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Conan Sexiles
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Nov 20, 2017 @ 7:40am
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Conan Sexiles

version number: 2.3.3
workshop mod ID: 1206493209

The mod features intimate animations for players, thralls and restricting apparels like shackles, cuff and collars; a new item that makes you able to put other players unconscious; a leash that can be used to drag around collared players and other new toys for a savage and barbaric world
To use the animations press TAB and select the animation, the one who initiates the animation will be the "receiver", and other players or nearby thralls can join. To make tsurrendering/collared players initiate an animation press TAB while "touching" the desired target.
2.3.0 Thrall interaction: Press and hold the E while targeting the thrall
For vocalizing your lustful intentions press H
During animations key press A and D changes the speed, W and S sets the animation stage while X can change the camera focus and pressing TAB will stop the action
Every new item are craftable at the torturer's worktable with a Taskmaster thrall (T2/T3/T4).
The restricting apparels can be unequipped anytime without penalty, and taking off the collar breaks the leash setting the player free.

Since the workshop comment section is not suitable to keep a communication but the numbers of users keep on growing I decided to create a discord server where can have productive conversations, feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports and announcements. Invite link:

2.3.0 : Merged Mechani/Legion's Warpaint Fix Mod ( into Conan Sexiles

Animations made by Corintio,
Rest of the framework/scripts/models/textures made by Gomolyg? ((Shendelzare))

The Conan Sexiles Mod and the main framework was originally created by OXYG1N, and the older animations are the work of Mike24 and starchildmoon. Special thanks to Serethal for his work and maintain on the mod.

Compatibility with other mods

The mod overwrites the following original assets of the game:
Profession table entries of task masters

Uses item and recipe table ID in the range of: 195500-199551,195998,295500-295502

The leash function now check if the player has an equiped item at the slot (head/arms/upperbody/warpaint) with a "Collar" modification text from the ItemTable, this means that any mod adding new collars will work with the leash function if they have the tag Collar.
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Servers Running this Mod
Don Johnson
Jul 22 @ 3:55pm
HOw to use leash on a player?
< >
requiemfang Sep 14 @ 2:49pm 
Doubt it, the mod dev stated via discord they are taking a long vacation from modding. Soooo... yeah don't expect much for a while.
Infernal Predator Sep 14 @ 2:19pm 
Will this mod be updated at any point or is it deemed finished?
CWF Sep 14 @ 1:52pm 
Using any of the animations in this mod locks you out of "controller aim mode" until you restart the game, making it unplayable with controller, or is this just me?
LoveMaker Sep 8 @ 9:26am 
Are the breast supposed to change size to the standard size when you initiate animations?
Thank you.
Chance™ Sep 5 @ 3:04pm 
Yes, it does.

Also, I too want Tab as my inventory key, I keep accidentally bringing up the Sexiles menu when I want to check my gear, muscle memory, I suppose. :steammocking:
Sgt.Horror Sep 5 @ 9:19am 
the mod works or not??
Morwain Sep 5 @ 8:27am 
@Warboss Gron If u found a way to rebind the Key let me know, Tab is for Inventory and nothing else :amused:
Multigun Sep 1 @ 1:08am 
@MaxVas007 Doesn't work that way. The dev kit's offered by Funcom utilize the current version of the game, not the future testlive ones. We mod author's dont have access to the new files and won't until, as Vlad said, after the release is out. There is no adapting it for a future patch, what you ask is simply not possible at all.
Vlad Aug 28 @ 5:42am 
@MaxVas007 I dont think thats possible, they never update the devkit thing till AFTER the full release of a patch.
MaxVas007 Aug 27 @ 7:40am 
A great mod, but it's not compatible with the new BETA patch. I hope the author modifies this. Sooner or later the patch will be available to all players, so it's better to fix it right away.