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Best Pyro loadout for MvM (Man versus Machine)
By Cloudy
In this guide I'll tell you the best loadout (in my opinion) for Pyro to play MvM
The Weapons
-Dragon's Fury to get Gas Passer charge
-Spam Gas Passer for free kills
-Use melee when you run out of ammo

In this guide, I'll tell you guys about the best (in my opinion) MvM Loadout for the Pyro class


Dragon's Fury
-Upgrade damage and ammo (or airblast force) firstly
-Just damage (a.k.a w+m1) enemies so you can spam the gas passer

Gas Passer
-Upgrade explosive damage (or something like that) then upgrade the rest of it
-Just spam M1 and 2 and get some free kills

The Back Scratcher (or any melee weapon)
-Upgrade attack speed
-Just use it when you run out of primary weapon ammunation to kill the tank
The End!
This was my first guide, hope you guys enjoyed.
Also, English isn't my main language (my main language is Portuguese-Brazil)
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eu sei ;-;
Cloudy  [author] May 16 @ 9:42am 
vlw Derp, mas já nerfaram o Gas Passer ;-;
Quenquent the babysitter, its just his opinion, people like you are ther worse type of people, that dont care about others.
O guia esta muito bom!
Dr3zirck Feb 22 @ 4:18pm 
deixa o cara
Dr3zirck Feb 22 @ 4:18pm 
essa quequent é uma cuzona
legonick2011 Dec 12, 2017 @ 2:43pm 
Quenquent the babysitter Nov 24, 2017 @ 8:15am 
With less than 3 000 robots killed, I don't think you should make a guide

Also, screw the Gas Passer who ruined the MvM balance