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Balanced Kibble
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Nov 20, 2017 @ 3:35am
Mar 8 @ 3:01am
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Balanced Kibble

In 1 collection by DrakeBD
[PvPvE/RP] EGC Survival Wars Server Cluster
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MOD ID: 1206350321

Balanced Kibble aims to make it a little easier to cook kibbles without the major grind for different eggs.

Use any eggs to create the egg mix along with some other ingredients this will allow you to make the kibbles in the cooker.

The amount of Egg Mix needed for each kibble is based on weight of the egg for that dino kibble to balance the mod further.



This is the only engram to unlock all kibbles they appear in the cooker
  • Kibble Cooker [Created in players inventory requires power to run] [Level 50]

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Balanced Narcotics
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djngregoric Nov 9 @ 2:03am 
It says powered and irrigated, all ingredients are there (more than actually needed) and it doesn't craft. stove does not produce flames anymore . is there a bug?
The One Percent Oct 8 @ 12:06am 
What does the Golden Egg do?
bdubyah Sep 27 @ 1:03pm 
Yeah, trying to use S+ piping is very hard with this. I hate that I picked it up now. Haha.
Damplel Sep 17 @ 11:26am 
Never had an item been so awkward to place, You cant flip it and when you try to connect it to pipes indoor is just sais its obstructed.
DrakeBD  [author] Aug 27 @ 1:42am 
@bdubyah Make sure you have way more of the ingradiants needed and plenty of water i tested this myself on our official mod server and it worked perfectly well.
bdubyah Aug 26 @ 7:47pm 
Also, I cannot craft the milk either. Same as MidnightGamer.
bdubyah Aug 26 @ 1:03am 
One minor suggestion I have is to add the ability to disable the snapping to foundations. Makes it hard to place it exactly how I want. Other than that, I love this mod!
DrakeBD  [author] Jul 29 @ 6:59am 
@MidnightGamer I have check that bug report and it works fine on our test servers so cant understand why unless your not putting enough resources in
MidnightGamer Jul 29 @ 5:20am 
@DrakeBD I have noticed it will not allow me to craft the wyvern milk any suggestions? I have all the ingredients in there and it lights up white like I can craft but will not craft
kap6254 Jul 8 @ 9:40am 
Hi, is ist possbile to remove receipts from the coocker?
thx for reply :) greets