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German WW2 Foreign Legions - IFA3
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Nov 19, 2017 @ 10:21pm
Mar 6 @ 2:52am
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German WW2 Foreign Legions - IFA3


  • This mod requires IFA3 and LEN – Waffen SS Infantry Pack (Recommended, but not needed) mods. This mod contains no units to apply the uniforms they must be applied via the arsenal in the editor or other means.

  • The following nations are included within the mod. U = Uniform H = Helmet
  • Belgium: Div. Wallonie & Vlaanderen | U – H only for Wallonie
  • Croatia: Div. Handschar & Kama | U/H
  • England: Div. British Free Corps | U/H
  • Estonia: Div. Estland | U
  • France: Div. Charlemagne | U/H
  • Holland: Div. Nederlands | U/H
  • Italy: Div. Italien | U
  • Latvia: Div. Letland | U
  • Norway: Div. Nordland | U
  • Ukraine: Div. Galizien | U
  • Helmet with and without Hakenkreuz
  • More to come with suggestions/requests
  • ------------------------------------------------
    • Finland: Div. Nordland | U
    • Albania: Div. Skanderbeg | U
    • Turkic: Div. Ostturkischer | U
    • Denmark: Div. Nordland | U
    • Holland - Added Helmet
    • Foreign legion helmets added with no insignia
    • Various corrections to Div. Handschar and Estland. Pointed out by, Hans Wright. Thank you very much!
    • Issue with rolled-up sleeves uniform fixed - Thank you Joarius for the solution!


As I've had to research and find sources for the creation of textures, unfortunately errors and inaccuracies can occur. This is because I am having to put non-verified and even conflicting sources together to create an image for the uniform. If I have made errors be it, grammatical, naming of uniform/unit and/or on the uniforms themselves please do not hesitate to voice these errors to me in the pinned discussion post above. Along with this pinned discussion is a post where you can suggest/request units. I have clearly not done all units and I wish to, but I want get the support [numbers] to continue with the creation of more uniforms.
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Nov 28, 2017 @ 3:09pm
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[z2H]Kisten-Krieger 7 hours ago 
The LEN Mod was broken by an IFA3 Update
Dr.Rebus 12 hours ago 
I try Renners mod if there are good quality and historically correct Waffen SS. At the moment the best mod on Waffen SS is the LEN version, but damn, he abandoned before fix the helmets textures bug caused by last ARMA patch. About GEIST is a nice mod, but they pointed too much on quantity and not in quality, I remember Waffen SS with some fantasy camos!!! I understand that 90% of players do not know camos used in WW2 and uniforms, but, damn, if a WW2 mod need a little of uniform culture before create something. There are lot of websites and PDF books about these arguments on web.
[z2H]Kisten-Krieger 15 hours ago 
if you cant be happy with the geist mod, which adds better textures than iron front, then you wont get any Main SS Legions then, but there is one in Renners Unit Texture Pack
Dr.Rebus Jul 21 @ 10:32am 
Sorry but GEIST quality is not like this mod, it's full of historical errors on uniforms. An excellent Waffen SS mod was "LEN" but it's dead with bug on helmet's textures.
[z2H]Kisten-Krieger Jul 21 @ 5:13am 
@Dr.Rebus there are Main SS Legions, Geist A3 Mod
Dr.Rebus Jul 21 @ 3:42am 
Around in Workshop there are not Waffen SS German main legions, while your units are very good. Could you add some of them? For you it's simple, you have only to change little details, for example 1.SS LeibStandarte, 2.SS Das Reich, ...
╬Jona╬ Jul 20 @ 7:40am 
You should make some Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish uniforms to match with the Danish tbh
✪ Graffy ✪ Jul 17 @ 6:04am 
Where are the greenshirts of Romanian Iron Guard ?
Kirchesch Jun 27 @ 5:04am 
You shold create Nazi uniforms too, it would be a complete mod
skobeter Jun 24 @ 2:34pm