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Galaxy Life
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Nov 18, 2017 @ 12:14am
Aug 11 @ 3:18am
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Galaxy Life

please don't ask me to add/change things, I have stopped modding and am simply keeping the mod updated and trying to help people with bugs

[A Dog Said Patch is now integrated, no need for changes on your part (it will only activate if ADS is present)

Adds various alien creatures. After all..we're in space. So where's all the alien life?

DISCLAIMER: I dont think this mod is balanced or anything. Some might even find it quite Op. I had created it a while ago (and released privately) mostly for the sake of diff leather colors and ♥♥♥♥♥ and grins tbh. dont expect a super balanced anything really.

Fluffins are basically like farmanimals, they appear wild in colder regions and give both milk and wool.

Tukiri are like a big Bird (turkey and the like) an live wild in deserts and warm places

Devilstalker are a bit like a big predatory cat. Can be tamed...but beware

Hyperweavers are big spider-like creatures that live in jungles and (if you manage to buy or tame one) produce hypearweave that can be sheared off them. they also lay eggs.

Nightstalkers are the big bad predators (a few of them can actually fell a thrumbo)

Ludeon Forum Link[ludeon.com]

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bearhiderug Jun 22 @ 9:05am 
No rsuh take your time, i'll poke around, maybe i made a misshap but it may just be these animals. To be fair I usualy do not givwe animals prosthetics, i use the rule survival of the fittest for animals 99% the time
spoon_tacular  [author] Jun 22 @ 8:59am 
i have added the patch inside the mod but this was a bit ago so im not sure it still works as intended ill check later when i have time
bearhiderug Jun 21 @ 2:58pm 
hhhmm yeah
think the devil stalker and night stlker can not eather?
I look at other one thoguht this was made compatible for prosthecits, but i need the patch then
spoon_tacular  [author] Jun 21 @ 12:46pm 
oh! the fluffins cannot have high tech bionic limbs only simple prosthetics and organs (eyes ears etc) as far as I remember. They would be way too powerful otherwise. (they are cheap and useful and would be cheap killing machines otherwise) If you look into A Dog Said (my animal prosthetics mod) I categorized the animals in there and Fluffins are Cat2
bearhiderug Jun 21 @ 12:25pm 
I can not seem to install bionts onto the animals???

The fluffins! Me and my sons favortie.
pgames-food Apr 28 @ 6:57pm 
thanks for 1.1 :)
(am going through my 500+ mod, v1.0 save trying to upgrade into 1.1)
spoon_tacular  [author] Mar 1 @ 5:08pm 
I played with very little mods apart from my own, just extended storage, camera+, run and gun, allow tool, quality builder..sometimes edb prepare carefully. no fancy mod collections, sorry
Ryse Mar 1 @ 12:29pm 
@Spoonshortage Do you have a collection of mods you usually play with/recommend to use together?
Man Reaper Feb 25 @ 1:40pm 
ok ^^
spoon_tacular  [author] Feb 25 @ 3:44am 
literally the first line in the description.