The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2

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The Escapists 2 – Prison Editor
By Team17Workshop and 3 collaborators
Create, share, host and play your prisons both locally and online!
Basic Controls
[Left Mouse Button] – Select / Place
[Right Mouse Button] – Delete
[Middle Mouse Button] / [W, A, S, D] – Pan the camera
[TAB] – Select different rotations or variations of valid Rooms / Objects
[ESC] – Deselect a tile
Floor tiles
The “Inside” and “Outside” menus contain tiles that can be painted on each of the prison’s floors.
Left-click and drag to create a marquee that shows you where the tile will be applied. Release the mouse button to confirm.
In order to build on higher floors, the highlighted tile position must contain an “Inside” tile on the floor below.
A variety of pre-designed rooms can be found in the “Rooms” menu.
Rooms are placed into the prison by selecting a room from the menu and then left-clicking on your desired location.
Some rooms are mandatory. These are listed in the “Checklist” menu (bottom-right corner) and can be selected directly from this menu.
Note that rooms cannot be modified and objects cannot be added to them.

Functional and decorative objects can be found in the “Objects” menu.
Objects are placed into the prison by selecting an object from the menu and then left-clicking on your desired tile.
Each tile can only hold a single object.
Some objects will be placed over multiple floors (“Stairs” for example).
Players can escape from the perimeter of the prison.
Stop players from escaping via the prison perimeter by placing “Water” around your prison. This can be found in the “Outside” menu.
Escape vehicles can be placed in your prison. These are found in the “Rooms” menu.
Click on any of the buttons in the Floor Menu (top-right corner) to begin editing that floor.
It is only possible to build on “Floor 2” and the “Roof” if there are “Inside” tiles beneath the floor (not including the “Vent” layers between each floor).
Some Tiles/Rooms/Objects can only be placed on certain floors.
The “Vent” layers can be selected from the top-right menu.
Create your vent by selecting the “Vent” tile from the “Inside” menu, then drawing your layout.
There must be an “Inside” area below your selected tile in order for you to place down the “Vent” tile.
Create entrance/exit points using the “Vent Cover” object, found in the “Objects” menu. Vent covers require clearance on the floor below.
“Stairs” can be found in the “Objects” menu.
Depending on which floor you are editing, you can choose which direction the stairs will go (up or down).
Once selected, pressing [TAB] will allow you to choose a rotation for your stairs.
Stairs will automatically create a staircase on both affected floors. For this reason, there must be clearance on both floors.
You can customise the prison’s hourly routine in the “Routine” menu.

Some routines will require you to place a specific “Room” into your prison. This requirement will be indicated by the “Checklist” menu.
Item Sets
Some rooms (“Inmate Cell” for example) contain a “Desk” object.
You can modify the contents of these desks in the “Settings” menu by selecting different groups of items to distribute amongst the desks.
Note that the categories you choose will only affect a portion of the total desk contents.
Easy - A more forgiving experience. Desks contain more items. You start with higher stats, while guards and inmates are weaker and have a higher opinion of you.
Medium - Challenging but fair. The standard Escapists experience.
Hard - The ultimate punishment! Desks contain less items. You start with lower stats, while guards and inmates are stronger and have a lower opinion of you.
Saving your prison
Clicking on the “File Management” button will allow you to save your prison.
“Save” will overwrite your existing save file (if it exists).

“New Save” will create a new save file for your prison.
Change your prison’s name, description and image in the “Info” menu.
Previewing your prison
Clicking on the “Prison Check” button will allow you to play your prison in preview mode (single player only).
You will be warned of any errors your prison may have. Some of these errors will require you to make changes to your prison before you can play it.
Publishing your prison
Clicking on the “Prison Check” button will allow you to publish your prison.
You will be warned of any errors your prison may have. Some of these errors will require you to make changes to your prison before you can publish it.
Adjust the publishing settings and select “Publish”.
Playing custom prisons
Once you publish a prison, it can be played from the [Custom Prisons > My Prisons] menu, to play alone or with friends.
Subscribe to community prisons on the Steam Workshop page and access them from the [Custom Prisons > Subscribed] menu.
Browse and join custom prison sessions from the [Custom Prisons > Browse Games] menu.
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AngryMustache9 Nov 9 @ 2:57pm 
My prison is fine. It has no problems, everything is accecable, and it's Visable to the public, but it still says that my prison doesn't work with The Esacapists 2. Some info would be nice
Snivy Films Nov 3 @ 4:01pm 
There isnt an option, i know it sucks
B.R.A.F Lieutenant Bricks Oct 28 @ 1:05pm 
I have a question, how do you get the costumes for the Prisoners and Guards (Example: K.A.P.O.W Prison, I've beaten it.) i only have Rattle Snakes and Center Perks 2.0, if you could help me, i will appreciate it!
xCeezyx Sep 23 @ 1:58pm 
Is there a copy tool?
Tato Sep 22 @ 1:16pm 
Is there a copy/paste function? Making cells is repetitive.
hornbeef Aug 8 @ 5:16pm 
I did not know you could have custom routines and loot tables, i just did not look hard enough!
GalaxyAngel1019 Aug 7 @ 4:06pm 
i got the game today and evry time i tride to play i could get to the lodeing scren then it would crach on me i payde 20 dollers and it did not work! >=< i want my money back.
Oscar4257 Aug 6 @ 2:35pm 
I got some suggestions; 1. add wall cameras 2. wide contraband detectors 3. more decorations; such as vent systems on roofs. 4. patrol jeeps. 5. more themes. 6. white doors. 7. underground customization such as sewers and tunnels. If you guys have any more suggestions, tell me
yes hi Jul 5 @ 12:34am 
i wish we could go more than 3 floors

i was gonna make a tower but that failed HORRIBLY
That Guy You Saw Once Jun 26 @ 8:40pm 
copy and pasting zones PLEASE

Also we need snow for some north eastern prisons

And electric fences