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Sonic 2 Versus Edition
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Nov 21, 2017 @ 10:54am
Mar 2, 2019 @ 1:37am
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Sonic 2 Versus Edition

Sonic 2 hacked for fun and fairness in versus mode

Wanna just grab the ROM? Go wild!

lol, Metropolis Zone isn't supposed to be there! It's just a test for a new zone theme I was working on. Oh well, enjoy a look BEHIND THE SCENES on a dead ROM hack.

vs. features:
- Fixed items mode added to options screen
- Player traits added to option screen - Mania traits adds drop dash for Sonic and flight for Tails
- Timeouts no longer cost a life (losing the act is punishment enough)
- "Rounds vs" lets you select a fixed number of rounds to play (like Mania)

vs. fixes:
- Sonic and Tails start at the same position
- Tails is rendered in front of Sonic on the lower screen
- 1-ups from monitors increment the monitor score for the player that earned them, not the player rewarded them
- One pinball launcher replaced with regular spring near the start of CNZ2 to remove linear chokepoint that favours Sonic

General fixes:
- Used rev2 as base
- Spindash charging fixed
- Height-when-jumping fixed
- Ring timers fixed for v. small performance increase
- EHZ deformation bug fixed

Peripheral changes:
- "VERSUS EDITION" added to title screen
- RollJump control lock is gone
- Single player mode is gone
- 1-up monitors are animated to show both Sonic and Tails as in fixed items mode 1-ups are rewarded to the player that earns them
- Disabled demos except for 2P EHZ