harness: A leather harness is best used for your hunting pack dinosaur's as the leather harness gives them added armor and is lighter then the scout saddle, however a leather harness not meant to be ridden on (the game does not let me remove the option to ride a saddled dino) and you will look rather silly/uncomfortable on them.
- Armored: Has more armor then a standard vanilla saddle due to its protective leather neck/chest piece.

Scout Saddles: The scout saddle is a lightly armored saddle, its focus is on providing the dinosaur with protection but also keeping its weight down compared to something that is a full suit of armor.
- Armored: Has more armor then a standard vanilla saddle due to a protective neck/chest piece.

Poacher/Hunter Saddles: The trophy kills found on these saddles give a overall look of a hunter or poacher respectively, they are mostly made for RP purposes (and imo looking cool) but they do come with a slight weight buff and slightly more armored the a vanilla saddle.
- Weight buff: Makes items 30% lighter when this saddle is equipped.
- Armored: Is slightly more armored then a standard vanilla saddle due to a protective neck/chest piece.


To craft any of the items in this mod you must first learn the Saddle Emporium Workbench engram, all saddles and skins are crafted in that workbench. When you learn any of the saddle or skin engrams it unlocks ALL the saddles or skin for that dino, so you need to only learn one engram for each dino saddle and skin.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q: HELP! I can not find the blueprints in my inventory?!
A: Please check the crafting section it tells you exactly how to craft the items.

Q: Will you be including armor is this mod?
A: I would like to, but first I want to focus on utility saddles.

Q: Does each saddle give a different bonus?
A: Yes! Some of the saddles give a weight buff, while others are armored and give mod protection then vanilla saddles.

Q: Can you find these saddles in supply crates and can you upgrade them to better?
A: Not at this time, but I am working on getting that in soon.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Survival Plus?
A: At the moment the Parasaur skins are the only thing compatible and you will most likely need the Survival Plus - Mod Helper.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Primitive Plus?
A: Since that is a total conversion you can not at this time use mods with it. But if you use a Primitive+ mod Enabler you should be able to use them together fine.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X map/mod?
A: yes.

Q: I want you to make a certain saddle for a certain dino?
A: Every time I finish a certain amount of saddles I will put up a set of polls for users to vote on.

Known Issues

If you play on a online server the weight buffs may not update the items weights to show their lighter weight, however they ARE working and you should see the dinosaur's weight change to reflect the buff's effects. This is not something I can fix at this time (I dont know if you can fix it).

Equipping a torch to any of the saddles will most likely cause the torch to "float" and not touch the saddle, the same goes for ridding with a halter equipped, it can cause you to look like your floating on some dino. I would have to edit vanilla skeletons and it would cause the mod to be incompatible with other mods.

This mod edits no vanilla assets at this time, so it is compatible with all other mods at this time.


I am always grateful for any donations, and I hope to keep this mod going for a long time to come. Thank you.
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Ihmislehma Sep 6 @ 5:53am 
@BewbsPlox I would suggest using the mod Upgrade Station v1.8i (that's the whole mod name)
BewbsPlox Sep 6 @ 5:38am 
OMFG i love it! the bayou and trawler saddles look so badass on the spino. is it ploxible to get the saddles in ascendant tier with higher armor values?
Ihmislehma Sep 6 @ 2:46am 
@BewbsPlox Yes! This goes great with single player games ^^
BewbsPlox Sep 6 @ 2:24am 
hi, is this compatible with single player? i really like the spino saddle a lot. DO WANT!
Rebiirth Sep 4 @ 10:57am 
appreciate this mod so much, hope it stays alive and updated.
maybe some config settings.
& more saddles/armor variants <3
Outcast The Loner Aug 3 @ 8:37pm 
hope this mod is still alive, hasn't been updated in a couple years and I love it too much to see it die :(
Gnomo Jul 26 @ 1:23am 
Hello! I would love to modify some weights of the saddles! Can i get some permisions? :3
Savago Jul 15 @ 7:48pm 
Absolutely gorgeous mod! I'm loving it!
Looking forward to seeing more saddles for more beasties~
(Would really love to see a set of Argy, Quetz, Bary, Rex, and Thyla saddles!)
NineTailSymbologist Jun 26 @ 1:56pm 
Have you considered putting lanterns/pole lanterns or better torches on scout or explorer saddles?
LostiPants Jun 23 @ 11:54am 
This mod is epic I love it, it would be awesome to se more saddles like this for other most used dinos.