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Balanced Kibble
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Nov 20, 2017 @ 3:35am
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Balanced Kibble

In 1 collection by DrakeBD
[PvPvE/RP] EGC Survival Wars Server Cluster
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MOD ID: 1206350321

Balanced Kibble aims to make it a little easier to cook kibbles without the major grind for different eggs.

Use any eggs to create the egg mix along with some other ingredients this will allow you to make the kibbles in the cooker.

The amount of Egg Mix needed for each kibble is based on weight of the egg for that dino kibble to balance the mod further.



This is the only engram to unlock all kibbles they appear in the cooker
  • Kibble Cooker [Created in players inventory requires power to run] [Level 50]

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Balanced Narcotics
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kap6254 Jul 8 @ 9:40am 
Hi, is ist possbile to remove receipts from the coocker?
thx for reply :) greets
Vanitious May 30 @ 10:26pm 
@ jax

realize the comments are rather old now but for anyone else that might feel the same you can use crafting cost over rides to adjust them as you see fit. i adjusted the cost of the egg mix itself and will post that as a templet in the disscussions soon. posted here

on a totally different note. thanks for a mod that adds kibble but doesnt deminish everything that is needed to make it (like just costing metal ore for everything lol).
Fynnmous May 28 @ 10:10am 
Great looking mod, thanks. Haven't got my electric going yet so haven't had a chance to try it, but anyway to change it to allow gas or electric? Also, does egg weight affect how much egg mix is made? I also think fiber/vegetable/berry requirements need a pretty big bump, considering how easy they are to get.

Thanks again!
.AleksS. May 22 @ 12:48am 
Can we get any ini options for the mod?

Like override the Engrams items what u need or set other needed level to learn the engram.
Maybe configure the items for the mixer you need etc.
CoyodiSoul Apr 27 @ 1:55am 
This is so cool, but I think I'm right there with Jax. Could there be a way to either hide or increase cost of the Wyvern Milk and Nameless Venom? I feel like those are a little OP for my server with how cheap they are.
Jax Apr 22 @ 1:28pm 
Great mod! Just one question. Is it possible to adjust the food value of the wyvern and drake formula? (Or remove it?) I like the idea but would like to half the amount it feeds babies on our server so that it still feels rewarding when people go out and get it from the environment.
bdubyah Mar 30 @ 12:55pm 
This has been my favorite kibble mod by far. Not stupidly OP like most. Great work!

One thing I have noticed is when I craft the egg mix, if I hit Craft All, it will only make 200. It looks like this is due to each mix needing 250 water and the cooker holds 50K, so it thinks it can only make 200 even though it is irrigated and will refill to 50K before it even drops below 48K water or so.

Would be nice if it is irrigated I could make up to 1000 mix at a time like when you craft most other items.
Hilkert Mar 20 @ 11:50am 
Hey @DrakeBD nice Mod! Can you possibly add
Plant Species Z Seed?
DrakeBD  [author] Mar 15 @ 11:52am 
@Too_Eze Check out our official server page and the mod list there
Too_Eze Mar 15 @ 11:44am 
@DrakeBD curious if you know any stacking mods that match up well with your mod without breaking recipes?